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Topic: Jon Schwartz

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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

  Jonathan Schwartz - Valleywag
It was wrong to doubt that Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz (pictured), proud owner of a house "on the edge of the Mission district" and wearer of a "look how different I am" ponytail, was anything but a hipster.
Jonathan Schwartz speaks his own language, where "the edge of the Mission" means "a big house on Church Street" and "try and buy" means "General Motors should be a phone company." So his new Forbes Q&A needs some Valleyspeak interpretation.
While Jon Schwartz is going all "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got," he's redefining "the edge of the Mission District." Big-time tech writer John Markoff named the edgy San Fran hood as Schwartz's stompin' grounds in his glowing NY Times profile.
valleywag.com /tech/jonathan-schwartz   (2700 words)

 Jonathan Schwartz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jonathan Schwartz or Jon Schwartz is the name of several persons:
Jonathan I. Schwartz, current President and COO of Sun Microsystems
Jon Schwartz, singer and bass guitarist of The Rainmakers
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jonathan_Schwartz   (137 words)

 Napster's New Maestro
Schwartz also played a major role in shutting down the company's music-swapping service in July in order to work out kinks in the system for filtering copyrighted songs.
Schwartz has kept a toe in the political waters, recently writing a commentary in the Los Angeles Times in response to congressional hearings on Attorney General John Ashcroft's response to the terrorist attacks.
Schwartz said working for Marshall had a profound impact on his understanding and appreciation of the law.
www.law.com /regionals/ca/stories/edt0110a.shtml   (1425 words)

 Eagle Raceway   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Schwartz moved into third, and he made it past Lundgren for second, but debris in turn one brought the yellow out again on lap seven.
Schwartz wasted no time on the restart as he slipped underneath Spring to take the lead going into turn one, and within five laps he extended his advantage to a full straightaway.
Schwartz wouldn’t be denied, however as he sped away on the restart.
www.eagleraceway.com /raceresults/schedulerace.asp?sid=172   (755 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > Sports -- Carlsbad kayaker's trolling technique helps land marlin
Jon Schwartz knows the way he hooked and landed a 200-pound blue marlin aboard his kayak in the East Cape of Baja last week won't qualify as a true "kayak fish" among 'yak purists, but that's fine with him.
Schwartz, an elementary schoolteacher from Carlsbad who was fishing out of Rancho Leonero Resort, hooked the marlin while trolling a lure from a panga.
Schwartz would have preferred to release the fish, but it was tail-wrapped and expired during the battle.
www.signonsandiego.com /sports/outdoors/20030812-9999_1s12outdoors.html   (563 words)

 Sun News - Executive Bios: Jonathan Schwartz
Jonathan Schwartz is president and chief operating officer of Sun Microsystems and leads all operational functions at Sun, from product development and worldwide marketing, to global sales and manufacturing.
Schwartz is a frequent lecturer at Stanford University and is the only Fortune 500 president to communicate with employees, customers, partners, investors and other community members through a personal web blog.
Schwartz was chief executive officer of Lighthouse Design, Ltd., which Sun acquired.
www.sun.com /aboutsun/media/ceo/mgt_schwartz.html   (143 words)

 BERMUDA'S DEAD Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
On the back cover, Jon is the only one touching the water's surface, signifying that Jon is "in heaven".
The Al & band photo shows a funeral: Jon's body is placed in a "walking position" (walking to heaven), Steve is crying over Bermuda's death, Al is saluting to heaven, Jim is stunned over Bermuda's death, and Ruben is too upset so he looks away.
On the CD in the movie's hotel segment, all the other band members are wearing dark pants, while Jon is the only one wearing light pants.
www.geocities.com /SouthBeach/Terrace/5089   (492 words)

 Eagle Raceway
Jon Schwartz arrived with only a few minutes to spare for his heat race, but by feature time he was more than ready and passed Stacey Wilhelm just past halfway and cruised to his first Spring Valley Homes IMCA Modified win of 2005.
Jon Schwartz’s late arrival to the track didn’t slow the Omaha, NE driver down.
Schwartz kept the pressure on — with eight laps left, Wilhelm clipped the turn two berm, and getting him out of shape for Schwartz to make the pass.
www.eagleraceway.com /news/topicsview.asp?mid=385   (907 words)

 Lebanon Valley vs Milw. Sch. of Eng. (Mar 03, 2005)
HBP - Kelly, Jon; Schwartz, Ri; Brandt, Brad.
SB - Schwartz, Ri; Gorzelnik, A; Hoppert, Tho; Thompson, Sc; Robinson, Br.
Schwartz, Ri grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b; Kelly, Jon out on the play.
www.lakemichiganconference.org /baseball/stats/2005/ms07.htm   (1286 words)

 Chemistry - Jon Bio
Born in the Bronx, Jon’s musical interests began at age six when he started lessons on a 1/2-size violin and got his chops via the infamous Suzuki method.
One summer when Jon was in middle school, he took home one of his school’s string basses because he and his dad thought they were cool.
The two studied privately one summer, and Jon was hooked on the bass from then on, getting his first electric bass at the age of 15.
www.chemistrylive.com /biojon.htm   (268 words)

 Coach connects with disabled kids on rink and off
Jon Schwartz is always conscious of which defenseman has autism and responds
However, when Schwartz talks about having a special bond with the players, he is not referring solely to slap shots or face-offs.
Schwartz moved to River Vale with his wife and started coaching kids in Glen Rock four years ago and is now the varsity coach at Glen Rock High School.
www.shanj.org /News/coach.htm   (853 words)

 Weird Al Yankovic
Jon Schwartz was also there, and he was a percussionist, so he was recruited to bang on Al's accordion case.
With Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz on drums, the band was complete.
Al claims to have been inspired by Allan Sherman, whose portrait in miniature (with name) can be found by the observant on the cover of Al's first album.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/w/we/weird_al_yankovic.html   (1298 words)

 The Tiger Interviews Weird Al's Drummer - Jon Bermuda Schwartz
Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz has been playing drums professionally for over 20 years and most of those years have been spent in the drum chair for Weird Al Yankovic.
Jon discusses life on the road with Weird Al, talks about those WFD contests, and passes on some important tips on what it takes to make it in the drumming biz.
JBS (Jon Bermuda Schwartz): I know everyone would like to hear about some illustrious career prior to working with Al, but he's my main claim to fame.
www.tigerbill.com /drummerinterviews/bermudaschwartz.htm   (2119 words)

 You Should Have Seen
Annapolis defenders Jon Schwartz (57) and Willon Forrester (52) made several key tackles in a win over South River.
Jon Schwartz recorded 12 tackles, and Benny Price and Willon Forrester had eight each.
Annapolis Coach Brian Brown said Schwartz "made some big hits," and he also credited the defensive line for tying up the offensive linemen, which freed the linebackers to make those plays.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2005/10/12/AR2005101200718.html   (616 words)

 See Podcaster Details on PodcastAlley.com -- The place to find Podcasts
Podcast #27: Chat with Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz Download Podcast #27: Chat with Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz In this podcast Stephanie Scace and I sit down with Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, who is the drummer for The "Weird Al" Yankovic Band.
Jon discusses practicing, his career before and after "Weird Al", the recording industry, internet piracy, and of course...
Jon is the drummer for The "Weird Al" Yankov...
www.podcastalley.com /podcast_details.php?pod_id=1133   (2466 words)

 ApologetiX- FAQs
Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz has been Weird Al Yankovic's drummer and webmaster for about 25 years now, and he played on seven tracks on our "Biblical Graffiti" CD, two of which are also featured on "New & Used Hits: The Best of ApologetiX Vol.
Jon has kept in touch with us over the years via email, although we keep just missing each other at concerts.
In 2002, we planned to meet up when we were scheduled to play in Milwaukee the same day as Al, (us in the afternoon and Al at night), but our concert was changed to a night concert at the last moment.
www.apologetix.com /faq/faq-detail.php?faq_q_id=193   (432 words)

 Red Hat Executives: To Jon Schwartz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
In this post, Schwartz was talking about open office which is completely open source.
Jonathan Schwartz is a flailing blow hard trying to salvage what's left of a once great company.
Schwartz shouts down from his tower, and you listen.
blogs.redhat.com /executive/archives/000142.html   (9465 words)

 Jon Schwartz - TheBestLinks.com - California, Twentieth Century, 2001, 1998, ...
Jon Schwartz - TheBestLinks.com - California, Twentieth Century, 2001, 1998,...
Jon Schwartz, California, Twentieth Century, 2001, 1998, Singer, Drummer...
Jon(Jonathan) Schwartz singer and bass guitarist of The Rainmakers
www.thebestlinks.com /Jon_Schwartz.html   (159 words)

 Jon Schwartz (I)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Jon Schwartz (I) Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases IMDbTV Message Boards Showtimes and Tickets IMDbPro IMDb Resume
Bermuda Schwartz / John 'Bermuda' Schwartz / Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz
The Compleat Al (1985) (V) (as John 'Bermuda' Schwartz)....
www.imdb.com /name/nm0777293   (268 words)

 Daily editor fires reporter over critical email   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
In a strange turn of events last week, Michigan Daily editor-in-chief Jon Schwartz fired a well-known Daily news reporter over an email he sent critical of an editor.
In an email to Goodspeed approximately three hours later, Schwartz told Goodspeed that he was fired from the newspaper.
Last Friday, former government beat reporter Louis Meizlish was elected by the staff to succeed Schwartz as Editor-In-Chief in 2003.
www.goodspeedupdate.com /reporter-fired-11-22-02.htm   (736 words)

 'Elf' bears gifts for New Line   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Christmas has come early for Will Ferrell (whose rising star has just gotten a meteoric boost), director Jon Favreau (who's on target to enter the $100-million club) and New Line Cinema.
That family film was a mid-November opener and relied on word of mouth to help it reach grosses of $285 million in 1990.
"Jon added great heart to the film, Adam added great humor and Scot contributed tremendously by way of dialogue," Berg said.
www.hollywoodreporter.com /thr/film/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=2030708   (714 words)

 WhoWon.com ... The Internet Source for Motorsports News and Information
EAGLE, Neb. -- Jon Schwartz rebounded from a tough night last week to win convincingly in the 20-lap Spring Valley Homes IMCA Modified A feature.
Jon Schwartz and crew in victory lane Saturday night after taking their second IMCA Modified feature win of the season at Eagle Raceway.
New track record of 16.164 second set on lap 20 by Jon Schwartz.
www.whowon.com /results.asp?trackid=1105&storyid=151663   (836 words)

 PROMISED LAND   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
This was the first crossover episode with "Touched By An Angel" — part one of this story is TBAA episode #310, "The Homecoming, Part One".
Dinah sees Andrew hitchhiking when she joins Russell on one of his trucking jobs and becomes concerned for the rest of their family.
Produced by: Steven Phillip Smith, Martha Williamson, William Schwartz, Jon Andersen & R.J. Visciglia, Jr.
www.efanguide.com /~johndye/filmography/PL1.html   (294 words)

 Brian's "Weird Al" Yankovic Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
There are already several good general "Weird Al" Yankovic pages out there, most noticeably Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz's.
Jon has been Al's drummer since the start of the band, and his page is the definitive source for information about Al.
Here are a couple of pictures of Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz taken at the Rockford concert.
alumni.imsa.edu /~data/weird-al.html   (533 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Our latest product is really taking off, so much so that we at Morrison Schwartz need to commit ourselves completely to working on it.
Because we’ve decided to focus and commit all our resources on KPL, we have decided to open the source on ALL of our previous products.
Copyright © 2005 Morrison Schwartz, Inc. All rights reserved.
www.ms-inc.net   (282 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
MOTION by Randal Schwartz, 2nd by Jon Orwant, that we dissolve the corporation.
Tim commented on need for directional leader; Larry discussed "top-down" vs. "bottom-up" development - TPI was an attempt at a "top-down" approach, but Perl culture is more grassroots, a la the Perl Mongers.
MOTION by Randal Schwartz, 2nd by Jon Orwant, that we gift the assets of the TPI corporation to the Perl Mongers, non-profit of New York, subject to their board approval, and presentation of a project that is acceptable to a majority of the TPI board within 60 days.
perl.plover.com /minutes-19990303.txt   (287 words)

 We've Got It All On UHF   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
June 14, 1998 - the Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz signature tattoo is inked.
January 19, 1999 - the Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz portrait tattoo is inked.
July 26, 1999 - pictures from the after show where I got the Steve Jay signature.
weirdal.0catch.com /tattoo.html   (340 words)

 SERVANT'S HEART: INDIE CD REVIEWS - Apologetix : Biblical Graffiti
ApologetiX has developed a unique approach to outreach, setting original scriptural lyrics to familiar general market pop, rock, and alternative songs from the 50's through the 90's.
Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz from Weird Al Yankovic's band plays drums on a number of songs on this project.
The Pittsbugh based group tailors it's songs to suit the audience (young or old) with a 300+ song repertoire.
www.servantsheart.net /indiecd26.htm   (107 words)

 St. Albans School: School Too Wary of Precedents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
He hoped that this year he would be able to graduate with the rest of the class at Commencement, despite his premature departure.
When I heard about Jon’s situation, it just seemed as if St. Albans was acting in its typical manner—change is unnecessary, and in some cases, detrimental.
In the course of life, children will learn how to become successful in their lifetime, especially in a learning environment such as St. Albans, but they also need to lighten up, or realize that they have forged a group of intelligent adolescents into a group of angry and depressed men.
www.sta.cathedral.org /stanews/99-00issue6/luceed.html   (523 words)

 The Power Of The Schwartz | Jon Udell On WinFS And Social Computing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Continuing on my recent theme of WinFS, XML and Ray Ozzie, I see that Jon Udell recognizes the inevitable connection between WinFS and social computing
With each passing week, I find more reason to believe that Ray Ozzie's role at Microsoft must have a lot to do with creating a coherent vision that leverages WinFS and XML to bring traditional collaboration and social collaboration together.
If anyone at Microsoft has the ability to build a coherent vision and deliver the type of platform Jon is talking about, it's Ray.
smokey.rhs.com /web/blog/PowerOfTheSchwartz.nsf/d6plinks/RSCZ-6FZHA7   (290 words)

 University of Delaware Sports Information
In the men's match, the teams split the six singles matches but the Blue Hens picked up the doubles point by winning at the No. 2 and No. 3 doubles spot.
Picking up singles wins for the Hens were Josh Ditman at No. 3, Jason Hanschman at No. 5, and Jon Schwartz at No. 6.
Jeremy Fehrs, 6-2, 4-6, 10-7; Jon Schwartz, D, def.
www.udel.edu /sportsinfo/mens_tennis/mtennis05-lafayette.html   (439 words)

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