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Topic: John Proctor

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A John Proctor emigrated to Virginia in 1610.
John Proctor, at the age of twenty-three, served as a captain of a company in that battalion.
John Proctor served as one of three Representatives from the county of Westmoreland to that General Assembly.
www.motherbedford.com /JohnProctor.htm   (621 words)

 John Proctor (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.umd.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Proctor was originally from Ipswich, where he and his father before him had a farm of considerable value.
Proctor was the first male to be named as a witch in Salem.
Proctor's family was given 150 pounds in 1711 for his execution and his wife's imprisonment.
www.law.umkc.edu.cob-web.org:8888 /faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_BPRO.HTM   (556 words)

 PlanetPapers - The Crucilbe: John Proctor
John Proctor’s truly good moral character and honest personality is first witnessed when he expresses some of his true feelings and affection towards his wife at their home.
John Proctor proves himself as a devoted and loving husband towards Elizabeth in great fashion, and is not afraid to show his true emotion for her.
John Proctor believes that his confession with words is one issue, but signing over your name is another, and his name is all that he believes that a man has and refuses to have someone else own it.
www.planetpapers.com /Assets/3338.php   (1067 words)

 John Proctor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Proctor (1632 1692) was a farmer and an American Puritan who was accused of witchcraft and executed during the Salem Witch Trials.
In 1655 John (Jr.) married Martha Giddens in Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
John Proctor was a tall and outspoken man. Around the time the trials started, he was near 60 years of age.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Proctor   (1644 words)

 john proctor crucible eulogy
John Proctor was a just man. He was honest and uncompromising in all aspects of his life.
Without question John Proctor was a complex and intriguing man. His pedantic attention to detail could be seen as narcissism, but to those who knew him this was merely his commitment to doing things right.
Although John was not directly involved and could no doubt have shirked the whole circus, it was never in doubt that his veracity would bring him to the fore, and in so doing, brought about his subsequent death.
allfreeessays.com /student/john_proctor_crucible_eulogy.html   (2532 words)

 Biography of John Proctor, FBI agent   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
John Proctor was the Alabama-born, Meridian-based FBI agent who succeeded in squeezing out the confession that broke open the Mississippi Burning case.
Proctor was born in 1926 in Reform, Alabama.
Proctor would stuff his pockets with candy before going on interviews, having discovered that kids could be a useful source of information even when their parents remained tight-lipped.
www.law.umkc.edu /faculty/projects/ftrials/price&bowers/Proctor.html   (692 words)

 John Proctor Good Or Bad
Proctor also presents various personality traits as the play progresses, but however at the end he emerges as a strong character who is essentially “good” and who is forgiven and forgives himself for his adultery with Abigail William's.
Proctor feels guilty about his relationship with Abigail when he is visited by Hale and asked about his commitment to the church and his knowledge of the ten commandments.
Proctor: “It is well seasoned”, Elizabeth: “I took great great, she’s tender?” Proctor: “I mean to please you, ElizabethElizabeth: “I know it, John!” This shows that Proctor is obviously making an effort to please and be loving towards Elizabeth, but she is finding it hard to forgive him for his behaviour.
www.freeessays.cc /db/18/emt72.shtml   (1001 words)

 Salem Witch Trials of 1692
John was a very prosperous farmer and was liked by most of his neighbors.
By May, the Proctor children would be accused of witchcraft as well, and would join their parents in jail.
John and Elizabeth Proctor were found guilty of witchcraft and they were scheduled for execution on August 19, 1692.
www.witchway.net /times/proctor.html   (288 words)

 Free Essay Analysis of John Proctor from The Crucible
John Proctor is a good man. He is a puritan, a husband, a citizen, and an all around valuable member of the community.
John Proctor is a good and noble man and because of this he believes that he can't be hanged and die a martyr when he has this sin blooming over him every waking moment.
John is horrified at this, but can do nothing to convince Abigail that he is not in love with her.
www.echeat.com /essay.php?t=30105   (1040 words)

 Crucible Essays - trajcru The Crucible: John Proctor the Tragic Hero
Proctor's downfall in the play is initiated by a human flaw, which to a great extent qualifies him to be the tragic hero.
Therefore, the audience perceives that the affair between John and Abigail is the instigator of all the hysteria surrounding the witch trials, signifying the consequences of a small human error.
Because of John's inability to control his desire and resist temptation, his life is being turned upside down by the jealousy and need for revenge of Abigail, marking the beginning of his downfall and path to becoming a tragic hero.
www.123helpme.com /view.asp?id=15678   (1264 words)

 SparkNotes: The Crucible: Act I: The entrance of John Proctor to the entrance of Reverend Hale
Proctor caustically reminds Mary Warren, who now works for him, that he forbade her to leave his house, and he threatens to whip her if she does not obey his rules.
Proctor reminds Putnam that he cannot command Parris and states that Salem does not grant votes on the basis of wealth.
Proctor, in his first appearance, is presented as a quick-witted, sharp-tongued man with a strong independent streak.
www.sparknotes.com /lit/crucible/section2.rhtml   (1506 words)

 John Hale Vs. John Proctor
John Hale vs. John Proctor The characters of John Hale and John Proctor in “The Crucible” can be compared and contrasted according to their key traits, goals, and tendencies to change.
John Proctor is a man in his mid-thirties and like Reverend Hale he is proud of what he does.
John Proctor was also a stubborn man that did not deny what he believed, but at key times in the play he changed what he was saying and fighting for against the court.
www.freeessays.cc /db/18/emt68.shtml   (518 words)

 JOHN PROCTOR’s DILEMMA: The Central Action in The Crucible
Proctor lost his soul, in this sense of the term, when he committed the crime of lechery with Abigail, and thus as the play opens there is wanted only a significant triggering incident to start Proctor actively on the search that will lead ultimately to his death.
The central action of the play is not yet completed, however; Proctor not yet found his soul, and even moderately skillful playing of the play’s final scene can demonstrate quite clearly that this struggle goes on right up to the moment at which Proctor rips up his confession and chooses death rather than dishonour.
Proctor is led out to die, and Elizabeth speaks the epitaph that once again, finally, sums up the central action and significance of the play.
www.horton.ednet.ns.ca /staff/sheppard/JohnProctor1.htm   (931 words)

 Salem Witch Trials - The People - John Proctor - DiscoverySchool.com (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.umd.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Wealthy farmer John Proctor sternly denounced the proceedings and warned against listening to the young girls.
As John staunchly defended her innocence at the trials, the girls suddenly pointed their fingers at him—the first man to be named a wizard.
Proctor wrote an impassioned letter to the Boston clergy, claiming “we are all innocent persons.” He described the unfairness of the court proceedings and how torture was used to extract confessions.
school.discovery.com.cob-web.org:8888 /schooladventures/salemwitchtrials/people/proctor.html   (304 words)

 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (U.S.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Above the snake is the monogram of John Proctor and the letters, "I.B.W.C.P.", Independent Battalion, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania or Provincials.
The Proctor Battalion did not fight in the Revolution as an organization and it is not known if this flag was ever carried in the battle.
The initials 'J.P.' and 'I.B.W.C.P.' stand for Colonel John Proctor's 'Independent Battalion, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.' This was one of the military groups known as Associators, volunteers from Pennsylvania, where the Quakers did not wish for an active militia.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/us-pa-wc.html   (471 words)

 Mid Term Papers: Term Papers on John Proctor (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.umd.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In John Proctor’s case the word that illustrates him in entirety is ethical.
When Proctor tried to convince everyone that the girls were lying, was an instance of bravery because children were thought of as the vice of god and they were pure of blemishes.
When Proctor tore the warrant issued for the arrest of Elizabeth showed his ability to defy the court and in a way his religion because the court was controlled by religion.
www.midtermpapers.com.cob-web.org:8888 /3098.htm   (590 words)

 West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys - Huntington West Virginia Divorce Lawyers - Underwood Law Offices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Proctor's practice is focused on assisting people in their quest for justice and maintenance of their dignity.
Proctor is known for having successfully started several businesses in the Huntington area including a wind turbine manufacturing facility, several restaurant/entertainment businesses and a legal practice.
He is actively involved in the community as a member of the Vestry at St. John's Episcopal Church and as a member of the Board of Directors for the St. John's House, a youth outreach and education program.
www.underwoodlawoffice.com /john-proctor.shtml   (369 words)

 John Proctor: Tragic Hero
John Proctor : Tragic Hero The tragic hero of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is John Proctor because he fits the criteria for a tragic hero.
John Proctor fits all of the conditions of a tragic hero and therefore he is naturally the tragic hero of this drama.
Proctor’s lust for Abigail is his secret and tragic flaw, which causes him to fall.
www.radessays.com /link.php?site=re&aff=r2c2&dest=viewpaper.php?request=47409   (214 words)

 George Proctor-Tallahassee Builder
The extraordinary history of the Proctors stands as an example of the resilience and diversity of African American families.
Later one of George and Nancy's sons, John Proctor, became a state legislator 1873-1875, 1879; Senate: 1883, 1885, an educator, and a customs officer at St. Marks, Florida.
Proctor constructed several homes in the Tallahassee area including the Knott House, the Murphy House in 1838, the Randall-Lewis House in 1835, the Rutgers House in 1848 as well as the Chaires House in 1844.
www.dejaelaine.com /proctor.html   (552 words)

 John Proctor of Ipswich and Salem
John Proctor emigrated to America with his wife Martha (Giddens?) and children, John and Marie, in April 1635 on the Susan and Ellen and settled at Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.
His son, John and several of his grandchildren would later be accused of practicing witchcraft during the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692.
John Proctor's parents were John Proctor, born about 1557 in London, England and Gaye ?, born about 1580 in London England.
www.fortunecity.com /meltingpot/jericho/331/proctor/proctor.htm   (105 words)

 LiteratureClassics.com -- Essay -- The Life of John Proctor in The Crucible
John Proctor is a very dignified man because of his honesty.
John Proctor was accountable because of the affair, but overall he was a good man who remained devoted to Elizabeth.
John Proctor was a man who was never pressured into supporting something that he did not believe.
www.literatureclassics.com /showessayprint.asp?IDNo=858   (832 words)

 Essays.cc - The Crucible: John Proctor
John Proctor is a good example of a struggle to find a place in society.
John Proctor only got involved with this whole witch trial because of a girl by the name of Abigail Williams.
Proctor still wants to dismiss the hearings but his wife uses his guilt about adultery to extract a promise that he will expose Abigail as a fraud.
www.essays.cc /free_essays/b4/rxf199.shtml   (685 words)

 Accordion Hall of Fame enshrines John Copiskey (Proctor, Minnesota) 07-26-2006
John R. Copiskey, who grew up and lived his life in Proctor, posthumously received the International Accordion Hall of Fame Award.
An ATG spokesperson said, “John Copiskey died far too soon long before we could present him with its International Accordion Hall of Fame Award.
However, it is confident John would like nothing better than to have his daughter Dana, accept it for him, especially since she grew up to play in many, if not all, of his accordion bands of varied levels.”
www.proctormn.com /placed/story/07-26-2006john.html   (491 words)

 JOHN PROCTOR Term Papers - JOHN PROCTOR Research Papers from JunglePage
A look at the main events of the play, with the role of John Proctor as a character who kept his dignity until the end.
John Brown is said to be the man most responsible for bringing on the Civil War.
An analysis of Arthur Miller's character John Proctor in "The Crucible".
www.junglepage.com /term_papers/john_proctor.html   (412 words)

 Elizabeth Proctor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elizabeth Proctor was an indirect victim of the Salem Witch Trials whose husband, John Proctor, was executed; however, Elizabeth herself was not actually hanged because she was pregnant at the time.
Elizabeth Proctor is portrayed as a very pious woman; however, she and her husband don't always attend church services, which makes Reverend John Hale suspect that they may be involved in witchcraft.
The fact that she loves her husband becomes obvious when she is brought into the court to verify John Proctor's affair with Abigail.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Elizabeth_Proctor   (828 words)

 The Political Graveyard: Index to Politicians: Proctor
Son of Redfield Proctor (1831-1908); brother of Redfield Proctor (1879-1957); father of Mortimer Robinson Proctor.
Grandson of Redfield Proctor (1831-1908); son of Fletcher Dutton Proctor; nephew of Redfield Proctor (1879-1957).
Son of Redfield Proctor (1831-1908); brother of Fletcher Dutton Proctor; uncle of Mortimer Robinson Proctor.
politicalgraveyard.com /bio/proctor.html   (592 words)

 John Proctor Family
the fourth child of Benjamin Proctor and Deborah Hart Proctor.
John was born in 1690 and died on June 4, 1759 in Ipswich, Essex, MA.
Children born to John Proctor and Anna Storey Proctor:
www.myhartt.com /families/John_and_Anna_Proctor.htm   (64 words)

 The Crucible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She is seen with John Proctor, with whom she had an affair while working at his home.
Proctor has since rejected Abigail, but she is still obsessed with having him.
Proctor tries to counter the girls by producing Mary, his servant, who is willing to admit the girls lied.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Crucible   (1337 words)

 John Proctor Photography
John has worked and lived in Spokane for the past 11 yrs.
John has made some of his photos available for purchase as high quality Photography Prints and the Greeting Cards Gallery has several of his favorite photos available in a card format.
John also does Senior Photographs, Families, Pets, and even properties for landscape companies.
countryviewltd.com /photo_gallery.htm   (218 words)

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