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Topic: Jordan Valley

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  AQUASTAT - FAO's Information System on Water and Agriculture
Jordan, with a total area of about 89 210 km², lies to the east of the Jordan river and is divided into eightgovernorates: Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Mafraq, Balqa, Karak, Tafileh and Ma'an.
It is bordered in the north by Syria, in the north-east by Iraq, in the south-east and south by Saudi Arabia, in the far south-west by the Gulf of Aqaba (northern shores of the Red Sea) and in the west by Israel.
Jordan's past economic development plans reveal that surface water resources have been extensively developed by the Government, with priority given to the construction of dams and irrigation projects in the Jordan valley in order to maximize the utilization of this resource before its drainage to the Dead Sea.
www.fao.org /waicent/faoinfo/agricult/agl/aglw/aquastat/countries/jordan/index.stm   (3159 words)

 JORDAN ESCARPMENT VALLEY - 1984 Carolinian Canada Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The area includes the major part of the meander valley of the Twenty Mile Creek as it cuts across the plain and is adjacent to the escarpment valley and terrace valley of the Jordan Escarpment Valley.
Vegetation in the re-entrant valley is mainly healthy and mature consisting of red and white oak, white ash, hop-hornbeam, white elm, basswood, sugar, red and fl maple, fl cherry, sweet cherry and a few eastern hemlock and butternut walnut.
At the mouth of the valley is a broad floodplain basin with well developed annual alternate stream channelization on scree; this extends to the north towards the drowned meander valley alluvial wetlands of the Jordan Harbour area.
www.carolinian.org /CarolinianSites_JordanValley.htm   (915 words)

 Daily Bible Study - The Jordan Valley
Jordan is derived from the Hebrew word pronounced yar-dane, meaning descender.
Jacob was renamed Israel at the ford of the Jabbok River, a tributary of the Jordan: "The same night he arose and took his two wives [see Leah and Rachel], his two maids, and his eleven children [The Tribes Of Israel], and crossed the ford of the Jabbok.
The Jordan River was the area where John The Baptist conducted much of his ministry.
www.keyway.ca /htm2002/jordanva.htm   (550 words)

 Palestine Monitor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Israel has in effect "annexed" the Jordan Valley, or eastern strip of the West Bank, by severely restricting the movements of Palestinians inside it, it was claimed yesterday.
Although the settlements in the Jordan Valley were created, like others, since the Six-Day War in 1967, the IDF pointed out that under the Oslo accords the area was classified as "Area C" under which it continued to be controlled by Israel.
Women who married residents of the valley but had not changed their ID or addresses were frightened to leave the area in case they were refused permission to return.
www.palestinemonitor.org /nueva_web/updates_news/news/annex_jordan_valley.htm   (1103 words)

The main characteristics of Jordan climate reflect the transitional location of the country between the Mediterranean climate in the West; and arid climates in the East and in the South.
Jordan thus has a temperate, semi and subtropical climate which is well suited to horticulture for most of the year.
Jordan is located in the eastern Mediterranean between latitudes 29.30(and 32.31(N. Jordan is rather mountainous in the west, north and south, flat in the east with a major valley (Jordan Valley) along the Eastern mountains from north to south.
www.hridir.org /countries/jordan/index.htm   (465 words)

 Jordan Valley Hospital
Jordan Valley is excited to announce its new cardiac catheterization, angiography and interventional suite, scheduled to open February 2006.
This is the first MRI in West Jordan, and brings 21st Century imaging to the southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley and its residents.
Jordan Valley Hospital was built to meet the needs of the community in the southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley, which has been one of the fastest growing regions in Utah since the early 1980s.
www.jordanvalleyhospital.com /second/news/news.htm   (2615 words)

 B'Tselem - 13 Feb. 2006: Israel has de facto annexed the Jordan Valley
In the Jordan Valley, the eastern strip of the West Bank, Israel has instituted a regime of permits and harsh restrictions on the movement of Palestinians.
Route 90, which runs the length of the Jordan Valley, was once the main traffic artery connecting the northern part of the West Bank to Jericho and the Allenby bridge, which is the sole crossing point between the West Bank and Jordan and the rest of the world.
Women who married valley residents and moved there, but did not change their address in their identity cards, cannot leave their villages without fear that they will not be allowed to return to their homes.
www.btselem.org /English/Settlements/20060213_Annexation_of_the_Jordan_Valley.asp   (1191 words)

 Jordan River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
South of the lake, it forms the border between the Kingdom of Jordan (to the east) and the State of Israel (to the west).
The waters of the Jordan are an extremely important resource to the dry lands of the area and are a bone of contention between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians.
In the Hebrew Bible, the Jordan is referred to as the source of fertility to a large plain ("Kikkar ha-Yarden"), called on account of its luxuriant vegetation "the garden of God" (Genesis 13:10).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jordan_Valley   (1103 words)

 New Jordan Valley law needs support of agriculture, water management legislation to succeed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
JORDAN VALLEY — The absence of a new modern agricultural law and effective marketing and water management policies will render the newly-enacted Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) Development Law insufficient to achieve a drastic agricultural and economic change in the strategic valley, farmers and experts in the sector are arguing.
Farmers in the valley told The Jordan Times that the losses they are confronted with every year are due to a lack of high quality water in sufficient volume, the absence of marketing effectiveness and the need for clear guidance and agricultural policies.
A key point in the new law is that the ownership in the lush valley was restricted to a maximum of 250 dunums for any Jordanian individual, a number which farmers said would encourage feudalism and the monopoly of lands in the valley by some influential people.
www.jordanembassyus.org /07092001003.htm   (913 words)

 Jordan - Touristic Sites - The Jordan Valley
The Jordan Valley is a low-lying strip which cleaves down the western border of the country.
The Jordan River—or River Jordan, as it is commonly called—is one of the most sacred places, both historically and symbolically, for Christians throughout the world.
One of Jordan’s most exciting archeological discoveries of recent times is at Deir Ain Abata, the cave where Lot and his family sought refuge from the devastation of Sodom and Gomorrah.
www.kinghussein.gov.jo /tourism4.html   (2381 words)

 Lower Jordan Valley
The Lower Jordan Valley is divided into two zones by a narrowing of the valley approximately 25 miles south of the Sea of Galilee.
It guarded the eastern entrance to the Jezreel Valley and the main highway that crossed the Jordan at the fords south of the Sea of Galilee.
It shows all the major features of the Jordan Valley: the valley floor which is called the Ghor in Arabic, the winding Jordan River that flows through the "jungle" or "Swelling of the Jordan" called the Zor in Arabic, and the desolate area of eroded ridges and peaks that separates the Ghor from the Zor.
www.messengers-of-messiah.org /Tour/LowerJor.html   (1345 words)

 Clearing The Jordan Valley Of Palestinians By Amira Hass
Someone who apparently had an especially sarcastic sense of humor decided to officially name the Jordan Valley Road, Route 90, the "Gandhi Road." The reference is not to Mahatma Gandhi, but to Rehavam Ze'evi, who advocated "transfer"--the expulsion of the Palestinians from their land.
For not only on this road, but throughout the enormous and beautiful expanse of the Jordan Valley and the eastern slopes of the hills, there is an oppressive sense of absence, loss, and emptiness.
And in October, people were given another reason to become fed up with life in the valley: Palestinian farmers were prevented from selling their produce to Israeli farmers at the nearest border crossing between the valley and Israel.
www.countercurrents.org /pa-hass160206.htm   (857 words)

 Jordan Explorer , news, jordan travel, tours, forums, postcards, mobile, ringtones, relax, music, recipes, petra, wadi ...
To the east of the Mediterranean and northwest of the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan lies between the 29°11'-33°22' north and 34°59'-39°18' east parallels.
The first consists of the eastern depression of the Jordan Valley from the southern end of the Sea of Galilee in the north, along the Jordan River, the Dead Sea (at about 412 m/1,350 ft below sea level, the lowest point on earth) down to the Red Sea at Aqaba.
Jordan is a conservative country as far as dress code is concerned.
www.jordan-explorer.com /english.asp   (704 words)

 Jordan Valley Hospital
Jordan Valley Hospital has been serving the health care needs of the Southwest Valley for more than 20 years.
In January 2004, Jordan Valley completed Phase I of the hospitals’ expansion project.
Jordan Valley Hospital exists to provide excellent healthcare services to the communities it serves.
www.jordanvalleyhospital.com   (275 words)

 Geography of Jordan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jordan is landlocked except at its southern extremity, where nearly twenty-six kilometers of shoreline along the Gulf of Aqaba provide access to the Red Sea.
Jordan's boundaries with Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia do not have the special significance that the border with Israel does; these borders have not always hampered tribal nomads in their movements, yet for a few groups borders did separate them from traditional grazing areas and water sources.
The rift valley on the southern side of the Dead Sea is known as the Southern Ghawr and the Wadi al Jayb (popularly known as the Wadi al Arabah).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Geography_of_Jordan   (2089 words)

In the past Jordan Valley figure skaters have had to become members of clubs in other communities to compete and test under the USFS guidelines.
Jordan Valley Figure Skating Club will have their first club representation in the USFS Regional competition this October from skaters Bethany Shinn and Anna Berry.
Jordan Valley Figure Skating Club continues to raise the bar as two-member skaters medal during their regional competition.
www.jordanvalleyfsc.org /news.htm   (1058 words)

 Flora of Jordan
Jordan flora covers the wild plants of different ecosystems and habitats in Jordan.
Jordan flora also aims to address the cultural aspect of regional species through publishing information from ethnobotany related to medicinal uses of local species in traditional medicine during Greco-Roman, Islamic, and the recent past.
On Nov. 29,2003 this plant was spotted by Ammar Khammash in a waterfall at one of the valleys by the eastern shores of the Dead Sea.
www.jordanflora.com   (559 words)

 Jordan Valley Retrievers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Jordan Valley Retrievers offers training services that include hunting retriever training, and we train dogs for competition in AKC and UKC Hunt Tests.
Jordan Valley Retrievers is proud to train and run the Budweiser Hunting Retrievers.
Jordan Valley has access to over 2000 private acres of prime hunting and training land.
www.jordanvalleyretrievers.com   (294 words)

 Jordan Valley Park Master Plan
Described as a "grand civic gesture", Jordan Valley Park is designed to mix open space and buildings, water and meadows, playgrounds and plazas.
Connections: Jordan Valley Park is about connections - the past with the future, north Springfield with south, industry with agriculture, people with nature.
Jordan Valley Park is the imagination of more than 300 citizens who created a collective vision for the heart of Springfield.
www.ci.springfield.mo.us /jvp/master.html   (334 words)

 Upper Jordan Valley
The Upper Jordan Valley is approximately 14 miles long and varies in width from 4 to 6 miles.
East of the Upper Jordan Valley is the Golan region, which was an important granary of the Roman Empire.
West of the Upper Jordan Valley are the mountains of Upper Galilee, called the "land of Naphtali" in the Bible.
www.messengers-of-messiah.org /Tour/UpperJor.html   (1314 words)

 Jordan Valley
The Jordan Valley is situated along the northern edge of the Great Rift Valley.
In addition to resident species, the valley is host to a continual flux of migrating birds.
Clearly, the Jordan Valley supports a high Biodiversity that is important regionally and globally.
www.wildlife-pal.org /jordan_valley.htm   (524 words)

 Flora of Jordan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
During all of June, the Jordan valley is full of blooming Flame Trees.
Flame Trees are sold in nurseries in the Jordan Valley, buy some if you can plant them in a tropical environment, but remember that this elegant tree would strictly refuse living in Amman.
In the northern part of the Jordan valley, the village of Waqqas carries the name of one of the Companions of the Prophet, (Amir bin Abi Waqqas).
www.jordanflora.com /flame_tree.htm   (1013 words)

 After the Hamas Victory: The Increasing Importance of Israel's Strategic Barrier in the Jordan Valley - Dore Gold
Should Israel withdraw from the Jordan Valley to the line of the security fence, it would not be able to stop the flow of insurgents and equipment into the West Bank to the terrain dominating Ben-Gurion Airport and other vital parts of Israel's national infrastructure along its coastal plain.
In this case, however, the Jordan Valley's role in Israel's defense is not to serve its traditional function as a steep strategic barrier blocking a numerically superior conventional military attack on Israel's eastern front.
Should Israel withdraw from the Jordan Valley to the line of the security fence, as some observers have suggested, it would not be able to stop the flow of insurgents and equipment into the West Bank to the terrain dominating Ben-Gurion Airport and other vital parts of Israel's national infrastructure along its coastal plain.
www.jcpa.org /brief/brief005-17.htm   (2976 words)

 Jordan Valley Marriott
Among Jordan's most luxurious resorts, the Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa is located 400 metres below sea level, the lowest point on Earth.
The Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa had its official opening on March 3, 2003, making the date significant since it represents the third Marriott property in the third destination in Jordan.
The Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa is the company's third full-service 5-star property in Jordan.
guide2jordan.com /Hotels/hotelnews/marriottvalleynews.htm   (366 words)

A few years later, Jordan was scalped by the Indians on the banks of this same stream.
Located in the Southeast corner of Oregon, in Malheur County, the community of Jordan Valley has an average altitude of 4,389 feet and the main product is beef, with grain, hay and sheep taking a lesser importance.
The City of Jordan Valley routinely monitors for constituents in your drinking water according to Federal and State laws.
www.cityofjordanvalley.com   (1866 words)

 Untitled   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Located in the heart of some of the most scenic high desert country in the Western United States, Jordan Valley's history is the history of hardy people making a life in a hard land.
The Jordan Valley PeIota Fronton is a two-walled masonry structure with a cement floor.
Pala was played in the Basque country, and the inspiration for Jordan Valley Basque to use the bat seems to have come from the Old World, rather than an adaptation from American games such as tennis or baseball.
www.ontariochamber.com /visit/jv.html   (845 words)

 International Solidarity Movement » Apartheid and Agrexco in the Jordan Valley
These are housed in cylindrical towers that sit on the foothills of the mountains separating the Jordan Valley from the rest of the West Bank.
The most obvious source of water in the valley is the Jordan River, but it is impossible to reach this because of the electric fence which extends from the Green Line in the North to beyond Jericho in the South.
The difference between the luxurious life in the settlements and the absence of the bare necessities in the Palestinian communities of the Jordan Valley is far from accidental: the subjugation is meticulously planned and executed.
www.palsolidarity.org /main/2005/09/06/apartheid-and-agrexco-in-the-jordan-valley   (1716 words)

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