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Topic: Joy (novel)

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  Amazon.com: Comfort & Joy: A Novel: Books: Kristin Hannah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
What happens next is Hannah's version of a Christmas ghost story, as Joy encounters a father and son whose own misery gives her a new perspective.
Joy Candellaro is a high school librarian in Bakersfield, California.
Joy Candellaro a school librarian, is not very happy this Christmas season, that's for sure.
www.amazon.com /Comfort-Joy-Novel-Kristin-Hannah/dp/0345483677   (1582 words)

 Joy in the Morning by Betty Smith
This is probably due to the topic: the novel is about a young woman who has married early, followed her husband to college, gets pregnant and has a baby.
But Smith's novel was not romantic: the heroine has difficulty feeling sexual, even after marriage, because of memories of sexual abuse, and the young couple does not go off into a rosy future, but rather deals with the daily drama of finding enough money for food and shelter throughout a pregnancy.
Joy in the Morning really captures the feeling of impending change brought about by childbirth: it is when everything is centered around that one thing, waiting, for weeks, just before your life is about to change forever.
web.njit.edu /~cjohnson/tree/joy/joy.htm   (2970 words)

 Amazon.ca: Obasan: Books: Joy Kogawa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Joy Kogawa's Obasan is a novel of memory, exploring the Canadian government's deplorable treatment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War, which included the suspension of all rights, forced internment and labour, and the fracturing of families.
In the introduction, the author states that "Although this novel is based on historical events, and many of the persons named are real, most of the characters are fictional." Without this explanation I would have never categorized Obasan as a novel.
Obasan, written by Joy Kogawa, is a deeply detailed book that sends the reader on a journey through actual events, dream sequences, and a twisted maze of a Japanese family's struggle in Canada during the 1940's-1970's.
www.amazon.ca /Obasan-Joy-Kogawa/dp/0143014994   (1752 words)

 Joy (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Joy (1990) is a novel by Marsha Hunt about the relationship between two African American women which is based on secrets, lies, and delusion.
The first person narrator of the novel is Palatine Ross, a 70 year-old cleaning woman originally from New Orleans whose childhood is dominated by poverty and loss.
Some years later she arranges a secret backstreet abortion for Anndora, the youngest of the three sisters who is still in high school, which, though "successful", results in the girl never being able to become pregnant again.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joy_(novel)   (1420 words)

The novel consists of 16 short stories, two from each woman and two from their daughters, detailing their lives lives in China as well as their current lives in America.
The novel begins with June reflecting upon when her mother was alive and soon begins to have doubts as to whether her mother really loves her.
These wounds never heal completely and the scars are reopened later in the novel when the daughters are grown women and the mothers are old degenerate grandmothers.
members.tripod.com /~Beckster1138/joy1.htm   (567 words)

 Joy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Joy, Oklahoma, a small rural community in Oklahoma.
Joy (novel), a 1990 novel by Marsha Hunt
Nurse Joy, a set of similar looking characters from the fictional Pokémon franchise that operate the Pokémon Centers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joy   (317 words)

 dallasobserver.com - Arts & Entertainment - Stalker fiction
Joy insists he meant no harm, that the novel--in which a character named Camden Joy joins Cracker as its drummer in 1991, tours with the band, then confronts his burgeoning homosexuality when he strikes out in the game of tonnage--is a tribute to Lowery's songs.
Joy is in his mid-30s and has since written about Cracker as a rock critic for various publications.
Joy was working on another book when, in 1993, Phair released her sexually and emotionally explicit debut Exile in Guyville.
www.dallasobserver.com /Issues/2000-06-01/culture/stuff_full.html   (2064 words)

 Dara Joy - Page 3
Joy has consistently appeared on national best-seller lists, including those of the New York Times, USA Today, Ingram's A-list, and Amazon.com.
Her third novel, REJAR, received a gold medal from Romantic Times magazine and has been called a ‘classic’ in the field for breaking completely new ground in a romance.
TONIGHT OR NEVER, an historical novel set in Regency period England, (and her first historical) garnered a coveted spot on the New York Times for this author as well as Top Pick of the Month from Romantic Times Magazine.
members.aol.com /somba1422/darajoy3/index.htm   (999 words)

 Interview | Joy Fielding
For Joy Fielding, author of 11 wellloved novels, the jolt came four years ago when she left her publisher of many years and moved to Pocket Books.
A novel quite different for Fielding and one that would pave the way for the recently published Grand Avenue, a more complex novel that Fielding reports is the most challenging book she's written thus far.
Joy Fielding: Grand Avenue is the story of four women -- four friends -- through 20 years of marriage, motherhood and murder.
www.januarymagazine.com /profiles/fielding.html   (3241 words)

 Free Essay Joy Luck Club - Generational Dichotomy of Culture
A 5 page review of the feminist implications of this novel depicting the trials and tribulations of Chinese American daughters as they are impacted by the...
In her novel The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan asks what happens when different generations of the same heritage misunderstand each other.
Her use of literary elements argues that culture is meant to be a joy, not a burden.
www.echeat.com /essay.php?t=27346   (1332 words)

 Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online - Alpha Dogs-3f
Joy Kelly (f), 30, eager temp worker, aspiring novelist from Long Island; Roxanne Blum (f), 45, literary agent and lawyer, robust, native New Yorker; Phyllis Weisner (f), 40, literary agent, British, hypochondriac, slender and nervous.
Joy then tells Roxanne that she is working for Phyllis, and she tells Phyllis that she is working for Roxanne.
Phyllis and Roxanne discover that Joy had written one of the novels, which was approved by Phyllis while she had been moonlighting at a publisher’s instead of going to doctors' appointments.
heniford.net /4321/index.php?n=Citations-A.AlphaDogs-3f   (460 words)

 Amazon.ca: Excessive Joy Injures the Heart: Books: Elisabeth Harvor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
Excessive Joy Injures The Heart is an obsession-making, confoundingly un-put-down-able novel; you may experience sleeplessness combined with a yearning, beguiling need to read it all in one sitting.
One of the delights in Harvor's novel is her satirical treatment of the faddism surrounding alternative medicine in all its flaky, New Age splendor.
No matter how "touchy-feely" alternative medicine claims to be, Harvor's novel reminds us, New Age doctors like Declan Farrell and Alan Breit ("a spooky gym class for one student") are not carving out any new territory when it comes to using their "expertise" as a weapon of power against their female patients.
www.amazon.ca /Excessive-Injures-Heart-Elisabeth-Harvor/dp/0771039638   (2131 words)

 WowEssays.com - Comparitive Esay On The Joy Luck Club & Fried Green Tomatoes
Perhaps the main success of this novel lies in the intricate and moving stories that are intertwined within the main plot.
This novel has a unique looking through the keyhole quality, unbeknownst to the families, we are watching their most intimate moments, yet feel welcome our entire visit.
This is how a daughter honors her mother.” This obviously is a radical example of tradition in the novel, but one that exemplifies the entire sense of tradition, and woman tradition.
www.wowessays.com /dbase/ac2/rrg3.shtml   (1293 words)

 Amy Tan Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
In the novel, the club becomes a metaphor for the reconciliation of the conflict between maternal expectation and tradition, and filial individuality and cultural independence.
Some reviewers of The Joy Luck Club argued that Tan's thematic development was unsuccessful and resulted in strained, "over-significant" scenes, while others found her use of multiple narrative voices to be "limiting" and "over-schematic." However, critical reception of the novel was generally favorable.
Throughout the novel, the various mothers and daughters attempt to articulate their own concerns about the past and the present and about themselves and their relations.
www.bookrags.com /biography/amy-tan   (1415 words)

 University of Nevada Press | Book Listings
A remarkable and beautifully written debut novel that weaves the story of three women who defy family and convention to follow their passionate desires.
The star of the novel is Lake’s mother, Mimi, an extravagantly narcissistic painter whose closest relationships are with Dyl, her oldest friend, and Graceanne, a Native American woman who works in a local beauty parlor.
Joy Passanante is the Associate Director of Creative Writing at the University of Idaho.
www.nvbooks.nevada.edu /books.asp?ID=2166   (558 words)

 David Isaacson's Book Reviews - WMU Libraries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-30)
In her remarkable first novel, The Joy Luck Club, published in 1989 by G.P. Putnam's, the 38 year-old Amy Tan tells the stories of four women who escaped China during the revolution of 1949.
This novel is an intricate interweaving of these women's memories of China told by their four daughters.
The Joy Luck Club of the title refers to the regular meetings these mothers have, beginning in the 1950s and continuing to the present, to play Mah-Jongg, to cook Chinese delicacies, to tell stories, and to wish each other luck and joy.
www.wmich.edu /library/bookreviews/1999/tan-joy.php   (587 words)

 The Joy Luck Club Movie Review by Anthony Leong from MediaCircus.net
And though the story is deeply entrenched in the Asian-American experience, "The Joy Luck Club" ends up transcending all races and cultures with its heartfelt examination of the special bond between mothers and their daughters.
This is the common motivation that underlies all the vignettes, and even though the courageous acts of self-sacrifice are not always overt or well understood by the daughters, they remain powerful testaments to the unbreakable ties between a mother and her child.
Instead, they are tears of joy as the torch of hope and the aspirations of a better life are passed on to a new generation.
www.mediacircus.net /joyluckclub.html   (753 words)

 02.06.03: Motherhood: Biological Asset or Social Liability?
The unique structure of the novel allows the reader to sense the alienation both the members of the Joy Luck Club feel and that of their daughters.
The second part of the novel is composed of the vignettes told by the daughters of their early lives.
Throughout the novel the reader is presented with Jasmine’s understanding of her native Punjab and practices against the backdrop of American values and understanding.
www.yale.edu /ynhti/curriculum/units/2002/6/02.06.03.x.html   (3260 words)

 News about One Dog At A Time & Joy
Joy, who remembers fondly, if somewhat hazily, her brief stint as a Weekly intern, is featured in the WLS and will read from Esmeralda.
Joy's second novel "The Road To Esmeralda" will be published in June, 2005.
Joy does what she can, which isn't that much, and truly hopes you are doing something kind and proactive for someone, somewhere, somehow who suffers in silence.
www.garretscullin.com /joynicholson/news/index.html   (675 words)

 MetroActive Books | Jim Grimsley
In their review of Comfort and Joy, Publisher's Weekly said, "This book promises to be [Jim Grimsley's] breakthrough to a wider audience." Such a statement says more about niche book markets than it does about Grimsley's fourth novel.
The novel focuses around the relationship between Dan Crell, a singer and hospital administrator, and Ford McKinney, a pediatrician.
This is not a brilliant novel, but it is a believable and compassionate one.
www.metroactive.com /papers/sfmetro/02.21.00/comfortandjoy-0006.html   (682 words)

 NPR : Novel Ideas
November 27, 2006 · Lewis Buzbee is the author of the novel, Fliegelman's Desire, as well as a collection of short stories and a nonfiction book.
She teaches a fiction workshop at the University of San Francisco and is working on her second novel.
We asked fiction writers to explain the essence of creating a novel, from how they write to their approach to writer's block.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=6484932   (800 words)

 Metroactive Stage | The Joy Luck Club
The Joy Luck Club recounts the elder women's past struggles in China as well as their daughters' difficulties--both as children and as adults--in reconciling Western notions with their Chinese heritage.
The novel is loosely arranged, like a series of interlocking short stories, but Suyuan's story of her lost children provides a frame for all the others, setting up the novel's theme of the Westernized daughters learning to understand their Chinese mothers.
Near the beginning of the novel, Jing-mei discovers at her first meeting of the Joy Luck Club not only that Suyuan had been searching for her lost twin daughters, but that they have been found.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/04.22.99/joyluckclub-9916.html   (743 words)

 Submission and freedom: Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy. | Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature (June, 2002)
Elizabeth Fanshaw, the novel's heroine, would herself be guilty of the accusations I make at our age; she, too, was caught up in the flow of a sensational world (as she was literally caught up in the flow of the crowd the night Pads was liberated from German occupation).
Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy comprehends the distinction between self-gift and self-disposal made in the search for freedom and it studies, through the life of Elizabeth Fanshaw, the consequences of each.
The novel suggests that Lise's time in the army is a time of self-camouflage: identity is veiled beneath the drab, machine-like uniformity of military life.
www.accessmylibrary.com /coms2/summary_0286-7978829_ITM   (682 words)

 BookClubs.ca | Books | Joy School by Elizabeth Berg
In this exquisite new novel by bestselling writer Elizabeth Berg, a young woman falls in love -- and learns how sorrow can lead to an understanding of joy.
Katie, the narrator, has relocated to Missouri with her distant, occasionally abusive father, and she feels very much alone: her much-loved mother is dead; her new school is unaccepting of her; and her only friends fall far short of being ideal companions.
Joy School illuminates, too, how the things that hurt the most can sometimes teach us the lessons that really matter.
www.bookclubs.ca /catalog/display.pperl?0345423097   (705 words)

 Thanksgiving: Yams of Joy
But the lady who refused to pay senior prices at the movie theater to avoid admitting her age was sitting perfectly poised like a beauty contestant in her red lipstick.
In Ecclesiastes 9:7-10, I read, "Go eat your bread in gladness and drink your wine in joy, for your action was long ago approved by God." I often forget that God exhorts us to remember joy.
She is the author of the novel, The Deeper, The Bluer.
www.aish.com /family/heart/Thanksgiving_Yams_of_Joy.asp   (1512 words)

 Empire Information Services: News Story
Jonathan Rosen, author of the new novel, "Joy Comes in the Morning," will read from and speak about his work on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 at 8 p.m.
Jonathan Rosen, novelist, memoirist, editor, and journalist, is the author of the new novel, "Joy Comes in the Morning" (2004), a playful, probing novel about Jewish faith and identity.
The novel follows the growth of a romantic relationship between Deborah Green, a Reform rabbi, and Lev Friedman, a science writer and skeptic.
www.eisinc.com /release/storiesh/WRINST.586.html   (1504 words)

 ReadingGroupGuides.com - The Skating Pond by Deborah Joy Corey
Deborah Joy Corey's long-awaited second novel explores a point of Maine so far east that it is almost an island and so desolate that the inhabitants must find something stronger than themselves to make them stay.
Once again Deborah Joy Corey uses lyrical prose to reveal the complex inner working of ordinary lives, exploring how one is shaped by place and desire, and how loss marks and changes each one of us.
Deborah Joy Corey is a magical writer and her new novel burrows deep under the skin."
www.readinggroupguides.com /guides3/skating_pond1.asp   (1089 words)

 Amazon.com: Vince and Joy: A Novel: Books: Lisa Jewell
Vince Mellon and Joy Downer meet as late-blooming teenagers on a beach vacation, and lose their virginity to one another, then reunite as adults kept apart by bad timing and miscommunication in the winning fourth novel by British bestseller Jewell (A Friend of the Family; Thirtynothing).
The first misstep occurs when Joy's vacation is cut short, and the goodbye note (including her contact information) she leaves for Vince outside his window is rendered illegible by the elements.
Too bad for Vince that Joy is about to get married, albeit to a man she isn't attracted to.
www.amazon.com /Vince-Joy-Novel-Lisa-Jewell/dp/0061137464   (918 words)

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