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Topic: John Fante

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Who is John Fante?
John Fante was a writer of short stories and books, but throughout most of his life, he made money from writing film scripts for Hollywood.
John Fante was born in 1909 in Denver, Colorado.
In 1955, John Fante was diagnosed with diabetes.
www.wisegeek.com /who-is-john-fante.htm   (596 words)

 Independent Lens . A SAD FLOWER IN THE SAND . John Fante | PBS
Fante’s first published novel is set in Roklyn, Colorado and is the second in a quartet about the Bandini family and Fante’s alter ego, Arturo Bandini.
Born in Denver, Colorado on April 8, 1909, John Fante was the son of a hard drinking Italian immigrant father and a timid, deeply religious mother.
Fante’s early years were defined by poverty, prejudice and his parents’ incompatible union, all of which became lasting themes in his literary explorations of Los Angeles and the working class immigrant experience.
www.pbs.org /independentlens/sadflowerinthesand/fante.html   (983 words)

 Untitled Document
John Fante’s is a dramatic life story of humble beginnings, ambition and early successes, tenacity, hope, disappointment after disappointment, and in the end more acclaim than he had allowed himself to expect.
John Fante was born on April 8 1909 in Denver, Colorado to an Italian stonemason, Nick Fante and an Italian American homemaker, Mary Fante.
Fante represents here the figure of the solitary artist who is emarginated from society and bears a certain cultural and intellectual superiority towards the people surrounding him.
www.as.ysu.edu /~cwcs/Fante.htm   (2770 words)

 Salon Books | Shanghaied in Tinseltown   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
John Fante was one of America's great writers, encountering equal measures of victory and defeat during a decades-long career.
In Fante's case, it starts in 1930 when an impoverished young Italian-American man escapes his suffocating home in Colorado, armed only with a Jesuit high school education and the insane desire to write novels, and challenges Depression-era Los Angeles to deny him his glory.
And over the next 10 years, not only is Fante's forgotten life's work brought back to readers, but previously rejected works are published, new ones are written and hundreds of thousands of copies are sold to a cult audience in America and a mainstream one in Europe.
archive.salon.com /books/feature/2000/05/12/fante/index.html   (1079 words)

 John Fante at AllExperts
John Fante (April 8, 1909 – May 8, 1983) was a novelist, short-story and screenwriter of Italian descent.
Recurring themes in Fante's work are poverty, Catholicism, what it means to be Italian-American, and dysfunctional relationships, be it between lovers or family members, or with God.
Among Fante's screenwriting credits is Walk on the Wild Side (1962), based on the Nelson Algren novel of the same name.
en.allexperts.com /e/j/jo/john_fante.htm   (493 words)

 Amazon.com: The John Fante Reader: Books: John Fante,Stephen Cooper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Born in Denver in 1909, Fante grew up in an Italian American family that was plagued by the prejudice and poverty so common among working-class immigrants of the time.
But Fante's unflinching eye was meant for the City of Angels, and at age twenty-one he moved west to the town that would become his lifelong home.
Fante died in 1983 at the age of seventy-four.
www.amazon.com /John-Fante-Reader/dp/0060184965   (1286 words)

 John Fante   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
John Fante was born in Colorado in 1909.
Meanwhile, Fante had become occupied extensively in screenwriting.
John Fante was stricken with diabetes in 1955 and its complications brought about his blindness in 1978, but he continued to write by dictation to his wife, Joyce, and the result was 'Dreams from Bunker Hill'.
members.tripod.com /~Fante   (132 words)

 John Fante
8 aprile 1909 - John Fante nasce a Denver, Colorado da una famiglia di immigrati italiani: il padre Nick Fante originario di Torricella Peligna, era muratore; la madre Maria Antrilli, era nata a Chicago da genitori italiani.
John trascorre l’infanzia e la giovinezza a Boulder - frequenta scuole cattoliche e l’Università del Colorado.
8 maggio 1983 - John Fante muore a 74 anni, lasciando numerosi inediti.
www.lapost.net /john%20fante.htm   (308 words)

 John Boos Kitchen Work Tables   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
John Boos and Co., of Effingham, Illinois, uses this renewable resource to create these beautiful, high quality blocks, as it has done since 1887.
John Boos and Co. warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery.
Fante's (Dealer) and John Boos and Co. (Manufacturer) shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from use, or for consequential damages.
fantes.com /boos_worktables.htm   (1713 words)

 Beach - Feature - John Fante - Page 1 of 5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
And today, finally, some 65 years after Arturo Bandini first slaved on the fictional factory floor of the Soyo Fish Company, "which bulged from the channel like a fl dead whale," he and his author are poised to taste at least a bite of the love and admiration they each so desperately longed for.
"Fante thought he was better than Hemingway," said Stephen Cooper, a professor of film and English at Cal State Long Beach, whose biography of Fante, the first ever, will be published in February.
Without John Fante, you are overlooking a major voice, maybe the major voice, in and of Los Angeles literature." But it’s not only his biographer, who has spent the last five years immersed in the late writer’s life, manuscripts, odd papers, friends and relatives, who shovels such praise.
beach.littoral.net /04.05.2000/features/fante_1.29.2000   (388 words)

 "Ask the Dust" and John Fante's rage
John Fante è adorato da legioni di ammiratori in tutto il mondo e tra questi c'è anche lo sceneggiatore e regista Robert Towne che conobbe Fante agli inizi degli anni Settanta, mentre si documentava per "Chinatown".
The movie that Robert Towne (who received an Academy-award for scriptwriting in "Chinatown" directed by Roman Polanski) made from John Fante's novel was a hit from the very start.
John Fante is worshipped by legions of fans all over the world, among them also scriptwriter and director Robert Towne who personally met Fante in the early 1970's, when he was collecting information for "Chinatown".
www.abruzzo2000.com /fante/reviews/20060503.htm   (1138 words)

 Profile on John Fante
John Fante (April 8, 1909 - May 8, 1983) was a novelist, short-story and screenwriter, born in Colorado; he was educated in Boulder and attended the University of Colorado but subsequently moved to California and most of his works are located there.
In 1980, the novelist and poet Charles Bukowski(a huge Fante fan- 'Fante was my God') pressured Black Sparrow Press to republish the then out-of-print works of Fante by withholding his latest novel from publication.
Full of Life: The Biography of John Fante was published by Stephen Cooper in 2000, followed by The Fante Reader in 2003.
www.famouslikeme.com /82692/article.html   (398 words)

 John Fante Books - Signed, used, new, out-of-print
Fante's 1952 novel, about a bemused young husband whose wife is expecting a baby and who rediscovers his Catholic faith, is sunnier than most of his works, and was made into a popular movie starring Judy Holliday and Richard Conte.
In 1987 Vogue proclaimed Fante "one of the premier American writers of the century"; in 1989, when no less than six movies based on his novels were in production, American Film called him "the hottest writer in Hollywood".
But then again, there aren't many writers with such irrepressible genius as John Fante.Born in Denver in 1909, Fante grew up in an Italian American family that was plagued by the prejudice and poverty so common...
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Fante%2C%20John   (378 words)

 Amazon.com: Ask the Dust: Books: John Fante   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
John Fante was born in Colorado in 1909 and began writing in 1929.
John Fante's "Ask the Dust" was the only title to appear on every author's top-ten list in that article.
Fante's prose is gritty and emblematic of the style of the 30s, reflective of Depression-era consciousness.
www.amazon.com /Ask-Dust-John-Fante/dp/0876854439   (1789 words)

 John Fante
8 april 1909 - John Fante was born in Denver, Colorado, from a family of Italian immigrants.
His father Nick Fante, originary from Torricella Peligna, was a mason; his mother Maria Antrilli, born in Chicago also from Italian parents.
John spent his early years in Boulder, attending a Catholic school and later a college in the University of Colorado.
abruzzo2000.com /fante/johnfante/index.html   (511 words)

 John Fante - Moviefone
When Black Sparrow was reconfigured on its founder's retirement in 2002, publication of John Fante's works was taken over by HarperCollins under the Ecco...
John Fante was stricken with diabetes in 1955 and its complications brought about his blindness in 1978, but he continued to write by dictation to his wife,...
John Fante - Filmography, Biography, News, Photos, Birth date, Relationships, John Fante Film Clips, and Fun Facts on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/john-fante/89353/main   (113 words)

 John Fante - Canongate Home
Born in Denver on 8 April 1909, John Fante migrated to Los Angeles in his early twenties.
Classically out of place in a town built on celluloid dreams, Fante's literary fiction was full of torn grace and redemptive vengeance.
Ask the Dust was his second novel in a life that spanned seventy-four years and which included numerous works of fiction and film screenplays.
www.canongate.net /JohnFante   (142 words)

 John Fante
These pages are a homage from Abruzzo2000.com and the Abruzzese newspaper "il Centro" to John Fante and his son Dan.
reviews on John Fante and on Dan Fante published in the Abruzzese newspaper il Centro, reproduced by courtesy of the newspaper's Director and the author, Paolo Di Vincenzo.
Lorenzo Bolognini, creatore del miglior sito in italiano su John Fante, johnfante.it, che ci è stato di grande utilità nella preparazione di queste pagine.
www.abruzzo2000.com /fante   (530 words)

 John Fante, “Ask the dust” « leggere libri
A pochi giorni dall'uscita al cinema di Chiedi alla polvere, ho letto il romanzo di Fante da cui è tratto.
L'ho letto in inglese, in libreria avevo adocchiato una bellissima edizione del Bandini quartet, e non sono riuscita a resistere alla tentazione, spinta anche dalla frettolosa lettura dell'introduzione scritta da Charles Bukowsky, bellissima (dei romanzi di Fante dice che sono "written from the gut and the heart").
Ho passato il tempo in cui leggevo i due libri con un sorriso costante sulle labbra, quando non si trasformava in una vera e propria risata.
leggerelibri.wordpress.com /2006/04/26/john-fante-ask-the-dust   (342 words)

 John Fante Summary
In 1980 Black Sparrow Press reissued John Fante's long-out-of-print 1939 novel, Ask the Dust, initiating a process that would lead in the next eleven years to the reissue of nearly all Fante's work.
John Fante(April 8, 1909 – May 8, 1983) was a novelist, short-story and screenwriter of Italian descent.
In the following essay, Collins investigates the role of baseball in Fante's novels and short fiction.
www.bookrags.com /John_Fante   (184 words)

 John Fante [1909-83] at Spirit of America Bookstore
His success in Hollywood was substantial, though many of his scripts were never produced, and Fante moved his family into a home in Malibu.
The rediscovery of Fante's work and the revival of his reputation revitalised him, and even though blind and seriously ill, Fante dictated "Dreams From Bunker Hill" to his wife, and lived to see it published.
An acclaimed biography by Stephen Cooper was published in May of 2000, followed by "The John Fante Reader" in February 2002.
www.genordell.com /stores/spirit/JFante.htm   (943 words)

 Livrenpoche.com : Acheter les livres de John Fante - Achat de livres d'occasion
D'origine modeste, John Fante, fils d'immigrants italiens, né en 1909 à Denver (Colorado), fait très jeune ses premières gammes en écriture.
Romancier autobiographe, Fante n'a jamais raconté dans ses romans qu'une seule histoire; la sienne.
Tardivement révélé au public avec Plein de vie, John Fante est mort en 1983.
www.livrenpoche.com /auteur/John-Fante/3181.html   (271 words)

 John Fante - Libri in italiano
In più papà Fante, settantenne, che l'ha aiutato nella scelta, si piazza lì con la sua accolita di amici sbevazzoni...
In questo libro ci sono trent'anni di scrittura, e tutta l'anima, la passione e la canaglieria di John Fante.
Si tratta di materiali che appartengono alla primissima fase del lavoro letterario di Fante che ebbe inizio nel 1932 con la collaborazione alla rivista The American Mercury.
www.abruzzo2000.com /fante/johnfante/libri.htm   (708 words)

 All The Support You Can Handle - John Fante   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
As I re-read my mod, I'm reminded of John Fante.
John Fante is a often overlooked and unappreciated writer.
If you haven't read Fante and you are reading this mod of mine, turn
www.supportalk.com /detail-1988682.html   (191 words)

 John Fante - Books in English
Warner Bros. color VHS [1/93] by John Fante (Paperback - March 1982)
The Brotherhood of the Grape by John Fante (Paperback - December 1988)
John Fante: A Literary Portrait (Essay Series 39)
www.abruzzo2000.com /fante/johnfante/books.htm   (85 words)

Y como factor determinante, la voz cínica, delirante y cruelmente autoparódica de un protagonista-narrador irritado con el mundo y consigo mismo.
John Fante (1909-1983), hijo de emigrantes italianos de procedencia muy humilde, trabajó como guionista en Hollywood y dedicó su vida a la literatura, aunque sólo alcanzó el pleno reconocimiento de crítica y público después de su muerte.
Su obra alcanzó la gloria en Europa antes que en su propio país, en el que fue reconocido póstumamente y premiado en 1987 con el Lifetime Achievement Award por el PEN.
www.tiramillas.net /libros/resenas/resenas050720/fante.html   (218 words)

 John Fante books reviews
His father (Svevo Bandini) unable to bricklay during the frozen winter drinks and gambles and finally gets some wo...
John Fante Message Board 10/25/2006 10:35:57 AM Talk about the novels, new and used books that Fante has written!
Click here to enter a qualifying review and get paid!
www.allreaders.com /topics/Topic_2761.asp   (230 words)

Art Or Idiocy -Or, I f you Can't Swim With The Big Fish, Stay On The Porch -Or Maintain Your Position As Aspiring Lapdog To The Powers That Be-
Out This Monday: To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt by John Kruth
The lean days of determination: after John Fante
www.sharkforum.org /archives/2006/11/lost_angels.html   (1166 words)

Nelle sale da domani, 28 aprile, Chiedi alla polvere di Robert Towne tratto dall'omonimo romanzo di John Fante.
Il film non l'ho visto ma spero che non sia una bufala...
Speriamo bene, John Fante è uno dei migliori autori del secolo scorso, lo apprezzo molto, ma in cinema ha sempre avuto scarsa fortuna, per ultimo Buona primavera Bandini (o giù di lì) con Joe Mantegna, un film a dir poco osceno che rovinava il romanzo di Fante.
www.zabriskiepoint.net /?q=node/871   (456 words)

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