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Topic: Joseon Dynasty

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Like the previous dynasty, the Shang eventually declined and ended with the ignominious rule of the last Shang king, Chou he was overthrown by King Wen and his son Wu who began the third dynasty of China, the Chou....
The Qing Dynasty was founded not by Han Chinese who form the overwhelming majority of the population of China proper, but by the Manchus, a semi-nomadic people which first rose to prominence in Manchuria....
The Shang dynasty was one of the three dynasties of ancient China, forming a period that extended from the 21st century BC to 221 BC....
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 CalendarHome.com - 1390s - Calendar Encyclopedia
Korean founder of the Joseon Dynasty General Yi Seonggye led a coup d'├ętat, overthrowing the kingdom of Goryeo and founding the kingdom of Joseon
Emperor Suko of Japan, third of the Northern Ashikaga Pretenders.
Hongwu Emperor of China, founder of the Ming Dynasty.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /1390s.htm   (212 words)

It deveoped a strong centralized government based in Seoul by the fourth century, and at its peak, controlled most of the western Korean peninsula.
Main article: Joseon Dynasty In 1392 a Korean general, Yi Seonggye, was sent to China to campaign against the Ming Dynasty, but instead he allied himself with the Chinese, and returned to overthrow the Goryeo king and establish a new dynasty.
The Joseon Dynasty moved the capital to Hanseong (formerly Hanyang; modern-day Seoul) in 1394 and adopted Confucianism as the country's official religion, resulting in much loss of power and wealth by the Buddhists.
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 LE - WC: South Korea - STP No. 2
But it did give Koreans a solid front — one that continued under the Goryeo dynasty (918-1392) and Joseon dynasty (1392-1910).
In this period, Koreans invented the first movable metal type.
Korea was in an upheaval: Taxes soared, as Joseon leaders rushed to fund new export industries.
www.learningenrichment.org /wc_sou_two.html   (620 words)

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