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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  John Wayne Lives Here
The John Wayne Collection Volume I, which includes Flying Tigers (1942), The Wake of the Red Witch (1949), Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), and The Quiet Man (1952).
The John Wayne Cliffhanger Collection is a boxed set that was released July 11, 2006 by Passport Video.
You may also be interested in the three serials that John Wayne did in the early 1930's: The Shadow Of The Eagle (1932), The Hurricane Express (1932), The Three Musketeers (1933).
www.jwaynefan.com   (2120 words)

 Welcome to the Birthplace of John Wayne!
The larger-than-life bronze statue of John Wayne presented by the Wayne Family on his 100th birthday at the John Wayne Birthday Centennial Celebration is now on display at the Welcome Center.
John Wayne is still America’s #3 favorite movie star according to Time magazine (January 19, 2007) and the latest Harris poll released January 16, 2007.
Wayne’s mother Mary was of Irish descent, and the Duke said “she was a tiny, vivacious red-headed bundle of energy.”
www.johnwaynebirthplace.org   (719 words)

  John Wayne's Biography
Wayne was recognized as some sort of American natural resource, and his various critics, political and film, looked on him with more respect.
Wayne had become a symbolic male figure, a man of impregnable virility and the embodiment of simplistic, laconic virtues, packaged in a well-built 6-foot-4-inch, 225- pound frame.
Wayne to help found the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals in 1944, and he was its president for two terms.
www.jwayne.com /biography.shtml   (2331 words)

  John Wayne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Wayne died of stomach cancer on June 11, 1979, and was interred in the Pacific View Memorial Park cemetery in Corona del Mar.
John Wayne's iconic war hero status was useful in rallying support during the Vietnam War where he contributed his acting and co-direction to the popular box-office hit The Green Berets (1968), although the film was critically panned for its highly idealized, fictionalized depiction of war.
John Wayne is the title of a song by the mainstay gogo group, the Junkyard Band.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Wayne   (4141 words)

 John Wayne Relationships
Wayne's tie to his mother is very strong and John Wayne also seeks nurturing and protection from his spouse and other family members as well.
John Wayne has an inner poise and balance that enables him to act in a cool, efficient manner during emotional traumas and stress.
John Wayne is tremendously responsive to beauty and physical appearances, and the physical attractiveness of his partner is very important to him.
www.topsynergy.com /famous/John_Wayne.asp   (707 words)

 John Wayne Gacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John Wayne Gacy's 1968 mugshot after being arrested on charges of child molestation
John Wayne Gacy's old cell was used during filming for Fox Network's hit TV show "Prison Break" [4]
John Wayne Gacy may be the idea behind Whiteface, the first supervillain to appear in the Supreme Power universe that does not have any super-human abilities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Wayne_Gacy   (1489 words)

 About John Wayne--Background to "Dear John Wayne"
Wayne, John (26 May 1907-11 June 1979), actor, was born Marion Robert Morrison (four years later changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison) in Winterset, Iowa, the son of Clyde Leonard Morrison, a pharmacist clerk, and Mary Alberta Brown.
Wayne's romancing of O'Hara was the centerpiece of Ford's The Quiet Man (1952), an Irish battle-of-the-sexes romp and an engaging departure from Wayne's usual action fare.
Wayne's importance as a western film star is covered briefly in Archie McDonald, "John Wayne: Hero of the Western," Journal of the West 22 (Oct. 1983): 53-63.
www.english.uiuc.edu /maps/poets/a_f/erdrich/johnwayne.htm   (1609 words)

 John Wayne - MSN Encarta
John Wayne (1907-1979), American motion-picture actor, beloved as the archetype of rugged, honest American manhood, and a Hollywood star for 40 years.
Wayne was a star athlete at the University of Southern California when he began playing small roles in films.
Wayne was posthumously awarded a Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor granted by the United States Congress.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761573484/John_Wayne.html   (296 words)

 John Wayne Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: )
John Wayne, real name Marion Michael Morrison, was born on 26 May 1907 in Iowa.
Wayne first contact with film making was when he did a summer job as a prop man in a studio.
John Wayne succumbed to cancer on 11 June 1979.
library.thinkquest.org /21065/past/wayne/index.htm   (251 words)

 John Wayne   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Wayne Enterprises is the sole and exclusive grantee from John Wayne of all commercial merchandising and allied rights relating to the use of his Name, Likeness, Signature, Voice or Photographs.
Wayne Enterprises is a limited partnership owned by the children and grandchildren of John Wayne and is managed by Ethan Wayne.
Wayne did go to Glendale High School (Glendale, California) and to the University of Southern Cal. In the late 1920s, he and USC football team players were featured in an early pigskin adventure named SALUTE (Fox, 1929), starring the muscular George O'Brien and directed by John Ford.
www.surfnetinc.com /chuck/jwayne.htm   (1472 words)

 John Wayne St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture - Find Articles
John Wayne was born Marion Michael Morrison in Winterset, Iowa, on May 26, 1907.
It was here that most Wayne historians believe he first developed his ironic lifelong dislike of horses, which appears to have stemmed from his having to ride one daily from his father's farm to the school in Lancaster.
Wayne joined a number of social groups and was class vice president his sophomore and junior years, and class president his senior year.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_bio/ai_2419201282   (875 words)

 Wayne, John - Encyclopedia FunTrivia
When John Wayne's brother was born the name Robert was given to him.
Wayne appeared in the episode "The Star Upstairs" of the "I Love Lucy" show, that was first aired on April 18, 1955.
John Wayne supposedly died in only five of his movies; The Sands of Iwo Jima, The Alamo, The Fighting Seabees, The Cowboys, and The Shootist.
www.funtrivia.com /en/Celebrities/Wayne-John-13821.html   (1027 words)

 The religion of John Wayne, actor
John Wayne was a lifelong Protestant (raised as a Presbyterian), but he was married to a Catholic (in a Catholic ceremony) and his children were raised as Catholics.
John Wayne was born as Marion Michael Morrison on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, a small town in Iowa.
John Wayne's wife Pilar recalls an anecdote about her husband, from the time she was in labor with their child Aissa Maria.
www.adherents.com /people/pw/John_Wayne.html   (2439 words)

 John Wayne
Wayne and his sidekick must avoid the law while chasing down the real bandits to clear their name.
John Wayne's easy going charm comes to the forefront in one of his best early performances.
John Wayne protrays an undercover agent on the trail of a counterfeiting gang.
www.timelessmusic.com /DVDs/johnwayne_34.htm   (656 words)

 John Wayne: Western Hero
John Wayne rose from the ranks of these low budget westerns to become one of the most respected western stars in the Hollywood galaxy.
The mantle of western hero was shed for a series of war films Wayne made during the U.S. involvement in World War II during the 40s, and in between the westerns and the war films, there were some other roles in different genres, but by the end of the decade of the 40s.
Wayne's output does match this definition, but he did turn in some powerful performances, and though not a "trained actor", his screen work can be quite varied when investigated.
www.allthingsmike.com /CulturalBlender/wayne.html   (1114 words)

It is a different kind of roll for Wayne and has prompted the film’s director, Mark Rydell, to say: "I think what attracted Wayne was the sense of passing on the mantle to a younger generation.
Wayne’s detractors today charge that his politics, like his pictures, can be oversimplified, but a close look at the man indicates otherwise.
Only John Wayne could look a pretty girl in the eye at the Alamo and say in that famous punched inflection: "Republic is a beautiful word." Audiences somehow don’t guffaw at those lines, and the reason must be because there is a brand of sincerity in John Wayne that we cannot readily find elsewhere.
www.alljohnwayne.com /Ironduke.htm   (1190 words)

 John Wayne Movie Posters, Pictures, and Images
These are some of the best John Wayne posters and photos on the web so enjoy them and if you want the poster or photo for your home just click on the John Wayne picture for more info or a larger image.
John Wayne's father Clyde was a pharmacist with a lung condition which required him to move wife Mary and son Marion to the warmer climate of southern California where they tried ranching near the Mojave desert.
John Wayne turned down the roles of Dirty Harry, Patton, and the lead role in the Dirty Dozen.
www.posterlovers.com /movies/johnwayne.htm   (687 words)

 John Wayne   (Site not responding. Last check: )
John Wayne was born on May 26 1907 and died on June 11 1979.
John Wayne got a football scholarship to Southern California and played for two years before hurting his ankle.
I think John Wayne is the best actor and i have not seen a movie of his that I don't like.
www.webspawner.com /users/hunterjc   (228 words)

 The Straight Dope: Was John Wayne a draft dodger?
You said no--that though Wayne as a youth had wanted to become a naval officer, "during World War II, he was rejected for military service." However, it may be more interesting than that.
According to a recent Wayne bio, for all his vaunted patriotism, Wayne may actually have tried to stay out of the service.
Wayne knew that if he took a few years off for military service, there was a good chance that by the time he got back he'd be over the hill.
www.straightdope.com /classics/a5_004.html   (740 words)

John Wayne was seated at the end of the table and the guy took the letter out and said: Hey, Duke, I visited with Schuller's daughter in her hospital room today and she wrote you a letter and wanted me to give it to you.
John Wayne was the hero of America, and many other parts of the world, for that matter.
Wayne was the number one box office star of the 1950's, and amazingly, despite the social upheavals of the era, was also the number one star of the 1960's.
www.johnnyleeclary.com /john_wayne.htm   (2903 words)

 John Wayne
John Wayne, one of the cinema's greatest stars, is also one of the cinema's greatest problems.
John Ford gave Wayne another career break in 1939 by casting him as the Ringo Kid in "Stagecoach," thus rescuing the actor from a life in serials and cheap action pictures.
Two other John Ford films from the period gave Wayne the opportunity for greater depth--"Fort Apache" (1948) and "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949)--the latter a particularly moving portrait of a man and an era reaching a turning point.
www.allocine.co.uk /personne/fichepersonne_gen_cpersonne=1400.html   (735 words)

 John Wayne
A lack of involvement in World War II was something that troubled him for years; Wayne intended to enlist but his career was on the rise in the early-forties, so he felt he wasn't able to join contemporaries Jimmy Stewart, John Ford, Robert Montgomery and other major Hollywood players who joined the armed forces.
By 1969, Wayne was earning a million dollars a picture along with a third of the profits, so it was in his best interest to hit the TV talk show circuit with each new release.
If John Wayne appeared on a television show, you could be sure his fans would tune in, huge ratings were assured.
www.tvparty.com /movwayne4.html   (1295 words)

 American Masters . John Ford/John Wayne | PBS
Wayne on the other hand had virtually no political opinions -- his focus was on his career and family.
John Wayne was thirty-one-years old, married, and supporting three children when the war began.
While Wayne was lending his star power to the anti-Communist forces, Ford was standing up at a historic Directors Guild meeting to stop the red hunters, led by C.B. DeMille, from firing the president of the Guild, Joe Mankiewicz, who they had come to view as dangerous.
www.pbs.org /wnet/americanmasters/database/ford_wayne.html   (1577 words)

 John Wayne
Wayne finally won the Academy Award®; in 1969 for True Grit, though that was seen as more of a lifetime achievement award than an award for that particular role, which was clearly not his best acting or vehicle.
Wayne's last role, playing a dying gun slinger just coming to terms with his legend in The Shootist (1976), was an appropriate elegy for the man, the actor, and the icon.
Wayne died of cancer on June 11, 1979, a month after President Jimmy Carter and Congress authorized a special medal honoring him.
www.amctv.com /article?CID=1297-1--0-9-PST   (404 words)

 New book: Stalin plotted to kill John Wayne - theage.com.au
Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was so outraged at the anti-communism of film star John Wayne that he plotted to have him murdered, according to a new biography of the American icon.
John Wayne - The Man Behind the Myth, by British writer and actor Michael Munn, says there were several attempts in the late 1940s and early 1950s to kill the man known to audiences around the world as Duke.
Wayne survived these attempts and another by a sniper during a trip to visit American troops in Vietnam in 1966.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2003/07/31/1059480489952.html   (294 words)

 John Wayne Movie Posters
Wayne carved out a career playing cowboys and tough guys, but he was able to display a sensitive side too.
By the end of the film Wayne and Ford have collaborated to bring a sensitive and complex portrait of a man of the West to the screen.
Wayne will be remembered most as the quintessential Western star who carried his six guns longer and fired straighter than anyone who ever plied his trade in the wild west.
www.filmsondisc.com /posterarchive/wayne.htm   (651 words)

 A Tribute to John Wayne
Over a 50 year span, John Wayne participated in over 250 films as a actor, director, and producer.
John Wayne acted in his first film in 1926, and made his last in 1976.
John Wayne was a true American patriot, he died loving his country and it's people.
members.fortunecity.com /kimchiman   (264 words)

 John Wayne at Reel Classics
Though it was director Raoul Walsh who first cast Wayne in a starring role, THE BIG TRAIL (1930) was not a box-office success, and Wayne quickly returned to bit parts, serials and starring roles in B-westerns, including several for such "poverty row" studios as Monogram and Republic Pictures.
In 1939 however, director John Ford, who had actually used Wayne as a bit player during the late 1920s, rediscovered him and cast Wayne in the leading role of the Ringo Kid in his landmark western STAGECOACH.
After more than a decade in Hollywood, Wayne became a star overnight and established a life-long friendship with Ford which led to a creative partnership spanning over a dozen films.
www.reelclassics.com /Actors/Wayne/wayne.htm   (731 words)

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