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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  David Irving - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Irving was arrested by the Austrian police in the southern state of Styria on 11 November 2005, under a warrant issued in 1989.
Irving posted the required £26,000 but the application was turned down on November 25, 2005 citing concerns that he would flee or repeat the offence and he was remanded in custody until his trial.
Irving is essentially an ideologue who uses history for his own political purposes; he is not primarily concerned with discovering and interpreting what happened in the past, he is concerned merely to give a selective and tendentious account of it in order to further his own ideological ends in the present.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/David_Irving   (6573 words)

 John Irving - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Winslow Irving (born March 2, 1942 as John Wallace Blunt, Jr.) is an American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter.
Irving's career began at the age of 26 with the publication of his first novel, Setting Free the Bears.
In Owen Meany, Irving for the first time examined the consequences of the Vietnam War - particularly mandatory conscription, which Irving avoided since he was already a married father and a teacher when the draft was instituted.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Irving   (1031 words)

 John Anderson: Irving Essay
Irving was heir to the legacy of freedom won by the heroes of the war for American independence, a legacy that marked Irving's contemporaries as the first "lost" generation.
Irving, the youngest of eight children, was clearly the pet of the family.
Irving, in typical self-deprecating fashion, wrote that the world was surprised to find a native American with a feather in his hand instead of on his head.
pages.emerson.edu /faculty/John_Anderson/e_irving.htm   (1862 words)

 A Son of the Circus - John Irving
Irving is up front in admitting that this isn't a novel about India, but the bulk of it (and that is some bulk) is set there.
Irving does not handle this pseudo-mystery particularly well, leaving no doubt about who is responsible and few doubts about why, and not really convincing the readers to care.
Nevertheless, Irving writes quite well (though he is not in peak form here), and since he keeps the stories coming throughout the novel there are enough entertaining bits to make a readable novel out of this.
www.complete-review.com /reviews/irvingj/circus.htm   (708 words)

 Tragedy, Happiness, and Reality : John Irving
John Irving’s books inspire the readers by confronting debatable issues and by giving insight into his world, which is filled with tragedy and happiness, giving rise to a sense of reality that only John Irving can establish.
Irving stresses that in order to keep a sense of reality, one must find some way to escape it, either by finding the humor in everything or using one’s imagination to create illusions that help to escape from the harsh reality of life.
Irving’s attention to the feminist movement lets the reader see the movement from a different angle, which may help the reader become better accepting of the motives behind the women’s movement.
mccallie.org /clatham/Importeddocuments/Taintor_Irving/irving_index.htm   (1863 words)

 John Irving Biography -- Academy of Achievement
John Irving was born John Wallace Blunt, Jr.
As a boy, John Irving was notably withdrawn, a characteristic he attributes not to unhappiness but to an inborn love of solitude that he believes has served him well as a writer.
Irving's own pro-choice position was informed in part by the life and writings of his adoptive grandfather, a prominent obstetrician and gynecologist.
www.achievement.org /autodoc/page/irv0bio-1   (1462 words)

 Bookreporter.com - Author Profile: John Irving
Several of John Irving's novels have been made into films, and in 2000 he was awarded an Oscar for the screenplay for THE CIDER HOUSE RULES.
In this interview John Irving talks about the fascinating worlds of tattooing and Hollywood, which are both recreated in his latest book, UNTIL I FIND YOU.
John Winslow Irving was born in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1942.
www.bookreporter.com /authors/au-irving-john.asp   (3870 words)

 My Movie Business - John Irving
Irving begins this memoir with some family history, specifically about his grandfather, a professor of obstetrics, and shows the influence the man had on him, both as a writer and otherwise.
Abortion is central to both the novel and the movie, and Irving -- unreservedly pro-choice --, made his case in them, and makes his case again here, offering a non-fictional perspective, as well as explaining how he wanted to present the issue in the film and book.
The novel is approached in a variety of ways, as one director after another works on it, and Irving describes more closely the choices that must be made (and the reasons for them), and the characters and episodes that grow or shrink or disappear as the book is turned into a film.
www.complete-review.com /reviews/irvingj/mymovieb.htm   (652 words)

 Distinguished Alumni Winner: John W. Irving
John W. Irving, 67MFA, may be one of the university's best-known alumni, having achieved this distinction as a highly acclaimed writer of novels and screenplays.
Irving came to the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1965, where he worked closely with author and teacher Kurt Vonnegut.
Irving ’s first novel, Setting Free the Bears, was published in 1968 and was followed in 1972 by The Water Method Man, much of which is set in Iowa City.
www.iowalum.com /daa/irving.html   (483 words)

 John Irving - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
John Winslow Irving (born March 2, 1942) is an American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter (for The Cider House Rules, based on his novel of the same name).
Irving attended Exeter, where he was a mediocre student due to then-undiagnosed dyslexia, but was an outstanding wrestler.
Irving was sexually abused at age 11 by an older woman.
www.voyager.in /John_Irving   (1385 words)

 Amazon.ca: The Water-Method Man: Books: John Irving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The main character of John Irving's second novel, written when the author was twenty-nine, is a perpetual graduate student with a birth defect in his urinary tract--and a man on the threshold of committing himself to a second marriage that bears remarkable resemblance to his first....
And although Irving was quite successful in handling the complexities of his narrative, the novel suffered because of weak character development.
John Irving is a great practitioner of the craft of writing -- and that is a good enough reason to read this book.
www.amazon.ca /Water-Method-Man-John-Irving/dp/034541800X   (2095 words)

The leaf is meant to honour Irving's wife, Janet Turnbull-Irving, a prominent Toronto literary agent.
Having divorced his first wife, Shyla Leary, Irving perhaps figured that a maple leaf, rather than the word "Janet" was a smarter way to create a permanent souvenir of the marriage, just in case there is ever a wife No. 3.
The tattoo, along with a second one in tribute to Irving's favorite sport, wrestling, was obtained in Amsterdam during his visits to promote his 1998 book, A Widow for One Year, which was set partially in the prostitution parlours of the Dutch city.
www.vanishingtattoo.com /tattoo/celeb-irving.htm   (191 words)

 Author Profile: John Irving
John Irving was born in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1942.
John Irving fans will once again enjoy his amusing characters and their outrageous pursuits.
--- John Winslow Irving was born in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1942.
www.teenreads.com /authors/au-irving-john.asp   (2165 words)

 Amazon.com: A Prayer for Owen Meany: Books: John Irving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
John Irving's novel, which inspired the 1998 Jim Carrey movie Simon Birch, is his most popular book in Britain, and perhaps the oddest Christian mystic novel since Flannery O'Connor's work.
Irving fans will find much that is familiar: the New England prep-school-town setting, symbolic amputations of man and beast, the Garp-like unknown father of the narrator (Owen's orphaned best friend), the rough comedy.
Irving seems to be using the novel to criticize American politics (certainly a theme throughout the novel), but it never quite fits with the main plot, that of Owen and his influence on Johnny.
www.amazon.com /Prayer-Owen-Meany-John-Irving/dp/0345361792   (2975 words)

 John Irving
Irving's parents divorced during his mother's pregnancy, and he was born John Wallace Blunt, Jr.
Five of Irving's novels have been adapted to film: The World According to Garp, The Hotel New Hampshire, A Prayer for Owen Meany (as Simon Birch), The Cider House Rules (the only one scripted by Irving himself), and A Widow for One Year (as The Door in the Floor).
When the BBC asked listeners to list their best-loved novels, Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany came in 28th place, just ahead of John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath and a few notches behind The Hobbit, by J.
www.nndb.com /people/359/000026281   (347 words)

 John Irving Encyclopedia Article @ ArtOfTexas.com (Art of Texas)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Irving's literary stature is a subject of some debate.
Advocates consider him the heir to Charles Dickens, a populist who uses eccentric characters and heavy doses of comedy and pathos to gain an audience for his politically liberal social perspectives.
Arguments about Irving's merit tend to reflect the division between those who see literature's primary value as aesthetic and those who believe that for a work to be great it must influence culture writ large.
www.artoftexas.com /encyclopedia/John_Irving   (1201 words)

 John Irving and Me, Notre Dame Magazine, summer 2000
I had my camera with me and I took photos of John Irving with his first wife — Shyla, I think her name was.
Irving said you can’t publish anything if you don’t finish it, which was basically the same advice.
In 1985, when I heard John Irving was coming to Notre Dame for the Sophomore Literary Festival, I wrote to him, inviting him to lunch or dinner if he could fit it in his schedule.
www.nd.edu /~ndmag/janisu00.htm   (3549 words)

 John Irving
John Irving ist einer der wenigen amerikanischen Autoren, die Österreich, und hier vor allem Wien, zum Schauplatz ihrer Romanhandlungen machen, so geschehen in Hotel New Hampshire, das mit Nastassja Kinski verfilmt wurde.
Irving's cool eye spares none of his foursome, he writes with genuine compassion for the sexual tests and illusions they perpetrate on each other; but the sexual intrigue between them demonstrates how even the kind can be ungenerous, and even the well-intentioned, destructive.
John Irving (1942-), American author, born in Exeter, New Hampshire, and educated at the Universities of Pittsburgh, Vienna, and New Hampshire.
bibliothek.bhak-bludenz.ac.at /irving.asp   (565 words)

 Until I Find You by John Irving: Reviews
Family, sexual abuse, and Hollywood celebrity are among the themes of Irving's latest epic-length novel, which--in typical Irving style--traces virtually the entire lifetime of Jack Burns, who grows up to become a successful actor and screenwriter.
One senses Irving's attempt to achieve comic effect with such human oddities, and to some extent he succeeds.
Irving made it easy to visualize Jack Burns making his way through his eccentic and disfunctional life.
www.metacritic.com /books/authors/irvingjohn/untilifindyou   (1013 words)

 Amazon.ca: The 158-Pound Marriage: Books: John Irving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Admittedly the novel starts with a crazy scene that only John Irving can dream up, but after the main characters are introduced the spirit of the story turns dark and moody.
John Irving fans should not overlook this gem of a book, though it departs drastically from the style that Irving is known and loved for.
Irving's exploration of human emotion and the consequences of our decisions and actions are remarkably reminiscent of similar work by Philip Roth and Richard Ford years later.
www.amazon.ca /158-Pound-Marriage-John-Irving/dp/034536743X   (1639 words)

 Amazon.fr : The World According to Garp: Livres: John Irving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Irving packs wild characters and weird events into his classic--officially recognized as such in a Modern Library edition with a new introduction by the author--while amazingly maintaining the rough feel of realism in every scene and the pulse of life in every heart.
In a crucial episode, Garp's wife's seduction of a young man coincidentally occurs at the moment when Garp is delighting their young sons with a reckless car trick (one of the few scenes beautifully, eerily, heartbreakingly captured in the film version as well).
Irving's (A Son of the Circus, Audio Reviews, LJ 12/94) new novel echoes Garp through tracing the complicated life of novelist Ruth Cole.
www.amazon.fr /World-According-Garp-John-Irving/dp/0552992054   (1060 words)

 Amazon.fr : Until I Find You: Livres: John Irving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Longtime Irving readers have stayed with him through a few hits and a miss or two, but this is an all-time low.
We are accustomed to Irving's work as quirky, bizarre, and off-the-wall and have forgiven all by calling such high-jinks and characters "imaginative" or "absolutely original." The only thing original about this tome is the descent into soft porn.
Though the incessant, graphic sexual abuse becomes gratuitous, Irving handles the novel's less seedy elements superbly: the earthy camaraderie of the tattoo parlors, the Hollywood glitz, Jack's developing emotional authenticity, his discovery of a half-sister and a moving reunion with his father.
www.amazon.fr /Until-Find-You-John-Irving/dp/0375435271   (812 words)

 John Irving Interview with Don Swaim   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
John Irving discusses his theories on educating aspiring writers, how he handles book reviews and his process of building strong characters in this 1985 interview with Don Swaim.
John Irving, author of The Cider House Rules, The World According to Garp and A Prayer for Owen Meany, talks with Don Swaim in this 1989 interview.
Irving spends much of this interview explaining the characterization of Owen Meany, and the influence of the Gospels on his writing.
wiredforbooks.org /johnirving   (174 words)

 Irving,John Books - Signed, used, new, out-of-print
Irving's dark early novel is about a ménage à quatre in a New England university town: two married couples whose sexual hangups, troubled pasts, and selfish desires create difficulties as they search for perfect erotic openness.
Irving writes about his adventures in the movie business, including the filming of THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP, the unfilmed screenplays he has written, and--chiefly--the problems he encountered with the filming of THE CIDERHOUSE RULES in 1999.
Irving's first novel, written when he was 25, is about two university students in Vienna who want to liberate the animals at the local zoo.
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Irving,John   (1119 words)

 BookPage Interview May 1998: John Irving
Irving also wanted to return to telling a chronological story for the first time in 15 years.
But, Irving says, he did not hit upon the novel's comic masterstroke -- making Ruth Cole a writer -- until quite late in his work on the book, until he had populated A Widow for One Year with almost everyone in it.
Of course, this barely scratches the surface of a novel whose sorrows and delights depend heavily on time and the anticipation of its passing.
www.bookpage.com /9805bp/john_irving.html   (811 words)

 John Irving is God
John Irving is considered one of the best American writers.
While it would seem that Irving, who won an Oscar last year for adapting, "Cider House Rules", gave away any deal-making suspense by opening the new book with a dedication to Gladstein and Hallstrom, the author said the recent turn of events has been surprising.
While he said he doesn't think of movie possibilities while writing his novels, Irving has warmed to the filmmmaking process, and not just because the trips to L.A. are a welcome respite from the frigid Vermont winters.
www.geocities.com /irvingophile/Home.html   (569 words)

 Salon Arts & Entertainment | The John Irving rules   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
John Irving's new book, "My Movie Business," explains how he wrote, rewrote and re-rewrote the script to the film version of his novel "The Cider House Rules" -- all over a period of a dozen years and with the involvement of no fewer than four directors.
Irving had just finished diverting his 8-year-old from Saturday morning cartoons with a story.
From the start, chomping triangles of buttered toast and forking through a bowl of fresh berries, he was chatty and comfortable, so much so that the interview began without a question.
archive.salon.com /ent/movies/int/2000/03/08/irving/index.html   (904 words)

 John Irving : A Prayer for Owen Meany : Book Review
I am partial to it as my favorite Irving because Gravesend really is Exeter, NH and the novel takes place in the same time period as when my mother was growing up in the nearby town of Newmarket, NH.
Irving usually leave me with one or two strong images and this one it of migrant workers at an Apple Farm located near the ocean.
John Irving was born in Exeter, NH in 1942 and grew up right on Front Street.
mostlyfiction.com /contemp/irving.htm   (990 words)

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