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Topic: John William Ramsay, 13th Earl of Dalhousie

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In the News (Sun 22 Apr 18)

  Earl of Dalhousie   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The title Earl of Dalhousie was created in the Peerage of Scotland in 1633.
One associated title is Marquess of Dalhousie, created in the Peerage of the United Kingdom in 1838 for the tenth Earl.
John Gilbert Ramsey, 15th Earl of Dalhousie (1904-1950)
factsite.co.uk /en/wikipedia/e/ea/earl_of_dalhousie.html   (151 words)

 Earl of Dalhousie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brechin Castle is the current seat of the Earl of Dalhousie.
The former seat, Dalhousie Castle, is still owned by the Ramsay family but has been leased out since the early 20th century.
John Gilbert Ramsay, 15th Earl of Dalhousie (1904 – 1950)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Earl_of_Dalhousie   (242 words)

 James Ramsay, Marquess of Dalhousie
He was the third son of George Ramsay 9th Earl of Dalhousie, one of Wellington's generals, who, after holding the highest offices in Canada, became commander-in-chief in India, and of his wife Christina Broun of Coalstoun, a lady of noble lineage and distinguished gifts.
Dalhousie assumed charge of his dual duties as governor-general of India and governor of Bengal on the 12th of January 1848, and shortly afterwards he was honored with the green ribbon of the Order of the Thistle.
Dalhousie was in wretched health and on the eve of retirement when the belated orders reached him; but he at once laid down instructions for Outram in every detail, moved up troops, and elaborated a scheme of government with particular orders as to conciliating local opinion.
www.nndb.com /people/961/000096673   (2624 words)

 The Clan Ramsay :: Gathering of the Clans - Devoted To All Things Scottish :: Gathering of the Clans - Devoted To All ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Branches: Ramsay of Balmain, Ramsay of Bamff, Ramsay of Dalhousie.
William Ramsay, 5th Earl of Dalhousie, was a military officer with the rank of Brigadier General and was sent to the assistance of Archduke Charles in the struggle for the crown of Spain in 1705.
The 9th Earl of Dalhousie, George Ramsay, was Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia and Governor of Canada from 1819 to 1828.
www.tartans.com /modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=296   (2205 words)

 Scottish castle hotels Dalhousie Castle hotel Scotland Edinburgh
William Ramsay, who witnessed deeds regarding land in 1280, was the first to be known as Ramsay de Dalwolsey and he was so styled, not then as receiving his lands, but as his usual and known designation.
William Ramsay later joined the forces of Robert the Bruce and was present at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and in 1320 he was a signatory to the famous Declaration of Arbroath in which the Scottish Barons appealed to the Pope in Rome against the oppressions of the English.
In 1633 George's son William was raised to Earl of Dalhousie and Lord Ramsay of Keringtoun.
www.dalhousiecastle.co.uk /history.asp   (1736 words)

 The Clan Ramsay
William's son, also William de Ramsay, was a member of the Council of Magnates of the Realm in 1255 and in 1260.
The 17th Earl of Dalhousie is the Chief of the Clan Ramsay.
Queen Victoria once stayed at Dalhousie Castle and in honor of her visit, the view of the surrounding estate from one of the bedrooms is called the "Queen's View." Edward I spent a night at Dalhousie before going on the defeat William Wallace at Falkirk.
www.ramsay.info   (1543 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 1133   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
She married John William Ramsay, 13th Earl of Dalhousie, son of George Ramsay, 12th Earl of Dalhousie and Sarah Frances Robertson, on 6 December 1877.
She married Arthur George Maule Ramsay, 14th Earl of Dalhousie, son of John William Ramsay, 13th Earl of Dalhousie and Lady Ida Louisa Bennet, on 14 July 1903.
She married Simon Ramsay, 16th Earl of Dalhousie, son of Arthur George Maule Ramsay, 14th Earl of Dalhousie and Mary Adelaide Heathcote-Drummond, on 26 June 1940.
www.thepeerage.com /p1133.htm   (1112 words)

 Edrington House,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
John Hepburne of Wauchtoune, heir male of Sir Patrick Hepburne of W., knight, his father, in the lands and barony of Wauchtoune, etc; the lands of Edringtoune with the fishings of Edermouth and Colsteill and mills.
John Ramsay, heir of George Ramsay of Dalhousie, his father, in the lands and barony of Foulden, with the patronage of the kirk of Foulden.
His ancestor, William de Ros, was one of the Claimants to the throne of Scotland in the time of Edward I. The de Ros family (of John de Ros, Baron de Ros) built the castle of Wark on the Tweed and therefore presumably held land nearby at that time.
www.gmilne.demon.co.uk /edrington.htm   (6952 words)

 Society Fresh : Article 'Cathcart'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Baron Herbert of Shurland1605HerbertExtantThe Barony belongs to the Earl of Montgomery and is held by the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.
Baron Lovel and Holland1762PercevalExtantAlso Earl of Egmont in the Peerage of Ireland.
Baron Stewart of Garlies1796StewartExtantSubsidiary titel of the Earl of Galloway in the Peerage of Scotland.
www.society-fresh.net /DisplayArticle331252.html   (2745 words)

EARL of (18o1—1874), was the eldest son of See also:
WILLIAM (A.S. Wilhelm, O. Norse Vilhidlmr; O. Ger.
marquess of Dalhousie, as 11th earl of Dalhousie, and he died childless on the 6th of July 1874.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /DAH_DEM/DALHOUSIE_FOX_MAULE_RAMSAY.html   (482 words)

 Doig Genealogy - John Doig and Janet Robertson
William was christened 18 Dec 1842 in Panbride, the son of Andrew Leslie, ploughman, and Isabella Storrier.
In 1861 William was a ploughman at Kirkbuddo Mains Bothie, Guthrie on the 200 acre farm of James Elder.
William was born in 1850/1, the son of John Ogilvie, farmer, and Catherine Robert.
www.doig.net /JOHN1714.html   (5048 words)

 thePeerage.com - Person Page 158
     John William Ramsay, 13th Earl of Dalhousie was born on 29 January 1847.
He was the son of George Ramsay, 12th Earl of Dalhousie and Sarah Frances Robertson.
She is the daughter of John Barton Ormond Acland and Dorothy Rosemary Hobson.
www.thepeerage.com /p158.htm   (592 words)

 Family Tree genealogy and Scottish clan history from AncestralScotland - Search Results
The Ramsays of Balmain, whose title of “Lord Bothwell” was forfeited for treason in 1488 and later given to the Hepburns, restored their fortunes by being created baronets, first in 1625 and again in 1806.
Alan Ramsay, the great 18th century poet, and his son, the distinguished portrait painter, were descended from the Lairds of Cockpen, cadets of the chiefly house.
Lord Dalhousie was Governor- General of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland from 1957 until 1963.
www.ancestralscotland.com /clandetails.html?clan=ramsay.html   (282 words)

 Index to royal Genealogical Data - ordered by forename - part 65   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
John of Mar, Earl of Mar and Garioch Stuart, b.
John the Fearless of Burgundy, Duke of Burgundy
John William I of, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg Saxe-Altenburg, b.
www.dcs.hull.ac.uk /genealogy/royal/gedFx65.html   (1050 words)

 CANNING, CHARLES JOHN, EARL (1812-1862) - Online Information article about CANNING, CHARLES JOHN, EARL (1812-1862)
ministry under the earl of Aberdeen in January.1853, he received the appointment of postmaster-general.
Dalhousie and a vacancy in the governor-generalship of India, he was selected by Lord Palmerston to succeed to that See also:
Bath, and in May of the same year he was raised to the dignity of an earl.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /CAL_CAR/CANNING_CHARLES_JOHN_EARL_1812_.html   (1160 words)

 Sports Fresh : Article 'William Craig'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
William Pitt (First Lord and Chancellor of the Exchequer) James Preston, Marquess of Graham Edward James Elliot Sir John Aubrey Richard Wellesley, 2nd Earl of Mornington April 8, 1789 Hon.
Spencer Perceval (Chancellor of the Exchequer) William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, Marquess of Titchfield Hon.
John Maxwell Barry (formerly of the Irish Treasury) William O'Dell (formerly of the Irish Treasury) March 25, 1819 Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (First Lord) Nicholas Vansittart (Chancellor of the Exchequer) Hon.
www.sports-fresh.net /DisplayArticle910332.html   (3649 words)

William John Dakin, (Liverpool) 1883-1950 (2 Apr. - Sydney), zoologist at the Univ. of Liverpool between 1921-28, later active in Melbourne, Australia, is honoured in the isopod name Paracilicaea dakini (Tattersall, 1922).
John William Ramsay, 13th earl of Dalhousie, 1847-87, is honouered in the polychaete name Dalhousiella M'Intosh, 1901.
Charles Pickering, (Starucca Creek, PA) 1805-78, J.P. Couthouy (q.v.), the zoologist Titian Ramsay Peale, 1799-85, the botanist William Rich, 1800-64 [Odostomia richi Dall and Bartsch, 1909, Pugettia richii Dana] and the botanist William Breckenridge, 1810-93.
www.tmbl.gu.se /libdb/taxon/personetymol/petymol.d.html   (13448 words)

 Index to royal Genealogical Data - ordered by lastname - part 80   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Ramsay, Alexander Arthur Alfonso of Mar, Capt., b.
Ramsay, Arthur George Maule, Earl of Dalhousie 14th, b.
Ramsay, John William, Earl of Dalhousie 13th, b.
www.dcs.hull.ac.uk /genealogy/royal/gedx80.html   (410 words)

 Sports Fresh : Article 'Hugh Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Hugh Lupus Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster (13 October 1825 - 22 December 1899) was created Duke of Westminster on 27 February 1874, the most recent person neither born into nor related by marriage to the British Royal Family to be advanced to the highest degree of the peerage.
As a citizen in England, William Waldorf Astor used his great wealth for numerous public causes, especially during World War I for which King George V rewarded him with a baronetcy in 1916 and a year later made him 1st Viscount Astor.
Template:Privylist This is a List of Privy Counsellors of the United Kingdom appointed during the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837 to 1901.
www.sports-fresh.net /DisplayArticle274427.html   (618 words)

 Earl of Dalhousie - TheBestLinks.com - 1999, 1914, 1948, 1787, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Earl of Dalhousie - TheBestLinks.com - 1999, 1914, 1948, 1787,...
Earl of Dalhousie, 1999, 1914, 1948, 1787, 1904, 1928, 1801, 1764, 1874, 1880...
You can add this article to your own "watchlist" and receive e-mail notification about all changes in this page.
www.thebestlinks.com /Earl_of_Dalhousie.html   (209 words)

 Grand Master Masons of the Grand Lodge of Scotland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
John, 3rd Earl of Kintore (G.M. of England; 1740) 1738-39
John, 3rd Duke of Atholl (G.M. of England 1771-74) 1773-74
William, Earl of Ancram, afterwards 6th Marquis of Lothian 1794-96
www.grandlodgescotland.com /glos/G.M.M.'s/grand_master_masons.htm   (717 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Manuscripts Department holds a number of early naval records, starting with a collection of 17th century copies of late 13th – early 14th century Close and Patent Rolls relating to naval subsidies (Mm.6.65).
The Acton papers contain various ships’ log-books of Commodore John Acton (Add.4617-37), including a log-book of the fleet bound for Constantinople, 1750 (Add.4633).
Lieutenant John William Ramsay, 13th Earl Dalhousie, H.M.S. Galatea.
www.lib.cam.ac.uk /readershandbook/D14.html   (569 words)

 The National Archives | Search other Archives | Accessions to Repositories | Major Accessions to Repositories in 1995 ...
John William Ramsay, 13th Earl of Dalhousie, naval lieutenant: Journal of proceedings of HMS Galatea on a world cruise 1869-71 (Add 9279)
John C Marshall: journal of a voyage of the ship Princess Royal, Liverpool to Calcutta 1860-61 (DX/1568)
Revd Alexander John Scott (1768-1840), secretary to Hyde Parker and confidential secretary to Lord Nelson: papers incl corresp (drafts), sermons, transcripts by Scott, a number of series of letters addressed to Nelson and some personal letters; mainly written in French, Italian or Latin (Document 88/1995)
www.nationalarchives.gov.uk /accessions/1995/95digests/maritime.htm   (1197 words)

 BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY Relations & Relatives - KINDEX - A2Z   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
John Aymer Dalrymple, 13th Earl of Stair (1906 - 1996)
William Augustus Fawkener, Clerk of the Privy Council, Diplomat (1762 - 1811)
William Henry Kennedy-Erskine, of Dun (1828 - 1870)
www.kindex.co.uk /rex/kindex/kinADD.htm   (10727 words)

 Earl of Dalhousie - Wikpedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Arthur George Maule Ramsay, 14th Earl of Dalhousie (1878-1928)
John Gilbert Ramsay, 15th Earl of Dalhousie (1904-1950)
This page was last modified 11:04, 1 Apr 2005.
www.bostoncoop.net /~tpryor/wiki/index.php?title=Earl_of_Dalhousie   (180 words)

 Art Fresh : Article 'List of Privy Counsellors (1837-1901)'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
1852 Archibald Hamilton Montgomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton (1812-1861)
1875 John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquess of Lorne (1845-1914)
1889 William Hale John Charles Pery, 3rd Earl of Limerick (1840-1896)
www.art-fresh.net /DisplayArticleFull544142.html   (1229 words)

 Dalhousie Lodge Guest Book
Lodge Dalhousie came into existance in the year 1854 by the efforts of a band of zealous Freemasons stationed in Mussoorie and Dehra.
Robert Berrill, J. At this meeting it was proposed that the Lodge be known by the Style and title of ‘Lodge Dalhousie of Mussoorie and Dehra’.
My g.g.g.g grandfather was the 8th Earl of Dalhousie, which in turn makes Fox Maule the 11th Earl my g.g.
www.dalhousielodge.org /guestbook2.htm   (2942 words)

 Descendants of John Jacob Astor and Sarah Todd
Descendants of John Jacob Astor and Sarah Todd
John (Johann) Jacob Astor (1763-1848) [born in Waldorf near Heidelberg, Germany, emigrated to the USA in 1783, owner American Fur Company, built Astor House in New York], m.Sarah Todd Mary Astor (*1952), m.1st 1973 (div 1979) Honourable Anthony Ramsay [of the earls of Dalhousie] (*1949), m.2nd 1979 Thomas Lorne Nelson
www.angelfire.com /in/heinbruins/Astor.html   (3118 words)

 The National Archives | Search the archives | National Register of Archives | Details
Ansell, John Evelyn (1860-1936) Chief Clerk of Middlesex Deeds Registry (1)
Disraeli, Benjamin (1804-1881) Earl of Beaconsfield, statesman (97)
Thompson, William Whitaker (1857-1920) chairman of London County Council (1)
www.nra.nationalarchives.gov.uk /nra/searches/pidocs.asp?LR=74   (1355 words)

 Business Software Review : Article 'Charles Singer'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
This is a list of Liberty ships, freighters built in the United States of America during World War II.
The following is a list of notable personalities who have been or are believed to have been addicted to heroin (or other opiates) at some point during their lives.
Slash (musician) Milt Jackson (musician) Brian James (musician) Joan Jett (musician) Elvin Jones (musician) Mick Jones (musician) Philly Joe Jones (musician) Steve Jones (musician) Janis Joplin (singer) Antony Kiedis (musician) Paul Kossoff (musician) John Lennon (musician) Julian Lennon (singer) Courtney Love (musician, actress) Phil Lynott (musician) Brad Mehldau (musician) Jose Monje Cruz a.k.a.
www.business-software-review.org /DisplayArticle930785.html   (520 words)

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