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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

John the Baptist had beheld Jesus, calling Him the "Lamb of God", Andrew and John the apostle followed Jesus and called out to Him "Rabbi", which means master, a person with a profound learning of the Law.
Andrew was very close to Jesus and the inner circle of three being James, Peter and John.
Andrew was born in Bethsaida of Galilee, the son of Jonah and the brother of Simon Peter. /nt/andrew.htm   (721 words)

 Andrew, John A.
John A. Andrew was born in Windham, May, 1818, and was fitted for college at Gorham Academy, under Rev. Reuben Nason.
John Hamrogue, John A. Andrew, Abolitionist Governor, 1861-1865 (Ph.D. Dissertation, Fordham University, 1974)
John Albion Andrew, Speeches of John A. Andrew at Hingham and Boston, together with his testimony before the Harper's Ferry Committee of the Senate, in relation to John Brown. /~lawfac/jelkins/lp-2001/andrew.html   (516 words)

John Andrew and Mary Ridgley Andrew Charles Andrew and Judith Matteson Charles and Mary Andrew Jonathan and Lucy Andrew Henry L. Andrews and Harriet Holcomb Melvina E. Andrews and William Clemeth Morey Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson
Andrews, who was shot in the affair with Case near Johnsonsburg, some weeks since, died on Friday last, and Case was immediately arrested on a warrant for murder.
Children of Benoni and Rebecca ANDREW: John married his cousin Hannah ANDREW, daughter of Charles; Elizabeth; Eleanor; Mary; Jonathan married Sarah; Rebecca; Johanna married John JOSLIN; Sylvester; Ruth; and Benoni married Margaret WHITMAN. /ancestries/andrew.htm   (3142 words)

 St. Andrew
Andrew had been a disciple of St John the Baptist, and it was John who pointed out our Lord to him with the words, 'This is the Lamb of God.' Andrew and another of John's disciples immediately followed our Lord, and Andrew thus has the distinction of being known as the first of the disciples.
Like the majority of the Twelve, Andrew is not named in the Acts except in the list of the Apostles, where the order of the first four is Peter, John, James, Andrew; nor have the Epistles or the Apocalypse any mention of him.
Andrew was the son of Jonah and brother of Peter, born in Bethsaida and a fisherman by profession. /Andrew.htm   (1955 words)

 Andrew - The Fisherman's Faith - Mighty in Spirit
The waters from which Andrew drew his livelihood were filled with a repentant multitude of people who were obedient to John’s command of baptism and eager for forgiveness.
Andrew began to understand that principle when Jesus was on the mountainside preaching to the multitude.
Andrew was mighty in spirit because he knew that the one thing people need most is to meet the Messiah. /myintouch/mighty/andrew_36218359.html   (726 words)

 John Kerry-Andrew Jackson
John Kerry is running for President at time when the destruction of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon represents the first time the US has been significantly attacked on its own soil since the War of 1812.
John Kerry ran for US Representative from Massachusetts, though he failed to be elected.  He later served as Lt. Governor for that state and subsequently was elected as a US Senator from Massachusetts.  Kerry is now serving his fourth term as a Senator.
John Kerry also has demonstrated the trait of going against the military establishment, when he thought military leaders were making bad decisions, or when standing orders were not in the best interest of his men. /cases/samples/Kerry-Jackson   (411 words)

 The Apostolic Throne of Andrew and John
It is typical of John the Evangelist to display a particular sensitivity in portraying in his Gospel the exceptional prestige of the Apostle Andrew within the chorus of the Apostles, while whatever we know about the Protoclete of the Apostles is mainly derived from John the Evangelist and the circle of his disciples.
Thus, in the Gospel of St John, Andrew is first to be mentioned in the list of the Apostles (1:40), is presented as playing a primary role in the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand (5:lff), and undertakes along with Philip to present the Greeks to Jesus (12: 22ff).
This sensitivity of John the Evangelist and of the circle of his disciples towards the person and the preaching of the Apostle Andrew is more fully explained in another tradition, which was pre served in a Fragmentum of the Muratorean Canon (end of the second century). /ecumenical_patriarchate/chapter_1/throne_of_Andrew_and_john.html   (1424 words)

Andrew: Well, there seems to be a lot of movements, mostly made up of students, over there recognizing that the United States might not be their enemy.
John Hawkins: In a sense, that puts more pressure on the Saudi Royal Family to go after the terrorists because we were the last line of defense that could protect them from an uprising.
John Hawkins: That's how they're going to view it because in the end, Al Qaeda is a rival for power, not an ally of the Saudi Royal Family.   (4680 words)

 John Andrew Shulze - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1824, he was elected Governor of Pennsylvania defeating former U.S. Senator Andrew Gregg.
Shulze was the grandson of Henry Muhlenberg and the nephew of Peter Muhlenberg and Frederick Muhlenberg.
Shulze studied at Franklin College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and was ordained a minister in the Lutheran church in 1796. /wiki/John_Andrew_Shulze   (350 words)

 Watercolour Painting Holidays in Spain & France
Andrew John is a life-time professional painter and tutor, a devotee of watercolour used in a pure, free and easy style.
For the past ten years, Andrew and his wife Jan have run a successful program of painting holidays in England and in many other countries throughout Europe.
To this end his painting holiday program has been arranged where the weather is warm and reliable for painting from life in the real world outside the studio.   (179 words)

 John Thompson and Spouses
John Thompson is the oldest son of Andrew and Ann Thompson of Wythe County Virginia.
Both John's Andrew and Andrew Jr.'s Andrew were alive for their father's probate actions in 1848 and 1856, respectively, so unless they moved from the county, we should be able to account for them.
Andrew (1800) is a harder fit for John's family. /brian/thompson/3-1.htm   (3337 words)

 John G. Pfaffenberger
John, the oldest child of Andrew and Catharine, was raised in Bavaria for his first 15 years.
John migrated to the U.S. with his parents and four younger brothers during the late summer and fall of 1837.
As John was assembling the property for his new farm, Mary was preparing to give birth to their firstborn. /john_g_pfaffenberger.htm   (3977 words)

 Beers: Andrew p. 1165
John B. Andrew remained at home and assisted his father in the farm duties until he was twenty-six years of age.
JOHN B. ANDREW was born in Morris township, Washington Co., Penn., October 28, 1852.
Robert S. Andrew received his early education at the subscription schools, but on the death of his father was obliged to assume the care of the farm, together with his brothers. /beers-project/articles/andrew-1165.html   (427 words)

 SCI PILOT - Stories - John Andrew: Stepping Stones
John Andrew spends a good portion of his day in the basement: “I have my exercise room, my computer, a TV and a stereo system down there.” The elevator is hydraulic instead of electric, which is important because it can go down with gravity alone.
John Andrew is determined to overcome the physical effects of his spinal cord injury, which happened four years ago.
John Andrew notes that the tires aren’t as good on less solid ground, “on dirt or something like that.” He uses his chair most of the time while he is at home. /_g/cons_g/089.php   (2969 words)

John Burnet John Burnet (1781 or 1784—1868) was a painter.
Antipope John XXIII Antipope John XXIII, 1419), was born as Baldassare Cossa.
John Cairns John Cairns (Presbyterian divine, was born at Ayton Hill, Berwickshire, the son of a shepherd. /topics/john.html   (6975 words)

 John Andrew Culp
John's age appears to be shown as 50, however baptism record indicates he was born in 1828.
John's occupation is listed as "Pudler" and Isabella's is listed as "Keeping House." Isabella lists Ireland as place of birth for both parents; John lists "Spain" for both parents, but this may be an attempt at humor or a protest of the census-taker's questions...
John Culp remarried at age 64 to Helena Hartlieb Breschel (age 36). /family/perrault/24.htm   (897 words)

 The Man who Knew Men
Notice that it says, "Andrew first found his brother Simon." The Greek, in fact, is a little stronger: "He first found his own brother Simon." There is strong manuscript evidence for reading it this way: "He was the first to find his own brother" -- which implies that John also found his brother.
John understood that the first problem that men have to settle with God is the problem of sin.
Andrew was cautious, Peter was impetuous, Philip was shy, Nathanael was guileless. /dp/stedman/john/3835.html   (4207 words)

 Outreach - Friend to Friend Message
Andrew believed John's witness concerning Jesus because he was a respected friend.
Andrew met Jesus through the witness of his friend John the Baptist.
Andrew was a person who specialized in bringing people to Jesus (see Sermon Illustrations). /ourMinistries/evangelisticEvents/missions/losangeles/getInvolved.asp?i=146   (297 words)

 The Apostles - Becoming Unified Through Diversity
Andrew traveled a ways from his home to follow John, and then was interested enough to follow Jesus and spend time with him.
Andrew's spiritual fervor is a contrast to Peter, James and John.
John spoke of one to come (1:15,23) Andrew must have wondered whom John was talking about. /SundaySchool/Apostles/Andrew.htm   (480 words)

 Interactive State House
John Andrew swept into the Massachusetts governorship with the greatest popular majority to date to lead the Commonwealth during through the years of America's Civil War.
Though he was not an academic luminary and made had no pyrotechnic rise through state or federal offices, John Andrew became the Bay State's most celebrated Governor of his generation.
Andrew's support of the Union was a catalyst for Massachusetts' early and wholehearted participation in the Union effort. /statehouse/massgovs/jandrew.htm   (480 words)

John Young (NSW Governor) John Young was the 1867.
The Young and the Hopeless The Young And The Hopeless is an The Young and the Restless.
Young was born in 1918 in Air Corps as a bombardier and navigator. /topics/young.html   (480 words)

 John Andrew Young - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Andrew Young ( November 10, 1916 - January 22, 2002) was a politician from the state of Texas.
Young was elected to the House of Representatives as a Democrat in 1956.
Young became involved in a scandal when a former staffer said that she received a pay raise after giving in to sexual advances from him. /wiki/John_Andrew_Young   (480 words)

 Andrew John Wiles - Wikipedija
Stran o Andrewu Johnu Wilesu Univerze St Andrews (v angleščini)
Wiles je diplomiral leta 1974 na Koledžu Merton v Oxfordu in doktoriral leta 1980 na Koledžu Clare v Cambridgeu.
Wiles je prejel še več matematičnih nagrad, leta 1995 Schockovo nagrado, leta 1996 Kraljevsko medaljo in Colovo nagrado, leta 1998 pa prejel zlato Fieldsovo medaljo. /wiki/Andrew_John_Wiles   (480 words)

 Andrew Wiles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Andrew John Wiles (born April 11, 1953) is a British mathematician living in the United States.
Andrew Wiles should not be confused with André Weil, another famous mathematician who, like Wiles, has done important work in elliptic curves.
Wiles was on the point of giving up finally, when he decided to have one last try at solving the last remaining problem in his proof in collaboration with Richard Taylor, one of his former PhD students in 1994. /wiki/Andrew_Wiles   (480 words)

 Andrew John Volstead -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Andrew John Volstead (October 31 1860 - January 20 1947) was a member of the (The lower legislative house of the United States Congress) United States House of Representatives from (A midwestern state) Minnesota from 1903 to 1923.
Volstead was born in (additional info and facts about Kenyon) Kenyon, (A midwestern state) Minnesota to (A Scandinavian language that is spoken in Norway) Norwegian parents.
An absolute (A total abstainer) teetotaler, he wrote the (additional info and facts about Volstead Act) Volstead Act which enforced (A decree that prohibits something) Prohibition in 1919. /encyclopedia/A/An/Andrew_John_Volstead.htm   (211 words)

 John Andrew
John Andrew Suchocki is a singer-songwriter currently living in Vermont.
His passionate and personal debut CD "In A Moment" grew out of rich musical influences, including being a member of the indie-pop band "The Silent Boys."   (36 words)

 John Andrew Henshaw
John Andrew Henshaw (1827-?) +Caroline Hastings (1833-?) 10..........
John Henshaw (1798-1859) m Mary Ann Lewis (1806-1844) 9.........
After acquiring an education in the schools of Boston, John entered Harvard College in 1843 and was graduated in the class of 1847. /~hinshaw/cgi-bin/id?a4528   (490 words)

 Chapter 26
Even when he entered office as governor of Massachusetts that storm was gathering fast, and ~John Albion Andrew was one of the first to discover it.
Truly the seeds sown by Governor John Andrew, thirty-seven years before, had borne excellent fruit.
The friction between the North and the South over the question of slavery and tile maintenance of the Union, which began with John Quincy Adams of Massachusetts in the Congress of 1836, and culminated with Charles Sumner of Massachusetts in the Congress of 1856, became unendurable in i86i. /usa/ma/county/plymouth/books/bay/set3/chap26.htm   (1247 words)

 John Andrew Hinshaw
John Andrew Hinshaw died Feb 22 1948, San Diego County, California.
John Andrew Hinshaw (1863-1948) +Cynthia Arwilda (Janeway) Cox (1865-1951) 11...........
At Ramona MM on 6-2-1900, John A. Hinshaw, wife Arwilda J., children Ernest Cox, Hulda and Agnes were received on a certificate from Center MM, Iowa. /~hinshaw/cgi-bin/id?a1405   (1216 words)

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