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Topic: Joss Stone

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Joss Stone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Stone was born in Dover, Kent, England, and spent her teenage years in Ashill, Devon.
Stone made her film debut in the fantasy epic Eragon, based on the novel of the same name, released on 15 December 2006.
Stone began working on her third studio album, Introducing Joss Stone, in Barbados, in May 2006.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Joss-Stone   (7130 words)

  Joss Stone: bio and encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Joss Stone was born in Dover Dover quick summary:
Dover is a major channel port in the englandenglish county of kent....
Angie stone (born in 1964 in columbia, south carolina) is an african-american hip hop and neo soul musician and actress....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/J/Jo/Joss_Stone.htm   (1395 words)

 GeoReview: Joss Stone, Mind,Body,Soul
Joss Stone became noticeable to most last year when she came out with The Soul Sessions, an album of remakes and that was very successful selling over 2 million copies.
On the song Stone tells the man she loved that she was spoiled by his love and made a mistake trying to replace him.
Stone shows that her voice is real as is her writing talents (along with mentor and sometimes co-writer Betty Wright) as she wrote 12 of the albums tracks.
www.geoclan.com /music/articles/reviews/05/GeoReviewJossStoneMindBodySoul.htm   (569 words)

 Joss_Stone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Joss Stone (born Joscelyn Eve Stoker on April 11, 1987) is an English soul singer.
Joss Stone was born in Dover, Kent, England in 1987 and spent her teenage years in Devon.
In July 2005, Joss performed at the London Live 8 concert, and did a duet with James Brown on UK chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/j/jo/joss_stone.html   (734 words)

 Joss Stone | Featured Videos, Photos and Articles | MTV
Stone wowed S-Curve CEO Steve Greenberg with her rendition of Donna Summer's "On the Radio" and landed herself a deal.
In early 2004, Stone introduced herself to the MTV generation with the funky strut of "Fell in Love with a Boy," which was a rework of the White Stripes hit "Fell in Love with a Girl." The Soul Sessions was a huge success, selling over two million copies.
Introducing Joss Stone, which she claimed was a more accurate representation of what she was, and featured appearances from Common and the ever-elusive Lauryn Hill, came out in 2007.
www.mtv.com /music/artist/stone_joss/artist.jhtml   (529 words)

 Joss Stone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Stone lets her voice rip as she fights (in a good way) to be heard over the swelling choir and wailing guitar.
Stone sits and yearns when she spots love at first sight: "Boy, you're so fine and I wanna tell you so / I'm much too shy / Wanna make you mine / But I don't know how." That "bump-bump" beat is killers and is a lot more prevalent on this album version.
Joss has said that she loves this song as well--maybe it's due to the fact that it is the one of the few songs she did not write as she has expressed disinterest in favoring her own songs.
www2.hawaii.edu /~kgslee/jossstone/mindbodysoul.htm   (1734 words)

 Celebrity Prom HairStyle: Joss Stone
Joss Stone is almost as famous for her gorgeous long blonde hair as she is for her spectacular voice.
Joss prefers to wear her waist-length tresses either long and tousled or with lots of soft waves and curls.
Even though Joss' style was initially designed with a center part along with an off-the-face sweeps of side hair to show off her gorgeous eyes, a variety of different parts and bangs could easily be incorporated into a customized version.
www.hairboutique.com /tips/tip12006.htm   (1645 words)

 VOIR.CA - Montréal - Musique - Joss Stone
Joss Stone, du haut de ses pieds nus, est entré sur scène, timide et réservée, en toute simplicité et à commencer à nous livrer toutes ses chansons avec un peu de fatigue derrière les yeux.
Si Joss Stone a toute une équipe derrière elle pour l'entourer et la promouvoir, il faut tout de même reconnaître son talent indéniable, il y a peu de chanteuses qui ont cette puissance de voix.
Joss Stone est une jeune chanteuse très impressionnante.
www.voir.ca /redirect.aspx?iIDCritique=82876   (2785 words)

 Amazon.com: The Soul Sessions: Music: Joss Stone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Joss Stone (no relation), however, is blessed with a strong voice and a will to sing old-school soul.
This is not about hype as Stone has a smoky voice that reeks of a hard-lived life, which only shows that a great interpreter need to not have experienced what she sings about to make you feel it all the way down to your soul.
Stone's record company felt that it was best to drop this release of covers over a formal debut album of original material and I could not agree with their decision any more than if I had made it himself.
www.amazon.com /Soul-Sessions-Joss-Stone/dp/B0000C0FKA   (1601 words)

 CNN.com - Joss Stone takes on soul - Jan. 2, 2004
Stone grew up in Devon, England, listening to whatever was playing at her house -- rock, pop, R&B, reggae -- but it was soul music that made the biggest impression.
Greenberg introduced Stone to soul princess Betty Wright and soon Stone was working with a band populated with some of the biggest names of the '70s Miami Soul scene.
STONE: My first CD that I owned was "Aretha Franklin: Greatest Hits." And I saw the advert on TV and it was just like little clips of her songs.
www.cnn.com /2003/SHOWBIZ/Music/12/31/mroom.stone   (869 words)

 Joss Stone — KCRW | 89.9FM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Prodigious U.K. soul singing talent, Joss Stone, stopped by the newly refurbished KCRW performance studio to promote her debut Soul Sessions (2003 - S-Curve Records) album which is primarily a classic soul covers album.
Joss Stone has gained favorable attention due to her mature vocal skill, which is seemingly beyond her 16 years.
Joss tentatively plans to return to the U.S. to play shows in 2004 when her next album of original material is completed.
www.kcrw.com /music/programs/mb/mb031209joss_stone   (247 words)

 Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions : album review
Hot on the heels of Amy Winehouse and Katie Melua, Joss Stone is the latest teenage sensation to be fêted by the music industry.
There's a massive buzz about Stone at the moment, with both Paul Weller and Lenny Kravitz offering to write songs for her, and soul legend Betty Wright producing this, her debut album.
Stone is building up an enviable reputation in the States (there have already been whispers of Grammy nominations) and it's surely only a matter of time before she's a household name at home.
www.musicomh.com /albums/joss-stone.htm   (581 words)

 Joss Stone : Mind, Body & Soul - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
On the cover of her debut, The Soul Sessions, Joss Stone's face is obscured by a vintage microphone, a deliberate move that emphasized the retro-soul vibe of the LP while hiding the youthful face that would have given away that Stone was a mere 16 years old at the time of the album's release.
If the debut was designed to give Stone credibility, her second album, Mind, Body & Soul, delivered almost exactly a year after its predecessor, is designed to make her a superstar, broadening her appeal without losing sight of the smooth, funky, stylish soul at the core of her sound.
While Stone has developed a tendency to over-sing ever so slightly -- she doesn't grandstand like the post-Mariah divas, but she'll fit more notes than necessary into the simplest phrases -- she nevertheless possesses a rich, resonant voice that's a joy to hear.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,3013536,00.html   (528 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The Soul Sessions: Music: Joss Stone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Joss Stone is blessed with a strong voice and a will to sing old-school soul and The Soul Sessions is worthy of more than novelty status.
Joss Stone occasionally misses a connection; her "Some Kind of Wonderful" is listless and when she develops a bit more subtlety, it'll be welcome.
Stone's record label had originally meant for her to record an EP, covering a number of 60s R'n'B tracks, and arranged for her to work with Betty Wright.
www.amazon.co.uk /Soul-Sessions-Joss-Stone/dp/B0000YHJMS   (1426 words)

 El Rinconcito Sexy: :: Joss Stone ::
Joss Stone nació el 11 de abril de 1987, es una cantante de neo soul y RandB nacida en Dover, (Inglaterra).
Joss Stone a pesar de su juventud decidió dar un estilo muy adulto que se puede situar en la línea del neo soul de otros artistas como Jill Scott o Nikka Costa.
Joss Stone hará su debut cinematográfico en la película "Eragon", que será estrenada a finales de 2006, en donde encarna el papel de "Angela".
echicas.i-net.com.mx /archives/2006/11/_joss_stone.html   (467 words)

 Joss Stone United Kingdom - The Unofficial UK Online Resource For Joss Stone Fans!
Joss will officially start making the final recordings for her as-yet-untitled third album, which is due to be released in early 2007, later this month.
Joss previously starred in a small production made by her sister, Lucy Stoker, who is a film student at Cardiff University in Wales, where she starred as an angry shopper a Lidl supermarket car park.
Joss has been spotted in Barbados, writing and recording demos for her new, third album, which is scheduled for international release in early 2007.
www.ukbritney.net /jossstone   (2036 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Mind Body and Soul: Music: Joss Stone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Stone's old-style grittiness remains intact, but there are moves to surround her emotive voice with a modernised R&B setting.
Joss Stone has a superb vocal ability which sounds fantastic in her songs but she doesn't need to make noises which sound more orgasmic than anything else at every available moment.
At 16years old Joss already had the U.S at her feet, with the release of "Fell in love with a boy" and her then debut Album "The Soul Sessions" Joss was about to hit global success.
www.amazon.co.uk /Mind-Body-Soul-Joss-Stone/dp/B0002U6GFQ   (1532 words)

 Joss Stone Music Guide - WikiMusicGuide, the Music Wiki
Joss Stone grew up listening music performed by Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin and as a result, she developed a soulful style of singing.
Joss Stone was born on April 11, 1987 in Dover, Kent, England, and spent her teenage years in Ashill, Devon.
Joss Stone was chosen as the head spokeswoman for The Gap, replacing Sarah Jessica Parker.
www.wikimusicguide.com /Joss_Stone   (301 words)

 Joss Stone Biography - Pics - Photo Galleries
R&B/soul pioneer Betty Wright joined Stone for her first recording, becoming an instant mentor and friend to the impressionable girl with big dreams.
Joss Stone (born Joscelyn Eve Stoker on April 11, 1987) is an English soul singer.
Joss Stone was born in Dover, Kent, England in 1987.
www.nettechno.net /joss_stone.htm   (821 words)

 Long Hair Celebrity: Joss Stone
Joss Stone (Joscelyn Eve Stoker) was born on April 11, 1987, in the pastoral county of Kent is a long hair lover's dream child.
Joss has been growing her hair longer for the past few years.
Joss is blessed with naturally thick and textured hair with lots of bend.
www.hairboutique.com /tips/tip12007.htm   (1839 words)

 Joss Stone : iSOUND.COM™
Joss Stone was born in on April 11, 1987 in Dover, England.
Her life of a musician began in 2001 at the age of 14, when she auditioned for "Star for a Night", the BBC talent show.
Joss has an extraordinary talent to raise the roof with her music without belting out the tunes : she even released a cool debut album named ''The Soul Sessions'' featuring 10 excellent soulful tracks such as ''I've fallen in love with you'', ''The chokin kind'' and ''Victim of a foolish heart''.
www.isound.com /joss_stone   (285 words)

 VOIR.CA - Montréal - Disque - Mind Body & Soul de Joss Stone
Joss Stone fait dans le soul, comme le dit si peu subtilement le titre de ses deux albums (l'autre étant The Soul Sessions).
Joss a une voix magnifique, mais il me semble toutefois que la presse se fait un peu trop dithyrambique depuis la parution de son premier album.
Joss Stone avait épaté plus d'un, notamment le Tout-Hollywood qui ne cessait de la citer parmi leurs artistes préférés, avec son mini-album The soul sessions, composés de remakes du r&b/soul et d'une chanson des White Stripes, Fell in love with a girl, dont elle a adapté le titre pour Fell in love with a boy.
www.voir.ca /redirect.aspx?iIDReaction=90645   (2379 words)

 j-stone.org ,        joss ...
Joss Fan is in no way affiliated with Joss Stone, her management or anyone related to her.
Joss Stone is most famous for her singing career, releasing two successful albums, including her no.1 album Mind, Body & Soul.
Joss most recently appeared in the worldwide blockbuster movie Eragon and is preparing to release her third album Introducing Joss Stone in March.
www.j-stone.org   (666 words)

 Joss Stone | Music Midtown Live | AccessAtlanta
She giggled, seemed genuinely surprised that her fans liked her and danced as if she were alone and listening to the music in her room rather than putting on a show on a huge stage.
Stone’s music is classic rhythm ‘n’ blues, circa 1970 or so, an odd choice for a white 17-year-old British girl, but a perfect one for her voice and style.
Joss Stone is among the sexiest, most amazingly at-ease talent out there.
www.accessatlanta.com /hp/content/custom/blogs/musicmidtown/entries/2004/05/01/joss_stone.html   (401 words)

 Shur'tugal // Your #1 source for everything Inheritance! ( Eragon, Eldest, Book III )
Born to Richard and Wendy Stoker, Joss showed talent all her life, and was recognized at quite an early age.
Greenberg was dazzled at Joss' rendition of Donna Summer's "On the Radio," she was signed on the spot.
Joss released her very first record the next year at the gentle age of sixteen, entitled "Fell in Love with a Boy" which was only a single.
www.shurtugal.com /?id=mandm/eragon/cast/jossstone   (171 words)

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