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Topic: The Johnstones

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  SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- A home in a spin
Johnstone said he knows of five other rotating houses in the world, but none that are fully rotational and meet all of the current building codes.
Johnstone said his wife believed in his plans for the house from the start, even when many of their friends thought they were crazy.
Johnstone said he and his wife have sunk about $1 million into the house, and many of its fixtures and features were donated by manufacturers eager to have their wares on display.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/metro/20060210-9999-7m10rotate.html   (1314 words)

 Clan Johnston/Johnstone Association (U.K.)
The Johnstones fought the Black Douglases at Arkinholm in Dumfriesshire and participated in the King's siege of Threave Castle in Kirkcudbright.
The council consisted of Johnstones of Carnsalloch, Craigieburn, Elsieshields, Fairholm, Fingland, Howgill, Lockerbie, Marjoribanks, Millbank, Newton, Poldean and Wamphray.
It is said that the Laird of Johnstone affixed the head and right hand of Lord Maxwell to the battlements of Lochwood Tower as bloody trophies of the Johnstones' overwhelming victory at the Battle of Dryfe Sands.
www.johnstoneclan.org.uk /13003.html?*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*   (639 words)

 Maxwell-Johnstone Feud
The Johnstones and Maxwells competed for primacy in the Scottish borderland throughout the 16th century, with the chiefs of each family serving at various times as Wardens of the West March.
Sir James Johnstone was proclaimed a rebel for his actions, but he managed to escape punishment, and he regained royal favor several years later when the King needed his help in ruling the border.
Sir James Johnstone met the new Lord Maxwell, son of the chief who was killed at Dryfe Sands, in a meeting “under trust.” Each chief brought only one additional clansman, and the two retainers withdrew a short distance to let the chiefs talk privately.
www.clanmaxwellusa.com /Feud.htm   (778 words)

 Sir William Johnstone Pulteney and The Scottish Origins of Western New York by Jeffrey Johnstone
The Johnstones of Westerhall are probably an early offshoot of the Johnstones6 of Annandale in Dumfriesshire, Scotland—the main branch of the family.
The Westerhall family claims7 that Matthew was a son of the Chief of the Johnstones of Annandale, and that he received land called Westraw in Pettinain Parish, Lanarkshire, which the King had given to the Johnstones for service in the Battle of Arkinholm in 1455.
Sir William Johnstone Pulteney, a scion of the Westerhall family, began his life as "a penniless younger son,"9 and in his youth he developed habits of extreme thrift which he maintained for the rest of his life.
www.crookedlakereview.com /articles/101_135/132summer2004/132johnstone.html   (5149 words)

The Johnstones of Westerhall are an important branch of the Johnstones of Annandale, and descend from Matthew, second son of Sir Adam Johnstone of that ilk.
The Johnstons of Caskieben possess a baronetcy of NS, conferred in 1626 on George Johnston, Sheriff of Aberdeen.
Gilbert, son of Thomas Johnstone, who received the forfeited lands of Whiteriggs and Redmyre, in Kincardineshire, was probably of a family which derived the name from St John's-toun.
web.ukonline.co.uk /tom.paterson/surnames/njohnston.htm   (582 words)

 Border Reivers
The feud between the Maxwells and Johnstones was one of the bitterest feuds, with both families vying for dominance in the Scottish Western Border.
However, the Johnstones knew they were fighting for their existence and cut the disordered Maxwell forces to pieces.
Hume, Maxwell, Johnstone, Buccleuch, Bothwell, and other minor chiefs were sent to prison in a disciplinary ‘clean sweep’ for failure to keep order, for committing outrages themselves and for protecting certain of the reivers.
www.nwlink.com /~scotlass/border.htm   (10823 words)

 The Johnstone Gallery Archive - The Johnstone Gallery
Brian William Wallace Johnstone was born in Mussourie, India, on November 20, 1920.
It was Captain Johnstone's final posting in July 1949, as Aide-de-camp to the Governor of Queensland, Sir John Lavarack, that brought him to Brisbane.
In December 1950, Johnstone and his new wife Marjorie established the Johnstone Gallery, and for a seven-month period he was both Aide-de-camp and gallery director.
www.jga.slq.qld.gov.au /asp/index.asp?pgid=1340&cid=9028&gid=11   (1361 words)

 Life Stories: Rotating House Nears Completion - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
Janet said that she was able to sit in one place and paint the house as it moved by.
The Johnstones have a Web site dedicated to their unique home where you can find out more.
The Johnstones said that there is no other home just like this one anywhere in the world.
www.10news.com /news/1771426/detail.html   (532 words)

 Eilidh Bheag's Highland Homepage: History/Clans
Johnstone raided Maxwell's land and Maxwell burned Johnstone's house.
Then Maxwell captured Johnstone (this was supposed to happen the other way around, if you recall) and the grief of it caused Johnstone's death shortly after he was freed.
On April 1, 1592, all Scotland was amazed to hear that Johnstones had made a peace treaty with the Maxwells -- forgive and forget between Old Maxwell and the young Johnstone.
www.webmousepublications.com /eilidh/linen.html   (4691 words)

 The Johnstones of Annandale
He was rewarded by the King with a grant of the lands of Pettinane, in Lanarkshire, and the Johnstones have ever since borne along with their ancestral arms the heart and crown of Douglas, as a memorial of the important service rendered to the royal cause by their ancestor at that critical period.
JAMES JOHNSTONE, knight, the seventh in descent from him—an apostate Presbyterian—has obtained an unenviable notoriety as the cruel and brutal persecutor of the Covenanters.
The Johnstones of Alva are descended from John Johnstone, a younger son of the third baronet, a distinguished officer who commanded the artillery at the battle of Plassey, and made himself conspicuous by the strong interest which he took in the affairs of the East India Company.
www.electricscotland.com /webclans/families/johnstones.htm   (3683 words)

 Johnstones Recruitment Solutions
Johnstones Recruitment Solutions Ltd is one of Norfolk's leading specialist recruitment consultancies.
Johnstones Recruitment Solutions: the number one for professional recruitment across East Anglia, specialising in the Accountancy, Legal, Sales and Marketing, HR and Office Support sectors.
Recently joining Johnstones after a number of years working in the field of Education, Jane is a highly experienced recruitment consultant, with a wealth of experience in the Office Support sector and a great understanding of the business landscape in East Anglia.
www.johnstonesrs.com /AboutUs.aspx   (663 words)

lan Johnstone consists of at least two distinct groups, those of Annandale in Dumfries and Galloway, and those of Caskieben in Aberdeenshire, as well as Johnston(e)s who cannot easily be classified as either, such as those who took their name from the former name of Perth (St. Johnstoun) or other places called Johnston or Johnstone.
The Johnstones were excellent horsemen and, dressed in a metal helmet (steel bonnet) and reinforced leather jacket (jack), with a long lance, cutting sword and set of pistols, a Johnstone clansman was well adapted to his world.
The principal stronghold of the Johnstones was Lochwood Tower, a massive, L-shaped fortress surrounded by forest and marsh.
www.johnstons.org /clan/history.html   (2079 words)

 Oregon Department of Energy - Conservation Division Couple discovers idyllic life at coast
Kate Burnett Johnstone is a native Oregonian who was raised on a farm in rural Lake Oswego in the 1950s, but found her home in the small coastal hamlet of Manzanita, population 571.
The Johnstones and other community fundraisers are using the conceptual drawings to raise money for the building project.
The Johnstone´s model qualified for a tax credit of $297 that they claimed on their Oregon taxes dollar-for-dollar.
www.oregon.gov /ENERGY/CONS/RES/tax/Johnstones.shtml   (1026 words)

 Scotland - Clans and Tartans of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands
The Johnstones supported the crown for generations and in 1633 Sir James Johnstone of Johnstone was created Lord Johnstone of Lochwood by Charles I.,and ten years later he was created Earl of Hartfell.
The Johnstones of Westerhall, in Dunfriesshire, were descended from the same stock, and John, 2nd of Westerhall, was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1700.
The Johnstones of the North were represented by the Johnstones of Johnstone.
www.scottishweb.net /culture/clans/scottish_clan_johnstone.htm   (332 words)

 The Johnstone Clan
Lochwood Tower is situated on the northern boundary of the Parish of Johnstone, in a wood of oaks and surrounded by deep bays and marshes.
The Johnstone stronghold was to experience the effects of raids and border warfare and in particular the feuds.
The fire destroyed the charter chests with all the family title documents, charters, etc. Their destruction made the task of writing the history of the early members of the family from the 12th century to the 16th century, one of much difficulty.
www.billwilliams.org /history/johnstone_clan.html   (1497 words)

 J30 Review
While the Johnstones understand that the weekend warrior with bucks to spend on a boat typically needs speed, they also know he’ll spend more time sailing if his family loves it, too.
When Johnstone couldn’t get his brother Bob’s employer, Sunfish builder AMF Alcort, to build a production version, the brothers struck out on their own, with Bob’s yacht marketing experience perfectly complementing Rod’s design instincts.
In 1984 the Johnstones added a cockpit coaming and lowered the bridge to the cockpit floor, as well as taking out a quarterberth to create a bigger galley, making the boat more yuppie-friendly, if a trace less raceable offshore.
www.jboats.com /j30/j30review.htm   (1820 words)

 Jetsons: Meet the Johnstones - Zillow Blog - Real Estate News and Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The secret to the Johnstones’ creation is The Swivel technology which is the central core that everything passes through — telephone, cable, electrical, plumbing, gas — everything.
The Johnstones have a patent for the technology and will consult on a project and will sell the specialty parts to build a rotating home, but they are not in the business of building rotating homes.
Non-sequitur: If the Johnstones have a lazy susan on their kitchen table and it’s spun 3 mph counter-clockwise and the home is spinning 3 mph clockwise, does that mean the lazy susan doesn’t spin?
www.zillowblog.com /jetsons-meet-the-johnstones/2006/08   (446 words)

  Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland: The Fairies Revenge
Johnstone and asked her for a porringer of milk.
Johnstone was sitting spinning flax in the parlour, the same little woman in the blue cloak suddenly stood before her.
Now the Johnstones had one only child; a beautiful bright boy, as strong as a young colt, and as full of life and merriment.
www.sacred-texts.com /neu/celt/ali/ali016.htm   (910 words)

  The Johnstone Clan
The Johnstones were excellent horsemen and, dressed in a metal helmet (steel bonnet) and reinforced leather jacket (jack), with a long lance, cutting sword and set of pistols, a Johnstone clansman was well adapted to his world.
The principal stronghold of the Johnstones was Lochwood Tower, a massive, L-shaped fortress surrounded by forest and marsh.
During the sixteenth century the Johnstones and the Maxwells competed for primacy in the Scottish West March.
www.angelfire.com /ms2/cinmiss/johnstone.html   (641 words)

 Union Label Group - Stomp - Union 2112 - Mayday
After having continued success, the release of their 2nd EP; “Johnstones vs Keepin 6”, quickly led to being signed by STOMP records, a venus management contract with Zack Werner, and destroying well over capacitied crowds all over Ontario and Quebec.
The release of “Word is Bond” on STOMP solidified The Johnstones spot as one of the Heavyweights of Canada.
The Johnstones have plenty in store for the future including the release of a second LP, a North American tour, and worldwide stardom.
www.unionlabelgroup.com /bandsview.php?id=53   (236 words)

 What's New in 1997
The early years of Clan Johnstone are usually claimed to be "lost in the Mists of Antiquity", and until those mists clear the exact relationships between the various branches scattered over Scotland will remain difficult to determine.
Much of what has been written of the Johnstones, especially by Sir Bernard Burke in his Dormant and Extinct Peerages, is seriously in error.
We intend to publish a closer look at the earliest records of the Johnstones and their relationship with their overlords, the Bruces, in Yorkshire and in southwestern Scotland, later this year.
www.baronage.co.uk /bphtm-01/whatnew1.html   (765 words)

 The Lochwood Tower Page - Part Three
It appears that the first Johnstone land holding in Scotland may have been further south, as the first such known land was at the southern end of Annandale.
In fact, it is possible the the Johnstones did not occupy the Lochwood site until after the Black Douglas Rebellion of 1455, in which the Johnstones assisted the King in putting down the most powerful family in Scotland.
The stone castle of Lochwood was probably constructed during the lifetime of John Johnstone of Johnstone, who was Chief from 1454 through 1493, although this is not certain.
clanjohnston.org /lochwood3.html   (1038 words)

 Maffetts in the Southeast
Principle among the enemies of the Moffats were the Johnstones.
In 1557, the then Chief, Robert Moffat of Auldton, was murdered in church by the Johnstones.
In the same year - possibly the last act of this long-running feud - the Johnstones set fire to a building in which the principle Moffats had gathered, slaughtering those who tried to escape.
homepage.mac.com /michaelmaffett/maffettsinthesou.html   (2673 words)

 Chapel of the Cross - About the Chapel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Adjacent to the Chapel, Margaret Johnston had constructed a rectory which was designed by the same architect who built the Manship House in Jackson, an excellent example of Gothic Revival residential architecture.
In 1866, Daniel Mann purchased the rectory from Margaret Johnstone as a residence.
Henry Vick was buried there in the wee morning hours of the day he was supposed to be wed in the Chapel to Helen Johnstone, daughter of Margaret Johnstone who had the Chapel built.
www.chapelofthecrossms.org /about/facilities.html   (1453 words)

 Mt. Helix Home Makes Heads Turn - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
Al and Janet Johnstone came up with the idea six years ago and did most of the work themselves.
Al Johnstone patented a system where pipes and wires rotate with the house.
The Johnstones will be hosting tours of their home the next two weekends starting Friday.
www.10news.com /news/9308108/detail.html   (581 words)

 [No title]
Built on sound ethics and a determination to develop a consultancy entirely focused on candidates within East Anglia who are seriously looking for that all important career move, it is committed to building careers and businesses for the future.
Johnstones is differentiating itself from the more traditional view of recruitment with non-commissioned and experienced consultants, flexible rates for clients of all sizes, and career advice offered without obligation.
Johnstones is committed to retaining talented and ambitious candidates locally, encouraging realisation of their potential.
business.edp24.co.uk /content/advertisers/directories/aspx/07/07RecruitmentDir.aspx   (266 words)

 The Historical Families of Dunfriesshire and the Border Wars by C L Johnstone
Owing to the custom of the sons of heiresses inheriting their mother’s name, and of lands being rarely entailed exclusively on male heirs, it is a very unusual circumstance to find two branches of one family claiming unbroken male descent from the 15
- Rise of The Maxwells - The Johnstones - Carruthers - Corries - Reputed Relationship of the Newbie and Gretna Johnstones to the Marquises of Annandale - Curious Charter - The English Invasions of Annandale - The Annandale Peerage Case - Johnstones of Westerhall - Note on Lady Janet Dunbar, andc.
The Johnstones of Galabank - Prince Charles Edward Invades Dumfriesshire - Count Lockhart - Imperial Visitors - Funeral Expenses - Howard’s allusion to the young physician - Sir William Pulteney - Alienation of Galabank - The Poles - Manipur - The Dryad - The Second Marquis of Annandale - The Last Marquis.
www.electricscotland.com /history/dumfries/index.htm   (686 words)

 Clan Johnston/e in America - History of Clan Johnston/e
Clan Johnston/e consists of at least two distinct groups, those of Annandale in Dumfries and Galloway, and those of Caskieben in Aberdeenshire, as well as Johnston(e)s who cannot easily be classified as either, such as those who took their name from the former name of Perth (St. Johnstoun) or other places called Johnston or Johnstone.
Later Johnstone lairds fought the English at the Battle of Solway in 1378 and the Battle of Otterbourne in 1388.
In 1983, after a lapse of nearly two centuries, the Lord Lyon King of Arms officially recognized Major Percy Wentworth Hope Johnstone of Annandale and of that Ilk, hereditary Keeper of Lochmaben Castle and a descendant of the daughter of the first Marquis of Annandale, as Chief of Clan Johnstone.
clanjohnston.org /history.html   (2195 words)

 Carson Johnson - The Johnsons - Chapter 17
The Johnstones lived on the Scottish-English border, and were involved in frequent clashes with the English and with rival Scottish clans, especially the Maxwells.  The border clans were reivers, an obsolete term that means they lived by plunder and robbery.  Clansmen went across the border between
Richard Johnston, son of Thomas Johnston,  Jr., and Susannah White, was the father of RichardJohnston Jr.
Jonathan Johnston, son of Thomas Johnston,  Jr., and Susannah White, was born in Chowan County, NC, and died after May 2, 1762 in Chowan County.  He was the father of four sons.
www.carsonjohnson.com /chapter17-johnson.htm   (4445 words)

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