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Topic: Juan Gris

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Juan Gris
Juan Gris (1887-1927) was born in Madrid and studied mathematics and engineering before training as a painter.
Gris was at first welcomed and tutored in Cubism by Picasso, but subsequently treated harshly by Picasso as Gris advanced Cubism from the analytic to the synthetic and mastered the art form in his short lifetime.
Gris' works were neither geometrical nor monumental space, but arranged such that the forms of the objects appear to be inscribed without effort on the flat surface as pure graphic emblems.
www.annalies.com /New_Works/Juan_Gris/juan_gris.html   (362 words)

 Art - Juan Gris
Gris was a cubist painter with a very personal style, which combined ideas of his own with those of Braque and Picasso.
Gris' first solo exhibition was in Cèret in a small gallery in 1911 and this made it possible to exhibit in the Salon des Indépendants and the exhibition of the Section d'Or.
Juan Gris became friends with Robert and Sonia Delaunay and was seen in the Parish nightlife quite regularly.
home.hccnet.nl /arnoud.de.bruijn/html/art/ArtGris.htm   (276 words)

 Juan Gris
Juan Gris was born Jose Victoriano Gonzalez in Madrid during the year 1887.
Gris was clearly the most gifted of the group, and he attracted the attention both of dealers and of well informed collectors.
Gris died on 11 May 1927 at the age of forty, leaving a wife, Josette, and a son, Georges.
www.collagesbytracey.com /gris.html   (349 words)

 juan gris biografia cubismo arte vanguardista
Juan Gris trabajó para diversas publicaciones como Blanco y Negro y Madrid Cómico.
En 1906 Juan Gris se trasladó a París (Francia), donde conoció a Pablo Picasso y a Georges Braque.
Juan Gris como en otros cuadros de esta época ha optado por una gran planitud, con ello parece renegar de la calidad de objeto de lo representado para que éstos pasen a considerarse pintura.
artespana.nosdomains.com /biografia/juan_gris.htm   (1304 words)

 Juan Gris Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
Gris produced his first cubist paintings in 1911-1912; they were in the analytical cubist vein of Braque and Picasso but characterized by a metalliclike sheen, as in the Guitar and Flowers (1912) and the Portrait of Picasso (1912), in which Picasso's Napoleonic attitude is cleverly caught.
Gris returned to Paris in 1915, and he suffered bleak poverty during World War I. In late 1916 his paintings became more stately and architectonic, and forms became larger and flatter as multiple viewpoints were to an extent abandoned, as in the Violin (1916).
Gris referred to these paintings as "flat, colored architecture." In 1917 he executed his only sculpture, a painted plaster Harlequin, which was close to what Jacques Lipchitz was doing at the time.
www.bookrags.com /biography/juan-gris   (694 words)

 JUAN GRIS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Gris witnessed the birth of Cubism with much enthusiasm and was immediately considered as one of the main exponents of that movement.
Gris was probably one of the rare artists who stuck to the ideals of Cubism while Picasso and Braque progressively swerved toward abstraction.
Gris was also somewhat guilty of being a wee bit too modest and did not have the temperament of Picasso to impose himself on the art scene while certain critics felt he had imitated Braque from 1921 whereas he was no longer in accordance with the latter at that time.
www.artcult.com /gris1.html   (567 words)

 Art Bytes: Juan Gris and Cubism
Juan Gris, Portrait of Picasso, 1912, oil on canvas, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.
Juan Gris (1887-1927) was a Spanish painter born in Madrid who lived and worked in France most of his life.
Juan Gris' portrait of his friend and fellow countryman, Pablo Picasso, in 1912, is recognized as an important Cubist painting done by an artist other than Picasso or Georges Braque.
art-bytes.blogspot.com /2008/02/juan-gris-and-cubism.html   (904 words)

 Juan Gris – FREE Juan Gris Information | Encyclopedia.com: Find Juan Gris Research
Juan Gris se levanta del olvido: tras cuatro años de preparación, la exposición antológica del artista madrileño en el Museo Reina Sofía recién inaugurada, que muestra obras suyas nunca vistas, revelará a los jóvenes españoles la estatura de Gris como uno de los pintores fundamentales del arte contemporáneo.
Juan Gris, whose real name was Jos é Victoriano Gonzalez, was born...
In 1906 Gris settled in Paris and, with Picasso and Braque, became a leading exponent of synthetic cubism, as seen in Homage to Picasso (1912).
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1B1-366173.html   (933 words)

 Juan Gris
"Gris was a pseudonym: he was born Jose Victoriano González in 1887, in Madrid, the thirteenth child of a rich Castilian merchant.
Gris was clearly the most gifted of the group, and he attracted the attention both of dealers and of well informed collectors.
Juan Gris/ Sa Vie/ Son Oeuvre/ Ses Ecrits, by Daniel­Henry Kahnweiler.
www.artchive.com /artchive/G/gris.html   (870 words)

 Juan Gris - MSN Encarta
José Victoriano González-Pérez (March 23, 1887 – May 11, 1927), better known as Juan Gris, was a Spanish painter and sculptor who lived and worked in France most of his...
Juan Gris was the Third Musketeer of Cubism, and actually pushed Cubism further to its logical conclusion until his ultimely death in 1927 at the age...
Juan Gris (1887-1927), Spanish-born French painter of the cubist school (see Cubism).
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761562246/Juan_Gris.html   (337 words)

 Juan Gris: The Cubist Intellectual
Gris, himself, repeatedly maintained this was the case: "I start with an abstraction in order to arrive at true fact," he avowed.
Gris insisted his tinkering was deductive rather than inductive, based on "the relation between objects." Yet, according to Green, Gris's aesthetic was intellectual: "it projected the shaping power of knowledge onto perception.
For all his posturing, Gris was essentially a Picasso-Braque acolyte, and it seems he spent considerable intellectual and emotional energy trying to justify and personalize his appropriation of their achievements.
www.jasonkaufman.com /articles/juan_gris_cubisms_great_theorist.htm   (1951 words)

 Juan Gris
Another reason might be that Juan Gris died at the young age of 39.
Gris (pronounced just like the country) was born Jose Victoriano Gonzalez in Spain on March 13, 1887, making him a few years younger than Picasso, but like Picasso, a Spaniard, minus the fiery disposition.
Gris is often, and I think unfairly, criticised as being a mere imitator of Cubism.
www.humanitiesweb.org /human.php?s=g&p=c&a=b&ID=115   (519 words)

 Juan Gris quiz -- free game
Gris is the second of nineteen focus artists featured in the 2001-2002 US Academic Decathlon curriculum and his featured work is Portrait of Picasso."
In 1906, Gris grew impatient with the art world that he was currently living in.
Gris was plagued by a recurrent disease and he had to undergo a painful surgery because of it.
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=67448   (231 words)

 Juan Gris
Juan Gris was born in Madrid in 1887, the thirteenth of fourteen siblings.
Juan Gris' main period of artistic inspiration came when he moved to Paris in 1906 and found himself surrounded by a plethora of the world's best painters and sculptors.
Juan Gris experiemented with Cubism between 1912 and 1915, fragmenting human forms, as well as inanimate objects similar to the paintings of his contemporaries, Picasso and Braque.
www.enforex.com /culture/art-juan-gris.html   (476 words)

 Juan Gris oil paintings art reproduction biography
Juan Gris original name was Jose Victoriano Gonzalez, a Spanish painter whose lucidly composed still life's are major works of art of the style called Synthetic Cubism.
In 1913-14 Juan Gris arrived at a personal and mature version of Synthetic Cubism characterized by rigorously geometrical compositions in which fragmented objects and sharp-edged planes are articulated with maximum clarity, incorporating decorative or printed paper into a picture (a technique known as 'papier collé').
Juan Gris was the third musketeer of Cubism and actually pushed Cubism further to its logical conclusion until his untimely death in 1927 at the age of 39.
www.theworldsartist.com /juan_gris.asp   (519 words)

 Growabrain: Juan Gris and His Perception of Cubism
Gris frequently chose to portray subjects such as musical instruments, fruits, people, and landscapes which his audience could easily identify with.
Juan Gris is a noted cubist painter who has been said to have an eye for “tight complicated design” that invokes emotions and memories sparked by his captivating images (Gonpick).
Gris utilized wood grain in several of his paintings, along with the theme of musical instruments.
wtbyo.blogspot.com /2006/04/juan-gris-and-his-perception-of-cubism.html   (1072 words)

 Juan Gris
Juan Gris' most famous painting probably is the portrait he painted from his good friend and fellow cubist artist Pablo Picasso.
Juan Gris' real name was José Victoriano González-Pérez.
Juan Gris: The Cubist Intellectual - Article on the Spanish artist.
www.artinthepicture.com /artists/Juan_Gris   (135 words)

 Spaans Artists - Juan Gris - Leer Spaans Abroad
Spanish artist Juan Gris was actually born José Victoriano Carmelo Carlos González-Pérez, however it was by his pseudonym that the world knew him.
One of fourteen children, Gris was born to a wealthy Castilian merchant and paper manufacturer in 1887 in Madrid.
Gris died at the young age of 40 from a serious asthma attack in May 1927.
www.sprachcaffe.com /nederlands/studeer_buitenland/landen/spanje/spaans_artists_juan_gris.htm   (325 words)

 Juan Gris - Biography
José Victoriano González-Pérez, better known as Juan Gris, was born on March 23, 1887 in Madrid, Spain, Gris studied mechanical drawing at the Escuela de Artes y Manufacturas in Madrid from 1902 to 1904, during which time he contributed drawings to local periodicals.
Major Gris exhibitions took place at the Galerie Simon in Paris and the Galerie Flechtheim in Berlin in 1923 and at the Galerie Flechtheim in Düsseldorf in 1925.
Juan Gris died on May 11, 1927 in Boulogne-sur-Seine.
www.artinthepicture.com /artists/Juan_Gris/biography.html   (324 words)

 4 Free Essays
For Gris, the transparency of glass was embodied (rather than arbitrarily signified) in the transparency of a paper whose two faces had merged and become one.
Gris made this clear in The Table by dividing his composition into two, antithetical zones a dark blue and fl peripheral zone is spotlighted by an oval field in the center.
In The Table, Gris represents the still life table as both an upright oval, which coheres to the vertical plane of the canvas, and as a rectangular table receding in depth.
www.4freeessays.com /essays/1100.shtml   (1078 words)

 Juan Gris - Artist Biography
Juan Gris, an outstanding Cubist painter, (born José Vittoriano Gonzales, in Madrid), studied engineering at the School of Arts and Sciences, and amused himself (meanwhile) by drawing caricatures in his notebook.
In 1912 Gris began to include lettering in his paintings, as Braque had done before him, and then, in 1913, he moved from Analytical to Synthetic Cubism, which enriched his use of color and form as well as his contrast of tonality and texture.
The peak of Gris' career came between the years 1916 and 1919 before he was smitten with the failing health that plagued him until he died of uremia in 1927.
www.vangoghgallery.com /artistbios/Juan_Gris.html   (310 words)

 Juan Gris - Still Life with Open Window, Rue Ravignan
Juan Gris was more calculating than any other Cubist painter in the way he composed his pictures.
Juan Gris' 'Still Life with Open Window, Rue Ravignan' is a classic example of the style which contains most of the visual characteristics of the Cubist technique.
After Picasso and Braque, Juan Gris is thought of as the third Cubist but he was the artist who was the most consistently dedicated to the style.
www.artyfactory.com /art_appreciation/still_life/gris/juan_gris.htm   (629 words)

 Marcelle la Brune. by Juan Gris, 1887-1927
Gris had met Picasso and Braque when he first came to Paris from Spain in 1906 but it was not until 1910/11 that he began to use a cubist approach to composition.
Unlike his friends who were seeking to refine the elements in their compositions down to angular forms expressive of form, space and movement, Gris took fragments of objects and built them up together into an angular rhythmic structure.
It was in early 1921, whilst living in Bandol, that Gris drew his famous series of four portrait lithographs.
www.williamweston.co.uk /pages/previous/single/271/167/1.html   (334 words)

 Juan Gris - SpanishArts
José Victoriano González Pérez, known worldwide as Juan Gris, was born in Madrid on the 23rd March 1887.
After the death of his father, Juan Gris travelled to París with the idea of achieving a brilliant artistic carreer.
In 1910, Juan Gris began to devote himself totally to painting.
www.spanisharts.com /history/del_impres_s.XX/arte_sXX/vanguardias1/i_cubismo_gris.html   (582 words)

 Galería Juan Gris
The Juan Gris Gallery was established in 1980.
Throughout all these years and even before establishing the Juan Gris Gallery, Miguel Fernández-Braso, the director, has written and published a large number of books and graphic works (Chillida, Sempere, Martín Chirino, Feito, Guinovart, Viola, Saura, Palazuelo...) as a result of his collaboration with the painters and sculptors of that time.
Juan Gris Gallery aims to continue with its independent and personal way and with its objectives in collaborating with the development of Art, by making contemporary artists and trends known.
www.galeriajuangris.com /galery.html   (566 words)

 Cleveland Museum of Art - The Coffee Mill (Le Moulin à Café) (Juan Gris)
Juan Gris moved from his native Madrid to the Montmartre district of Paris in 1906.
Gris began painting in a cubist style around 1910, developing a highly refined approach that emphasized sharply defined forms and austere, geometric structure.
To provide greater textural variety, Gris rendered the base of the coffee mill in a simulated wood grain pattern that relates the painted image to the real object.
www.clevelandart.org /Explore/artistwork.asp?searchText=gris&tab=1&recNo=0&woRecNo=0   (256 words)

 Juan Gris : Freebase - The World's Database
José Victoriano González-Pérez (March 23, 1887 – May 11, 1927), better known as Juan Gris, was a Spanish painter and sculptor who lived and worked in France most of his life.
Born in Madrid, Gris studied mechanical drawing at the Escuela de Artes y Manufacturas in Madrid from 1902 to 1904, during which time he contributed drawings to local periodicals.
In 1906 he moved to Paris and became friends with Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger, and in 1915 was painted by his friend, Amedeo Modigliani.
www.freebase.com /view/en/juan_gris   (257 words)

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