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Topic: Jus gladii

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

Among the Romans by jus civile was understood the civil law, in contradistinction to the public law, or jus gentium.
Jus dare belongs to the legislature; jus dicere to the judge.
In the common law, by jus mariti is understood the rights of the hushand; as, jus mariti cannot attach upon a bequest to the wife, although given during coverture, until the executor has assented to the legacy.
www.jusbelli.com /Bouvier/bouvier1856_juror.html   (1488 words)

 Jus gladii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Latin jus gladii literally means "the right of the sword", referring to the legal authority of an individual or group to execute someone for a capital offense.
Example: According to the New Testament account of the death of Jesus, the Jewish leaders had the right to imprison someone within their territory, but only the Roman rulers had jus gladii.
Therefore, Jesus had to be brought up for judgment before the Romans in order for an execution to be legal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jus_gladii   (125 words)

 Jus relicta
Very similar to an easement of which some courts have said a jus spatiandi is a special type.
If you have a better definition for Jus relicta than the one presented here, please let us know by making use of the suggest a term option.
Our attempt is to provide easy definitions on Jus relicta and any other medical topic for the public at large.
www.juridicaldictionary.com /Jus_relicta.htm   (1317 words)

 Jus legitimum
A branch of the law which embraces the theory of the different classes of men who exist in a state which has been formed by nature or by society; it includes particularly the theory of the ties of families, and the legal form and juridical effects of the relations subsisting between them.
If you have a better definition for Jus legitimum than the one presented here, please let us know by making use of the suggest a term option.
Our attempt is to provide easy definitions on Jus legitimum and any other medical topic for the public at large.
www.juridicaldictionary.com /Jus_legitimum.htm   (1384 words)

 [No title]
For loyalty during the revolt of the Thane of Lochaber, Alan received the “Jus Gladii” the office of Judex (Anglicised as Dempster) and all the land between the rivers North Esk and South Esk.
The origin legend and the legal role of the family appear to be behind Mackenzie of Rosehaugh’s and Nisbet’s canting explanation for the arms of the Dempsters - Gules a sword in bend point upwards Argent hilted and pomelled Or surmounted by a fess of the last.
The sword is the “Jus Gladii” and the fess is the bar of the court.
www.heraldry-scotland.co.uk /scotsarmsgal/gallery.asp?ID=163   (832 words)

 Althusius: Politica: XVIII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Whence it is said to be the duty of the ephors to oppose unjust decrees of the supreme magistrate, to mitigate them by their counsels, and to impede them when they are contrary to the common welfare and laws of the universal association.
An example is that of a guardian or trustee who is constituted over the affairs of his ward or minor, or of a servant, minister, or overseer whom the proprietor constitutes over his affairs, and who nevertheless does not for this reason have greater authority and power than the proprietor who does the constituting.
Moreover, by the negligence, perfidy, deceit, fraud, or betrayal of ephors and optimates, or by their conspiracy or collusion with a prince, nothing is taken away from the right of a people, and nothing is added to the licence of a tyrant.
www.constitution.org /alth/alth_18.htm   (10156 words)

In Roman estimation the sword was the symbol of the highest order of official authority, with which the Proconsul of Asia was invested.
The “right of the sword” jus gladii, was roughly equivalent to what we call the power of life and death (though, of course, the two expressions are not exactly commensurate); and governors of Provinces were divided into a higher and a lower class, according as they were or were not invested with this power.
Prisoners were carried from all parts of the Province to Pergamum for trial and sentence before the authority who possessed the right of the sword, jus gladii, the power of life and death, viz., the Roman Proconsul of Asia.
www.godrules.net /library/ramsay/44ramsay_a23.htm   (5609 words)

 Trial of Our Lord in His Passion
This had been the law but, 23 years before the trial of our Lord, the power of capital punishment was taken away from the Council by the Romans.
Herod's successor, Archelaus, was deposed and, to bring it into line with all other Roman provinces, the province of Judah and its legislative body, the sanhedrin, had its jus gladii (the right to put someone to death) taken away.
Moreover, already in Genesis it had been prophecied that the Messiah would come only after the kingdom of Judah had fallen and its jus gladii been taken away (Gen. 49,8-10).
www.sspxafrica.com /documents/2004_March/Trial_of_Our_Lord.htm   (864 words)

jus gladii is suspended by the loss, for example, of the effective control over a country.
jus honorarium can be transmitted, others assert that this can be only in the case of absolute sovereigns and not for constitutional ones, others require the observation of all the duties and procedures indicated in the succession law that was in force at the time of the loss of the effective sovereignty.
jus honorarium in his person, and he does not have the implied recognition by other sovereigns that I consider indispensable and the only one really valid.
www.chivalricorders.org /royalty/fantasy/vigo.htm   (6079 words)

 Touchstone Archives: Between Pacifism & Jihad
The reference to “bearing the sword” would have been patent to the first-century reader: The apostle is here speaking of the jus gladii, in the context of preserving the social order.
The public nature of warfare and the necessity of legitimate political authority are critical when viewed against the backdrop of medieval society, in which princes, nobles, and criminals all engaged regularly and aggressively in combat, and this for private ends.
The nation waging war must pass several prudential tests: It must work for good and not evil; it should have some prospect of succeeding; its anticipated outcome of the war should promote peace; and its going to war should be a last resort.
www.touchstonemag.com /archives/article.php?id=16-09-028-f   (3997 words)

 Vincent's NT Word Studies - Romans 13
Borne as the symbol of the magistrate's right to inflict capital punishment.
Thus Ulpian: "They who rule whole provinces have the right of the sword (jus gladii)." The Emperor Trajan presented to a provincial governor, on starting for his province, a dagger, with the words, "For me. If I deserve it, in me."
Teleite ye pay is, literally, ye accomplish or fulfill carrying the sense of the fulfillment of an obligation.
www.godrules.net /library/vincent/vincentrom13.htm   (495 words)

 [No title]
Pharisees, for instance, were deeply antagonistic to Sadducees.” It was into this time that Jesus was born.
Another significant event in the timing of Jesus was an issue called Jus Gladii.
According to the Palestinian Talmud, “Capital Punishment was abolished 40 years before the destruction of the temple.” Somewhere around 30 AD Pilate took from the Sanhedrin the ability to execute cases of capital punishment.
www.ywamconnect.com /c9/images/99/39/3/33999/87603.doc   (869 words)

 Blue Letter Bible - Commentaries
The "scepter" has been understood to mean the "tribal staff" or "tribal identity." This "tribal identity" was linked, in the minds of the Jews, to their right to apply and enforce Mosaic law upon the people, including the right to adjudicate capital cases and administer capital punishment, or jus gladii.
The jus gladii, the right to impose the death sentence, had been removed.
[3] jus gladii means the authority to adjudicate capital cases and impose capital punishment.
www.blueletterbible.org /Comm/mark_eastman/messiah/sfm_06.html   (6278 words)

 History of Easter: Trial
The Jerusalem Talmud tells us that forty years before the destruction of the Temple (A.D. 70) the right to inflict the death penalty had been taken from Israel.
As it was now Friday, April 3, 33 A.D., the Sanhedrin had to have the judgement ratified by the Roman provincial ruler, Pontius Pilate, who reserved the 'jus gladii', the law of the sword.
PILATE'S PRAETORIUM The Roman prefect's usual residence was in the Roman capital, Caeserea, on the coast.
www.billpetro.com /HolidayHistory/hol/easter/trial.html   (1037 words)

 Jesus Before the Sanhedrin
This took place after the deposition of Archelaus, son and successor of Herod, 11 A.D., or 7 V.E. (Josephus, Ant.
  Judea had become a Roman province, and the procurators who administered justice in the name of Augustus deprived the Sanhedrim of its supreme power in order that they themselves might exercise the jus gladii; that is to say, the sovereign right over life and death.
  It is hardly possible, however, that the jus gladii had remained in the Jewish power until that period.
www.giveshare.org /library/sanhedrin/1.2.html   (1815 words)

 [No title]
So far we have established that Shiloh is an idiom for the Messiah and that the scepter (that is, the tribal identity, associated with the right to impose capital punishment) had departed from the kingdom of Judah early in the first quarter of the first century.
What was the reaction of the Jews when the right to adjudicate capital cases (the jus gladii) was removed from Judah?
Did they view the removal of their authority on capital cases as the removal of the scepter from Judah?
www.hebroots.org /hebrootsarchive/9708/970812_k.html   (1251 words)

 Amazon.com: Pontius Pilate: Books: Paul L. Maier   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
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A salvo of trumpet blasts echoed across Rome, saluting the sunrise on the first of April, A.D. Read the first page
jus gladii, standards affair, temple treasurer, tribunician power, ooo sesterces, new prefect, conscript fathers, temple police, temple guard, praetorian prefect
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0825432960?v=glance   (1899 words)

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