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 John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963), often referred to as Jack Kennedy or JFK, was the 35th President of the United States (1961–1963).
Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
Kennedy signed the Treaty into law in August 1963, and believed it to be one of the greatest accomplishments of his administration. /wiki/John_F._Kennedy

He and his wife, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, had the highest ambitions for their nine children, of whom John was the second son Kennedy graduated from Choate School in Wallingford, Conn., briefly attended Princeton University, and then entered Harvard University in 1936.
Kennedy was born in Brookline, Mass., on May 29, 1917, a descendant of Irish Catholics who had immigrated to America in the 19th century.
Kennedy, was a combative businessman who became a multimillionaire, head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and ambassador to Great Britain. /TOUR/jfk.html

 Presidents: John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts.
Kennedy's election symbolized optimism and youth in America, the rise of a new generation.
Perhaps President Kennedy's most dramatic pronouncement was his call to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. /Bio/presidents/kennedy.html

 President John Kennedy: Health & Medical History
Kennedy's close friend, Senator George Smathers, once remarked "He has the most active libido of any man I have ever known," and a fellow congressman observed that "traveling with him was like traveling with a bull" [17b].
Kennedy was well-known by Washington newspaper correspondents to have a "greenish complexion" after the war [12d].
Even in youth, Kennedy liked having a tan, saying "It gives me confidence. /prez/g35.htm

 John F. Kennedy: Biography
It was decided that Kennedy and his party, including his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Governor John Connally and Senator Ralph Yarborough, would travel in a procession of cars through the business district of Dallas.
Kennedy accepted their decision and instructed Theodore Sorensen, a member of the committee, to write a speech in which Kennedy would explain to the world why it was necessary to impose a naval blockade of Cuba.
Kennedy became worried when he was informed that despite the Strategic Hamlet programme, the membership of the National Liberation Front had grown to over 17,000 - a 300 per cent increase in two years - and that they now controlled over one-fifth of the villages in South Vietnam. /USAkennedyJ.htm

 World Almanac for Kids
KENNEDY, John Fitzgerald (1917–63), 35th president of the U.S. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Mass., on May 29, 1917, the second son of financier Joseph P. Kennedy, who served as ambassador to Great Britain during the administration of U.S. President Franklin D.
Kennedy won the election by a narrow margin of 113,000 votes out of 68,800,000 cast, but had to accept reduced Democratic majorities in Congress.
The issues of defense and economic stagnation were raised in four televised debates in which Kennedy’s poised and vigorous performance lent credence to his call for new leadership. /explore/presidents/kennedy_johnf.html

 From Revolution to Reconstruction: Presidents: John F. Kennedy: Biography
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th 1917 at Brookline (Massachusetts).
Johnson most of Kennedy's ideas were accepted by Congress.
Kennedy had to deal with a lot of resistance and most of his bills were rejected. /~usa/P/jk35/about/bio/jfkbio.htm

 John F. Kennedy's Naval Service
Kennedy cut a message on a coconut that read "11 alive native knows posit and reef Nauru Island Kennedy." He purportedly handed the coconut to one of the natives and said, "Rendova, Rendova!," indicating that the coconut should be taken to the PT base on Rendova.
Kennedy was later awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his heroics in the rescue of the crew of PT 109, as well as the Purple Heart Medal for injuries sustained in the accident on the night of 1 August 1943.
Kennedy yelled out for others in the water and heard the replies of Ross and five members of the crew, two of which were injured. /faqs/faq60-2.htm

 CNN Cold War - Profile: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
One of the most charismatic U.S. presidents in history, John Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, in Boston into a prominent, wealthy Irish Catholic family.
In 1946, Kennedy was elected to the House of Representatives.
Kennedy defeated Eisenhower's vice president, Richard Nixon, in the closest presidential race in history. /SPECIALS/cold.war/kbank/profiles/kennedy

 Character Above All: John F. Kennedy Essay
John Kennedy had Addison's disease (a withering of the adrenal glands), which was a terminal disease until maintenance treatment was discovered in 1940.
But, of course, to have a man with such frail health as his was as your commander could be dangerous; the John Kennedy who got to be commander of a PT-109 never should have been there.
Whatever one thinks of him as a political figure, John Kennedy was a soaring cultural figure. /newshour/character/essays/kennedy.html

 American President
John F. Kennedy was born into a rich, politically connected Boston family of Irish-Catholics.
Kennedy was the youngest person elected U.S. President and the first Roman Catholic to serve in that office.
After a short stint as a journalist, Kennedy entered politics, serving in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953 and the U.S. Senate from 1953 to 1961. /history/johnfkennedy / News / Local / Mass. / Drug agents seize John F. Kennedy former sailboat
Drug agents seize John F. Kennedy former sailboat
Kennedy bought the Star Class sloop "Flash II" in 1934 and sailed it in races off Hyannis.
Federal agents Wednesday seized a sailboat that was once owned by President Kennedy, saying the boat's current owner bought it with proceeds from a large-scale marijuana trafficking operation. /news/local/massachusetts/articles/2004/10/13/dea_seizes_john_f_kennedy_former_sloop

 The History Place - JFK The President
John Fitzgerald Kennedy takes the oath of office and becomes the 35th President of the United States of America, January 20, 1961.
on board Air Force One, Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President of the United States while Jacqueline Kennedy observes.
Another preoccupation of the Kennedy White House is the struggle of African-Americans for equal treatment. /kennedy/president.htm

 A Biography of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th President on January 20, 1961.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was named in honor of Rose’s father, John Francis Fitzgerald, the popular Boston Mayor who everybody knew as Honey Fitz.
As the years went on, John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, served three terms (six years) in the House of Representatives, and in 1952 he was elected to the U.S. Senate. /jfk_biography.html Print Page: Nation -- The Lesson John Kennedy Learned From the Bay of Pigs
"Someday, write a book about all this," John Kennedy said to me weeks later when we talked calmly in the Oval Office.
Forty years ago in the sweet first spring of the New Frontier, John Kennedy launched the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.
Kennedy stood up to it, took the blame for the Bay of Pigs, rearranged his staff and a year later when confronted by the Cuban Missile Crisis steered a steady and successful course through that nuclear peril. /time/nation/printout/0,8816,106537,00.html

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States
The remains of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, killed by an assassin's bullet, were laid to rest today in the Arlington National Cemetery.
Kennedy and, later, to the State Department, where President Johnson greeted each of them individually at a reception.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States /jfk.htm

 Our School Address
The John F. Kennedy High School community is committed to educating our diverse population in preparation for the ever changing demands of an international technologically advanced society.
We work to develop each individual in the areas of academic, vocational, and multimedia skills, so that all students exiting Kennedy are ready for further educational experiences and for the world of work well beyond high school.
The Expected Student Learning Results are the expectations that we hold for our students here at Kennedy High School. /jfk

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States
John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts.
On November 22, 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by an assassin's bullets as his motorcade wound through Dallas, Texas.
Kennedy asserted that both the Russians and Americans had a vital interest in stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and the arms race. /lucidcafe/library/96may/kennedy.html

 John Kennedy/Liberal Saint?
John and Bobby were suspicious of, and sometimes downright contemptuous of, the "effeminate" Stevenson.
Kennedy was stand-offish toward the Civil Rights movement and cut the capital gains tax.
Both Bobby and John were friends with, and politically supported, McCarthy. /stjohn.htm

 John Kennedy's SMC Home Page
John Kennedy was born in Plymouth, Indiana on Sept. 7, 1948.
John was accepted to start graduate work in Mathematics at UCLA in the next year, but his draft board had other ideas.
John is a co-author of two math textbooks used at SMC. /kennedy_john

 JFK Hyannis Museum
John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum is a multimedia exhibit designed to open a window on the days JFK spent on Cape Cod; days relaxing with family, days playing football with PT109 buddies, days spent sailing on the ocean to which he was so constantly drawn.
The exhibit features over 80 photographs spanning the years 1934 to 1963 and is arranged in thematic groupings to reflect John F. Kennedy, his family, his friends and the Cape Cod he so dearly loved.
We hope you enjoy this glimpse at the life of John Kennedy on Cape Cod. /JFKMuseum.asp

 JFK Executive Orders Introduction
John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, MA on May 29, 1917, and became one of the most charismatic leaders of the United States when he was elected president in 1961.
The author wishes to thank the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, the staff of the Knowledge Navigation Center of the University of Michigan Graduate Library, Dr. David Hessler of the University of Michigan School of Information, and Grace York of the University of Michigan Graduate Library's Documents Center for their support and advice.
John F. Kennedy: A Short Biography of the 35th President of the United States (http// /govdocs/jfkeo.html

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1961- 1963)
On January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy, at the age of forty-three, took his oath of office and launched his activist administration.
The idealistic scenes of the Kennedy years were due, for the most part, to a issue based print media and the rise of the television viewing audience.
Kennedy did have the ability to speak with great comprehension on complicated issues, but his effectiveness came from his media image. /pols/3380/pres/jfk.html

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, en juin 1963, &; Berlin Une biographie à paraître cette semaine sur John Fitzgerald Kennedy révèle.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy en juin 1963 &; Berlin Le premier examen approfondi du dossier médical du président américain assas.
Kennedy was married on Sept. 12, 1953, to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, by whom he had three children: Caroline, John Fitzgerald, Jr. /ipa/A0760619.html

 JFK / The Kennedy Assassination Home Page
For some in the conspiracy crowd, John Kennedy was a liberal saint, who was going to implement policies that would bring America into a new Utopia.
Dr. Robert Grossman has testified to being in Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital during the futile attempt to save John Kennedy.
John Locke's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) outlines the evidence, from the perspective of a person who believes Oswald did it alone. /home.htm

 John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917– November 22, 1963), often referred to as Jack Kennedy or JFK, was the 35th President of the United States (1961–1963).
Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
Kennedy signed the Treaty into law in August 1963, and believed it to be one of the greatest accomplishments of his administration. /wiki/John_F._Kennedy   (4459 words)

 John Kennedy Toole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Toole committed suicide on March 26, 1969, after disappearing from New Orleans, by putting one end of a garden hose into the exhaust pipe of his car and the other into the window of the car in which he was sitting.
Toole also spent some time pursuing a doctorate at Columbia, but did not finish because he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1961, where he served two years in Puerto Rico teaching English to Spanish-speaking recruits.
The authors of the first biography of Toole to be published did not know him, and "not knowing him makes a big difference", Kubach said. /wiki/John_Kennedy_Toole   (745 words)

 The Decision to Go to the Moon: President John F. Kennedy's May 25, 1961 Speech before Congress
The Decision to Go to the Moon: President John F. Kennedy's May 25, 1961 Speech before Congress
President John F. Kennedy's May 25, 1961 Speech
Kennedy announced before a special joint session of Congress the dramatic and ambitious goal of sending an American safely to the Moon before the end of the decade. /moondec.html   (745 words)

 John Kennedy and the Cold War
All of them, from Arthur Schlesinger to Pierre Salinger, and most importantly Teddy and Robert Kennedy, put aside their distaste for Lyndon Johnson to support the initial committment because, in their minds, Vietnam was perceived as having been a Kennedy operation.
The decision was ultimately made for LBJ not by the "military-industrial complex" but by the legacy of John F. Kennedy's actions.
John Bartlow Martin point-blank asked RFK "if the President was convinced that the United States had to stay in Vietnam." The one-word response was "Yes." /progjfk5.htm   (745 words)

 Birthplace of John F. Kennedy: Home of the Boy Who Would Be President
This lesson is based on the John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, one of the thousands of properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was a man who made a difference.
From an oral interview with Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, John F. Kennedy National Historic Site, 1969. /nr/twhp/wwwlps/lessons/33jfk/33jfk.htm   (745 words)

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