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Topic: Joscelin III of Courtenay

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Religious Military Orders - by Brad A. Sand and Dr. Carl Edwin Lindgren
Baldwin IV provided that his nephew become his heir and if the boy should die before he reached the age of ten, the succession to the throne would be decided by the four powers of Christendom: the pope, the Holy Roman Emperor, the king of France and the king of England.
Joscelin III de Courtenay rushed word to the Princess Sibylla, and her husband Guy de Lusignan.
When Raymond III discovered the deception he rode to his nearest supporter and, as the Regent of the Kingdom, summoned the High Court of the Kingdom.
users.panola.com /AAGHS/military.html   (7314 words)

  Joscelin III of Edessa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Joscelin III of Edessa (died 1200) was the titular Count of Edessa 1159–1200.
Joscelin played little role in the Third Crusade and the politics of the Kingdom in the 1190s; he died at some point between 1190-1200.
Joscelin's seigneurie was bought from his daughters by Hermann of Salza, the master of the Teutonic Knights, in 1220.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joscelin_III_of_Edessa   (432 words)

 County of Edessa
Joscelin was taken prisoner once again in 1122; when Baldwin came to rescue him, he too was captured, and Jerusalem was left without its king.
Joscelin was killed in battle in 1131 and was succeeded by his son Joscelin II.
Joscelin continued to rule in his lands west of the Euphrates, centered around Turbessel, until 1149, when he was captured in battle by Zengi's son Nur ad-Din, and soon died.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/co/County_of_Edessa.html   (666 words)

 The History of the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire - Vol 6 - Chapter LXI Part IV
From the reign of Robert, the son of Hugh Capet, the barons of Courtenay are conspicuous among the immediate vassals of the crown; and Joscelin, the grandson of Atho and a noble dame, is enrolled among the heroes of the first crusade.
While Joscelin reigned beyond the Euphrates, his elder brother Milo, the son of Joscelin, the son of Atho, continued, near the Seine, to possess the castle of their fathers, which was at length inherited by Rainaud, or Reginald, the youngest of his three sons.
The barons of Courtenay must have stood high in their own estimation, and in that of the world, since they could impose on the son of a king the obligation of adopting for himself and all his descendants the name and arms of their daughter and his wife.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/hst/roman/TheDeclineandFallofTheRomanEmpire-6/chap10.html   (3552 words)

 Sibylla of Jerusalem - insurance-life-term-vs-whole.info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
She was the eldest daughter of Amalric I of Jerusalem and Agnes of Courtenay and sister of Baldwin IV.
Raymond III of Tripoli, in his capacity as regent during Baldwin's minority (and beyond, as the king suffered from leprosy), arranged for Sibylla to marry William Longsword of Montferrat, the newly created count of Jaffa and Ascalon.
She inherited her mother's factional supporters, the Courtenay family (the former dynasty of the County of Edessa) and their allies and vassals, while her rivals were led by the Ibelin family and the dowager queen in Nablus.
insurance-life-term-vs-whole.info /Sibylla_of_Jerusalem   (1629 words)

 County of Edessa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Baldwin of Bourcq married Morphia, a daughter of Gabriel of Melitene, and Joscelin of Courtenay married a daughter of Constantine.
Joscelin continued to rule his lands west of the Euphrates, and he also managed to take advantage of the death of Zengi in September 1146 to regain and hold briefly his old capital.
It then was a special holding of Courtenay counts of Edessa, and again became their seat after the loss of the city of Edessa.
www.higiena-system.com /wiki/link-County_of_Edessa   (922 words)

 29TH GENERATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Joscelin de Courtenay I was born between 1034 and 1045 in Courtenay, Loiret, Galinois, France.
Hodierne de Courtenay was born in 1064 in Courtenay, Loiret, Galinois, France.
Josceline de Courtenay II, Count of Edessa was born about 1072 in Courtenay, Loiret, Galinois, France.
pw1.netcom.com /~kos/d2744.html   (83 words)

 REDVERS and COURTENAY Families of early England - Pat Patterson's Genealogy Pages
The first Courtenay on record was "Atho," a French Knight, universally admitted to have been of nameless origin, who built a castle at Courtenay, a small town in the Gatenois, sixty miles from Paris, early in the eleventh century, and took his name from his residence.
The Courtenays, as descendants of Mary de Redvers, daughter of the sixth earl, naturally laid claim to the earldom of Devon, and the whole of the Redvers property, upon the death of Countess Isabella.
Peter of Courtenay had, as we have seen, ascended the throne of Constantinople in 1217, but two years later he had died in captivity, and during the succeeding years, and until their final expulsion in 1261, his sons had certainly done nothing to redeem the prestige of their family.
www.webcom.com /scourt/exeter.htm   (5456 words)

 Banks/Dean Genealogy - Person Page 71
Ivo Talboys married Lucy Talboys, daughter of Ælfgar III Earl of Mercia and Alvarissa Malet.
She married Count Humbert III of Savoy, son of Amadeus III of Savoy and Mahaud d' Albon, in 1175.
William III Taillefer was born circa 1070 at of Angouleme, Aquitaine, France.
www.gordonbanks.com /gordon/family/2nd_Site/geb-p/p71.htm   (2044 words)

 The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon (chapter61)
Courtenay, in the election of Nemours in the Isle de France, is a town of 900 inhabitants, with the remains of a castle, (Melanges tires d’une Grande Bibliotheque, tom.
Joscelin neglected the defence of the Christian frontier beyond the Euphrates.
Their painful and anxious situation was alleviated by the pride of conscious virtue: they sternly rejected the temptations of fortune and favor; and a dying Courtenay would have sacrificed his son, if the youth could have renounced, for any temporal interest, the right and title of a legitimate prince of the blood of France.
etext.library.adelaide.edu.au /g/gibbon/edward/g43d/chapter61.html   (15587 words)

 ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
They found their leader in 1175 when Reynald of Châtillon and Joscelin of Courtenay were both released from captivity by the atabeg of Aleppo.
In gratitude he released Joscelin of Courtenay, who still took the title of Count of Edessa, and Reynald of Châtillon, a charming and ambitious adventurer from the West who had been in prison for a decade.
Both Raymond of Tripoli and Joscelin of Courtenay, who acted as co-regents, were at his bedside.
the-orb.net /textbooks/crusade/jerusalem.html   (16162 words)

 Crusaders, Greeks, and Muslims by Sanderson Beck
In 1122 Edessa count Joscelin and sixty men were captured by Belek, one of the successors to the realms of the dying Il Ghazi.
Former emperor Alexius III joined the Seljuks, who fought for his claim; but they were defeated by Theodore's Greeks and 800 Latin mercenaries in 1211; Kai-Khusrau was killed, and Alexius III spent the rest of his life in a monastery.
Robert of Courtenay was crowned Emperor at Constantinople by Patriarch Matthew in 1221.
san.beck.org /AB18-Crusaders.html   (21728 words)

 Geoffrey de Gâtinais
Joscelin de Courtenay is said to have married a daughter of a count Geoffroy Férreol ["Joscelinus [de Cortinaco] desponsavit filiam comitis Gaufridi Foërole", Ex Continuatione Aimoni, RHF 11- 276].
Although the medieval sources agree that the father of Geoffroy III and Foulques IV was a count of Gâtinais (or of Château-Landon, the main stronghold of the region), they disagree in giving his name as either Aubri (Albericus) or Geoffroy (Gaufridus, Gosfredus, etc.).
Scenario 4: The father of Geoffroy III and Foulques IV was a count Aubri-Geoffroy, brother of count Aubri, and maternal half-brother of Geoffroy and Liétaud.
sbaldw.home.mindspring.com /hproject/prov/geoff002.htm   (2648 words)

 Terug naar de Bron > Overzicht tempeliers
Boudewijn III wordt (na een geheime kroning) koning van het Heilige Land.
Paus Innocentius III schuift de moord in de schoenen van de Katharen en gebruikt de moord om koning Filips II Augustus onder druk te zetten om een Kruistocht tegen de Albigenzen (Katharen) te organiseren.
De vijfde kruistocht was een kruistocht die werd uitgevaardigd in 1215, omdat paus Innocentius III met de toestand in het Heilige Land geen genoegen nam.
www.terugnaardebron.com /forum/lofiversion/index.php?t1004.html   (8053 words)

 Banks/Dean Genealogy - Person Page 145
Egeline de Courtenay married Gilbert Basset, son of Thomas Bassett and Adeliza Dunstanville Bassett/.
Dometi (?) married Hamelin I (?), son of Josceline (?) and Agnes de Bazougers, in 1075.
Josceline (?) married Agnes de Bazougers, daughter of UNNAMED (?).
www.gordonbanks.com /gordon/family/2nd_Site/geb-p/p145.htm   (1149 words)

 The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Chapter 61
The first of these, Philip of Courtenay, who derived from his mother the inheritance of Namur, had the wisdom to prefer the substance of a marquisate to the shadow of an empire; and on his refusal, Robert, the second of the sons of Peter and Yolande, was called to the throne of Constantinople.
In the seven years of his brother's reign, Baldwin of Courtenay had not emerged from a state of childhood, and the barons of Romania felt the strong necessity of placing the sceptre in the hands of a man and a hero.
The house of Courtenay was represented in the female line by successive alliances, till the title of emperor of Constantinople, too bulky and sonorous for a private name, modestly expired in silence and oblivion.
www.ccel.org /g/gibbon/decline/volume2/chap61.htm   (11528 words)

 chronological 1150 - 1188
Conrad III of Germany dies, and is succeeded in Frankfurt by his nephew Frederick I (called Frederick 'Barbarossa'; Holy Roman Emperor: 1152-90).
February 10: King Baldwin III dies at Tripoli and control of Jerusalem passes to his brother, Amalric I. Amalric's chief goal is the conquest of Egypt and, in fact, his continual failure to capture Egypt may have been an important cause of the decline in power of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.
Pope Alexander III dies and is succeeded by Pope Lucius III.
www.allcrusades.com /CHRONOLOGICAL/chrono-1150-1188.html   (5504 words)

 Family Trees of Thomas Jefferson and Other Famous Americans - pafg158 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File
Malcolm III "Ceanmor (Longneck)" I King Of SCOTLAND [Parents] was born about 1033 in Of, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland.
She married Malcolm III "Ceanmor (Longneck)" I King Of SCOTLAND in 1067/1069 in Of, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland.
Pierre II De COURTENAY [Parents] was born in 1155 in Of, Courtenay, Galinois, France.
www.ishipress.com /pafg158.htm   (1176 words)

 The Counts of Toulouse and the County of Tripoli
Count Raymond III of Tripoli, who reigned from 1152 to 1187, was an important figure in the history of the Kingdom to the south, due to his close relationship to its Kings (his mother Hodierna was a daughter of Baldwin II of Jerusalem) and to his own position as Prince of Galilee through his wife.
After Bohemund III's death in 1201, the County was in personal union with Antioch for all but three years (1216-1219) until Antioch's own fall to the Mamelukes in 1268.
Raymond III was Count of Tripoli from 1152 to 1187.
www.languedoc-france.info /19020104_tripoli.htm   (3765 words)

 Joscelin III. (Edessa)
Joscelin lebte im Königreich Jerusalem, wo es ihm gelang, genügend Land rund um Akko zu erwerben, dass eine eigene Herrschaft errichtet werden konnte.
1164 wurde Joscelin von Nur ad-Din gefangen genommen und festgehalten, bis Agnes 1176 das Lösegeld zahlte.
Agnes war zu diesem Zeitpunkt wohl gestorben, und obwohl Joscelin Balduins Großonkel war, lag die Macht bei Raimunds Adelspartei.
www.weblexikon.de /Joscelin_III._(Edessa).html   (265 words)

 The Fantasy Forum - Kingdom of Heaven
At Easter, 1180, Raymond III of Tripoli (the former regent) and Bohemund III of Antioch entered the kingdom with the intent of choosing a husband for Sibylla themselves.
Agnes of Courtenay, now back at court after having been exiled when her marriage to Amalric I was annulled, advised her son to have Sibylla married to the newly-arrived Frankish knight Guy of Lusignan, her client.
She inherited her mother's factional suporters and the Courtenays, while her rivals were led by her step-mother, the dowager-queen Maria, in Nablus, as well as the Ibelin family and Raymond III of Tripoli.
www.thefantasyforum.com /printthread.php?t=7471   (6343 words)

 ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Baldwin III of Jerusalem came of age in 1152 but from 1150 he and the barons had proposed three different and respectable suitors for Constance’s hand, all of whom she rejected.
Raymond III of Tripoli had died shortly after the Battle of Hattin and leaving behind no direct heir, he had named his godson, Raymond of Antioch, the eldest son of prince Bohemond III, as his successor.
In 1194 Leo II tricked Bohemond III with the result that the Norman prince was captured by the Roupenians.
the-orb.net /textbooks/crusade/antioch.html   (2650 words)

 Empires Latins d'Orient
Avril Baudouin III écarte sa mère Mélisande du gouvernement et la pousse à l'exil.
Raymond III est fait prisonnier par Nûr al-Dîn.
Raymond III de Tripoli assure la régence du royaume de Jérusalem pour Baudouin V. Raymond III de Tripoli demande l'assistance de Saladin contre Guy de Lusignan.
www.e-chronologie.org /moyen-age/empireslatins.php   (2368 words)

 Raimund III. (Tripolis)
Raimund gewann die Auseinandersetzung mit der Zusage, zehn Jahre Regent bleiben zu können und dem Besitz der Stadt Beirut, übergab die Regentschaft dann aber an Joscelin III von Courtenay.
Joscelin, der unter dem Einfluss der Anhänger Rainalds und Guidos stand, machte Guido zum neuen König - woraufhin Raimund III.
Zu seinem Nachfolger ernannte er seinen Patensohn Raimund von Antiochia, wohingegen Bohemund III.
www.weblexikon.de /Raimund_III._(Tripolis).html   (443 words)

 Women in power 1200-1300
She was daughter of Adémer III Taillefer, who was pretender to the county (1181-1202) against his sister, Countess Mahaut.
She was the second wife of Friedrich III, who was Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1198-1251, and successor of his first wife was Queen Constanza of Sicily.
The widow of Eudes III she was regent for Hugues VI, Duke of Burgundy, Count of Chalon, Titular King of Thessalonica etc. Eudes III was first married to Countess Teresa of Portugal (1157-1218) until their divorce in 1195).
www.guide2womenleaders.com /womeninpower/Womeninpower1200.htm   (5496 words)

I note that Joscelin was from the English House of Courtenay, and may therefore have been acting as the hand of the English king, Henry I. As we shall see, Henry certainly had a motive for not seeing Eustace III on the Jerusalem throne.
Joscelin and Baldwin joined forces to fight against the Muslims, with the "Italian" Normans still in support; in fact, Bohemund II (Guiscard's grandson) had married a daughter of Baldwin II in 1126...so we see that Viking blood was yet vying for the Jerusalem throne.
Recall that Joscelin over in the Holy Land had convinced the leadership of Jerusalem to reject Eustace III in favor of Baldwin II as king of Jerusalem.
www.ladlass.com /intel/archives/006891.html   (5353 words)

 My Family
Children were: Eleanor DE COURTENAY, Hugh DE COURTENAY -Earl, Egeline DE COURTENAY.
Children were: Josceline DE COURTENAY, Guillaume DE COURTENAY, Renaud DE COURTENAY.
She was married to King Fernando CASTILE III in 1237 in Burgos, Spain.
gordonrosalynd.tripod.com /green/d88.htm   (750 words)

 SCC Forums > 6th units preview: The Kingdom of Jerusalem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Meeting in Acre in 1148, the crusading kings Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany decided to attack the friendly Emir of Damascus, with whom peace had been established during the reign of Fulk in order for both states to avoid the advances of Zengi and his son and successor Nur ad-Din.
To balance this, the king turned from time to time to his uncle, Joscelin III of Edessa, after he was ransomed in 1176: as his maternal kin, the Courtenay family had no claim to the throne.
With the death of Conradin the kingdom was inherited by King Hugh III of Cyprus.
www.stratcommandcenter.com /forums/lofiversion/index.php/t15367.html   (4748 words)

 Kingdoms of Canaan - Outremer
Edessa is conquered by Zangî of Mosul (now known as Urfa in Turkey).
Joscelin is captured and imprisoned in Aleppo until his death.
The city of Antioch (modern Antakya in Turkey) was founded near the end of the fourth century BC by Seleucus I Nicator, who made it the capital of his Seleucid Empire in Syria.
www.historyfiles.co.uk /KingListsMiddEast/CanaanOutremer.htm   (624 words)

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