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  U.S. Senate: Art & History Home > John Cabell Breckinridge, 14th Vice President (1857-1861)
Breckinridge was a Jacksonian Democrat in a state that Senator Henry Clay had made a Whig bastion.
Breckinridge became a spokesman for the proslavery Democrats, arguing that the federal government had no right to interfere with slavery anywhere, either in the District of Columbia or in any of the territories.
Breckinridge got so close to Washington that he could see the newly completed Capitol dome, and General Early joked that he would allow him to lead the advance into the city so that he could sit in the vice-presidential chair again.
www.senate.gov /artandhistory/history/common/generic/VP_John_Breckinridge.htm   (3366 words)

  John Cabell Breckinridge - LoveToKnow 1911
JOHN CABELL BRECKINRIDGE (1821-1875), American soldier and political leader, was born near Lexington, Kentucky, on the 21st of January 1821.
His grandfather, John Breckinridge (1760-1806), who revised Jefferson's draft of the "Kentucky Resolutions" of 1798, was a United States senator from Kentucky in1801-1805and attorney-general in President Jefferson's cabinet in 1805-1806.
Another cousin, Joseph Cabell Breckinridge (1842-), served on the Union side in the Civil War, was a major-general of volunteers during the Spanish-American War (1898),(1898), became a major-general in the regular United States army in 1903, and was inspector-general of the United States army from 1899 until his retirement from active service in 1904.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /John_Cabell_Breckinridge   (592 words)

 John Breckinridge - Biography - Moviefone
One of his great-grandfathers was John Cabell Breckinridge (1821-1875), the Vice President of the United States (1857-1861) under James Buchanan, and later a senator from Kentucky, a Confederate general, and the Confederate Secretary of War; another great-grandfather was Lloyd Tevis (1824-1899), the lawyer and financial speculator who founded the Wells Fargo Bank.
Apart from his brief acting stint in the 1920s, Breckinridge never aspired to be a "public" figure, and he lived most of his life during the 1940s and 1950s in private; or, rather, with as much privacy as an almost openly gay, sometime millionaire could enjoy during this era.
And during the later 1950s, Breckinridge was arrested on several occasions, on charges ranging from vagrancy to sex perversion, and he spent a year in Atascadero, a California hospital for the criminally insane, from 1959 to 1960.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/john-breckinridge/8229/biography   (673 words)

 U.S. Senate: Art & History Home > Sculptures > John C. Breckinridge
Breckinridge served as the 14th vice president during a turbulent era dominated by the issue of slavery.
Breckinridge then served Kentucky in the U.S. Senate from March 4, 1861, until his expulsion in December of that year for support of the Southern cause.
Breckinridge joined the Confederate army and attained the rank of major general before becoming secretary of war to the Confederacy in 1865.
www.senate.gov /artandhistory/art/artifact/Sculpture_22_00014.htm   (434 words)

 John C. Breckinridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Breckinridge was a major of the 3rd Kentucky Volunteers during the Mexican-American War in 1847 and 1848.
Breckinridge was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, in 1849, as a Democrat, and was then elected to the Thirty-second and Thirty-third Congresses (March 4, 1851 – March 4, 1855).
Breckinridge was an unsuccessful candidate for President in 1860, nominated by the Southern faction of the split Democratic Party, losing to Abraham Lincoln but receiving more electoral votes than the other major candidates, John Bell of the Constitutional Union Party, and Stephen A. Douglas, the Northern Democrats' nominee.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_C._Breckinridge   (1503 words)

 Breckinridge Biographies 1
Breckinridge was twice married, first to Margaret Miller, daughter of Rev. Samuel Miller, a distinguished professor of Princeton College, and afterwards to Miss Maley Babcock, born in Connecticut.
Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston,.educator, social worker, and social reformer, was born in Lexington, KY., April 1, 1866, daughter of William Campbell Preston and Issa (Desha) Breckinridge.
Breckinridge was admitted to the Kentucky bar in 1893 and from that year until 1900 was a member of and associated of the law firm of Breckinridge and Shelby, in which his father was senior.
www.breckinridge.com /breckbio.htm   (5047 words)

 Vice President John Breckinridge
Breckinridge was a distant relative of Mary Todd Lincoln
Breckinridge was a lawyer, and he began his political career in the Kentucky Legislature, at age 28, after having fought in the Mexican-American War.
After Breckinridge lost the election in 1860 against Lincoln, and his home state of Kentucky decided to remain in the Union, he fled south to join the Confederate army.
www.christers.net /veeps/john-breckinridge.html   (965 words)

 What is the Breckinridge Family Historical Association?
John Breckinridge assumed leadership of this issue and after much debate on the Senate floor, and finally receiving the support of John Quincy Adams, the Bill was passed 26-5.
John Breckinridge was appointed to lead the committee to prepare a form of Government for the Louisiana Territories and by Dec. 30 the work was done.
In the summer of 1804, John Breckinridge was asked by Thomas Jefferson to serve as United States Attorney General, and John resigned his senate seat to help establish the cabinet level position of Attorney General.
www.breckinridge.com /whatis.htm   (602 words)

 Major General John C. Breckinridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Major General John C. Breckinridge was sent to Louisiana in July, 1862 to regain control of southeastern Louisiana.
However, Breckinridge was ordered to Kentucky, and on August 18 he turned the command over to Ruggles, and left the next day.
John Cabell Breckinridge, born 16 Jan 1821, was a Kentuckian who had been a successful politician before the war.
pth.thehardyparty.com /cmdrs/gen_breckinridge.htm   (315 words)

 Getting the Message Out! John C. Breckinridge
Breckinridge began his political career with service in the Kentucky legislature (1849—51) and in the House of Representatives (1851—55).
Like the southern Democrats he represented in the pivotal election of 1860, Breckinridge argued that the Constitution did not provide the federal government with the power to restrict slavery in the territories.
When the South surrendered, Breckinridge fled to Europe but was permitted to return to the United States by the amnesty proclamation of 1868.
dig.lib.niu.edu /message/candidates-breckinridge.html   (198 words)

 John Cabell Breckinridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
John Breckinridge was one of the rare political generals who was good at both.
Breckinridge was the candidate of the Southern Democrats, and came in second in the Electoral College (winning the Deep South, but also Maryland and Delaware but not his home state, nor Virginia and Tennessee) but third in the popular vote.
Breckinridge resumed command of the Department of Western Virginia, and added East Tennessee to his responsibilities (both September 1864) but there was little he could mobilize to support Early against Sheridan’s Valley Campaign.
ehistory.osu.edu /uscw/features/people/bio.cfm?PID=11   (827 words)

 John C. Breckinridge
He was a grandson of John Breckenridge, United States senator and attorney general, was educated at Centre College, Danville, studied law at the Transylvania institute, and, after a short residence in Burlington, Iowa, settled at Lexington, where he practiced his profession with success.
John C. Breckinride was born near Lexington, Kentucky on January 15, 1821...
John Cabell Breckinridge was born near Lexington, Kentucky on January 21, 1821.
www.abraham-lincoln.org /JOHNCBRECKINRIDGE.COM   (945 words)

 Major General John C
John C. Breckinridge was Vice President of the United States of America from 1857 through 1861.
John C. Breckinridge practiced law in Kentucky and Iowa before becoming a major in the Third Kentucky Volunteers during the Mexican War.
John C. Breckinridge became a major general of the Confederate Army in August 1862.
www.civilwarfamilyhistory.com /new_page_168.htm   (336 words)

 Breckinridge County Plantations
This reference is to the plantation of John Breckinridge (1760-1806), the founder of the Breckinridge Plantation, who moved with his wife, Mary Hopkins Cabell, from Albemarle County, Virginia, to Kentucky in March of 1793.
John Breckinridge purchased 30,000 acres for his new home near Lexington in the locale known as Cabell's Dale.
A plantation in Breckinridge County was an area of land which had been cleared of forest and the numerous deciduous hardwood trees and brush so that planting could occur.
www.aths.com /breckinridgeCountyPlantations.html   (578 words)

 KySearch: Breckinridge County Kentucky
Breckenridge County was named in honor of John Breckinridge, a native of Virginia, but a pioneer of Kentucky.
Breckinridge county was established out of part of Hardin county, in 1799, the 39th in order of formation, and was named in honor of the distinguished lawyer and statesman, John Breckinridge.
It is situated in the western middle part of the state, on the Ohio river - by which it is bounded on the N, by Hardin county on the E, Grayson on the S, and Hancock on the W. The face of the country is generally rolling, high, dry, and well watered.
kysearch.com /breckinridge.shtml   (182 words)

 John Breckinridge (1760-1806) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Breckinridge (December 2, 1760 to December 14, 1806) was a United States Senator and Attorney General.
Born in Staunton, Virginia, a frontier town, Breckinridge was nonetheless able to attend the prestigious William and Mary College.
He was also the great-great-grandfather of actor Bunny Breckinridge and of John B. Breckinridge who succeeded him as Attorney General of Kentucky and as a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives and who also served in the United States House of Representatives.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Breckinridge_(1760-1806)   (526 words)

 John Cabell Breckinridge — FactMonster.com
Breckinridge, John Cabell, 1821–75, Vice President of the United States (1857–61) and Confederate general, b.
Breckinridge claimed that no power existed in the federal or local government to restrict slavery in any area while it was in territorial status.
When the South surrendered, Breckinridge fled to Europe via Cuba but was permitted to return (1869) by an amnesty proclamation issued in 1868.
www.factmonster.com /ce6/people/A0808818.html   (362 words)

 John C. Breckinridge Summary
Widely seen as the candidate of Southern disunionists, Breckinridge insisted that he was the true Unionist in the race.
Breckinridge came in third in the popular vote, carrying 12 of the 15 slave states for a total of 72 electoral votes.
Breckinridge's loyalty was questioned and he barely managed to avoid arrest by fleeing Lexington.
www.bookrags.com /John_C._Breckinridge   (3071 words)

 John C. Breckinridge
The American soldier and politician John C. Breckinridge was born near Lexington, Kentucky, on the 21st of January 1821.
His grandfather, John Breckinridge (1760-1806), who revised Thomas Jefferson's draft of the "Kentucky Resolutions" of 1798, was a United States Senator from Kentucky in 1801-5 and Attorney General in President Jefferson's cabinet in 1805-6.
As Vice President and presiding officer of the Senate, it was his duty to make the official announcement of the election of his opponent, Abraham Lincoln.
www.nndb.com /people/557/000050407   (614 words)

 OBITUARY -- John `Bunny' Breckinridge
John ``Bunny'' Breckinridge, an eccentric and troubled San Francisco millionaire who entertained grandly, served time in jail for vagrancy and was sued by his mother for lack of support, died Tuesday, November 5th, 1996 of heart failure in a Monterey nursing home.
Breckinridge, the great grandson of U.S. vice president John Breckinridge and of Wells Fargo Bank founder Lloyd Tevis, was born in Paris.
Breckinridge announced plans to travel to Denmark and undergo a sex-change operation.
garnet.acns.fsu.edu /~lflynn/BUNNY.htm   (270 words)

 John Cabell Breckinridge — Infoplease.com
Lexington, Ky. A lawyer, Breckinridge served in the Kentucky legislature (1849–51) and in the House of Representatives (1851–55).
John Breckinridge - Breckinridge, John, 1760–1806, American statesman, b.
Henry Donnel FOSTER - FOSTER, Henry Donnel (1808—1880) FOSTER, Henry Donnel, (cousin of John Cabell Breckinridge),...
www.infoplease.com /ce6/people/A0808818.html   (376 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Breckinridge
Great-grandson of John Breckinridge; grandson of Joseph Cabell Breckinridge; son of John Cabell Breckinridge.
Grandson of John Breckinridge; son of Joseph Cabell Breckinridge and Mary (Smith) Breckinridge; nephew of Robert Jefferson Breckinridge; cousin of
Grandson of John Breckinridge; nephew of Joseph Cabell Breckinridge; son of Robert Jefferson Breckinridge; son-in-law of
politicalgraveyard.com /bio/breckinridge.html   (940 words)

 Amazon.com: "John Breckinridge": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
When John Breckinridge (1760-1806) was in Kentucky in 1789 looking for a site for a future home, he received a letter from Polly,...
Breckinridge had been Vice President under James Buchanan and was very well qualified to run the country.
John Breckinridge - MD Report -- Access critical doctor performance information such as certifications and disciplinary actions.
www.amazon.com /phrase/John-Breckinridge   (629 words)

 John Breckinridge - Moviefone
BRECKINRIDGE, John Cabell, (grandson of John Breckinridge, father of Clifton Rodes Breckinridge,...
BRECKINRIDGE, John, (brother of James Breckinridge, grandfather of John Cabell Breckinridge and...
John Breckinridge - Filmography, Biography, News, Photos, Birth date, Relationships, John Breckinridge Film Clips, and Fun Facts on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/john-breckinridge/8229/main   (101 words)

 [No title]
John Breckinridge was born in Lexington, Kentucky on January 21, 1821.
Although Breckinridge was against his nomination, he was influenced to run as by doing so, he believed that Stephen A. Douglas would withdraw from the race, therefore opening the way for a compromise Democrat, who could defeat Abraham Lincoln.
John Breckinridge was an honest man, who had committed no crimes, yet in spite of this, he was suspected of treason as the authorities accused him of being a Confederate sympathizer.
www.aboutfamouspeople.com /article1155.html   (650 words)

 AllRefer.com - John Breckinridge (U.S. History, Biography) - Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Augusta co., Va; grandfather of John Cabell Breckinridge.
Breckinridge also prepared the stronger resolutions passed in the Kentucky legislature the next year in answer to criticisms of the earlier resolutions.
In the U.S. Senate (1801–5) he was a leading spokesman of Western interests and played an important role in the passage of legislation bringing about the Louisiana Purchase.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/BreckinrJ.html   (185 words)

 The John Breckinridge Castleman Monument   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The champion horseman is shown riding one of his mares, Carolina.
Born in Lexington in 1841, John B. Castleman joined John Hunt Morgan's men in 1862 and led guerrilla missions of his own as well.
His escapades included attempting to free POWs from Camp Douglas near Chicago and burning U. supply boats at St. Louis.
johnhuntmorgan.scv.org /castleman.htm   (271 words)

 John Breckinridge Summary
John Breckenridge served as U.S. attorney general from 1805 to 1806 under President Thomas Jefferson.
While in the Senate, Breckenridge supported the impeachment of John Pickering and Samuel Chase, two federal judges who had allegiances to the Federalist Party.
At the Senate trial of Pickering, Breckenridge acted to remove the judge from the bench though it was clear the judge had not committed any "high crimes and misdemeanors" as stated in the Constitution.
www.bookrags.com /John_Breckinridge   (678 words)

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