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Topic: John Pope (military officer)

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  John Pope (1822-1892)
John Pope (March 18, 1822 - September 23, 1892) was a career Army officer and general in the American Civil War, the only army commander operating against the Army of Northern Virginia to earn the personal animosity of Robert E. Lee.
Pope was born at Louisville, Kentucky, the son of Nathaniel Pope, a prominent figure in early Illinois Territory.
John C. Frémont, Pope assumed command of the District of North and Central Missouri, with operational control along a portion the Mississippi River, and forced the Confederates to retreat southward.
www.thelatinlibrary.com /chron/civilwarnotes/pope.html   (892 words)

 Online NewsHour: Pope John Paul II (1920 - 2005) | Biography | PBS
The death of Pope John Paul II on April 2, 2005 ended one of the longest tenures of any pontiff in the history of the Catholic Church.
But as the first Slavic pope in 1978, some say he helped lay the groundwork for the downfall of Communism by returning home to Poland, where he was greeted by adoring crowds, and reminding his countrymen of their human rights.
John Paul II brought a sense of stability when the church was reeling after Vatican II, under which many of the ancient rituals of Catholicism were abandoned.
www.pbs.org /newshour/biography_pages/pope/biography.html   (1309 words)

 frontline: teacher center: leadership: john paul II - the millennium pope   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
John Paul II, born on May 18, 1920 to an administrative officer in the Polish army and a former schoolteacher, was elected to the Papacy in 1978.
To the Pope, the issue is not a mere notion; rather, it is one area in which the popular desire for change exemplifies his fears of modernity threatening to transform the purity and clarity of Catholicism itself.
As a result of this unwavering faith, Pope John Paul II has refused to adapt or accept changes in the role of women in the Church as it relates to contraception, abortion and ordination to the priesthood.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/pages/frontline/teach/leadership/pope   (4499 words)

 EWTN News of Pope's Death -
John Paul II designated the second Sunday of Easter to be Divine Mercy Sunday in a surprise announcement at the canonization of Sister Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938).
Pope John Paul was 84 years old at the time of his death.
The 84-year-old Pope was admitted to hospital Feb. 1 for complications related to the flu.
www.ewtn.com /JohnPaul2/_mourning/news/index2.asp   (1581 words)

 John Pope (military officer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pope was born at Louisville, Kentucky, the son of Nathaniel Pope, a prominent Federal judge in early Illinois Territory and a friend of lawyer Abraham Lincoln.
Halleck appointed Pope to command the Army of the Mississippi (and the District of the Mississippi, Department of the Missouri) on February 23, 1862.
Pope himself was relieved of command on September 12, 1862, and his army was merged into the Army of the Potomac under McClellan.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Pope_(military_officer)   (1565 words)

 Pope John Paul II | Catholic-Pages.com
Pope John Paul II VATICAN CITY, APR 2, 2005 (VIS) - At 4:45 in the afternoon of October 14, 1978, ten days after the funeral of Pope John Paul I, 110 cardinal electors, and 88 persons selected to assist them, entered into conclave, sealed off from the world, to elect his successor.
John Paul II, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, archbishop of Krakow, was elected as the 264th Pope on the second ballot of the second day of the second conclave of 1978, just five months after his 58th birthday.
With his 247 foreign and Italian pastoral visits, Pope John Paul II reached the 1,167,295 kilometer mark (700,380 miles), that is, over 28 times the earth's circumference or 3 times the distance between the earth and moon.
www.catholic-pages.com /pope/johnpaul2.asp   (1396 words)

 Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II, the Polish intellectual whose strong-willed, activist papacy helped undermine the Soviet Union, redefined the office's relationship to the world and dominated the billion-member Roman Catholic Church for more than a quarter century, died Saturday after a long and conspicuously public struggle with Parkinson's Disease.
John Paul's final goal was to provide a silent, tortured witness to the redemptive value of suffering and the sanctity of human life, his aides said.
John Paul's Catechism of the Catholic Church was the first distillate of Catholic teaching in 400 years; his encyclicals challenged moral relativism, linked human reason to faith in God and defended human life from conception to natural death.
www.nola.com /news/t-p/index.ssf?/religion/content/stories/pope8.html   (3588 words)

 General John Pope
John Pope, born 18 March 1822 at Louisville, Ky., graduated from the Military Academy in 1842 and joined the Topographical Engineers.
General John Pope; T. General John Pope (AP-110) was launched under a Maritime Commission contract 21 March 1943 by the Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Kearny, N. sponsored by Mrs.
Finally, missions accomplished, General John Pope departed San Francisco 15 May bound for New York, where she decommissioned 12 June 1946 and was returned to WSA.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/g3/general_john_pope.htm   (806 words)

 Anniversary of Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Relives the Moment of His Election with Emotion
With his 245 foreign and Italian pastoral visits, Pope John Paul II has reached the 1,163,865 kilometer mark (698,310 miles), that is, just over 28 times the earth's circumference or 3 times the distance between the earth and moon.
Karol Jozef Wojtyla, known as Pope John Paul II since his election 25 years ago, was born in Wadowice, a small city 50 kilometers from Krakow, on May 18, 1920.
frpat.com /popeanniversary.htm   (2006 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for John Pope (military officer)
General John Pope: A Life for the Nation.
The political legacy of Pope John Paul II.
Pope John Paul's Body Lies in State as Tens of Thousands Wait to Pay Their Last Respects; President Bush to Lead Small American Delegation Attending the Pope's Funeral
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=John+Pope+(military+officer)   (377 words)

 John Pope
John Pope was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on 16th March, 1822.
Pope was told to protect Washington, and to control the Shenandoah Valley.
Pope, who regained the rank of major general in October, 1882, he retired from the United States Army in 1886.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /USACWpope.htm   (904 words)

 John Paul II. Ratzinger, Benedict XVI.Pope John Paul Dies at 84 kAROL jOZEF WOJTYLA CATHOLIC CHURCH HEAD SAINT ...
John Paul II had decreed that white smoke be accompanied by the ringing of bells, to avoid a repeat of the confusion after his election in 1978.
John Paul used his first papal trip abroad, to Central America in January 1979, to make it plain he disapproved of "liberation theology," the belief that the church had a moral obligation to engage politically in the struggle for economic and political justice for the poor.
Though the pope provided some material assistance behind the scenes, most have argued that his biggest influence on the political situation was through his uncompromising, theologically based preaching for a society that would put human beings first, giving them the freedom of worship, speech and thought.
www.nelsonideas.com /pope-john-paul-ll/1920-2005.html   (13044 words)

 Courtly Lives - Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
John Paul was 58 when the cardinals elected him the first non-Italian pope in 455 years.
John Paul was hospitalized twice in the past two months after breathing crises, and fitted with a breathing tube and a feeding tube, John Paul became a picture of suffering as his death approached.
Pope John Paul II was shot by a Turkish gunmen, Mehmet Ali Agca, on May 13, 1981.
www.angelfire.com /mi4/polcrt/PopeJohnPaulII.html   (1743 words)

 John C. Frémont (1813-1890)
John Charles Frémont (January 21, 1813­July 13, 1890), birth name John Charles Fremon, was an American military officer, explorer, the first candidate of the United States Republican Party for the office of President of the United States, and the first Presidential candidate of a major party to run on a platform of opposition to slavery.
The extent of his responsibility for the events that ensued is not wholly clear, and has been the subject of much controversy; his defenders have asserted that he was not responsible for the seizure of Sonoma or for the so-called "Bear-Flag War"; and that he played a creditable part throughout.
Attempting to gain a political advantage in the absence of a military one, he issued a proclamation on August 30, 1861, in which he declared the property of Missourians in rebellion confiscated and their slaves emancipated.
www.thelatinlibrary.com /chron/civilwarnotes/fremont.html   (1754 words)

 Family Life   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
And at age twenty he lost his father, a military officer who had raised his son with love and firmness.
The future Pope would sometimes wake in the middle of the night and find his father praying on his knees.
The Pontiff was rushed to a Rome hospital and underwent hours of surgery; the Pope later deposited the bullet fragments in the crown of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, whose feast day is May 13, and said he owed his life to Mary.
www.rcda.org /PopeJohnPaulII.htm   (2457 words)

 deseretnews.com | Solemn cortege for pope
VATICAN CITY — The body of Pope John Paul II, laid upon a blood-red velvet bier, was carried Monday in a solemn procession from the Vatican's Apostolic Palace and presented to a reverent public in St. Peter's Square.
The body of the 84-year-old pope, who died two days ago in his bedroom in the palace, was held high by 12 white-gloved, fl-suited men known as the pontifical chair-bearers.
Navarro-Valls said John Paul would "almost surely" be placed in the space that held the body of Pope John XXIII from his death in 1963 until 2000, when it was moved to the main floor of the basilica.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,600123749,00.html   (1100 words)

 TheHistoryNet | America's Civil War | Second Battle of Manassas: Union Major General John Pope Was No Match for Robert ...
A Kentuckian, John Pope had led the Army of the Mississippi during the spring of 1862.
When Pope took command of the Army of Virginia, his three corps were scattered across northern Virginia from the Shenandoah Valley through Manassas Junction to Fredericksburg.
Finally, Pope announced that any man or woman who corresponded with anyone in the Confederate Army--even a parent writing to a son--would be subject to execution.
historynet.com /acw/bl-john-pope   (1049 words)

 Pope John Paul II
Those who saw it still speak of the moment when the rain stopped and Pope John Paul II stood to begin Mass, his hands raised in peace to 130,000 souls huddled on the muddy campus of the University of New Orleans.
It is impossible to quantify the residual effect of the pope's visit on the community of faith at large, but there are clues embedded in the stories of those who saw John Paul in New Orleans, when he was hale and healthy.
Coleen Perilloux Landry of Metairie, then an officer in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, sat a few feet from the pope during one of his addresses in the Superdome, and she was able to shake his hand.
www.nola.com /news/t-p/index.ssf?/religion/content/stories/pope1.html   (1364 words)

 John Paul II near death: Vatican
Navarro-Valls added that the Pope requested aides read the biblical passage describing the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, and the scripture referred to as the "Third Hour." According to Christian tradition, Christ died at 3 o' clock in the afternoon.
The Pope's health has not been good in recent years because of a combination of Parkinson's disease and arthritis, but it began deteriorating rapidly at the beginning of February, when he was rushed to Rome's Gemelli hospital suffering from flu-related breathing problems.
In 1978, at the age of 58, he was elected by his fellow cardinals, becoming the youngest pope in the 20th century and the first non-Italian one since 1523.
www.cbc.ca /world/story/2005/04/01/pope-new050401.html   (1559 words)

 Holy Spirit Interactive: Pope John Paul II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II
Holy Spirit Interactive: Pope John Paul II The 26 Years of John Paul II - 3rd Longest Papacy in History
At 4:45 in the afternoon of October 14, 1978, ten days after the funeral of Pope John Paul I, 110 cardinal electors, and 88 persons selected to assist them, entered into conclave, sealed off from the world, to elect his successor.
www.holyspiritinteractive.net /features/popejohnpaul/26years.asp   (1424 words)

 The UNC Press, The Military Memoirs of General John Pope Edited by Peter Cozzens and Robert I. Girardi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The UNC Press, The Military Memoirs of General John Pope Edited by Peter Cozzens and Robert I. Girardi
Over the next twenty-four years Pope held important department commands on the western plains and was recognized as one of the army's leading authorities on Indian affairs, but he never again commanded troops in battle.
Peter Cozzens is a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State and the author of four highly acclaimed Civil War books, including The Darkest Days of the War: The Battles of Iuka and Corinth.
uncpress.unc.edu /books/T-280.html   (322 words)

 John Pope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
John Pope (politician), (1770–1845), U.S. politician, senator for Kentucky, Governor of Arkansas Territory
John Pope (military officer), (1822–1892), U.S. soldier, Union general in the Civil War
Pope John has been the name of several popes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Pope   (121 words)

 Troops Praise John Paul II?s Leadership, Tireless Efforts to Promote Global Peace
DARMSTADT, Germany — U.S. military members serving in the Middle East and Europe reflected on the legacy of Pope John Paul II on Sunday with a mix of sympathy for the venerated leader and contemplation on the future of the post he held for 26 years.
Traditionally, at the first Mass after a pope's death, church bells are tolled once for each year of the pope's life and once for each year of his service as pope, a total of 110 times for John Paul II, he said.
Churches throughout the military also will likely follow the Catholic custom of displaying a picture of the pope near the traditional Easter candle, and hang church entrances with red linen for nine days in his memory.
www.military.com /NewContent/0,13190,SS_040405_Praise,00.html   (898 words)

 Catholic World News : Pope John Paul II has died
Rome, Apr. 02, 2005 (CWNews.com) - Pope John Paul II (bio - news) died late on Saturday night, April 2, ending one of the longest and most influential pontificates in the history of the Catholic Church.
The legacy of Pope John Paul II is the fulfillment of the Second Vatican Council.
He was responsible for the revision of the Code of Canon Law (1983) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1992) and he issued the epic encyclical 'Veritatis Splendor' which established the foundation of moral theology on the Natural Law.
www.cwnews.com /news/viewstory.cfm?recnum=36242   (1796 words)

 Tennessee history, preservation and educational artifacts
In addition, John Newton and William T. Sherman would also graduate with the class of 1842 – making it one of the most influential classes in West Point history.
The Tennessean was laid to rest amid ceremonies proper to a distinguished citizen and military officer.
Although a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, A.P. Stewart was chiefly regarded by many as a scholar and little credit is given to his tactics on the battlefield.
www.tennesseehistory.com /class/APstewart.htm   (3013 words)

 Crossfire, Peace, War and Love by John Krenson
John Krenson is an ordained minister, a father, husband and speaker for the Young America's Foundation.
As an Army National Guard Officer he was called to serve in Afghanistan three short weeks after bringing his second child home from adoption in Russia.
Today John Krenson makes campus appearances as speaker for the Young America’s Foundation, and consults organizations and businesses with leadership training nationwide while continuing to serve as a National Guard officer and Deacon in the Catholic Church.
www.johnkrenson.com   (1362 words)

 Amazon.com: Albert Sidney Johnston: Soldier of Three Republics: Books: Charles P. Roland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
“Johnston’s early years, military career, and encounters with Indians, Mormons, and Union soldiers are the focus of this ‘masterly’ study.” --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
To counter the situation, Buchanan sent a military expedition to Utah to quell the Mormons and install the appointed territorial governor, Alfred Cumming.
As one of the most experiences military officers available, Johnston was immediately appointed by a personal friend, Jefferson Davis, a general in the Confederate army with command of the western theater.
www.amazon.com /Albert-Sidney-Johnston-Soldier-Republics/dp/0292703996   (1782 words)

 AllRefer Encyclopedia - U.S. History, Biographies Encyclopedia
John Penn, 1729¢#150;95, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania
John Winthrop, 1588¢#150;1649, governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony
John Winthrop, 1638¢#150;1707, colonial governor of Connecticut
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/categories/ushistbio.html   (537 words)

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