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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  John Molson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
John Molson is interred in the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal, Quebec.
In 1763, John Molson was born in the small town of Lincolnshire, England.
John Junior managed the steamships, Thomas was married in England and would frequently travel sending back tips and advice to his father, and William was in charge of the brewery.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Molson   (1920 words)

 Mr Harry Markland Molson
Mr Harry Markland Molson, 55, was born in Montreal, Canada on 9 August 1856, the son of William Molson and Helen Converse.
Molson was the fourth generation member of a family that had made a fortune in brewing beer, banking and building steamships.
Harry Markland Molson was educated in Montreal and, between 1873 and 1877, in Germany and Paris.
www.encyclopedia-titanica.org /biography/212   (663 words)

 John Molson, Entrepreneur and Visionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
John Molson, born in Lincolnshire, England in 1763, first came to Montreal in 1782, only nineteen years after the famous battle on the Plains of Abraham.
John Molson was also president of the Bank of Montreal as well as Vice- President of the Montreal General Hospital.
John Molson was gone and his three sons were at the helm.
www.doncaster.ca /history/JohnMolson.shtml   (992 words)

 Western Libraries - Business Library
The founder of the company known today as Molson Breweries Limited was John Molson, who was 22 years old when, in July, 1786, he built a small log brewery on the banks of the St. Lawrence near the fortified settlement of Montreal.
John Molson, who lived until 1836, was a farsighted businessman whose wide-ranging activities were of immense importance to Canada's industrial development.
In 1945 Molson's became a public joint stock company; on February 15 of that year participation in the ownership of Molson's Brewery by persons outside the Molson family was made possible for the first time.
www.lib.uwo.ca /business/ccc-molson.html   (523 words)

 John Molson
John Molson (1763-1836) was an English-born Canadian brewer and entrepeneur.
Orphaned as a child, he emigrated to Montreal in 1782 and purchased a small brewery in 1786.
Elected to the legislative assembly from 1816 to 1820, he was made president of the Bank of Montreal[?] in 1826 and appointed to the legislative council in 1832.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/jo/John_Molson.html   (100 words)

 Britain.tv Wikipedia - Molson
Molson Inc. was Canada's largest alcoholic beverage brewer with sales of more than $2 billion CAD in 2003, and 3,800 employees working at five breweries.
The anticipated name for the company is Molson Coors Brewing Co. Molson shareholders voted on the proposed merger on January 28, 2005, and were heavily in favor of the merger.
Molson is part-owner of Brewers Retail Inc., operator of The Beer Store retail chain, which--protected by legislation--has an over 90% market share of Ontario beer sales.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Molson   (668 words)

 Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Molson had turned away from the import-export business in 1788 because the risks were too great and the profits too slow; he also foresaw that the large-scale fur trade would run into increasing difficulties.
Molson had been married in the Church of England because at the time it was the only Protestant denomination legally permitted to keep registers of births, marriages, and deaths.
John Molson Jr was elected to the board of directors in 1824.
www.biographi.ca /EN/ShowBioPrintable.asp?BioId=37689   (4372 words)

 [No title]
John believed that beer would gain popularity in the New World and he hoped that beer might someday be more popular than ardent spirits in the lower classes thereby improving the character of society.
The first sign of a distillery on the Molson's property was in 1801 when John Molson [father of a great Canadian beer] purchased a copper still in L'Assomption, Quebec to be moved to his property in Montreal located in the Montreal Harbour at the foot of St. Mary's Current.
Molson businessmen were firm believers in this price fixing and with the steady increase in these taxes from an increase of 30 cents per gallon from 1862 to 1864 to 60 cents a gallon in 1867; it seems the company believed that there was no more honest money to be had in the distilling business.
www.frymybacon.com /articles/articles.php?article_ID=216   (3236 words)

 The Best Reviews: Hilbert Buist, Karen Molson, John H.R. Molson, On His Way In The World Review
John Molson's three sons, John Jr., Thomas and William joined him in the business in 1816 when a partnership agreement was signed.
John Molson died when Jackey was only ten years of age and perhaps his grandfather had recognized his gifted grandchild even when the child was young.
John Henry Robinson Molson was born in Kingston in 1826, a favoured grandchild of the founder of Molson's Brewery in Montreal.
thebestreviews.com /review5287   (829 words)

 Peter Black: Molson-Coors: I was Canadian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
It echoes a bit Molson founder John Molson’s domestic situation where he had three sons with Sarah Vaughan, his live-in girlfriend of 15 years before marrying her.
Molson, after all, is the second-oldest Canadian company still in existence — after the Hudson’s Bay Co., the fur-trade colossus British investors established in 1670.
Indeed, the Molson Bank was for 70 years a leading bank in the young country, even issuing its own currency, before it merged in the mid 1800s to form the Bank of Montreal, which, in turn, financed much of the economic development that would build Canada.
www.pressrepublican.com /Archive/2004/07_2004/07302004pb.htm   (715 words)

The Molson red brick school museum, in the fifties had an average daily attendance of 110 to 120 pupils.
This part of the museum is where the original boom town of "Old Molson" once stood, with assay office, bank building, old homestead cabins, saloon, law office, machine shed with equipment, a few smaller structures, windmill and a great deal of other old relics from the bonanza years.
Molson, In 1911 the New Imperial Hotel was built replacing the Molson Hotel which burned down in 1910.
www.ghosttownsusa.com /molson.htm   (724 words)

 Molson |
John Molson was an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur with a keen sense of social responsibility.
Molson also opened Canada's first industrial grain-distillery, which remained the largest in Canada until its closure in 1866 and this paved the way for his becoming the first exporter of Canadian-made spirits to England.
While an astute businessman, John Molson was also driven by a strong sense of community commitment.
www.molson.com /companyinformation/johnmolson/index.php?lang=en   (172 words)

 John Molson
MOLSON, John, Canadian capitalist, born in Lincolnshire, England, in 1764; died in Montreal in 1836.
He was proprietor of the estate of Snake Hall and Moulton, Lincolnshire, but came to Canada in 1782, established a brewery in Montreal, and in 1809 was the pioneer of steam navigation of the St. Lawrence, placing the steamer "Accommodation" on its waters.
He was also a director of the Bank of Montreal, and in 1853, with his brother William, established the Molson bank, which became one of the most important in the country.
www.famousamericans.net /johnmolson   (490 words)

Born in Spalding, England, in 1763, orphaned and privately schooled, John Molson came to Canada in 1782 and, four years later, used his parents’’ legacy to become sole proprietor of a brewery in Montreal.
Molson used income from brewing to enlarge his operations: to apply steam power at his works with a new engine brought from England, and then to start a steamboat line on the St. Lawrence between Montreal and Quebec.
His son, John Junior, was first president of the Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad; son William became first president of Molson’’s Bank —— a power for many decades —— that he and his brother established in the early 1850s.
www.uuottawa.com /molson_john.htm   (359 words)

 Firefly Books - The Molsons
When John Molson stepped off the Montreal-bound ship from England in 1782, his single ambition was to make a success of his life.
John Molson's dedication and drive passed on to his descendants, who continued to develop the brewery, established a bank with 125 branches across Canada, and created the first steamboat line between Montreal and Quebec City.
The Molsons: Their Lives and Times is Karen Molson's homage to John Sr., her great-grandfather's great-grandfather, and to the rest of the Molson clan -- one of the nation's oldest and most committed families.
www.fireflybooks.com /Publicity/books/4189.html   (507 words)

 The Parkland Post - Molson-Coors Merger Hard to Swallow by David Bernans.
Supplying an army of occupation was the bread and butter of John Molson’s enterprise, a kind of 18th century Halliburton.
More than 200 years later, the Molson brewing empire is still chugging along under the control of Eric Molson, who is Chairman of Molson’s Board, owner of 55% of the company’s voting shares and the Chancellor of Montreal’s Concordia University (home of the John Molson School of Business).
The latest deal is an effort to unite the Molson and Coors family brewing empires in a $6 to 8 billion “merger of equals”.
www.ualberta.ca /~parkland/post/Vol-VIII-No3/12bernans.html   (1045 words)

Molson Inc preeminent brewer was founded in 1786 by John Molson.
Molson is a passionate supporter of sports and cultural events.
QIEM senior architect interviewed Molson managers on several levels to find out what their daily routine is and what optimizations need to be done in order to maximize the effectiveness of their work.
www.qiem.com /molson.html   (548 words)

 John Molson School of Business - International Case Competition
The continued success of this prestigious event is dependent on several critical factors: the finely honed skills of the organizing committee, 250 of Montreal’s business elite that volunteer their time and expertise as judges, the companies that sponsor the event, and the 30 universities that are selected world-wide to send their best minds to compete.
The John Molson MBA International Case Competition is the oldest and most respected competition in the world.
John Molson MBA students created the prestigious international competition in 1981 and continue to host the event annually.
www.popopt.com /portfolio/sites/jmsb/en/home/index.htm   (306 words)

 CBC: Life And Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
It all began with John Molson, an 18-year-old British immigrant who, in 1786, established what is now North America’s oldest brewery.
Today, Molson is a public company in which the Molson family owns the controlling shares.
The largest shareholder is sixth generation brew master Eric Molson, who apprenticed in the company and became Chairman of the Board in 1988.
www.cbc.ca /lifeandtimes/molsons.html   (353 words)

 Coors, Molson breweries to merge 07/23/04
The deal was described as a merger of equals and would create a company with annual revenue of about $6 billion, putting it behind Anheuser-Busch and SAB Miller as the largest beer companies in North America.
Coors and Molson said their combination should generate $175 million a year by 2007 in cost savings and new revenue.
John Molson founded the company that bears his name in 1786.
www.cjonline.com /stories/072304/bus_beer.shtml   (589 words)

 USATODAY.com - Merger puts Molson family feud in spotlight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Some Molson family members are behind Eric, who sees the merger with Coors as essential to survive and grow.
Members of the Molson family have been taught for generations that their names should appear in a newspaper just three times during their lives — at birth, marriage and death — according to the 1983 biography of the family, The Molson Saga.
Eric Molson said the deal was "important to ensure the continuation of the Molson name." Coors Chairman Peter Coors took a break from his campaign for the U.S. Senate for a we-are-family theme.
www.usatoday.com /money/companies/2004-07-22-molsen-family-feud_x.htm   (587 words)

 John Molson School of Business Montreal Canada
In 1782, John Molson came to the New World with a pioneering spirit and a determination to succeed.
As a source of inspiration, the name John Molson reflects our high academic standards, our commitment to business excellence and our entrepreneurial spirit.
At the John Molson School of Business, our students enjoy direct and open access to over 139 full-time and 110 part-time faculty members who are outstanding educators and productive researchers.
www.managedlinks.com /writeups/johnmolson.php   (351 words)

 Concordia University To Defend Its First Ever Title In 23 Years At The John Molson MBA International Case Competition ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
The John Molson School of Business brought Concordia University of Montreal its first ever John Molson MBA International Case Competition championship last January, leading a Canadian school sweep of the top three positions at the 23rd edition of the event.
This event was created by John Molson School of Business students in 1981 and John Molson has hosted the event ever since.
The primary objective of this non-profit, student-organized event is to bridge the gap between the academic and corporate communities, which ultimately enriches students and executives alike.
press.arrivenet.com /business/article.php/533517.html   (630 words)

 Molson denies it's open to takeover bids   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-07-20)
Molson Inc. (TSX:MOL.a)on Wednesday denied a published report that it might be open to takeover bids.
"As I stated in the meeting yesterday, there is substantial value upside available to Molson from the current footprint, by focussing on the core markets of Canada, the U.S. and Brazil which could lead to a doubling of shareholder value," he said.
The newspaper said the Molson family, descendants of founder John Molson, own about 12 per cent of the company's equity and 66 per cent of the multiple-voting Class B shares.
www.cbc.ca /news/story/2003/09/17/molson_030917.html   (1109 words)

 John Molson MBA International Case Competition
The John Molson MBA International Case Competition 2007 Organizing Team (L to R): William Nahorniak, Barbara Ann Crivello, Ruth Wolters and Gabriela Zorrilla.
Schools wanting to participate in the 2007 John Molson MBA International Case Competition are requested to fill in the registration form on the Schools page.
MONTREAL, 30 May 2006 - The John Molson MBA International Case Competition at Concordia University in Montreal, the oldest, largest, and most respected international case competition, will be hosting its 26th annual International Case Competition.
www.mbacasecomp.com   (212 words)

 John Molson
Born in Spalding, England and orphaned as a young child, John Molson immigrated to Canada in 1782.
In 1786, he used the money his parents left him to buy a small brewery in Montreal.
President of the Bank of Montreal from 1826, he was also a member of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada from 1816 to 1820 and was appointed a member of the Legislative Council of Lower Canada in 1832.
freemasonry.bcy.ca /biography/molson_j/molson_j.html   (148 words)

 Montreal and John Molson MBA International Case Competition, January 2006 Photo Gallery by Richard Farmer at pbase.com
Montreal and John Molson MBA International Case Competition, January 2006 Photo Gallery by Richard Farmer at pbase.com
Montreal and John Molson MBA International Case Competition, January 2006
John Molson MBA International Case Competition, January 2006
www.pbase.com /richardfarmer/montreal2006   (59 words)

 DOUG's website :: Academic section :: About me
At Concordia, the Commerce faculty is called the "John Molson School of Business".
After Concordia got a generous donation from Molson.
Beer was in the deal too, at all Commerce functions, only Molson beer (and all their subsidiary drinks) are provided.
www.pod.ca /doug/academic/aboutme.htm   (208 words)

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