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Topic: Joey (sitcom)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Joey - BuddyTV, the best TV fan community
Joey follows the character of the same name as he leaves the comfort zone of his friends and moves back to his family and rediscovers what it means to really stick together.
Ben Falcone was known as Howard, a recurring character on the NBC sitcom Joey.
As one of Joey’s neighbor in Los Angeles, he was perceived as geeky and naive, and had an enormous crush on Joey’s sister Gina.
www.buddytv.com /joey.aspx   (396 words)

 Joey Lawrence - Chadzboyz Young Male Celebs
Joey, the first of three sons to take up acting, caught the eye of former "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson who quickly booked the young actor for a guest spot.
His appearance on the late-night talk show proved to be the launching point for Lawrence's career as the 5-year-old was cast in his first regular series role on the hit series "Gimme a Break," opposite Nell Carter.
Landing the role of the intellectually clueless Joey Russo on "Blossom", whose catch-line was "Whoa!", the actor became one of the top teen idols in America and banked that popularity into a hit album which included the single, "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix".
www.ymc.chadzboyz2.com /html/joey-lawrence.html   (358 words)

 joey.fr - la référence française de la série Joey
Joey quitte New York pour Hollywood dans le but de faire monter d'un cran sa carrière d'acteur.
Nous voulons voir ce qui lui arrivera lorsque sa vie démarrera réellement.
Ce que je veux dire c'est que ce n'est pas parce que Joey est un spin-off d'une série incroyablement réussie et populaire qu'il marchera aussi bien.
www.joey.fr /index.php?type=articles&id=1   (2349 words)

JOEY: (He goes over to Phoebe and kneels down in front of her.
Joey and Phoebe are now both lying on the floor, Joey on the left and Phoebe on the right, head to head, no pillows.
JOEY: You know there are chances that I may have dated her before.
kafriends.www3.50megs.com /Friends/ffdinners.htm   (4028 words)

 Joey Cafe - NBC's JOEY - News - joeytv.net
According to NBC's Joey website, It appears that NBC are going to air the remaining Joey episodes after all.
Joey was first pulled by the network in December, and New Joey episodes haven't aired since March.
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Joey" co-star Andrea Anders is not waiting for the ax to fall on the NBC sitcom, which is on hiatus and not expected to return for a third season.
www.joeytv.net /news.php   (608 words)

  'Joey' retains most of his charm in 'Friends' spin-off
Which leaves "Joey" more accurately positioned as a mediocre sitcom that, in a stronger season, would be lost in the shuffle.
Half the fun of watching "Joey" is the familiarity of the character, the quirks and goofiness viewers have come to love in him.
But any new sitcom has to find its bearings, and "Joey" has the added burden of seeing a character whom everyone liked in small doses dominate the half-hour.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2004/09/09/DDGKO8L93E1.DTL&type=printable   (970 words)

 How's he doin'? Well, not so hot
Last week, for instance, Joey got his hands on an advance script for his latest project, a "Baywatch"-type series set in a ski resort, and became frantic that the writers were about to ax his character.
Joey might not be the only one whose job is on the line.
Among adults ages 18 to 49, "Joey" is down 43 percent compared with the viewership "Friends" drew last year during the same 7 p.m.
www.azcentral.com /ent/tv/articles/1216joey.html   (874 words)

 RedOrbit - Technology - NBC Gives 'Joey' One Last Chance
It's a measure of how far "Joey" has fallen that the sitcom's impending return to the NBC schedule was almost an afterthought in a network programming announcement.
The week before the Olympics, NBC's sitcoms went up against CBS ratings powerhouse "Survivor" and "Dancing," the latter dominated the ratings, the former held onto its audience and the sitcoms suffered.
NBC execs long maintained that "Joey" was suffering in comparison to "Friends" -- that if it wasn't a spinoff of that hit and was judged on its own merits, "Joey" would be fine.
www.redorbit.com /news/technology/396689/nbc_gives_joey_one_last_chance/index.html?source=r_technology   (609 words)

 Joey (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Joey was an American sitcom, starring Matt LeBlanc reprising his role as Joey Tribbiani from the popular sitcom Friends.
Drea de Matteo as Joey's older sister Gina Tribbiani, who is sexy, beautiful, tempermental, a little slutty in the way she dresses, promiscuous, not particularly bright but very street-wise, and a very caring but over-protective and domineering mother.
Joey also brings up Rachel, saying that she was the only girl he ever fell in love with.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joey_(sitcom)   (1209 words)

 HippoPress -- The Hippo -- Guide to Manchester NH
The network that has owned the sitcom genre, especially the Thursday-night sitcom genre, since Rudy Huxtable was still a lisping bundle of ponytails.
Joey is an attempt to cash in on Friends via the Frasier method.
Joey was—and I don’t think this really comes as a shock, it’s just more noticeable—the least interesting character on the show.
www.hippopress.com /film/joey40930.html   (446 words)

 Joey News
Fans of the popular sitcom Friends placed Joey Tribbiani on a pedestal so high that after the tenth and final season of the show ended, the next logical step was to create a spin-off...
Actress Drea de Matteo, of television shows "The Sopranos" and "Joey," was at the Bottle & Cork on Thursday night, attending the concert of her boyfriend, musician Shooter Jennings.
At first glance, the four-disc set of 'Joey: The Complete First Season' seems like the latest example of a trend that needs no further confirmation: There really is no TV show so slight or misconceived that it...
www.topix.net /tv/joey   (657 words)

 Joey and the Student - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Joey and the Student is the 2nd episode of the American sitcom Joey.
Joey decides to take his nephew Michael out on the town to teach him how to meet women.
Joey's Magna Doodle: a bird; looks like a phoenix rising from the fire/ashes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joey_and_the_Student   (177 words)

 Amazon.com: Joey - The Complete First Season: DVD: Matt LeBlanc   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yes, "Joey" was a victim; a victim of impossible expectations and the annoying lack of patience commonly shown by the networks these days.
Joey barely lasted two seasons (22 episodes of the second series were filmed, but only 14 aired), and The Comeback, starring Lisa Kudrow has vanished without trace.
Two have had failed sitcoms, one has had a very public divorce, one is enjoying motherhood, and the other two are never heard of.
www.amazon.com /Joey-Complete-Season-Matt-LeBlanc/dp/B000ERVK5S   (2649 words)

 Joey sitcom   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Joey says goodbye to a time when his friends were his family and welcomes the chance to turn his family into his friends.
After reuniting with his high-strung sister Gina (Drea de Matteo - "The Sopranos"), a strong and sexy hairdresser, Joey moves in with her genius 20-year-old son, graduate student Michael (Paulo Costanzo, "Road Trip"), who literally is a rocket scientist.
What Joey lacks in book smarts, however, he more than makes up for with his people skills, making him the best new friend his nephew could ask for.
www.mattleblanc.net /joey.htm   (100 words)

 Friends - Greatest Sitcom -
The article is also filled with emotion from the casts who, after the show ended, won't get to see each other weekly anymore.
According to the news, the setting will be in Los Angele, meaning Joey wil likely move to LA in Season FInale.
R/J fans argued Ross missed too many opportunities to reunite with Rachel and that R/R is history, while R/R fans feel that J/R has no chemistry and is wrong, due to friendsip with Ross and baby Emma.
geocities.com /friends_greatestsitcom   (910 words)

 Spin Off: "Friends" and "Joey"
Joey was his slightly dumb but hunky actor roommate.
Joey and Michael's relationship was similar to the one Joey had had with Chandler.
I have a feeling if they were to actually hook her and Joey up, once that plot was played out she might get the boot.
www.poobala.com /friendsandjoey.html   (862 words)

 Amazon.ca: Joey: The Complete First Season: DVD: Matt LeBlanc   (Site not responding. Last check: )
OK, sitcom fans, let's gather to appreciate Joey for what it is: A pretty darn good showcase for the talents of star Matt LeBlanc and his fabulous supporting cast.
Joey's relocation to L.A. has given his acting career a lot more "meat" for the writers to work with, and LeBlanc is still adorably clueless.
Joey leaves New York for Hollywood in order to take his acting career to the next level.
www.amazon.ca /Joey-Complete-First-Season/dp/B000ERVK5S   (945 words)

 Popwatch | Blog | Movies | Music | TV: Entertainment Weekly
Joey was a good character on friends where he wasn't the main focus, but on his own he seems to shallow and the jokes to predictable.
Joey's character is fantastic, this show could have been great...Instead of creating a family element with the Sister and Nephew..they could have just brought Joey to L.A. and recreated a new group of "Friends" for Joey to play off of.
Joey is a great funny show.I don't get why people critize is as they do.I don't think people give it much of a chance because they except it to be Friends.Joey is Joey wheter on Friends or Joey he is the same funny entertaining character.
popwatch.ew.com /popwatch/2005/11/why_doesnt_joey.html   (7844 words)

 "Joey" (2004)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In either case, though, Joey was just 1/6th of the equation, and the character was only asked to carry 6-10 minutes of any given episode, at the most.
Here, they're trying to make Joey carry the entire 24 minutes because, as it stands now, the supporting characters aren't compelling enough to warrant strong independent story lines of their own.
Personally, I'd love to see an episode where the supporting cast gets together to plan a surprise birthday party for Joey, with everybody having their own ideas of what to do, but ultimately we find out that none of them really knows Joey as well as they think they do.
imdb.com /title/tt0375355   (576 words)

 Back at Emerson, 'Friends' producer Bright teaches the art of the sitcom - The Boston Globe
Sitcom producer Kevin Bright looks at a monitor during rehersal for a show for the Emerson Channel.
But rather than go on about his share of the blame — his ‘‘Friends’’; spinoff ‘‘Joey’’ was cancelled eight months ago — Bright prefers to fix things by instructing a new generation of sitcom makers in the art of what’s funny.
This time last year he was under intense pressure to turn around ratings for ‘‘Joey,’’ the sitcom starring Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani.
www.boston.com /ae/tv/articles/2006/11/26/back_at_emerson_friends_producer_bright_teaches_the_art_of_the_sitcom   (1111 words)

 Joey (sitcom)
Joey (sitcom) is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
We are introduced to Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Ross, shortly after Ross's wife Carol has realized she is a lesbian and divorced him.
In reference to the fact that most sitcoms don't display the title of their episodes, so fans must discuss the main plot points with each other when referring to specific episodes.
www.experiencefestival.com /joey_sitcom   (1198 words)

 Preview: "Joey"--AllYourTV.com
Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I was not looking forward to seeing the pilot for "Joey." The sitcom, a spin-off of "Friends" already slated for that show's old timeslot, seemed to be closer to "After M*A*S*H" than "Frasier." Still, I was hoping for the best.
The bad news is that the first 60 seconds of the "Joey" pilot are an absolute disaster.
There's a couple of "jokes" as he fumbles for the address of his sister, then it turns out that Joey got off the plane at the wrong stop.
www.allyourtv.com /0405season/joeypreview.html   (124 words)

 USATODAY.com - 'Joey' puts LeBlanc's 'Friends' behind him   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Joey Tribbiani is getting ready to say "How you doin?' " to a whole new family.
But producers say Joey has more than business logic behind it: "As lovable as he is, as well as we know him, there's still a lot about the character we haven't seen," says executive producer Kevin Bright.
As viewers rejoin Joey this fall, his plane touches down in Los Angeles, where he seeks a fresh start to his acting career and quickly becomes a proverbial fish out of water.
www.usatoday.com /life/television/news/2004-04-29-joey_x.htm   (485 words)

 DesMoinesRegister.com | Life
Now that NBC's hit TV sitcom "Friends" is scheduled to disappear from the Thursday night "Must-See TV" lineup in May after its current, 10th season, we've been fed the predictable litany of stories declaring this the end of an era.
Sitcoms also used to have more guts when "The Jeffersons" (and "All in the Family" before it) tackled racial issues with both irreverence and blunt honesty.
Maybe today's TV sitcoms are more frank about sexuality, but in that arena we're really just catching up with Europe.
desmoinesregister.com /life/stories/c2227777/22461171.html   (791 words)

 Joey - Television Review
JOEY is to Friends what Frasier was to Cheers -- a spin-off of a mega-series hoping to become another mega-series.
Episodes feature Joey trying to make friends, meet women, land parts, and deal with sitcom-esque scenarios that make fun of his less-than-sparkling intellect but highlight his good heart and childlike spirit.
Joey's sister Gina had her son when she was just 16, but she's a caring mother.
www.commonsensemedia.org /tv-reviews/Joey.html   (555 words)

 LAS magazine | music, media, art, culture, life, everything. - Joey
Joey has packed his bags and moved to Hollywood in his quest to become a famous actor.
Also along for the trip is Joey's new agent Bobbie (Jennifer Coolidge, best known for her roles in Best In Show and the American Pie series) and Joey's next door neighbor, the aforementioned bore Alex (Andrea Andrews).
Watching Joey I have come to realize that I didn't hate Joey those last few seasons of Friends because of the individual character, it was Jennifer Aniston's petty Rachel that brought down the heartwarming Joey.
www.lostatsea.net /feature.phtml?fid=97466366942011b14db398   (936 words)

 alibi . september 23 - 29, 2004
The show puts Joey in an apartment complex run by a sexy but married neighbor (the so-far not-so-interesting Andrea Anders) and has him rooming with his nephew, whose attempts to escape his controlling mother seem, so far, futile.
We know Joey's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's got other qualities that could be emphasized as well.
Whether “Joey” ends up as another “Frasier” or another “Golden Palace” (the late, not-so-lamented spin-off of “The Golden Girls”) remains to be seen.
www.alibi.com /index.php?story=9648&scn=film   (607 words)

 What makes a spin-off succeed? - TELEVISION - MSNBC.com
Thus, the producers of "Joey" should avoid the temptation to make Joey more conventionally likable by toning down the slightly disagreeable, though human, attributes of his character that we’ve come to know over the years.
If the star of “Joey” is suddenly very bright, careful of his diet, or unlucky with women (in other words: if he becomes Chandler), he won’t be the character we know, and the show won’t connect with its intended audience.
Viewers know what Joey’s like with his friends; it would be fun, and, more importantly, different, to see him with his professional peers.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/4164935   (1128 words)

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