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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  John Stamos Bio - John Stamos Biography - John Stamos Stories
John was the first member of the Full House cast to announce he was leaving after the eighth season due to his disapproval of the planned move from ABC to the WB.
John fell victim to the Paris Hilton fiasco when her friends hacked into her cell phone and got phone numbers for her friends then sold them to be published.
John is a big hearted man. When ex wife Rebecca Romijn announced she was going to wed Jerry O’Connell, John stepped up to plate and gave her his blessing.
www.tv.com /john-stamos/person/9948/biography.html   (1369 words)

  John Stamos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stamos was born in Cypress, California, to William John Stamos (a restaurant owner of Greek descent) and Loretta Phillips (an Irish immigrant); his paternal grandfather, Hermes Stamatopoulos, shortened the surname to "Stamos" upon emigrating from Greece to the USA.
Stamos is a huge fan of Disneyland and holds a lifetime pass to the park.
John Stamos was the subject of a portion of Nick Swardson's Comedy Central Presents stand-up special where Swardson jokes about paying Stamos to come to his funeral and cry to throw off his family.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Stamos   (765 words)

 John Stamos relationships
John Stamos needs to learn to be gentler and less of a perfectionist with others and with himself.
John Stamos is likely to make many demands of his partner and he has to guard against possessiveness, jealousy and a tendency to force someone to love him.
John has an inner need to express his feelings to others and is especially partial to groups where he can help to further their accomplishments.
famous-relationships.topsynergy.com /John_Stamos   (1508 words)

 John Stamos, wife Rebecca Romijn separate - Salon
Stamos, 40, and Romijn, 31, met in 1994 at a Victoria's Secret fashion show and began dating two months later.
Stamos, best-known for his role as Jesse in "Full House" from 1987 to 1995, played John Sears in last year's cable TV movie "The Reagans." In recent years, he's played on the Broadway stage.
In October, Stamos replaced Antonio Banderas as the film director obsessed with women in the Tony Award-winning revival of "Nine" at New York's Eugene O'Neill Theatre.
dir.salon.com /story/ent/wire/2004/04/13/stamos/index.html   (278 words)

 John Stamos at Dotspotter
John Stamos appears to be pretty hot without his shirt… until you see his big scarred belly button!
Actor John Stamos was reportedly minding his own business on board a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles when he was attacked by an out of control woman.
ER star John Stamos has publicly apologised for his behaviour before the Australian media after severe jet-lag left him exhausted and unfit for...
www.dotspotter.com /celebrities/John_Stamos   (381 words)

 ABC.com: Jake In Progress
Actor/producer John Stamos continues to find success in many different areas of the entertainment world.
USA Today said of his performance, "the real revelation here is Stamos." As a result of his return to television, he was voted "The Sexiest Comeback" in People's Sexiest Men Alive issue.
Stamos' career has spanned more than 20 years.
abc.go.com /primetime/jakeinprogress/bios/john_stamos.html   (357 words)

 Jack Myers Media Village
John Stamos was set to join ER last fall, but then ABC pulled him back for his series, Jake in Progress.
Well, this year John Stamos is all in the clear to join ER as a regular cast member.
During last year's November sweeps, we saw Stamos make a guest appearance as a paramedic that started a bit of a spark with Neela.
blogs.mediavillage.com /couch/archives/2006/07/john_stamos_joi.html   (130 words)

 The Superficial - John Stamos makes a fool of himself
John Stamos was basically kicked out of Australia after making an ass out of himself for two days straight on their public television.
John Stamos' official stance is that he was jet lagged, although sources say he appeared to be healthy the day he arrived when he was spotted at Sydney strip club Pure Platinum.
John was just having fun I'm not even a fan of his but seriously he was just being honest.daily telegraph sucks and she was interrupting him..
thesuperficial.com /2007/06/john_stamos_makes_a_fool_of_hi.php   (3505 words)

 John Stamos News
John Stamos may be an ER doc right now, but he'll play a gay party-planner turned activist in 'Wedding Wars', an original movie for A&E cable channel.
John Stamos will become a regular on "ER" this fall, when Sally Field, Andre Braugher and John Mahoney will make guest appearances during the NBC medical drama's 13th season.
Former FULL HOUSE star JOHN STAMOS is returning to a regular role on TV as a paramedic on the hit medical drama ER.
www.topix.net /who/john-stamos   (666 words)

 John Stamos - Photos, Bio and News for John Stamos | TVGuide.com
John Stamos on Monday had a run-in with a belligerent passenger as he flew from Chicago (where he was lensing ER) to Los Angeles.
When the female ignored Stamos' demand that she stop, he got up to use the loo, only to find her steadfastly deposited in his seat when he got back.
John Stamos is stunned to learn that he can...
www.tvguide.com /celebrities/john-stamos/158321   (757 words)

 Autogramm Adresse, Privates, Fotos über deinen Star: John Stamos!
John Stamos ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler griechischer Herkunft.
John Stamos hat zwei jüngere Schwestern (Janeen und Alaina), welche beide als Lehrerinnen arbeiten.
John Stamos hatte neben seinem Schauspiel auch Ambitionen, als Musiker den Durchbruch zu schaffen.
www.starpiloten.de /Autogramm_Adressen/John_Stamos_419.shtml   (518 words)

 NBC.com > Cast Biographies > John Stamos
Actor/producer John Stamos continues to find success in many different areas of the entertainment world.
Stamos has enjoyed tremendous success on Broadway, most recently starring in the Tony Award-winning “NINE.” His Broadway debut came in 1997’s “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” and in 2000, he starred as the Emcee in ”Caberet,” which was very well received.
His recent film credits include the independent films “I am Stamos” and “Knots.” Through his St. Amos banner, Stamos has many television projects in the works, including the TV movie “Dillinger” for TNT, and he is co-producing a feature film version of the TV classic “The Jeffersons” for Sony.
www.nbc.com /ER/bios/John_Stamos.html   (336 words)

 John Stamos
John also recently completed work on a short film called I Am Stamos, a dark comedy about a character actor, played by Robert Peters (Ocean's Eleven, In The Line of Fire), whose wish to be a leading man comes true when he magically begins to photograph as John Stamos...provoking the unholy wrath of Stamos.
Last year, John returned to the theatre and starred as the "Emcee" in the hit Broadway production of "Cabaret." The New York Post said of his performance, "The latest incarnation is John Stamos, who makes him attractive, grotesque, vicious, hard-edged and - beneath all the campery and giggles - stealthily heterosexual."
USA Today said of his performance, "the real revelation here is Stamos." As a result of his return to television, John was voted "The Sexiest Come Back" in People's Sexiest Men Alive issue.
www.johnstamos.net /bio.html   (425 words)

 John Stamos is a player in new show
Stamos filed for divorce last year from actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.
His character in the comedy "Jake in Progress" is a New York playboy in the process of discovering it's an empty kind of life.
Stamos has filmed 13 episodes of the romantic comedy.
www.azcentral.com /ent/celeb/articles/0124stamos.html   (210 words)

 USATODAY.com - John Stamos, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos marriage on the rocks   (Site not responding. Last check: )
John Stamos, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos marriage on the rocks
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Married life is over for Full House actor John Stamos and X-Men actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, the former Victoria's Secret model.
Stamos, best-known for his role as Jesse in Full House from 1987 to 1995, played John Sears in last year's cable TV movie The Reagans.
www.usatoday.com /life/people/2004-04-12-stamos-breakup_x.htm   (328 words)

 ExtraTV.com: John Stamos: Move Over Dr. McDreamy
He's TV's hottest new doctor, and "Extra" is going one on one with sexy Stamos as John becomes a series regular on "ER" this fall.
John is lined up for more TV spots, including a role as a gay wedding planner in the A&E movie "Wedding March."
While John is still on the market, it seems he's been hooked by sexy model Daniela Urzi.
extratv.warnerbros.com /v2/news/0706/14/3/text.html   (290 words)

 John Stamos at Hollywood.com
The famously feather-haired John Stamos first jettisoned to instant stardom as an overstyled bad boy heartthrob during the golden era of “General Hospital” (ABC, 1963-), before moving on to eight years as the overstyled bad boy heartthrob on the TGIF mainstay, “Full House” (ABC, 1987-1995).
By the time Stamos left “General Hospital” (Blackie was ultimately sent to prison for manslaughter – so much for the heart of gold), he had built a firm reputation as the go-to-guy for dreamy rebel roles, with the added bonus that he could also play guitar, drums, and sing.
Stamos got to expand his repertoire with the character of Uncle Jesse, taking the leather jackets, guitars, and womanizing to a whole new level with the addition of a motorcycle and infatuation with Elvis.
www.hollywood.com /celebrity/John_Stamos/196849   (3170 words)

 ETonline: Articles Tagged With John-stamos
Actor JOHN STAMOS has released a statement regarding a recent interview in Australia, in which the "ER" star was reportedly bleary-eyed and slurring his speech.
"John has been traveling extensively for the past few weeks in Greece, Egypt and Tokyo and had a difficult time adjusting to the time difference in Australia, which in turn led to many sleepless nights since his arrival," says a spokesperson for the star.
Shel (Stamos) is the gay brother of Ben (Dane), a political consultant to the governor, who is asked by Maggie, Ben's fiancée (played by BONNIE SOMERVILLE), to be their wedding planner.
www.etonline.com /index.html?tag=john-stamos   (919 words)

 E! News - Stamos: I'm No Hasselhoff - John Stamos | David Hasselhoff | Bob Saget
When it comes to his bizarre appearance on an Australian talk show last week, John Stamos wants fans to heed the words of Uncle Jesse and have mercy.
Stamos, who arrived in Australia on June 21 and appeared on Mornings June 26, said in five days he still had not adjusted to the time difference.
Now, I don't know John Stamos from Adam's Cocker Spaniel, but it really is possible the Ambien, lack of sleep, and exhaustion contributed to his behavior.
www.eonline.com /news/article/index.jsp?uuid=f3affe49-69d2-49be-9575-47907acc0f2c   (1284 words)

 SFGate: Daily Dish : John Stamos
Stamos, who was traveling with a friend, was hit several times in the hand as the woman began shouting and threatening him.
But Stamos wants to make it clear his behavior had nothing to do with alcohol, but was the result of his taking a sleeping pill at five o'clock in the morning.
Stamos then verbally attacked his host, criticizing her outfit and gyrating around with a studio prop in an inappropriate manner.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/category?blogid=7&cat=690   (822 words)

 John Stamos' Shrine of Power
For reasons quite obvious, we here at the Shrine of Stamos beleive that John Stamos himself is God's gift to mankind...
During the weekly televised family television show "Full House", we got to see John Stamos and we had the privalage to understand his message to us, his children.
His co-stars served as props, helping him teach us lessons on kindness, peace, and rocking out.This may have been the peak of his "career" but it was by no means the beginning or end of it.
www.geocities.com /maccoladem/StamosShrine.html   (239 words)

 Usmagazine.com | John Stamos Blames Ambien for Bizarre TV Appearance
John Stamos at the NBC 2007 Upfronts in New York City.
Stamos tells US he is "very sorry it happened" and is also refuting rumors that he’s headed to rehab.
Stamos should be replaced by a celeb with a responsible attitude.
www.usmagazine.com /john_stamos_0   (1688 words)

 USATODAY.com - Actor John Stamos files for divorce   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and actor John Stamos announced in April that they were separating after five years of marriage.
Stamos, 41, and Romijn, 31, met in 1994 at a Victoria's Secret fashion show where she was a model; they began dating two months later and married in September 1998.
8/22/2004 9:05 PM Actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and actor John Stamos announced in April that they were separating after five years of marriage.
www.usatoday.com /life/people/2004-08-22-stamos_x.htm   (314 words)

 John Stamos helps give ‘ER’ a booster shot | PopWatch Blog | EW.com
I have never seen this show before accept once when i was about 10 but i shall start to watch it since john stamos is on it.
I have tuned in just to see John Stamos...when I was a teenager he was IT for me. (In the Blackie days) I even waited in line for hours at the Autorama in Detroit when I was 12 just to give him a kiss.
Stamos is a great addition and I really love that the show is taking risks with the characters and allowing the viewers to see more of them - like Kerry with the TV news stuff, and Morris with the DID patient.
popwatch.ew.com /popwatch/2006/11/john_stamos_hel.html   (2463 words)

 Cele|bitchy » John Stamos
According to witnesses’ accounts, [John] Stamos was catching some shut-eye in first class when the unidentified woman approached him and tried to shake him awake—which, if she’d ever paid attention to Michelle Tanner’s attempts to do the same thing on Full House, she’d know Uncle Jesse wouldn’t appreciate.
After Stamos got back to his seat, the woman persisted in trying to chat with him, refusing flight attendants’ urging to go back to her own first-class seat and repeatedly tapping Stamos on the hand.
No word on if John Stamos attended… or if he took too much Ambien again and was too drunk (and by drunk I mean sleepy) to show up.
www.celebitchy.com /category/john_stamos   (2251 words)

 John Stamos wants a ‘Full House’ - Celebrities- msnbc.com
NEW YORK - John Stamos played uncle Jesse on the ’80s sitcom “Full House.” Now he wants to be a father.
Stamos and Rebecca Romijn divorced in 2005, nearly a year after they announced they were separating after five years of marriage.
Of his marriage to Romijn, Stamos says: “It burned really bright, and I kind of knew it was going to burn out at some point.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/21115803   (348 words)

 John Stamos’ flight in the not-so-friendly skies - Access Hollywood - msnbc.com
Stamos was flying back from Chicago after filming some scenes for “ER,” and was asleep in first class when a woman allegedly shook him awake, the source told Access.
When Stamos got up to use the restroom, the woman said she would sit in his seat until he came back.
When Stamos tried to return to his seat, the woman reportedly hit him in the hand over and over.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/21773904   (381 words)

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