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Topic: John Nunziata

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Reference.com/Encyclopedia/John Nunziata
Nunziata was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in the 1984 general election as a Liberal despite a national Progressive Conservative landslide.
Nunziata was also suspected of planning a challenge to Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman in the 2000 municipal election, but Nunziata nixed the rumours when it was found that he could not hold onto his seat in Parliament while campaining for Mayor.
Nunziata's sister, Frances Nunziata, was the last mayor of the city of York, Ontario before it was merged into the megacity of Toronto, and is now a Toronto city councillor for Ward 11 York South-Weston.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/John_Nunziata   (841 words)

 John Nunziata and the homeless
Nunziata’s desire to rid the streets of its homeless inhabitants is laudable.
John Nunziata is constantly touted in the media as being "right-wing" and grouped with candidates John Tory and Tom Jakobek.
This is the same John Nunziata, who as an MP in 1989 brought a private members' bill forward that would see women who had an abortion be subject to two years in jail.
www.canadafreepress.com /2003/weinreb092903.htm   (782 words)

 IATWM: John Nunziata Arts Policy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
John Nunziata recognizes the tremendous importance of the arts sector to both the cultural and economic health of Toronto.
As Mayor, John Nunziata would appoint a "Hollywood North" commissioner, who would work directly in the Mayor's Office, to oversee all aspects of the city's dealings with the film and television industries, and to make sure that Toronto is doing everything possible to ensure their continued growth and success here.
John Nunziata would also designate Toronto the "City of Festivals," and would establish another key official role - reporting directly to the Mayor - to co-ordinate all of the various cultural and artistic festivals that Toronto stages each year.
www.iatwm.com /200310/Election/Nunziata.htm   (149 words)

 Scholar and politician square off in multiculturalism prizefight (06/30/96)
Nunziata asserted that Bill C-18, which became the Multiculturalism Act of 1988, was merely a blatant attempt [by a government he opposed] to win the ethnic vote.
Nunziata directed a "professional ethnic" jibe directly at Dr. Lupul, and the latter jumped to his feet and angrily denounced the MP as "nothing but a professional poli-tician" who has "absolutely no idea what a citizen's duty as a Canadian" consists of in the field of education and ethnic affairs.
Nunziata graciously apologized for allowing "his Italian heritage" to get the better of him, the Ukrainian scholar made similar conciliatory noises, and the assembled crowd descended on the MP to harangue him in a more private fashion for some time after the formal proceedings were adjourned.
www.ukrweekly.com /Archive/1996/269616.shtml   (2418 words)

 John Nunziata vs. John Tory
Nunziata kept this secret close to his chest until spilling it out in an October 22 interview with Radio CFRB reporters.
That was John’s story when the scandal broke and he didn’t stick to it long for long.
Nunziata points to John Tory’s camp were the headlines in Saturday’s Toronto Star.
www.canadafreepress.com /2003/ed102703.htm   (551 words)

 Pro-life former MP runs for Toronto mayor - Interim, Sept 2003
The outspokenly pro-life John Nunziata, a former Liberal and independent MP, is running for mayor of Toronto.
Nunziata is joined by former mayor Barbara Hall, city councillor David Miller, former city councillor Tom Jakobek and former Rogers Cable CEO and Brian Mulroney chief of staff John Tory, in seeking the mayor's job of Canada's largest city.
Nunziata should be the clear favourite of pro-lifers, especially compared to the front-runner Hall.
www.theinterim.com /2003/sept/21prolifeformer.html   (316 words)

 Eye Weekly - A question of fitness - 11.06.03
We interviewed Nunziata in August, before allegations of bribery and claims of discrimination had begun to eclipse his campaign.
And he's willing to follow them through, as he proved in 1996 when, as a Liberal MP in the House of Commons, he was one of few who called the Liberals to task when they welched on their commitment to eliminate the GST.
Nunziata cares about the city, and recognizes that, on some fundamental level, apathy and moribund planning will be the death of Toronto, even more so than funding cuts from the province and the feds.
www.eye.net /eye/issue/issue_11.06.03/city/nunziata.html   (660 words)

 NOW On / NewsFront / Feature
John Nunziata, the ousted Liberal MP who catapulted to national fame when he voted against the GST, is on a car phone heading for Villa Columbo.
It seems Nunziata's vocal and very public feud with the party, which culminated in his being kicked out of caucus, has become as personal as it is political.
Nunziata claims it's money he raised from friends and family at a private fundraiser at his in-laws' house and from people who wrote in from across the country to lend their support during his fracas with the party over the GST.
www.nowtoronto.com /issues/16/35/News/feature.html   (1575 words)

 ZoomInfo Web Summary: John Nunziata
Somehow, John Nunziata was right there outside the Centre demonstrating on behalf of his children; his campaign rode the issue hard.
John Nunziata, whose mayoral bid was noisy but unsuccessful, is returning to practising.
Nunziata, 48, unveiled a controversial plan to sweep Toronto's homeless from the streets, for instance, and confronted David Miller with a handwritten contract to sign during a debate on the eve of the election.
www.zoominfo.com /Search/PersonDetail.aspx?PersonID=67616413   (1588 words)

 NOW On / Newsfront / News Spread / Jun 1 - 7, 2000
The Canuck flags flying outside John Nunziata's constituency office on this brisk spring morning are, like Nunziata's political fortunes of recent years, a little tattered.
Nunziata hasn't formally declared, but two weeks ago, 80 supporters gathered at his mother-in-law's house in the tony Old Mill area of Etobicoke.
Nunziata is challenging a law that says he must resign his federal seat before he can officially register as a candidate for mayor.
www.nowtoronto.com /issues/2000-06-01/newsspread.html   (1368 words)

 [Hpn] Toronto Mayoral candidate targets homeless for sweeps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
But Nunziata's plan drew the ire of fellow contenders, who wondered whose task it would be to remove homeless people from the street and where they would go.
Nunziata insisted that homeless people would not be "arrested" by police.
Nunziata also had a testy exchange with Tory, linking the adviser to former Tory premier Bill Davis to his government's deinstitutionalization policy of the 1970s, in which large mental-health facilities were closed.
projects.is.asu.edu /pipermail/hpn/2003-August/007536.html   (699 words)

 Interviews with Toronto's 5 Mayoral Candidates -- John Nunziata
I first met John Nunziata when he appeared at a soiree in my home when he still (and if you can picture this) had hair.
He believes that politicians should keep their promises, and John remained true to his principals when he stood up to the federal government in 1996 when they failed to keep their pre-election promise to eliminate the GST.
John Nunziata is convinced it’s essential to maintain and improve our roads and public transit, solve issues such as homelessness and the lack of affordable housing, clean up Toronto from the litter and garbage on the streets to the graffiti in the neighbourhoods.
www.infoukes.com /politics/toronto_2003/nunziata   (458 words)

 Fitness is key for Nunziata
John Nunziata has believed in himself and his ideals ever since he was elected an alderman of the then Borough of York in 1978
He says his spat with the PM was caused by his belief that the Liberal Party failed to deliver on its promises, something for which they had criticized former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
Nunziata left the Liberal Party in 1997 to become an independent after serving 16 years as a Liberal MP in the House.
slam.canoe.ca /Slam030518/oth_tor-sun.html   (685 words)

 York police in no rush on bribery case   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Mayoral candidate John Nunziata said last week that someone in a rival camp approached him before nominations closed Sept. 29 and offered him $100,000 to quit the race.
Speculation has been rampant that John Tory is the candidate with the most to gain if Nunziata dropped out.
Nunziata's sister, Frances, is a member of the police services board, which is the police force's civilian governing body.
observer.thecentre.centennialcollege.ca /news/nunziatabribery102803.htm   (473 words)

 John Tory for Mayor -- Alternate Toronto Transportation Plan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
It is widely agreed that John Tory is the most qualified candidate for mayor.
Nunziata should be shown the exorbitant taxpayer funded losses that will take years to eliminate after the Sheppard subway line was built.
Nunziata, on that $2 million subway car, paid for by the taxpayers of Toronto who might get to use it once in their lifetime.
www.voy.com /122298/76.html   (920 words)

 [No title]
The Independent MP from York South- Weston, kicked out of caucus for voting against the budget in 1996 over the government's failure to abolish the GST, is once again parading about as the conscience of his former party.
In the case of the GST, the Liberals' "moral duty," according to Nunziata, was to persist in the lie they had told during the 1993 election, that they could simply abolish – or, when pressed, replace – the GST.
Not only was Nunziata re-elected, but if anything his political fortunes improved: once a loud but lowly backbench peon, he became a folk hero.
andrewcoyne.com /columns/Southam/1998/zqt238_Hepatitis.html   (753 words)

 Eye Weekly - ...and then my head exploded - 10.30.03
John Nunziata, no stranger to controversy (for example, in 1989, as a federal MP, he introduced a private member's bill that would have seen women who had abortions serve two years in jail, their doctors getting life sentences for murder), has turned up the crap-o-meter in the Toronto mayoral race.
Then he dropped the biggest bombshell of the campaign so far: he says he was offered a six-figure bribe to leave the race by a member of John Tory's campaign.
Of course, he waited a month to say anything about it, and then he went to the media before the police, and then he backed away, saying it was no big deal, and refused to provide any details.
www.eye.net /eye/issue/issue_10.30.03/op/head.php   (150 words)

 Canadian Jewish News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
Barbara Hall, Tom Jakobek, David Miller, John Nunziata and John Tory appeared on a panel before about 500 people at the Four Seasons Hotel in an event organized by the Ontario region of Canadian Jewish Congress and UJA Federation of Toronto’s realtors cabinet.
Nunziata, a former Liberal member of Parliament, billed himself a law-and-order candidate, tempered with “strong, compassionate leadership.”
Nunziata said there are 800 more employees today than prior to the amalgamation of Toronto with surrounding municipalities.
www.cjnews.com /viewarticle.asp?id=1768   (771 words)

 Our Campaigns - Candidate - John Tory
John Tory is a Canadian businessman and leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
Tory's campaign came under fire when it was accused by opponent Nunziata of attempting to bribe him into pulling out of the race by offering to pay his campaign debt.
In a February 5th, 2005 SES Research poll, John Tory narrowly edged out Premier Dalton McGuinty in a survey that asked which party leader would make the best Premier of Ontario.
www.ourcampaigns.com /CandidateDetail.html?CandidateID=24458   (1121 words)

 IATWM November 2003 Hot Topic!: Great Arts Debate
John Tory discussed soliciting the private sector as art buyers and wanted to see art in public buildings.
John Nunziata wants the dollars committed to art in Toronto to filter down to "starving artists" and wants to promote local arts.
He, a former federal Member of Parliament, pointed out that one way he has successfully obtained federal funding is to point out the economic benefits of supporting art related-events when presenting requests for funding.
www.iatwm.com /200311/HotTopic/index.htm   (584 words)

 John Tory for Mayor -- Alternate Toronto Transportation Plan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-09)
John Tory represents a fresh start in Toronto politics.
John Tory supports a balanced transportation plan and is keen to look at this alternate plan, especially when it is launched at City Council in January 2004.
John Nunziata doesn't know what he stands for.
www.voy.com /122298/75.html   (385 words)

 Tory cleared in Nunziata bribery allegations
Nunziata alleged he was offered $100,000, then $150,000, from the Tory campaign team to help pay off his campaign expenses if he were to drop out of the race.
According to recent polls, Tory, the former president and chief executive officer of Rogers Cable, is running a close second behind David Miller.
Nunziata was re-elected in 1997 as an independent.
www.cbc.ca /news/story/2003/11/04/nunziata031104.html   (1106 words)

 John Tory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John H. Tory, LL.B, BA, MPP (born May 28, 1954) is a Canadian businessman, political activist and leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
Some also questioned Tory's decision to accept an endorsement from the Toronto Police Association, which has been accused of intimidating its opponents on council, although this proved popular among the more conservative voters.
Tory is the son of John A. Tory, president of Thomson Investments Limited and a director of Rogers Communications.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Tory   (1623 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Business (Red Ensign Scare)
The matter of the flag on the $5 bill was the subject of considerable discussion in the House of Commons before the summer break.
What Nunziata (and others) found with their magnifying glasses was that the flag flying over the centre block of the Parliament buildings was not an American flag, but the Red Ensign (which, although it was never Canada's official flag, served as Canada's recognized flag before being replaced by the Maple Leaf Flag in 1965):
The message is in the flag behind Sir John A. MacDonald's head, said David Mayor, spokesman for Survival Canada.
www.snopes.com /business/money/redensign.asp   (535 words)

 John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheesecake • Recipe Collection by Recipes EU
John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheesecake • Recipe Collection by Recipes EU John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheesecake from the Recipes EU Collection
Bake at 325F for 2 hours or until centre is firm.
This John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe brought to you from the Recipes.eu.com recipe collection
www.recipes.eu.com /recipe712091.html   (194 words)

 John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheese Cake • Recipe Collection by Recipes EU
John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheese Cake • Recipe Collection by Recipes EU John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheese Cake from the Recipes EU Collection
This John Nunziata's Chocolate Cheese Cake Recipe brought to you from the Recipes.eu.com recipe collection
I would rather live in Russia on fl bread and vodka than in the United States at the best hotels.
www.recipes.eu.com /recipe712090.html   (249 words)

 last chance city | toronto votes aloud | 11.01.03
ANTHONY OF THE MEATRIARCHY BLOG is the first blogger to post back to this site, with an overview of the election from his perch in Burlington where he's just moved and is, alas, unable to vote in the upcoming contest.
John Tory is the only candidate with real business credentials having been commissioner of the CFL and also President of Rogers.
Tory has also been dogged by allegations that he bribed another candidate (John Nunziata) to drop out of the race.
www.rickmcginnis.com /toronto/election/20031101.htm   (840 words)

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