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Topic: June 27

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  June 27   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
June and Onie picked up a brochure/map of the area and we were on our way.
June not to be outdone ran forward and repeated the act directing her aim at Yvonne and placing two long streams on Yvonne.
June is a very nice English lady having moved to Canada when but a child.
tomandsylvia.bahm92.net /july/WeekSix.htm   (9882 words)

 June 27 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
June 27 is the 178th day of the year (179th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar, with 187 days remaining.
June 26 - June 28 - May 27 - July 27 -- listing of all days
This page was last modified 19:04, 27 May 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/June_27   (949 words)

 June 27 2004
Lois McKenzie Godfrey died on June 23, 2004 in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the age 98.A longtime resident of El Paso, she was born in Cement, Oklahoma August 6, 1906 and is survived by her sister, Bea McKenzie Bragg of Albuquerque.
Midronia Heredia, "Minnie", Dec. 23, 1902 to June 24, 2004, was a Devout Roman Catholic and a member of the 3rd Order of the Franciscans of which she was a founding member of the Chapel of The Roger Bacon College.
He is survived by his mother, June Waggoner, his wife of 23 years, Colette, two sons, Bryan Waggoner and Seaman Gunner's Mate David Waggoner of the U.S. Coast Guard, Port Arthur, Texas, his sister, Junelle Echlin, brother, J.D. Waggoner and their families.
www.borderlandnews.com /obits/June2004/June27.html   (1784 words)

 Johns Hopkins Gazette | June 27, 2005
Beginning in early June, the demographics of the Homewood campus population undergo a radical transformation: In comes a cavalcade of bright-eyed tots and teens, replacing the recently departed 20-something majority.
The students live on campus under the supervision of resident assistants and participate in activities such as sports, arts and crafts, dances and a talent show.
Sports is what it's all about for the hundreds of children ages 5 to 13 who come to Robert Babb's general day camp, which runs from June 20 to July 29.
www.jhu.edu /~gazette/2005/27jun05/27summer.html   (593 words)

 DAWN - National; June 27, 2002
PESHAWAR, June 26: An accountability bench of the Peshawar High Court on Wednesday dismissed an appeal of a former NWFP minister, Ghaniur Rehman, challenging his conviction by an accountability court....
BAJAUR, June 26: The elders of Bajaur Agency have asked the government to exempt the tribesmen from the graduation condition and allow under-graduates to contest national and provincial assemblies elections....
ISLAMABAD, June 26: The untimely death of Omar Asghar Khan, ex-federal minister for labour, manpower, overseas Pakistanis and local government, was widely condoled by the government officials and non- governmental organizations...
www.dawn.com /2002/06/27/nat.htm   (1638 words)

 Today in History: June 27
Paul Laurence Dunbar was born on June 27, 1872 in Dayton, Ohio.
On June 27, 1829, English scientist James Smithson died, leaving an endowment "to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge." Some Englishmen regarded his bequest as a trifle eccentric, considering Smithson had never traveled to America.
After considering a series of recommendations, which included the creation of a national university, a public library, or an astronomical observatory, Congress agreed that the bequest would support the creation of a museum, a library, and a program of active research, publication, educational outreach, and collection in the natural and applied sciences, arts, and history.
lcweb2.loc.gov /ammem/today/jun27.html   (1691 words)

 UTLink. G7 Summit: Lyon, June 27-29, 1996. Summit Contents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Declaration on Terrorism, released on June 27, 1996.
A New Partnership for Development, released June 29, 1996, after a Work Session with the Secretary-General of UNO, the IMF Managing Director, the President of the World Bank and the World Trade Organization Director-General.
Evaluation of the Summit of the Seven June 28th, 5 p.m.
www.g7.utoronto.ca /summit/1996lyon   (190 words)

 eBay - june 27, Event Tickets, Magazine Back Issues items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
APO 68 (513) Verdun,France Postmarked June 27, 1945
June 27 1934 New York Ontario and Western RR Timetable
June 27, 1955 LIFE magazine MOVIE ADS Bob Hope Cagney
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=june+27&newu=1&krd=1   (616 words)

 CNN.com - Feds defend incarceration of 'dirty bomb' suspect - June 27, 2002
Unlawful combatants, it said, are "those who, during time of war, pass surreptitiously from enemy territory into our own for the commission of hostile acts involving destruction of life or property," according to case law.
Padilla was arrested May 8 in Chicago on a material witness warrant and then detained in a federal jail in New York before being declared a "military combatant" and whisked away to a Charleston, South Carolina, military brig in the middle of the night on June 9.
The Justice Department alleges Padilla flew to the United States on an al Qaeda scouting mission to detonate a radioactive "dirty bomb" -- a conventional bomb laced with radioactive material, in the United States.
archives.cnn.com /2002/LAW/06/27/dirty.bomb.suspect   (667 words)

 Right Wing Nut House » JUNE 27, 1863   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Right Wing Nut House » JUNE 29, 1863: Politics served up with a smile… And a stilletto.
Right Wing Nut House » JUNE 30, 1863: Politics served up with a smile… And a stilletto.
June 27, 1863 June 28, 1863 June 29, 1863 June 30, 1863 July 1, 18 [...]
rightwingnuthouse.com /archives/2005/06/27/june-27-1863   (1033 words)

 [Random-bits] Bucharest, June 27, 2002
ICANN meeting in Bucharest, June 27, 2002 Today was grueling, in part because no one is getting much sleep and some tempers are short.
I noted the problems with transparency, nuking elections of individuals while keeping them for self selected business groups, and talked a bit about the NomCom proposal (the group that will actually elect ICANN board members),, and the decision to strip the GA of the ability to elect its own leaders.
What we proposed was to acknowledge that there were few benefits in a "one size fits all" DNS regulatory approach, and that the process should reverse gears, and explore ways that global coordination would be minimalist.
lists.essential.org /pipermail/random-bits/2002-June/000906.html   (1912 words)

 Under Secretary Burns Travel to London and South Asia, June 21-27, 2005
Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns departs June 21 for meetings in London.
On June 22 he will meet counterparts from UN Security Council permanent member states and others to discuss UN reform.
In Dhaka, he will discuss the political climate and bilateral issues of mutual interest in meetings with government officials, political party leaders and members of civil society.
www.state.gov /r/pa/prs/ps/2005/48378.htm   (237 words)

 Park Update: Disneyland June 20-27, 2005
In honor of Flag Day (last Tuesday, June 14), Disneyland and Alaska Airlines teamed up to reunite 50 servicemen and women returning from Iraq with their Southern California based families.
June 24 – Aug. 15 at the Disneyland Resort (link).
Offer expires June 17, 2005, and tickets expire the earlier of 13 days after first use or June 30, 2005..
www.mouseplanet.com /parkupdates/dlr/dlr050620.htm   (3694 words)

 June 27/04   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
By the time June rolled around I realized that my plans were not realistic; I did not have the energy to weed the small areas in front of the house and along the side of the house.
It has been six years this June that the nightmare began.
I should be grateful I suppose, that six years ago I had no idea that I would still be begging for answers in 2004.
pages.zdnet.com /nana2003/id155.html   (1127 words)

 CNN - Chinese Christians a small but growing minority - June 27, 1998
BEIJING (CNN) -- While President Clinton urges his Chinese counterpart this week to combat human-rights abuses in that country, some of China's citizens are appealing to a higher power to meet their needs.
Clinton, Jiang debate human rights on TV - June 27, 1998
Clinton arrives in Beijing for summit - June 26, 1998
www.cnn.com /WORLD/asiapcf/9806/27/china.christians   (354 words)

Hundreds of activities (most free), from sports programs and leagues to cultural and social events, will be offered to city youths and adults.
The Olympic-sized pool at the Genesee Valley Park Complex, 131 Elmwood Avenue, is an exception to these dates and will open on Mon., June 20 and close on Sept.
The Adams Street Community Center pool also begins summer programming on Mon., June 27 at 85 Adams Street.
www.ci.rochester.ny.us /mayor/NewsReleases/index.cfm?Release=1667   (1011 words)

 National HIV Testing Day: June 27   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This observance was held on June 27, 2005.
The next observance will be held on June 27, 2006.
This annual observance is critical to the fight against HIV/AIDS because it presents an opportunity for people across this country to learn their HIV status and to gain the knowledge they need to take control of their health and their lives.
www.omhrc.gov /hivaidsobservances/testing   (283 words)

 Monday, June 27
Copy and paste the appropriate feed into your reader.
Tuesday, June 28, 2005 Tuesday, June 28 >
Not a bad start to the week, all in all.
journals.aol.com /r32r38/Ironrailsironweights/entries/1753   (482 words)

 I, Cringely . June 27, 2002 - I Told You So | PBS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
June 27, 2002 - I Told You So
The fussy old toad pictured here was the original “I, Cringely” mascot, circa 1997.
I just don't think we have the right people on the job.
www.pbs.org /cringely/pulpit/pulpit20020627.html   (1027 words)

 JUNE 27
It was all about them and I had gotten used to it.
On June 27th 2000, at approximately 10AM, Molly Ann Bish, a 16 year old blond, blue eyed lifeguard vanished from her post in the quaint New England village of Warren MA.
I recall the morning my radio cracked and the distressed voice of the dispatcher uttered “we have a situation at Comins pond” as if it were yesterday.
conte2006.com.hosting.domaindirect.com /june272000.htm   (3000 words)

REASON: Platelets, which were prepared from a unit collected from a donor who had taken a drug that contained aspirin within three days of donation, was distributed.
RECALLED BY: Manufacturer, by telephone on February 14, 2001, and by letters dated February 27, 2001.
RECALLED BY: Manfacturer, by letters dated March 27, 2001.
www.fda.gov /bbs/topics/ENFORCE/2001/ENF00699.html   (3205 words)

 WDW Update June 21 - 27 2004
The only stops made by the Walt Disney World Railroad during that time will be Main Street, USA and Frontierland, though the train will stop to take on water in Toontown once every three trips around the park.
Blackout dates are June 20 – July 5 and August 22–25.
The discount is not available at the ticket window, and there is a limit of four tickets per transaction.
www.mouseplanet.com /parkupdates/wdw/wdw040621.htm   (3257 words)

 Utah Beach to Cherbourg
Utah Beach to Cherbourg, thirteenth in the series called AMERICAN FORCES IN ACTION, is the last of three narratives dealing with the U.S. military operations in Normandy.
Intended as a companion volume to OMAHA BEACHHEAD, published in 1946, the present study rounds out the account of the landings at corps-level and below and relates the course of VII Corps combat operations which resulted in the capture of Cherbourg on 27 June 1944.
The third volume, ST-LO, relates the operations of a single corps in the First Army's offensive during the first three weeks in July, designed to deepen the lodgment area preparatory to the great breakthrough from Normandy.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/BOOKS/WWII/utah/utah.htm   (758 words)

 FRB: Press Release -- FOMC statement and Board discount rate action -- June 27, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
FRB: Press Release -- FOMC statement and Board discount rate action -- June 27, 2001
The Federal Open Market Committee at its meeting today decided to lower its target for the federal funds rate by 25 basis points to 3-3/4 percent.
In taking the discount rate action, the Federal Reserve Board approved requests submitted by the Boards of Directors of the Federal Reserve Banks of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco.
www.federalreserve.gov /boarddocs/press/General/2001/20010627   (215 words)

 Punch, June 27, 1891.
100, June 27, 1891, by Various This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.
Demonstration in progress, with the not unreasonable object of inducing Parliament to extend the Factory Acts to small and insanitary laundries.
100, June 27, 1891, by Various *** END OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK PUNCH *** ***** This file should be named 13421-h.htm or 13421-h.zip ***** This and all associated files of various formats will be found in: http://www.gutenberg.net/1/3/4/2/13421/ Produced by Malcolm Farmer, William Flis, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/1/3/4/2/13421/13421-h/13421-h.htm   (7780 words)

 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo, Boston, MA - June 25 - 27, 2003
802.11 Planet Conference and Expo, Boston, MA - June 25 - 27, 2003
Enter your e-mail to be notified of future 802.11 Planet Events.
June 25 - 27, 2003 •; World Trade Center Boston • Boston, MA Event Hours:
www.jupiterevents.com /80211/spring03   (282 words)

 TejanoJournal.Com(tm) from June 26 - June 27, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Saturday, June 28th I know that "Pio Trevino & Magic" is at Roy Meza's Beer Garden.
All the festivities will begin Friday, June 27, 2003 at 6 p.m.
I know i'm a day early but you know that I will be leaving to see Intocable and Los Palominos this weekend.
www.ondanet.com /tejano/tejcmnt637.html   (11598 words)

Consumers who have purchased fresh daikon on or after June 15, 2001 to
Manufactured by Svitoch, Ukraine (Update June 16, 2001) All chocolate
Manufactured by JSC Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine (Update June 26, 2001) All
archives.foodsafetynetwork.ca /fsnet/2001/6-2001/fsnet_june_27.htm   (5133 words)

 Daily Press Briefing for June 27 -- Transcript
Daily Press Briefing for June 27 -- Transcript
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs > Bureau of Public Affairs > Press Relations Office > Daily Press Briefings > 2005 > June
Secretary Rices Trip on June 28, 2005 to New York to Meet with Mayor Bloomberg/ 2012 Olympic Games/ Meeting with Secretary General Annan/ Meeting with UN General Assembly President Ping/ UN Reform
www.state.gov /r/pa/prs/dpb/2005/48638.htm   (4899 words)

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