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Topic: Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004

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  Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Belgrade, Serbia, Junior Eurovision 2007 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Belgrade, Serbia, Junior Eurovision 2007 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Eurovision Dance Contest 2007: congratulations to Finland and Ukraine!
Eurovision, "Eurovision Song Contest", EBU-Logo, ESC logo are registered trademarks of the European Broadcasting Union and National Broadcasters respectively and are protected by Universal Copyright convention revised in Paris, 1971.
esckaz.com /index_en.htm   (600 words)

  The Eurovision Song Contest 2004-2007
The Eurovision Song Contest 2006 (from Athens ('ΑΘΗΝΑ'), Greece)
The Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (from Kiev ('KYÏV'), The Ukraine)
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (from Belgium)
www.heyrick.co.uk /eurovision   (464 words)

  Eurovision Song Contest
Some viewers of the Contest view the event as a combination of camp entertainment and a musical train wreck (a fact played upon in the UK broadcast with the sardonic BBC commentary of Terry Wogan) and a subculture of Eurovision Song Contest drinking games has evolved in some countries.
Denmark originally held a song contest for children in 2000: then it organised a Nordic Children's Eurovision.
As mentioned previously, the Eurovision Song Contest was the central focus of an episode of Father Ted.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/e/eu/eurovision_song_contest.html   (3553 words)

 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (2004) (TV)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 was the second Eurovision Song Contest for young singers aged 8 to 15...
The contest was won by 9-year-old María Isabel with her song Antes Muerta Que Sencilla (Better Dead Than Normal).
Junior Eurovision is a great show, a possibility to watch mostly non-commercial stuff and also a way to entertain yourself with real musical talents.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0389059   (395 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Countries may select their songs by any means they wish: whether it be an internal decision made by the participating broadcaster, or a public contest which allows the country's public to televote between several songs.
The impact that the Contest has on the host city is inversely proportional to its size: in Riga 2003, the city centre was virtually taken over by Eurovision delegates as they spent their week in the Latvian capital.
Due to the fact that the songs are playing to such a diverse international audience with diverse musical tastes, and that countries want to be able to appeal to as many people as possible to gain votes, the majority of the songs historically have been middle-of-the-road pop.
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Eurovision_Song_Contest   (7690 words)

 Kids Eurovision News
The song however already appeared on the compilation album of the children's song festival Mara and Meo, released in 2003.
The Junior Eurovision Song Contest rules say that "the child artists must never have performed a solo, lead role or supporting role on a professionally-produced CD or be professionally represented in any way before or during their national contest."
By selecting a song that won the Mara and Meo contest in 2002 and was released on the Mara and Meo compilation album in 2003, the Swiss broadcaster is flirting with the borders of the rules.
www.youngvoicesstudio.org.uk /Studiouk/kidsurovision/junioreurovision04/newseurovision041.htm   (288 words)

Bizarrely, the UK's song was chosen after the date of the international final but the EBU adopted the idea of contacting the international juries by telephone and this was introduced in 1957 and used until 1993.
Even though the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was approved by the EBU, it hasn't been very successful, and has generally had unsatisfactory audience ratings, particularly in the United Kingdom, where from 2004 it was only shown on digital channel ITV2.
In 2006 the format of the Eurovision Song Contest was sold to an American Broadcaster in order to compete with American Idol in the ratings.
www.solarnavigator.net /music/eurovision_song_contest.htm   (4923 words)

 The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006
The 2006 (4th) Junior Eurovision Song Contest was held on December 2nd in Bucharest, Romania.
Following yet another recap of the songs, the next interval act (this interval seems to be going on as long as the contest) is a contest between breakdancers and "coloosh" (phonetic) dancers, which were a lot like Morris dancers.
I think with a different song she could have doubled that score, as it was undoubtedly the song that let her down, not her abilities.
www.heyrick.co.uk /eurovision/2006/junior.html   (3823 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest - UKGameshows
The Eurovision Song Contest, the self-proclaimed "Greatest Gameshow on Earth" is an international institution.
The song that gets the most votes wins, the writers and performers win some tatty gold medallions and the real prize is that the winning nation gets the honour to host the following contest next year.
But there's one thing an Eurovision synopsis wouldn't be complete without, the one Factor X that is Terry Wogan, he who has been commentating for the television viewers since the early seventies (for the more serious minded amongst you, put your telly on mute and listen to Ken Bruce on Radio 2).
www.ukgameshows.com /page/index.php/Eurovision_Song_Contest   (2352 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest Helsinki 2007 | News - “Junior Eurovision Song Contest is backward”
Such a contest may look sympathetic, but children have to be able to go to school.” When Sandra Kim won the contest, she had to quit school and act like an adult.
Junior Eurovision is the IDEA of the century.
They have written their own songs and so the lyrics are often pretty childish, as we are watching JUNIOR eurovision.
www.esctoday.com /news/read/1864   (1116 words)

 The National State Teleradiocomany
Belteleradiocompany was responsible for selecting a performer and song for the contest on behalf of Belarus as a member of the EBU, the organizer of the event.
One of the participants who could be nominated to the Eurovision contest was Katsiaryna Lipouskaya from the village of Kozlovichi, Slutsk District, who sang her own song.
The rules of the Junior Contest are fairly democratic and considerate to child composers.
www.tvr.by /eng/evd.asp   (659 words)

 News of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 at May 2004
At least it is silly to speak that the victory on the Eurovision is national idea for Russia after such figures (in fact 96 955 is about 0, 04 % of population of the country).
Yesterday, on May, 13 EBU has held the press conference devoted to voting during the Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.
Inhabitants of the countries, which refused to broadcast the Qualifying Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (Poland, France and Russia) were not supposed to voting.
www.eurosong.ru /euro/euro2004/news/news_120504E.htm   (1093 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest - Helsinki 2007
As all contestants perform their songs several times during the general rehearsals, we had the chance to sneak in at Timo SUOMI's domain.
Svante STOCKSELIUS is the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the European Broadcasting Union.
This year's host broadcaster YLE might be inexperienced in producing the Eurovision Song Contest, but they sure have made a lot of international TV-productions during the past years.
www.eurovision.tv /content/view/307/268   (1913 words)

 eurovision song contest - eurosongonline.com , scenario creative services
Inspired by the winds and the sea, the golden sunlight and the glow of the sand, the logo for the 51st Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Athens, is slowly taking shape.
History will be repeating itself at the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, with the return of a clutch of former contestants.
Maureen Louys and Marcel Vanthilt, the two hosts of the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest, presented the order of appearance of the songs to be performed in this year’s contest, now featuring 16 countries instead of 17.
www.eurosongonline.com /2005/oct05   (367 words)

 Junior eurovision song contest
Thsi is the big junior winner from Croatia and the big winner from the holl junior eurovision song contest 2003.
Her song was to dance the holl the long, but it ’s great.
Cory Is the winner from United Kingdom, she whas second place in the big junior eurovision finnal.
junioreurovision.goedbegin.nl   (1358 words)

During the final, the Finnish song for the Eurovision Song Contest will be selected in two stages: half of the songs will first be eliminated by regional juries, the remaining 6 songs will then be judged by the Finnish audience through SMS and televoting.
The 1968 Eurovision Song Contest was the 13th edition and was held on April 6th, 1968 at the Royal Albert Hall.
Svante Stockselius, the coordinator of the Eurovision Song Contest at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) together with seven representatives (Reference Group) of EBU Administrative Council are planning to visit Kiev from July 6th through July 11th to decide the fate of the 50th anniversary of the contest.
www2.arnes.si /~ljekos1/ogae-coordinator_ESC2004_news.html   (6893 words)

 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005
Joni wanted to enter the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as soon as she heard about it through her music teacher, she thought it would be a fantastic opportunity and she would love to represent the UK in Belgium.
Not only is she a fantastic songwriter, singer and musician (she can also play the Violin — which she plays on this song, and Piano) she is also a keen scientist and was recently awarded the top science award at her school.
The first stone of the Ethias Arena was laid on 26th March 2004 and the brand new multifunctional venue was finished in September when Swiss tennis legend Martina Hingis and Flemish tennis star Kim Clijsters inaugurated the Ethias Arena.
www.youngvoicesstudio.org.uk /Studiouk/kidsurovision/kidseuro05.htm   (506 words)

 BCSD - Noni  (Noni Rãzvan Ene)
He took Fourth place at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004.
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 (, CD) November 2004
Includes the winning songs from the 18 participating countries.
www.boysoloist.com /artist.asp?VID=804   (124 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest - Helsinki 2007
The 53rd Eurovision Song Contest might break the record number of part...
This weekend, the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest co...
What would the Eurovision Song Contest be without a good piece of goss...
www.eurovision.tv   (201 words)

 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Results
For all those people who are interested in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, here are the results and details for 2004.
The singers must all be aged between 8 to 15 years old on the day of their national final.
Here are the songs and artist who entered the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and their final score.
www.myledbury.co.uk /eurovision/year/junioreurovision_2004.asp   (380 words)

 Eurovision Junior Greece 2006 - ΕRΤ online - eurovision.ert.gr/junior   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Russian twin sisters Nastya & Masha Tolmacheva are the winners of the fourth Eurovision Junior Song Contest held in Bucharest, Romania with their song "Vesna"
Live from Bucharest, national broadcaster ET1 will broadcast the 4th Junior Eurovision Song Contest on 2 December at 21:15pm.
Chloe Boleti is looking forward to representing Greece at this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest...
eurovision.ert.gr /junior/en   (124 words)

 Belarus Girl Wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ksenia Sitnik of Belarus, who sang the song “We are Together”, won the Junior Eurovision song contest, news agencies reported Sunday.
According to the Junior Eurovision regulations, next year’s contest is not supposed to be held in the winner’s homeland.
The winner of the previous contest, Maria Isabel from Spain, presented the prize — a red glass cube with a three-dimensional representation of a singing girl inside.
www.mosnews.com /news/2005/11/27/junioreurovision.shtml   (641 words)

 EBU.CH :: EBU News Archives (2004)
Eurovision Song Contest 2005 — 41 countries sign up to take part in the 50th edition — a new record!
KulturPreis Europa: The 2004 "KulturPreis Europa" of the KulturForum Europa was awarded to the EBU
EUROVISION 50 — Exhibition at the Audiorama in Montreux
www.ebu.ch /en/union/news/2004   (1891 words)

 Cory Spedding :: The Ultimate Fansite   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The reaction of her song was at first a mixed attitude when it was performed at the British Final.
It was a very close call in the end, but Cory won with her song "The Best is Yet to Come".
With this success, she gained the ticket to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest international finals in Lillehammer, Norway.
www.freewebs.com /cory-spedding/cory.htm   (351 words)

 Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music - Un   (Site not responding. Last check: )
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1957
United Kingdom in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003
United Kingdom in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004
education.music.us /Un.htm   (971 words)

 Eurovision Song Contest Helsinki 2007 |
Eurovision Song Contest News - 2007 Helsinki, Finland
Eirikur: I'll never do Eurovision again (55)
Johnny Logan critises the Eurovision Song Contest (109)
www.esctoday.com /annual/2004   (108 words)

 Boston.com / A&E / Music / Spanish girl, 9, wins Europe song contest
A nine-year-old Spanish girl won the second annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest.
Nine-year-old Maria Isabel won the top prize Saturday with her song "Antes Muerta Que Sencilla" ("I'd Rather Be Dead than Plain"), an ode to good clothes, good times and standing tall in the face of criticism by others.
Soloists, duos and bands performed original songs in their native language in the contest, a youth-version of the wildly popular Eurovision Song Contest, most famous for launching the international career of the Swedish pop group ABBA in the 1970s.
www.boston.com /ae/music/articles/2004/11/22/spanish_girl_9_wins_europe_song_contest   (211 words)

 Zeljko Joksimovic | Gylleneskor.se - Melodifestivalen varje dag!
2004 gjorde de forna jugoslavstaterna Serbien och Montenegro gemensam debut i Eurovision Song Contest i Istanbul.
Representant var Zeljko Joksimovic med den vemodiga balladen "Lane Moje".
Här hittar du alla artister från Melodifestivalen, Lilla Melodifestivalen, Eurovision Song Contest och Junior Eurovision.
www.gylleneskor.se /artist/display.php?artist_ID=1200   (270 words)

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