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Topic: Judas Iscariot

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Judas Iscariot
Judas served as steward to Jesus and his other disciples.
In the Gospel of John (12:6), Judas is portrayed as covetous and dishonest.
When Judas saw the consequences of his betrayal, he was filled with despair and killed himself (about 28 CE).
www.pantheon.org /articles/j/judas_iscariot.html   (129 words)

  Judas Iscariot - LoveToKnow 1911
JUDAS ISCARIOT ('Iol as IaKapcc'evis or IaKapui)0), in the Bible, the son of Simon Iscariot (John vi.
At his birth Judas was enclosed in a chest and flung into the sea; picked up on a foreign shore, he was educated at the court until a murder committed in a moment of passion compelled his flight.
According to Daub (Judas Ischariot, oder Betrachtungen Tiber das Bose im Verhaltniss zum Guten, 1816, 1818) Judas was "an incarnation of the devil," to whom "mercy and blessedness are alike impossible." The popular hatred of Judas has found strange symbolical expression in various parts of Christendom.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Judas_Iscariot   (0 words)

Judas loved the things of the world (money) and so even though he was among the learners and with Jesus personally he was the target that could be easily influenced for the greatest betrayal in history.
Satan had the audacity to enter Judas at the last supper (the Passover), right in front of Jesus, and later brought Judas to identify him face to face fervently kissing him to be arrested and later to be crucified.
Judas left and was not present when he gave the disciples the promise in John 14 of his going away and coming again to take his believers to the place he is preparing in heaven.
www.letusreason.org /Doct48.htm   (3808 words)

  JewishEncyclopedia.com - JUDAS ISCARIOT   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Possibly the story that Judas was moved by avarice is a later invention.
xxxv., Judas is represented as having been possessed by Satan at the birth of Jesus; and when the infant Jesus was taken near him to afford him relief from an ailment, Jesus beat him instead.
In the Middle Ages Judas was frequently made a subject of popular myths and represented as the type of wickedness.
jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=671&letter=J   (618 words)

 Judas Iscariot - Uncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Judas was born in 5 A.D. to Mark and Cindy Christ (rhymes with "yeast" not with "Christ").
Judas always hoped that he'd be part of the Holy Band, Slayer, even before Jesus picked him for his lineup.
Judas was immediately appointed chief drumming officer and financial advisor to the band.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Judas   (608 words)

 Judas Iscariot
Judas agreed to hand Jesus in for 30 pieces of silver, which was enough money to maybe buy a new chariot with whitewall tires but not enough to retire on.
An early Gnostic sect argued that Judas was actually an enlightened soul, who realized that the betrayal was part of God's master plan to save humanity by having his son crucified.
Fable also identifies Judas as the first vampire, a theory which is meant to explain the vampire's traditional aversion to crosses, silver (due to the 30 pieces angle) and wood (the wood of the cross, or the tree on which he hung himself prior to becoming undead).
www.rotten.com /library/bio/religion/judas-iscariot   (859 words)

 Who Was Judas Iscariot? Frequently Asked Questions about Judas Iscariot The Gospel of Judas -- Beliefnet.com
Judas Iscariot was one of the 12 apostles closest to Jesus, and was with him at the Last Supper.
In the Gospel of John, Judas Iscariot agreed to lead the chief priests to Jesus and identify him with a kiss on the cheek.
The "Gospel of Judas" is a document written on papyrus that was discovered near a cave in El Minya, Egypt, in fragmentary form.
www.beliefnet.com /story/189/story_18921_1.html   (618 words)

 Judas (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
Judas was the name of various biblical men and was probably a very common name among the Jews since it belonged to one of the patriarchs.
Judas Iscariot, son of Simon (John 6:71; 13:2, 26), surnamed Iscariot, i.e., a man of Kerioth (Josh.
Why such a man was chosen to be an apostle we know not, but it is written that "Jesus knew from the beginning who should betray him" (John 6:64).
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/judas.html   (482 words)

 Judas Iscariot - Theopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Judas Iscariot was, according to the New Testament, one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus, and the one who is said to have betrayed him.
Judas is mentioned in the synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John and at the beginning of Acts of the Apostles.
The Acts of the Apostles (1:18) says that Judas used the bribe (or Judas' returned bribe was used) to buy a field, into which he fell headlong, burst open in the middle and all his bowels gushed out.
www.theopedia.com /Judas_Iscariot   (327 words)

 Judas Iscariot.
The Judas we shall be considering in the course of this present study was "the son of Simon Iscariot" [John 6:71; 13:2, 26].
The apostle John further portrays Judas Iscariot as "a devil" [John 6:70] and a "thief" [John 12:6], as one who was motivated and possessed by Satan [John 13:2, 27], and as "the son of perdition" [John 17:12].
Even Judas may not have fully perceived the various inner stirrings that motivated him, although his greed was certainly a strong one and had led him to steal from the collected funds for Jesus and the other members of the Twelve [John 12:6].
www.gracecentered.com /Judas_Iscariot.htm   (4746 words)

 NPR : The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot?
But a newly restored papyrus document dating to the 2nd century AD portrays a very different man. Judas is shown as Jesus' best friend, asked by Jesus himself to betray his identity to fulfill the prophecy and liberate his soul to ascend to heaven.
I think that the gospel of Judas Iscariot is actually a very reverent document coming from approximately the 2nd century -- well after the four gospels accepted as the canonical gospels were actually written.
Judas is the one who enables Jesus to fulfill his mission -- to die and to release that inner spark within himself and within all of us that is the divine.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=5327692   (2371 words)

 [No title]
Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples, but was never an apostle, since he killed himself before Christ's resurrection.
JUDAS ISCARIOT, by his transgression, lost his unspeakable honor and privilege in the ministry and apostleship to which he had been called by Jesus Christ.
Judas Iscariot was "chosen" by Jesus Himself, he believed in Christ and he was filled with remorse and repentance for betraying Jesus so much so that he killed himself over what he had done.
www.lycos.com /info/judas-iscariot.html   (420 words)

Now he meant Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon: for this same was about to betray him whereas he was one of the twelve" (John 6:71-2).
And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the chief priests, to betray him to them.
Matthew adds that Judas himself asked, "Is it I, Rabbi?" and was answered: "Thou hast said it" (26:25).
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08539a.htm   (2334 words)

 Pope Benedict On Judas Iscariot and Matthias - Catholic Online
The meaning of the name "Iscariot" is controversial: The most used explanation says that it means "man from Queriyyot," in reference to his native village, located in the surroundings of Hebron, mentioned twice in sacred Scripture (cf.
This mystery is even more profound if one thinks of his eternal fate, knowing that Judas "repented and brought back the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders, saying 'I have sinned in betraying innocent blood'" (Matthew 27:3-4).
In fact, the Gospel texts insist on another aspect: John says expressly that "the devil had already put it into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, to betray him" (John 13:2); in the same way, Luke writes: "Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, who was of the number of the twelve" (Luke 22:3).
www.catholic.org /featured/headline.php?ID=3733   (0 words)

 The Metamorphosis of Judas Iscariot
Verily I say into you, wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her." And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went unto the chief priests, to betray him unto them.
Judas is the traitor who facilitates the execution of Christ, so he is naturally despised, and yet the sequence of events leading to Christ's death and resurrection is essential to Christianity, so we're faced with the question of whether Judas was somehow playing a necessary role, and, if so, whether this mitigates his culpability.
The incident of the alabaster box and the argument between Jesus and Judas has been removed to an earlier point (12:4), and modified so that it is Mary who annoints the feet of Jesus with a pound of ointment.
www.mathpages.com /home/kmath224/kmath224.htm   (1560 words)

 The Ecole Glossary   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Infamous as the apostle who betrayed Christ, Judas was the son of Simon and was the only Judean among the Twelve.
He committed suicide: Matthew says that Judas hanged himself, and Peter says in the book of Acts that Judas' viscera burst forth in a fall, an implication that he hurled himself down.
Judas is rarely depicted in Christian art, except as a participant in the Mystical (Last) Supper or as the betrayer of Christ.
www2.evansville.edu /ecoleweb/glossary/judasi.html   (307 words)

 Judas Iscariot--In Heaven or in Hell?
Iscariot most likely means "man from Kerioth," a city in the Negev of the region in Jesus' day which was called Judea.
Judas was not a hearer only, as Peter was, but a "doer of the word." Not only was he a doer, but Jesus hastened Judas along to get it done.
Thank you, Judas, for giving the redemption money which purchased the Potter's field; a place for strangers in the land of Israel and the silver which speaks of the redemption of the family of Adam who sold himself as a slave to sin.
www.tentmaker.org /Dew/Dew3/D3-JudasIscariot.html   (6162 words)

 Amazon.com: The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed: Books: Bart D. Ehrman   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In order to differentiate the Judas of the newly discovered text from the character in the canonical gospels, he examines the portrayal of Judas in Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, as well as in other early Christian gospels such as the Gospel of Nicodemus.
Ehrman concludes that the discovery of the Gospel of Judas is significant not only because it adds to our knowledge of the diversity of early Christianity but also because it portrays a Judas who is not a traitor to the cause but one who is instrumental in fulfilling Jesus' divine mission.
Because when it's viewed as simply an observation, by Jesus, Judas has the knowledge to understand that being born into this world is a gross mistake and Judas is among those who realize it would be better not to have been born.
www.amazon.com /Lost-Gospel-Judas-Iscariot-Betrayer/dp/0195314603   (2376 words)

 JUDAS ISCARIOT | Rockdetector
Originally based out of DeKalb, Illinois, JUDAS ISCARIOT is a Black Metal solo vehicle for the ever industrious Akhenaten.
The JUDAS ISCARIOT mentor also operates WELTMACHT (with Lord Imperial) and the Black Death Metal act SARCOPHAGUS.
JUDAS ISCARIOT is noted for its adherence to the purest of nihilistic Black Metal, its anti- commercialist approach and an exalted status on the underground scene.
www.rockdetector.com /artist,4763.sm   (188 words)

 Judas Iscariot - Disciple or Betrayer of Jesus Christ
Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve original apostles of Jesus Christ, is believed to be the man who betrayed Jesus to the Romans.
Judas Iscariot, as indicated in his last name, was born in Kerioth, a city of Judah, which uniquely places him as the only apostle who was not a Galilean.
Judas was in many ways distinguished from the other apostles, the most distinct being that he is never mentioned without reference to his betrayal.
www.judasischariot.com   (0 words)

 Was Judas Iscariot forgiven / saved?
Jesus Himself said of Judas, “The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him.
Judas had faith, but it was not a true faith, or at best it was a very shallow faith.
Judas was never “saved” but for a time he was a follower of Christ.
www.gotquestions.org /Judas-saved.html   (136 words)

 Bible Study - Judas Iscariot
"Iscariot" is thought to be taken from the Hebrew Ish Kerioth, which means something like "a man from Kerioth." Kerioth was a town located in the south of the land of Israel, not far from Hebron.
Judas wasn't merely greedy, he was an outright thief (John 12:4-6).
For whatever it may or may not be worth, Judas did feel deep remorse very soon after Jesus was (unlawfully) arrested The Fateful Night, and he did repent of his betrayal of Him (Matthew 27:3-4), but it was too late.
www.keyway.ca /htm2000/20001207.htm   (737 words)

 Judas Iscariot to get Vatican makeover - news from ekklesia
Interpretations of Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus with a kiss, are being rethought by Vatican scholars.
He told La Stampa that there was a Christian tradition that held that Judas was forgiven by Jesus and ordered to purify himself with “spiritual exercises” in the desert.
Though not written by Judas, it is said to reflect the belief among early Christians — now gaining ground in the Vatican — that in betraying Christ Judas was fulfilling a divine mission, which led to the arrest and Crucifixion of Jesus and hence to man’s salvation.
www.ekklesia.co.uk /content/news_syndication/article_060112judas.shtml   (959 words)

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