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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  John Prescott Ellis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ellis' father is Alexander (Sandy) Ellis, an insurance executive in Boston, who studied at Yale University, and his mother, Nancy Bush Ellis is a sister of George H. Bush.
Ellis is married to Susan Smith Ellis, an executive Vice President at the Omnicom Group, the world's leading advertising and marketing services company.
According to an interview that Ellis gave to Jane Mayer of the New Yorker magazine in 2000, he was responsible for Fox News' decisions in calling states for Gore or Bush, based on statistical results from the VNS data.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Prescott_Ellis   (615 words)

 John Ellis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Ellis (born 1930), British Labour Party politician and MP for Bristol North West and for Brigg and Scunthorpe
John Ellis (born 1952), Irish Fianna Fáil TD for Sligo-Leitrim
John Ellis (1874–1932), an executioner in the employ of the British government in the early twentieth century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Ellis   (203 words)

 John Ellis
John Ellis knew the wild and untamed redmen of the West when he was a boy, though he never met them when on hostile excursions, and so far as his experience goes Butler County was never a scene of violence on the part of the redmen.
The old log house in which John Ellis learned his letters was used only in the summer time for school purposes, while in the winter it was converted into a corn crib.
John Ellis was born at Waukegan in Lake County, Illinois, April 13, 1854.
skyways.lib.ks.us /genweb/archives/1918ks/bioe/ellisj.html   (1752 words)

Ellis was then chosen to be in one of seven duos to perform in the inaugural year of the Jazz Ambassadors program, sponsored by the USIA and the Kennedy Center.
Ellis returned to New Orleans in culture shock to find that he'd been chosen as one of thirteen semi-finalists in the 1996 Thelonious Monk International Saxophone Competition.
John's latest is "One Foot in the Swamp" featuring Gregoire Maret, John Scofield, Aaron Goldberg, Jason Marsalis, Nicholas Payton, and others.
www.charliehunter.com /players/jellis.html   (661 words)

 Don't Quote Me   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John Ellis says he now has most of the couple's responsibility for taking care of their two young children, although he does pack in a weekly Boston marathon: he catches the 6:05 a.m.
Ellis went to Yale, his Uncle George's alma mater (he says he declined an invitation to join Skull and Bones, the secret society to which Bush belonged), and hooked on at NBC as a temporary researcher in 1978.
Ellis also developed a reputation for being loose and relaxed in a high-stress environment; Saturday Night Live's headquarters were right down the corridor from the election unit's, and Al Franken was a frequent visitor to Ellis's office.
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/features/99/01/28/DON_T_QUOTE_ME.html   (3007 words)

 Ancestors of Jerry Landers John Ellis
As has been seen, John Ellis is described as "eldest son" and he was given the dwelling house and one third of the lands in Sandwich by court order, 20 Feb. 1709/10, at the settlement of his father's estate.
Although John Ellis lived in Sandwich and the records of his land holdings in Barnstable County were burned in the 1827 fire, he also owned real property in Plymouth County and these deeds are of genealogical interest: A deed, dated 12 March 1711, shows that "Ezekiell Joell of Monument in ye town of Sandwich...
John Ellis of Sandwich by deed, 7 April 1712, bought for 5 pounds from Junkesen and Black Sachem, Indians of Mashpee, a 25-acre tract near the lower Herring Pond in Plymouth (acknowledged and recorded 21 May 1712, ibid., p.
www.landersgen.com /landers/11720.htm   (774 words)

Senator John Edwards has challenged Senator John Kerry to four debates in advance of the March 2nd Super Tuesday primaries.
John Martilla and Tom Kiley are Kerry's oldest and closest advisers/friends.
Matt Drudge is reporting that Senator John Kerry leads Senator John Edwards by 42%-31% in the network exit poll of Democratic primary voters in Wisconsin.
johnellis.blogspot.com /2004_02_15_johnellis_archive.html   (2696 words)

 John Ellis
John holds bachelors degrees in business administration and health science, an MBA, and a doctorate in education.
John holds a 2nd degree fl belt in kung-fu, has completed the Ironman triathlon and finished 5th at the U.S. National Biathlon (run/bike) Championships.
John was nominated for the California Community College Distinguished Alumni Award.
www.modelfitness.com /john_ellis.html   (335 words)

 Fox guarding the henhouse - Salon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John Ellis, a cousin of Bush, helped make the decision to finally (and erroneously) call Florida for Bush in the wee hours of Election Night.
Ellis called his cousins and told them, 'Our projection shows that it is statistically impossible for Gore to win Florida.' It was just the three of us guys handing the phone back and forth -- me with the numbers, one of them a governor, the other the president-elect.
By Tuesday, after the revelations of Ellis' information-trading, Moody came down harder, saying that Fox was pondering disciplinary action against Ellis for misusing his position of power at the channel.
dir.salon.com /politics/feature/2000/11/15/ellis   (659 words)

 Amazon.com: Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams: Books: Joseph J. Ellis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
THE EDUCATION of John Adams was effectively complete by the time he reached the presidency, but his conduct during his four-year term served to exhibit the dominant features of the Adams personality in all their full-blown splendor.
Ellis hints at this, but doesn't dweel on it, but the almost pathological need that Adams possessed to denigrate Franklin and others is a major clue to his personality.
Ellis dwells more on Adams need to elevate his contribution to the Revolution, or at least to make sure that his very real contributions were not forgotten or underestimated, as they most assuredly have been for most of the past two hundred years.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0393311333?v=glance   (2652 words)

 Dr. John Ellis Gray 1907-2002
John Ellis Gray was a giant of a man in the history of Lamar University and in the hearts of those whose who knew him.
John Ellis Gray was born March 3, 1907, in Buckeye, Matagorda County.
History professor John Carroll recalls that on his second day at Lamar, he was surprised when a tall, grey-haired man he had never seen passed him on campus and spoke: “Well hello, John,” said the man, who turned out to be Gray.
www.lamar.edu /newsevents/cc/461_548.htm   (1659 words)

 Ellisblog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John Burns provides a typically excellent "interactive report" on the voting in Iraq.
But she was taught by her mother, Angelina, and her father, the Reverend John Rice, that human dignity is the gift of God, and that the ideals of America would overcome oppression.
The volunteer to voter ratio was 1 to 26.
www.johnellis.blogspot.com   (4836 words)

 Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library - John Ellis Van Courtland Moon Collection
John Ellis van Courtland Moon was born in Geneva, Switzerland of an American father and a Swiss mother.
John is also a member of the Chemical-Biological Warfare Working Group at the Kennedy School of Government and he is a member of the Chemical Warfare Group organized under the American Federation of Scientists.
John was also a member of the United States Committee for the Battle of Normandy Museum and was present at the opening of the museum in June of 1988.
www.fsc.edu /library/moon2.html   (2582 words)

 Bush Cousin Calls Presidential Election
The telling part of this story is that the call was made by John Ellis, a freelance political advisor contracted by Fox News to head their election night "decision desk." Ellis is also first cousin to George W. Bush and Florida governor John Ellis "Jeb" Bush.
During the election, Ellis took to the editorial pages of The Globe, defending George W. against charges of cocaine abuse, writing that he personally knew Bush was not a "cocaine addict" since he has been close with his cousin for a very long time.
The specter of the Ellis, Ailes, Murdoch team bearing responsibility for the miscall that set in motion a Bush team victory script with George W. as heir apparent to the White House, is, in it’s own right, quite frightening.
mediastudy.com /articles/jellis.html   (1048 words)

 Denis Dutton on John M. Ellis and Deconstruction
Ellis treats deconstruction in ways previously reserved for creation science and the Shroud of Turin, but does it in a way that is sober, careful, and lucid.
Ellis reveals confusions and ambiguities in the concept of logocentrism by analyzing not only Derrida, but specimen passages from various epigones.
At the beginning of the book, Ellis remarks that the usual deconstructionist formula for handling criticism is to claim that the critic hasn’t read enough, isn’t really sophisticated, hasn’t rehearsed the initiate’s “knowledge of the full range of deconstructive writings...” I expect Against Deconstruction will face the same evasions.
www.denisdutton.com /ellis_review.htm   (1463 words)

 Noblesville Schools - Noblesville, Indiana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Ellis [Image1]was named District V (central Indiana) Superintendent of the Year and then was selected from among superintendents representing other districts throughout the state to be honored as the State Superintendent of the Year.
Ellis noted that many Noblesville staff members, from the kindergarten through high school, the transportation department, housekeeping, maintenance, food service, and administration have been recognized a number of times by their peers.
Ellis is actively involved in the Noblesville community.
www.noblesvilleschools.org /nobldist.nsf/SBH/F8FC4DA7AA40566C85256DCD0054A0D9?OpenDocument   (369 words)

 Music | Faculty Winds Two
Ellis studied at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles with Norman Benno.
Ellis has worked with other noted conductors, such as Igor Stravinsky and the Columbia Orchestra, Pierre Boulez at the Los Angeles Monday Evening Concerts, and Zubin Mehta and Ingolf Dahl of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
Ellis currently is a member of the Clarion Wind Quintet and the Winston-Salem Symphony.
www.ncarts.edu /ncsaprod/music/facwindstwo.asp   (136 words)

 John Ellis | One Foot In the Swamp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Saxophonist Ellis runs the entire jazz gambit from the slick R&B of ”Happy” and “Work in Progress” to the the avant garde of “Work in Progress” and “Calmette Shawarma.” Ellis proves a very capable saxophonist on tenor or soprano saxophones.
John Scofield justifies his funk stripes on “One for the Kelpers.” Beautifully funky and fresh, the guitar, electric piano, and tenor swirl around one another in a dance of rhythm.
John Ellis has an omniverous vision, as demonstrated by his music.
www.allaboutjazz.com /php/article.php?id=16583   (384 words)

 Harrison Walker Ellis Remembers John Hannah Gray | The Voice, April 2003 | Synod of Living Waters
Ellis was still a slave when his remarkable intellect began to be recognized.
When Ellis was examined by the Synod in October 1846, it was an event reported in church newspapers from New Orleans to New York.
John Dick’s Lectures on Theology, Timothy Dwight’s Theology: Explained and Defended in five volumes, and Thomas Boston’s Human Nature in its Four-Fold State were Calvinist theological writings with which Ellis was most familiar, but he had also read books on natural science and moral philosophy.
www.synodoflivingwaters.com /the_voice/0304/07-genius.html   (1010 words)

 Amazon.com: Eye-Deep in Hell : Trench Warfare in World War I: Books: John Ellis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John Ellis, a military historian, wrote "Eye Deep in Hell" to explain the daily routines of the fighting men of World War I. The title of the book comes from the poet Ezra Pound, who wrote an epitaph for the soldiers who survived and died on the mud caked battlefields.
Ellis wrote about the design of trenches and the concept of defense in depth, which was a basic military history.
Although Ellis wrote about the Western Front, it would have helped if he made reference to other fronts; I would have been interested to read about the cold weather and starvation in the east or the sheer slaughter in Italy, as it is virtually impossible to wage a successful offensive in the Alps.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0801839475?v=glance   (2900 words)

 John E. O'Neill - SourceWatch
John Ellis O'Neill, is a partner at the Houston law firm of Clements, O'Neill, Pierce, Wilson and Fulkerson and has spearheaded the anti-Kerry 527 committee Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
According to "Be Honest," (http://ideamouth.com/swift.htm) ideamouth.com, 2004: "John O'Neill, the leader of the swiftboat veterans 'for truth' is on record as having lied about the role of the swift boat operators in Cambodia.
John Gonzalez, "Swift Boat Folks Are Kerry's Nemeses of Old (http://www.alternet.org/story/19532/)", Dallas Observer, August 11, 2004.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=John_E._O'Neill   (865 words)

 John Ellis | BaseballLibrary.com
A competent hitter, the ungraceful 6'2" 225-lb Ellis played most regularly for the Indians in 1973-74, hitting career highs of 14 HR and 68 RBI in '73.
Ellis has two homers and a double to back Fergie Jenkins win.
John Grubb singles in the 9th to extend his hitting streak to 20 games.
www.baseballlibrary.com /baseballlibrary/ballplayers/E/Ellis_John.stm   (160 words)

 FCHN :: John Ellis, DDS, MD
Dr. Ellis completed his medical degree at Medical College of Virginia of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Prior to that, Dr. Ellis received his dental degree also from the Medical College of Virginia.
Ellis lives in Vienna, with his wife Debbie and their five children.
Ellis is very active in church and is an ordained Elder who has served as a lay pastor.
www.fchn.org /md/profiles/Ellis_John.asp   (155 words)

 John Ellis Electron Water Machine: junk science debunked
The John Ellis Electron Water/Air Machine™ is one of many devices that purport to restructure or otherwise alter drinking water in ways unknown to modern science in order to make it more healthy or effective.
The size and structure of the water molecule are altered: the molecule is enlarged, and its bond angle is increased by 10°.
Ellis' machine's boiler is then exposed to a high intensity ozone light from a special device developed for Mr.
www.chem1.com /CQ/johnellisbunk.html   (1260 words)

 CNN.com - Fox executive spoke five times with cousin Bush on Election Night - December 12, 2000
John Ellis, an election night consultant for Fox, was hired by Inside.com to write an account of what happened that night; it was posted on the Web site Monday.
Ellis did not discuss the spate of stories that questioned the ethics of a Bush relative working as part of the team that projected election night winners and losers.
Ellis said Fox and the other networks probably would have made that call more quickly if they weren't afraid of blowing the same state twice -- which they wound up doing anyway.
archives.cnn.com /2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/12/12/tv.foxexecutive.ap   (824 words)

 John Ellis Wool Papers, 1810-1869 - Finding Aid (NYSL)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The papers of John Ellis Wool should be valuable to future scholars primarily because he was a disciplined correspondent and nearly a complete record is present of his long and varied military career that commenced with the War of 1812 and concluded with the Civil War.
John Ellis Wool was born 29 February 1784 in Newburgh, New York.
His formal education was limited to that of a country school, and at the age of twelve he entered the store of a Troy merchant and remained with him for six years.
www.nysl.nysed.gov /msscfa/sc15361.htm   (4169 words)

 One Call Too Many? - CBS News
Fox is considering disciplinary action against the consultant, John Ellis, who is a cousin to Bush and a former Boston Globe columnist who stopped writing about the campaign for the paper, citing family "loyalty" to Bush.
The New Yorker magazine reported that Ellis "relay[ed] early vote counts [to Austin] as they showed up on his screens." Ellis admits to having been in touch with George W. and Jeb Bush several times during the evening, but denies having violated VNS rules and Fox policy.
Whether Ellis violated the letter of the VNS contract or not, it’s fat on the fire of the controversy engulfing the Florida vote, which already includes an examination of conscience at network news organizations over their role in the confusion about the outcome of the vote there.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2000/11/14/politics/main249357.shtml   (677 words)

 John Ellis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I was sad to hear of Mr John Ellis's recent death.
Years later I discovered that Mr Ellis was the manufacturer of the Minibyke from May 1950 to July 1953.
As Mr Ó Laoire stated in the obituary, Mr Ellis had large business interests in and around Leeds, including a dry cleaners in whose window a 98cc Minibyke standard was featured for many years.
www.users.globalnet.co.uk /~pattle/nacc/arc0503.htm   (536 words)

 Bush cousin John Ellis 'under review' at Fox News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
According to published reports, Ellis, head of Fox's election night decision desk, divulged insider exit-poll data to his cousins, George W. and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, during phone conversations that night.
"John is the consummate professional and he's excellent at what he does," Ryan says.
"I like John a lot, but I think it's a conflict of interest to have someone related to the candidate in that position," says Woodruff, who worked with Ellis at NBC in the late 1970s.
www.thedailycamera.com /entertainment/television/17ptube.html   (546 words)

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