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Topic: John Cardinal Cody

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In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

 John Cardinal Cody - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Patrick Cody, later John Cardinal Cody, (December 24, 1907 – April 25, 1982) was an American cardinal, the eleventh bishop (sixth archbishop) of the Roman Catholic diocese of Chicago, serving from 1965 to 1982 (succeeded Albert Cardinal Meyer).
Cody was appointed Archbishop of Chicago, on June 16, 1965 and installed August 24, 1965.
Cardinal Cody was succeeded in the summer of 1982 by Archbishop (later Cardinal) Joseph Bernardin, whose first task was to ameliorate the tense relationship between the clergy and laity with the bishop's authority.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Cardinal_Cody   (468 words)

 Santa Susanna
For Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church are clerics who are taken from one place and "attached to another, "in order that their service might be of use to the Pope, to provide the Holy Father "greater flexibility" as he administers the world church.
From the reign of Leo IX (1048-1054), cardinals were the principal counselors of the pope, and by naming reformed minded clerics to this position, popes began to transform the pastoral life of the church in Rome.
(Cardinal Giovanni Borgia was a nephew of Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI) and cousin to Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia.
www.santasusanna.org /ourUniqueHistory/cardinals.html   (4291 words)

Cardinal Cody was an eccentric churchman, with a powerful sense of the importance of his office.
Cody told me every cardinal was expected to provide a throne, but he had not expected to use his, and then John Paul II arrived in 1979.
Cody and there were few friends and advisers who could talk in a deeply personal way to a man accustomed to being called “Your Eminence.” This was painful because Cardinal Cody needed friends.
www.aepwall.com /Card_Cody.htm   (3802 words)

 St. John Catholic Church | Parish History
John became a mission church of St. Agnes parish of Chicago Heights when the latter was founded in 1894.
John in Glenwood was raised to the status of a parish in 1897.
St. John was the hub of their faith life and, in simpler times, also the heart of their social life.
www.rc.net /chicago/stjohn/history.html   (1937 words)

 Graduate School of Theology:  History
In September 1929, Cardinal Mundelein obtained from the Sacred Congregation of Seminaries and Universities in Rome a five-year grant for the theological faculty to confer the baccalaureate, the licentiate and doctorate in theology.
The present Chancellor of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake is Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I. His appointment as the eighth Archbishop of Chicago was announced by Pope John Paul II on April 8, 1997.
In 2006, the Very Reverend John F. Canary was named Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Cardinal George named the Very Reverend Dennis J. Lyle the new Rector/President of University of Saint Mary of the Lake/Mundelein Seminary.
www.vocations.org /education/history.htm   (1147 words)

 TIME.com: God and Mammon in Chicago -- Sep. 21, 1981 -- Page 1
John Cardinal Cody, 73, has aroused passionate reactions ever since he was appointed Archbishop of Chicago in 1965.
The Cardinal is said to have paid Wilson a secret church salary of up to $11,500 during a six-year period from 1969 to 1975 when she leased and furnished a luxury apartment on Chicago's Gold Coast.
Cody is reported by the Sun-Times to have told associates that he paid for the Boca Raton home out of personal funds saved up over the years.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,953073,00.html   (817 words)

 Community Media Workshop: - Index Page
A staff writer for the Chicago Reader, John was the first local journalist to pay close attention to the federal trial that led to the exposure of John Burge, the Chicago police commander now known for routinely torturing suspects.
John is also an author; he wrote Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People and the Dynamics of Torture.
John has also written major stories on the questionable reign of John Cardinal Cody, former archbishop of Chicago; a North Side business owner who called immigration authorities about his own illegally-documented workers; and men serving life terms for the "murder" of a police officer who was actually shot by his own partner.
www.newstips.org /guestbook/john   (222 words)

 Crisis Magazine
John Paul initially lived up to expectations by refusing to be crowned with the papal tiara or to be carried in the gestatorial chair.
Cornwell cites witnesses as diverse as John Paul’s longtime housekeeper and Leon-Joseph Cardinal Suenens on John Paul’s self-doubts.
Cody is a red herring, brought in to trade on the gangster image of Chicago, a silly trick Yallop pulls with Marcinkus, too.
www.crisismagazine.com /julaug2003/miesel.htm   (3991 words)

 Biography of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Beginning in 1983, Cardinal Bernardin called for a "consistent ethic of life" in an age when modern technologies threatened the sanctity of all human life at every turn, be it abortion, euthanasia, modern warfare, or capital punishment.
Cardinal Bernardin also adapted a strong stance on sexual abuse cases within the clergy by implementing the strongest, most comprehensive policy concerning priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors.
On October 7, the Cardinal met with the Presbyterate, and by the end of October, the Cardinal withdrew from his active ministry due to his deteriorating strength.
archives.archchicago.org /jcbbio.htm   (1444 words)

 April 10, 2005 - On the Death of Pope John Paul II
The Cardinals of the Catholic Church now meet in Rome to govern the Church and to elect a successor to the Throne of Peter.
Cardinal George is the sixth Cardinal of Chicago.
Albert Cardinal Meyer who became a Cardinal in 1959 and who died in 1965 participated in the election of Pope Paul VI in June of 1963.
www.holynamecathedral.org /bulletin_board/msgs/msgApr1005.htm   (1051 words)

 Education: A Path to Love   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cardinal Egan served as Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar for Education of the Archdiocese of New York from 1985 – 1988.
On November 8, 1988, Pope John Paul II appointed Cardinal Egan to be the Third Bishop of the Diocese of Bridgeport.
Cardinal Egan serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of Thomas More College in Merrimack, New Hampshire; Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.; the Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Saint Joseph Seminary, and Saint John Neumann Seminary Residence and Hall, Dunwoodie, New York.
www.fordham.edu /frc/education/egan.shtml   (754 words)

 Santa Susanna
The titular church of Cardinal Pacelli (Pius XII), beginning with Cardinal Spellman, it became the titular church of the Archbishops of New York.
Titular Church of Edward Cardinal Mooney of Detroit (1946-1958), and the Archbishops of Boston: Richard Cardinal Cushing (1958-1970), Humberto Cardinal Medieros (1973-1983) and Bernard Cardinal Law (1985-).
The church was expanded by Pope St. Leo III in 800, who was Cardinal Titular of the Church, and was rebuilt between 1585-1598 by Cardinal Rusticucci, Vicar General of Rome and Cardinal Titular.
www.santasusanna.org /onPilgrimage/churches.html   (1394 words)

 Sheil Catholic Center - About Us
Cardinal Cody and President Miller signed the agreement on Oct. 18, 1966.
Dedicated and sustained efforts by the building committee garnered funds from various sources, including $125,000 from Cardinal Cody's archdiocesan project renewal fund, $50,000 from alumni and friends, and an extraordinary single donation of $125,000 from Mrs.
With Cardinal Cody presiding, the cornerstone for the new center was laid in a ceremony on Oct. 15, 1967.
www.sheil.northwestern.edu /aboutus/history/newhome.html   (651 words)

 Andrew Greeley * Joseph Cardinal Bernardin * Eugene Kennedy
The Pope's death on August 6, 1978, saved Cody for the moment, but he was not entirely in the clear until Karol Wojtyla was elected after the untimely death of Paul VI's successor, John Paul I, the "September Pope." Cody and John Paul II had arrived at an agreement.
Cody would be retired, Bernardin would come to Chicago, and in due time he would become cardinal as well as Greeley's inside man. In his exhilaration Winters did not stop to think that nothing done to Cody in 1980 could possibly affect the 1978 conclave.
The cardinal should lay out procedures for protecting not the guilty priest, not the already tainted reputation of the priesthood, nor the tattered respectability of the archdiocese, not his own image, but the victims and their families.
www.usao.edu /~facshaferi/SALIERI.HTML   (17122 words)

 Catholic New York - Lead Story
Cardinal O'Connor is revered here in New York...anyone who had their television on during the time he was sick, the time of his funeral, certainly could see he was loved," he said.
John and Paul in Rome by Cardinal Bernardin Gantin, prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Bishops, with two co-consecrators: Cardinal O'Connor and Bishop John R. Keating of Arlington, Va., who died in 1998.
Since the opening of the residence, modeled after the St. John Neumann Residence in the Bronx, 54 men have been ordained for the Bridgeport Diocese--far surpassing the per capita ordinations of nearby New York and Boston archdioceses--and 30 are currently studying for the priesthood in various seminaries.
www.cny.org /archive/ld/ld051800.htm   (2962 words)

 A Thief in the Night: The Mysterious Death of Pope John Paul I. - book reviews National Review - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Rumors of a murder persisted, and so it was that author John Comwell was invited by the Vatican to conduct a new, independent investigation." Cornwell's conclusions are easy to summarize: Calvi may have been a nasty fellow; Gelli and Sindona certainly were, but none of them killed Papa Luciani on September 28, 1978.
Such holiness, to be sure, is simply one-not always obvious and certainly not universal-characteristic of the monsignors, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals he met, but it is an awfully important one.
Newshounds expect Vatican officials, curial cardinals, and even the pope himself to respond directly to questions, to issue confirmations or denials, and disclose anything and everything going on inside the Holy City.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1282/is_n4_v42/ai_8552881   (742 words)

 Nwowatcher is the leading resource for topics of political conspiracy, mythology, symbolism, activism, and the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
After the death of John XXIII in 1963, the deadlock between conservatives and reformers in the College of Cardinals resulted in the election of a vacillating Pope Paul VI, who would agonize over the question of the morality of artificial birth control.
The housekeeper immediately notified Cardinal Villot, whose first response to the news was to summon the papal morticians even before verifying the death himself or calling the Vatican physician to examine the body.
It was rumored he was deliberately elected by cardinals keeping secrets that he was too weak to bother them and his health would cause him to die prematurely in office.
nwowatcher.com /smf/index.php?topic=968.0   (9181 words)

 Diocese of Belleville, IL
He was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Chicago on May 13, 1970 by John Cardinal Cody, Archbishop of Chicago.
When Bishop Braxton returned from Rome, Cardinal Bernardin appointed him to serve as the Director of Calvert House, the Catholic Student Center at the University of Chicago, from 1983 to 1986.
Cardinal Bernardin called him back to Chicago and appointed him Pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Parish in August 1992.
www.diobelle.org /directory/leadership/bishop.html   (1941 words)

 Bishops' Mausoleum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cardinal Bernardin was one of the most respected Catholic bishops in the United States, and was considered by many to be a serious candidate for the Papacy.
On Nov. 20, 1996, Cardinal Bernardin joined his predecessors in the Mausoleum.
Indicating one next to Cardinal Cody, he quipped, "I've always been a little left of Cody".
www.graveyards.com /IL/Cook/mtcarmel/bishops.html   (177 words)

Oh, no, Cardinal Egan has a long history of throwing the weight of a chancery office around, dating back to his days as an aide to the corrupt late John Cardinal Cody, the longtime Archbishop of Chicago, Illinois.
Like so many of his brother bishops today, Cardinal Egan knows how to govern all of the wrong people and to turn a blind eye and deaf ear towards those who are actually undermining the Holy Faith and thus pose a real and immediate danger to the sanctification and salvation of immortal souls.
If he does not believe this, then he is prostituting himself to mouth Cardinal Egan's party line, thereby helping to deceive Catholics and non-Catholics alike in the general public that the alleged "good order" of the school in question is more important than the integrity of the Faith.
www.christorchaos.com /AnotherVictim.html   (3083 words)

 Order of Malta® American Association, USA | American Association | Leadership | Chaplains
Cardinal Egan was consecrated a bishop on May 22, 1985to serve as Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of New York where he served as Vicar for Education of the Archdiocese of New York.
The Cardinal served the Church in Bridgeport for twelve years where he oversaw the regionalization of the diocesan elementary schools; the establishment of an active Hispanic and Haitian Apostolate, founded St. John Fisher Seminary Residence, initiated the Inner-City Foundation and many other initiatives.
On January 21, 2001, he was elevated to the College of Cardinals and assigned as his titular church the Basilica of Saints John and Paul.
www.maltausa.org /american_leadership_chaplains.php   (755 words)

 John Patrick Cody   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Cardinal John Patrick Cody born on 12-24-1907 in Saint 4-25-1982 age 74.
Patrick Cody was born in Ireland (probably in County Kilkenny or County Cork) on July...
Cody, who was Catholic, by her and she was disowned Mary eloped with Patrick She married Robert John McClelland in Seattle, WA.
johncikl.bmlpniokyp.info   (647 words)

 Welcome to Archdiocese of Chicago   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Designated by the National Register of Historic Places as a structure of significance, the residence was built in 1885 at the direction of Most Rev. Patrick A. Feehan, the first Archbishop of Chicago.
When Pope John Paul II visited Chicago in 1979, he became the first Pontiff to stay at the Residence.
Predecessors of Cardinal Bernardin who lived in the Residence are Archbishop Patrick A. Feehan, 1885-1902; Archbishop James E. Quigley, 1903-1915; George Cardinal Mundelein, 1915-1939; Samuel Cardinal Stritch, 1939-1958; Albert Cardinal Meyer, 1958-1965; and John Cardinal Cody, 1965-1982.
www.archdiocese-chgo.org /about_us/archbishopsresid.shtm   (390 words)

 SermonAudio.com - Edit What's New
In turn, Fiore and another priest relayed the altar boys' complaints to the pastor and suggested that the miscreant priest be questioned and possibly removed from contact with the boys.
Egan, currently Cardinal Archbishop of New York, is surrounded by accusations of clerical abuse against a number of priests.
While now expressing willingness to cooperate with authorities, as archbishop of Bridgeport, Conn., Egan, according to a report in the Hartford Courant, sought to deflect responsibility for homosexual activity of certain priests by claiming they were "independent contractors." Under Cody in Chicago, Egan had been informally known as the Cardinal's "hatchet man," Fiore said.
www.sermonaudio.com /winedit_news2.asp?WhatsNewID=11661   (619 words)

Cardinal Mundelein obtains the first five-year grant from the sacred Congregation of Seminaries and
Albert Cardinal Meyer redesigns the seminary system, opening a second campus in Niles that offered a two-year program in liberal arts.
Reverend Monsignor John R. Gorman was appointed the fourth Rector by John Cardinal Cody.
archives.archchicago.org /photo.htm   (457 words)

 Joseph Cardinal Bernardin - Avoo - Ask Us A Question - His Eminence, Joseph Louis Cardinal Bernardin (originally ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Joseph Cardinal Bernardin - Avoo - Ask Us A Question - His Eminence, Joseph Louis Cardinal Bernardin (originally Bernardini), (April 2, 1928–November 14, 1996) was an American clergyman, the twelfth bishop (seventh archbishop) of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, serving from 1982 to 1996 (succeeded John Cardinal Cody)
His Eminence, Joseph Louis Cardinal Bernardin (originally Bernardini), (April 2, 1928–November 14, 1996) was an American clergyman, the twelfth bishop (seventh archbishop) of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, serving from 1982 to 1996 (succeeded John Cardinal Cody).
He was born on April 2, 1928 in Columbia, South Carolina to a family of Italian immigrants, and ordained a priest on April 26, 1952, serving in the Diocese of Charleston, which is co-extensive with the State of South Carolina.
www.calistogacaus.com /info/Joseph_Cardinal_Bernardin   (1060 words)

 American Life League 2006 - Communique - Nov. 11, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This was a fatal, morally flawed concession that, sadly, has characterized every effort sponsored by the National Right to Life Committee, which itself states that babies may be sliced and diced licitly under cover of law in instances where a mother's life is said to be endangered, ever since.
The morally flawed nature of the Buckley Amendment was criticized by four American cardinals, including John Cardinal Krol of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Humberto Cardinal Medeiros of Boston, Massachusetts, John Cardinal Cody of Chicago, Illinois, and Timothy Cardinal Manning of Los Angeles, California.
They opposed passage of the Buckley Amendment on the grounds that the law could never licitly permit the direct, intentional killing of an innocent human being regardless of the age of the victim (that is, from the first moment of fertilization to the moment of natural death willed by God).
www.all.org /article.php?id=10499   (2576 words)

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