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Topic: Judge Di

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In the News (Sat 16 Feb 19)

  cbs2.com - Judge Admonished For Misusing Judicial Stationery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The judge planned to put the trailer in a building he was having constructed, but the project was beset by delays, according to his letter.
The panel sent an advisory letter to the judge at that time and said his judicial stationery was wrongly used to "advance a personal or pecuniary interest," according to the commission report.
Di Loreto's defense of his actions in the current case, that the addressee knew he was a judge, was the same argument the commission rejected in 2001, according to the report.
cbs2.com /topstories/local_story_164175406.html   (366 words)

 Judge Dee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Judge Dee (or Judge Di) is the hero of Robert van Gulik's "Judge Dee" series.
The Judge Dee character is based on the historical figure Ti Jen-chieh (c.
Judge Dee ends his career being promoted to the position of senior Metropolitan Judge in the capital, and his assistants obtain official ranks in the Army and civil service.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Judge_Dee   (708 words)

 Memo 47: Measuring the Impact of Judge Severity on Examination Scores
Correcting for judge severity improves the fairness of examinee measures and of the subsequent pass-fail decisions because the uncorrected raw scores favor examinee performances graded by lenient judges.
The reliability of this judge separation is 0.95, which is significantly greater than the zero that would be expected were these judges not discernibly different in their severity.
The danger that a particular judge might be miscalibrated for a particular examinee due to that judge's erratic behavior while grading that performance is guarded against by analyzing the various fit statistics.
www.rasch.org /memo47.htm   (4862 words)

 Italy in a Flash - HomeNews
Di Pietro's angry response to the end-of-year speech by the President of the Republic, Oscar L. Scalfaro, has united politicians against him and the country behind him.
Di Pietro's resentment is due - as he himself explains - to the fact that the President's speech, which does not name names, has been used by various Members of Parliament, on both the centre-right and extreme left, to attack him or his ex-colleagues in the Milan Pool.
Di Pietro has already sued for libel and slander some of those he has prosecuted and others accusing him of having abused the system of precautionary imprisonment, and has actually earned a sizeable sum from winning the lawsuits.
www.italyflash.com /italyflash/shortt/news/more/980108_1.html   (523 words)

 CJP Admonishes Judge Over Use of Court Stationery
In March 2004, Di Loreto had agreed with city officials to move trailers and other vehicles, which were being stored on his vacant lot next to a professional building he owned, by the end of the year to a new building which was yet to be built, to avoid legal action, the commission found.
Di Loreto had argued before the commission that, since Yoshiki knew he was a judge, it didn’t matter that he used judicial stationery.
Di Loreto was appointed to the court in 1995 and sits in Long Beach.
www.metnews.com /articles/2006/dilo061406.htm   (454 words)

 The Panda's Thumb: Activist Judge or just poor reading skills
Judge Jones, in order to rule on the Lemon test, needed to address the arguments submitted to him by the Discovery Institute and show that ID is neither science nor serves a valid role in ‘teaching the controversy’.
Judge Jones is a federal district court judge in one particular district court in Pennsylvania.
Judge Jones argues that first of all he is in very good position to rule on this matter given the nature of the court case.
www.pandasthumb.org /archives/2005/12/activist_judge.html   (14699 words)

 "Judge Dee" (1969)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
"Judge Dee" was Granada's attempt to adapt the stories of Robert H. Van Gulik for television.
These stories have been described by Julian Symons in his history of the crime novel ("Bloody Murder") as "simply curiosities" but this greatly underplays their charm and interest, set as they are in T'ang Dynasty China (but using the anachronistic trappings of the Ming Dynasty some seven or eight hundred years later).
Judge Dee rose to high office in the empire, but in the early part of his career he was a district magistrate, dispensing justice and investigating crimes: it is at this period of his career that most of Gulik's stories and this TV series are set.
us.imdb.com /Title?0164265   (510 words)

 Diana Hayes
Di has been driving her current horse, a nine-year-old hackney mare, Hamewith Culmellie, for three years.
Before Di bought her, she had done nothing at all for a couple of years, so she came to driving trials very green.
Improving all the time in the marathon, Di says of this eye-catching mare, 'She has really gained in confidence through the obstacles and is now prepared to go faster in them.
hackneyhorsehub.com /diana_hayes.htm   (268 words)

 The Legal Action Project :: Current Cases :: People of the State of California v. Arcadia Machine & Tool, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Judicial Council assigned Judge Vincent P. Di Figlia of the Superior Court for the County of San Diego to be the coordination trial judge for all the three actions.
The California cities and counties won a major victory when Judge Di Figlia denied the defendants' effort to have all of the cases dismissed.
Judge Difiglia heard arguments on February 28, 2003, on an anti-SLAPP motion and a motion for judgment on the pleadings filed by defendant Andrew's Distributors.
www.gunlawsuits.org /docket/cities/cityview.php?RecordNo=13   (989 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > State/The West -- Bulk of firearms lawsuit set aside
A San Diego judge gutted a sweeping lawsuit against the firearms industry yesterday, ruling that several California cities involved in the action couldn't prove the nation's gun makers are to blame for weapons getting into the hands of criminals.
The judge released more than 20 of the nation's leading gun manufacturers from the suit, saying there was no evidence that they could be blamed for the fl market for guns in California.
The judge cited an affidavit by a former agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who said a disproportionate number of guns involved in crimes could be traced to those two retailers.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/state/20030308-9999_1n8guns.html   (872 words)

 Judge Dee
The first I ever heard of Judge Dee was from a TV movie I saw when I was living in Hawaii in 1974, Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders.
Van Gulik's stories, however, were completely fictional in filling in the details of Judge Dee's life, cases, official positions, family, etc. They were also deliberately anachronistic in using Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) clothing, customs, and culture in describing events in the T'ang Dynasty, seven hundred years earlier.
The appeal of the Judge Dee stories is not only that they are good detective fiction but that they also draw on all of van Gulik's vast knowledge about Chinese life, history, literature, and jurisprudence.
www.friesian.com /ross/dee.htm   (1121 words)

 The conflagration of the temple in Jiangling
Judge Dee planned to burn the ghost but whoever he sent into the temple, they all died at once.
Di Renjie came back to Bianzhou and met there one who could see ghosts.
Di Renjie - (607 - 700), Minister of the Tang-Dynastie.
christian-weinert.de /acad/dee/tpgj289_3.html   (354 words)

 Mani pulite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On May 23 1992, judge Giovanni Falcone, in charge of the antimafia pool, was murdered with his wife and three bodyguards by a bomb underneath the highway from Palermo's airport to the city.
Since the government could not afford to be seen as an adversary of the popular judge pool, the decree was hastily revoked and marked a "misunderstanding"; minister for internal affairs Roberto Maroni from Lega Nord maintained that he had not even had the occasion of reading it.
It was later found that the main prosecutor of Di Pietro in these times, Fabio Salamone from Brescia, was the brother of a man that Di Pietro himself had prosecuted, and who was sentenced to 18 months of jail for various corruption charges.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mani_pulite   (1925 words)

 cbs2.com - Judge Misuses Court Stationery For Second Time   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The commission says Di Loreto's use of the stationery violated the judicial canon forbidding judges to use the prestige of the office to further personal or financial interests.
Di Loreto says he was surprised by the agency's decision and says it was acting too harshly.
Di Loreto says he simply forgot about the commission's earlier advice to not use court stationary for personal correspondence.
cbs2.com /topstories/local_story_165163602.html   (175 words)

 The Scotsman - UK - Judge queries di Stefano's qualifications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Story in full: A SENIOR appeal judge demanded yesterday to be told the legal qualifications of the controversial Italian lawyer Giovanni di Stefano, the former director of Dundee FC who has represented some of Britain’s most notorious criminals.
The judge asked Palmer’s counsel, Jerome Lynch, QC: "We understand your instructing solicitors are Paul Martin & Co. A representative of that firm appears to be in court today.
Mr di Stefano had told him that, in the case of another of his clients, Nicholas van Hoogstraten, it was confirmed by the court that a European directive entitled any European lawyer to the same courtesies and rights of audience as English lawyers.
thescotsman.scotsman.com /uk.cfm?id=103672004   (705 words)

 NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 - Local News - Cat Killer Headed to Jail for 6 Months (Updated 2:15 pm)
Di Cesare pleaded guilty in February to aggravated cruelty to animals.
Di Cesare himself apologized to everyone he hurt and assured them he'd pay the price long after he finished his jail sentence, pointing out that he'd have a felony on his record and be unable to utilize his degree in criminal justice.
The judge sentenced Di Cesare to five years probation, with the first six months to be spent at the Oneida County Jail.
www.wktv.com /news/local/4326157.html   (319 words)

 The “Vise Strategy” Undone
DI must have known that our case would be devastating to the defense —and thus to ID— if it was argued before a judge who respected the truth and the Constitution.
DI did not acknowledge ownership of it until 2002, after I independently authenticated it and wrote about it in 2001 [31].
DI corroborates Thompson’s statement about the offer to Meyer but says that Meyer “declined the offer because the previous actions of Thomas More had undermined his confidence in their legal judgment.” See “Setting the Record Straight About Discovery Institute’s Role in the Dover School District Case,’ Discovery Institute News, Nov. 10, 2005, here.
www.csicop.org /intelligentdesignwatch/kitzmiller.html   (5477 words)

 [ADR] Northern District of Alabama   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Unless specifically excluded by the court or by the assigned judge, all categories of cases may be considered for referral.
All civil cases are eligible for ADR, except categories of cases expressly excluded by the court as a whole or by an individual judge for cases assigned to that judge.
The panel is made up of people who have applied to the court and who, based on their training or experience, are considered by the judges to be qualified to serve as mediators and arbitrators.
www.fjc.gov /public/home.nsf/pages/700   (1882 words)

 Colorado Compliance
DOL administrative law judge David Di Nardi said the district and its board members waged a campaign of defamation against the opponent.
Judge Di Nardi said that MWRD’s conduct towards Anderson "shocks the conscience" and castigated the district for circulating "derogatory" electronic messages about Anderson and preventing her from accessing public records by inflating costs associated therewith.
Judge Di Nardi also ruled that a MWRD employee uttered "false statements under oath" when denying that MWRD has hired a public relations firm to counter Anderson’s growing criticisms of the MWRD and the ESD for the Lowry landfill site.
www.compliancepublishers.com /cc/cc901.htm   (807 words)

 Order In The Court   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Judge Charles Breyer was appalled, calling Roland’s conduct “inexplicable,” and rejecting requests for leniency by defense counsel and even fellow prosecutors.
Di Loreto found himself in a dispute with the city of Downey over the storage of a trailer used to transport race cars.
Di Loreto wrote a letter to the city defending his use of the lot for storage on stationery bearing the seal of L.A. county and identifying him as a state judge.
blogs.abcnews.com /orderinthecourt   (2658 words)

 Dispatches from the Culture Wars: More DI Distortions about Judge Jones
Judge Jones knew full well that the eyes of the world were upon him during the Dover case, and so chose that moment to deliver a "civics lesson."
It led, much to the DI's chagrin, to the Ohio Board of Education pulling the "critical analysis" lesson (the governor of Ohio asked the board to revisit the issue in light of the Dover ruling, despite the fact that it was not technically a binding precedent in Ohio).
All of this for a Judge who didn't listen to the evidence provided to him (as recounted in detail in "Traipsing Into Evolution: Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Decision"), revised history, and was an activist judge.
scienceblogs.com /dispatches/2006/06/more_di_distortions_about_judg.php   (1425 words)

 Services Friday for Retired Judge Victor Barrera, 65
Barrera was a judge for nearly 20 years, first serving on the Los Angeles Municipal Court and then on the Superior Court.
He retired in March of 1999 to do private judging, and colleagues said he continued working in that field until about three months ago.
Di Loreto said he and several colleagues had lunch with Barrera earlier this year in San Pedro.
www.metnews.com /articles/2004/barr081004.htm   (596 words)

 Di Renjie, Robert Hans van Gulik, and Judge Dee
Di Renjie, Robert Hans van Gulik, and Judge Dee
A chronology of Judge Dee novels by Robert van Gulik.
This page is part of a webring on Robert van Gulik, Di Renjie and Judge Dee, designed by some enthusiasts.
www.ude.de /gulik   (203 words)

 Joe Di Maggio Marries Marilyn Monroe at San Francisco City Hall - 1954
Marilyn, it seems, had made the mistake of calling her studio in Hollywood yesterday morning and letting it in on her plans to be married at 1 P.M. A studio official casually mentioned it as fast as he could to all the major news services.
Judge Perry’s chambers were jammed with reporters and photographers when the couple arrived shortly after 1 P.M. They posed willingly for pictures and politely answered questions.
Di Maggio said he didn’t know where they would spend their honeymoon but they would “probably just get in the car and go” tonight.
www.sfmuseum.org /hist8/jodimag.html   (702 words)

 Webpages on Robert Hans van Gulik, Di Renjie and Judge Dee
The following is a small and provisorical collection of webpages on Robert Hans van Gulik and Judge Dee which are not part of this webring.
Judge Dee, a short chronology and a page for each of the German volumes (showing the cover drawing).
A Judge Dee novel) The novel is written by Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri.
www.ude.de /gulik/webpages.html   (467 words)

 LawSchoolBlog.org: The Best Class   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
My externship with Judge Di Cesare provided me with opportunities to observe court proceedings and discuss legal philosophies with four very different judges.
On my last day I walked into a courtroom I had never been in and a judge who I had never met invited me back into his chambers where he talked to me about his legal career for two hours.
However, Judge Di Cesare sees his externs as his own students and takes the teacher's role when he is out of court.
www.lawschoolblog.org /2006/11/the_best_class.html   (446 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > State -- Watchdog agency publicly reprimands L.A. judge
SAN FRANCISCO – A Los Angeles trial judge was reprimanded Tuesday by a judicial watchdog agency for unethically writing a letter on office stationery to try settling a personal dispute.
Superior Court Judge Joseph Di Loreto, on the bench since 1995, was admonished by the Commission on Judicial Performance for sending a letter in 2004 to the city of Downey where he had ben ordered to remove a trailer from a vacant lot he owned.
The case is In the Matter Concerning Judge Joseph E. Di Loreto.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/state/20060613-1348-ca-judgeethics.html   (216 words)

 The Panda's Thumb: The Discovery Institute says it, they believe it, that settles it
As Judge Jones pointed out, it is not possible to “mention, but not teach” that Christian fundamentalists are pretending that Goddidit is scientific, as though this is a valid “alternative scientific theory.” To be blunt, it is NOT POSSIBLE to mention Goddidit (a direct synonym for ID) without turning science class into a pulpit.
Judge Jones could have simply ruled that IC in particular is non-religious because it makes no mention of a god, creationism, an intelligent designer, etc., and not considered the scientific merits of IC.
The judge did not even have to rule that far – he could have thrown out the case as moot because the pro-ID school board members had been replaced by anti-ID school board members, or he could have ruled strictly on the basis of the religious motivations of the former school board members.
www.pandasthumb.org /archives/2006/01/the_discovery_i_5.html   (8974 words)

 Federal clerkships: Law Vault Message Board (Interview Your Judge)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Yet you, the unpaid slave to the CLERKS (note, not the Judge), received the same experience as the clerks.
I knew people working for judges in our building that were unbearably miserable either because of the judge him/herself or because of the other clerks he/she hired.
In that vein, you should ask a judge who interviews you how work is divided and processed, all of the way through drafting opinions and/or analyzing en banc calls.
www.vault.com /messages/Law/Law-63242.html   (267 words)

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