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Topic: John Keats

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  John Keats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Keats (October 31, 1795 – February 23, 1821) was one of the principal poets of the English Romantic movement.
Keats' poetry is characterized by an exuberant love of language and a rich, sensuous imagination; he often felt that he was working in the shadow of past poets, and only towards the end of his life was he able to produce his most original and most memorable poems.
Keats was born on October 31, 1795 in Finsbury Pavement in London, where his father was an ostler.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Keats   (1071 words)

 JOHN KEATS - LoveToKnow Article on JOHN KEATS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In 1816 Keats moved to the Poultry to be with his brothers George and Tom, the former of whom was then employed in his guardians counting-house, but much of the poets time was spent at Leigh Hunts cottage at Hampstead.
Keats was devotedly tended by Dr (afterwards Sir) James Clarke and Severn, and died on the 23rd of February 1821.
The Letters of John Keats to Fanny Brawne (1889) were edited with introduction and notes by H. Buxton Forman, and the Lette~s of John Keats to his Family and Friends (1891) by Sidney Colvin, who is also the author of the monograph, Keats (1887), in the English Men of Letters Series.
87.1911encyclopedia.org /K/KE/KEATS_JOHN.htm   (3395 words)

 Keats - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The family name Keats, a surname of England is believed to be descended originally from the Anglo Saxon race from old English word cyta or cyte which has been used to describe a worker at the shed, outhouse for animals, hence herdsman.
The family name Keats emerged as a notable family name in the county of Devonshire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated at Kitts and they were the Lords of the manor and of now extinct baronets.
The Coat of Arms for Keats is a silver shield overlaid with three dark silver mountain cats beneath an Armet and embroidered with vines and leaves of alternating colours of red and silver.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keats   (289 words)

 A Biographical Sketch by blupete: John Keats (1795-1821).
John Keats attended school at Enfield (in the general neighbourhood of the Jennings household) where he was befriended by the schoolmaster's son, Charles Cowden Clarke.
John's letter is dated at Hampstead."20 It would seem that a decision was made by the brothers to get Tom as far south as they might, as Tom, like their mother, seven years before, was now suffering from the effects of tuberculosis.
Keats and Shelley at some point during the winter of 1816/17, or maybe the spring of 1817, were, in fact, to challenge one another to produce, each, a poetic fantasy.
www.blupete.com /Literature/Biographies/Literary/Keats.htm   (7974 words)

 MSN Encarta - John Keats
John Keats (1795-1821), major English poet, despite his early death from tuberculosis at the age of 25.
Keats was fascinated by the difference between life and art: Human beings die, but the art they make lives on.
Keats never lived to write the poetry of "the agonies, the strife of human hearts" to which he aspired.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761567089   (1388 words)

 John Keats Biography - Poems
John Keats was born in London, England on October 31st, 1795.
Keats was the son of a livery stable keeper.
Keats is said to be one of the three greatest romantic poets along with Shelley and Byron.
www.poemofquotes.com /johnkeats   (541 words)

 The Academy of American Poets - John Keats
English Romantic poet John Keats was born on October 31, 1795, in London.
When Keats was fifteen, Abbey withdrew him from the Clarke School, Enfield, to apprentice with an apothecary-surgeon and study medicine in a London hospital.
Keats spent the summer of 1818 on a walking tour in Northern England and Scotland, returning home to care for his brother, Tom, who suffered from tuberculosis.
www.poets.org /poet.php/prmPID/66   (714 words)

 John Keats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John Keats was only 26 years old when he died, however, he was considered, along with Wordsworth, to be the Romantic poet of the 19th century.
John Keats was born in 1795 in Moorfields, England, the son of a stableman who married the owner's daughter and eventually inherited the stable for himself.
Keats died when John was eight, leaving the family tied up in legal matters that would last the rest of John's life.
www.etsu.edu /english/muse/musepage.htm   (294 words)

 Introduction to Keats
Keats, dying, expected his poetry to be forgotten, as the epitaph he wrote for his tombstone indicates: "Here lies one whose name was writ in water." But nineteenth century critics and readers did come to appreciate him, though, for the most part, they had only a partial understanding of his work.
They saw Keats as a sensual poet; they focused on his vivid, concrete imagery; on his portrayal of the physical and the passionate; and on his immersion in the here and now.
Keats repeatedly combines different senses in one image, that is, he attributes the trait(s) of one sense to another, a practice called synaesthesia.
academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu /english/melani/cs6/keats.html#illustrate   (1533 words)

 John-Keats.com - Biography - Index
John Keats was born in Finsbury Pavement near London on October 31st, 1795.
Keats died in Rome on the 23rd of February, 1821.
Keats' love affair with young Fanny Brawne has long fascinated biographers, but John Evangelist Walsh shows for the first time how complex their relationship was, and how the events at the end of Keats' life illuminate the whole of their affair.
www.john-keats.com /biografie/biografie_index.htm   (763 words)

 John Keats (1795-1821)
John Keats, one of the greatest English poets and a major figure in the Romantic movement, was born in 1795 in Moorfields, London.
Keats toured the north of England and Scotland in the summer of 1818, returning home to nurse his brother Tom, who was ill with tuberculosis.
Keats rallied a little at first, and was able to take gentle walks and rides, but by early December he was confined to bed, extremely ill with a high fever.
www.bl.uk /whatson/exhibitions/keats.html   (458 words)

 John Keats Homepage and Biography on Bibliomania.com
Keats was born in London on October 31st, 1795 and spent most of his young life with his grandmother in Middlesex.
Keats' first poems were published in March 1817 and were deeply influenced by Leigh Hunt (who also strongly influenced Keats' contemporary, Shelley).
Keats was frail and began to cough blood after walking too far.
www.bibliomania.com /0/2/244   (352 words)

 Keats Shelly House - John Keats
Keats then moved into his friend Brown’s house in Hampstead where he met and fell deeply in love with Fanny Brawne.
Keats was able to go out at first, and would sometimes walk on the Pincio.
Keats has always been regarded as one of the principal figures in the Romantic movement, and his stature as a poet has grown steadily through all changes of fashion.
www.keats-shelley-house.org /johnkeats.php   (930 words)

 John Keats - Books and Biography
John Keats (1795-1821) was born in London as the son of a successful livery-stable manager.
Keats, who was barely five feet tall, was not know at school for his enthusiasm for books, but his fighting.
Andrew Motion claims in his biography on Keats (1998) that the author was obsessed with sex and had venereal disease and these aspects of the poets life were hidden by early biographers, who underlined Keats's poverty, poor health, and misunderstanding criticism.
www.readprint.com /author-53/John-Keats   (1101 words)

 Poetry Archives @ eMule.com
John Keats was born on October 31, 1775 in London.
Keats had begun writing as early as 1814 and his first volume of poetry was published in 1817.
In 1818 Keats took a long walking tour in the British Isles that led to a prolonged sore throat, which was to become a first symptom of the disease that killed his mother and brother, tuberculosis.
www.emule.com /poetry?page=overview&author=46   (419 words)

 John Keats
John was rapidly becoming dependant on the help of his friends, people like Leigh Hunt (who'd gotten married and settled down some) and Charles Brown.
John was not allowed to write poetry and only given the dullest books to read, as emotional excitement was considered very bad for consumptive patients.
John was definitely in a state; he stopped opening letters, even from his beloved Frances, after a month or so.
incompetech.com /authors/keats   (1512 words)

 Enjoying "La Belle Dame Sans Merci", by John Keats
Keats was born in 1795, the son of a stable attendant.
Keats originally wrote "death's lily" and "death's rose", and he refers to the flush and the pallor of illness.
To Autumn is richly sensual, and contrasts the joys of autumn to the more-poetized joys of spring.
www.pathguy.com /lbdsm.htm   (3931 words)

 The Life and Work of John Keats (1795-1821)
Born in 1795, Keats published three books of poetry in his lifetime but was dismissed as a middle-class interloper by most critics.
Reading Keats is a luxury, a rare chance to experience the English language as a work of art.
His Life of John Keats, revised and completed twenty years after the poet's death, offers unique insight into Keats's life.
englishhistory.net /keats/contents.html   (340 words)

 Gale - Free Resources - Poet's Corner - Biographies - John Keats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The English poet John Keats (1795-1821) stressed that man's quest for happiness and fulfillment is thwarted by the sorrow and corruption inherent in human nature.
John Keats was born on October 31, 1795, the first child of a London lower-middle-class family.
In spring 1819 Keats sought creative relief from his failure to give satisfactory shape to his idea in new ventures which were apparently less ambitious, yet proved to be the crowning work of his annus mirabilis.
www.gale.com /free_resources/poets/bio/keats_j.htm   (1285 words)

 John Keats, Letter (30 January 1818) - Electronic Editions, Romantic Circles
It is not unlikely that my mother came across the Keats letter and mailed it to her sister Juliet as the family member most likely to appreciate it.
Keats did make changes in Endymion, as he did for the publication of "The Eve of St. Agnes," when he was induced to cut out certain passages his friends thought too explicit.
Keats writes his publisher, John Taylor, 23 January 1818, that the artist Benjamin Robert Haydon has suggested an engraving of a chalk portrait to be done by him (Letters, ed.
www.rc.umd.edu /editions/keats   (1465 words)

 John Keats and Leigh Hunt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Keats preferred being an "Eagle" with Shakespeare and Milton to being an "owl" with Hunt and Wordsworth.
Keats was very ill with tuberculosis and, during his illness, had been sharing a house with his friend Charles Brown.
It is not surprising, considering Keats' preoccupation with poetry, that it figured in their coming together and in the suspicions and attitudes of Keats.
www.loyno.edu /history/journal/1984-5/byrnes-j.htm   (2483 words)

 John Keats - Biography and Works
Keats felt that the deepest meaning of life lay in the apprehension of material beauty, although his mature poems reveal his fascination with a world of death and decay.
Keats was born in London on October 31, 1795 as the son of a livery-stable manager.
However, Keats was suffering from tuberculosis and his poems were marked with sadness partly because he was too poor to marry Fanny Brawne, the woman he loved.
www.online-literature.com /keats   (581 words)

 John Keats
William John KEATING - KEATING, William John (1927—) KEATING, William John, a Representative from Ohio; born in...
Unpublished Poems of John Keats - Unpublished Poems of John Keats Unpublished Poems of John Keats Contents Ode on indolence To Autumn...
Poetry Of John Keats: 'Ode On A Grecian Urn,' Introduction
www.infoplease.com /ce6/people/A0827261.html   (748 words)

 Poetry: John Keats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This virtual Keats community provides a biography of the poet, a discussion forum, news about Keats-related events and issues, and an online collection of Keats’s poems and letters.
John Keats (1795-1821) was born in London, the eldest son of a stablekeeper who died in an accident in 1804.
The thirty-three poems he wrote while training to be a surgeon were published in 1817, and Keats then gave up medicine for writing.
www.bedfordstmartins.com /litlinks/poetry/keats.htm   (317 words)

 Amazon.com: Darkling I Listen: The Last Days and Death of John Keats: Books: John Evangelist Walsh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
It was, at the time, theorized that Keats was made sick by his consuming need to write poetry and his jealous and possessive love of that seemingly shallow and outrageous flirt, Fanny.
Keats is vividly portrayed, and, as the previous reviewer noted, Joseph Severn is given his due as the best person Keats could have had with him in his dying days.
Keats, impassioned, gifted, doomed, is even so not gilded here; from the surviving materials he is revealed as intense, a bit obsessive, and never more so than concerning Fanny Brawne.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0312222556?v=glance   (1363 words)

 John Keats at LiteratureClassics.com -- essays, resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
John Keats was born in London as the son of a successful livery-stable manager.
KEATS, JOHN (1795—1821), English poet, was born on the 29th or 3ist of October 1795 at the sign of the Swan and Hoop, 24 The Pavement, Moorfields, London.
Keats' Nightingale: An Essay on Actuality and Imagination -- A critical deconstruction and analysis concerning the elements of actuality and imagination in Keats' Nightingale.
www.literatureclassics.com /authors/Keats   (455 words)

 John Keats Collection at Bartleby.com
Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction
The son of a livery stable keeper, Keats attended school at Enfield, where he became the friend of Charles Cowden Clarke, the headmaster’s son, who encouraged his early learning.
Apprenticed to a surgeon (1811), Keats came to know Leigh Hunt and his literary circle, and in 1816 he gave up surgery to write poetry.
www.bartleby.com /people/Keats-Jo.html   (187 words)

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