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Topic: KKruhk

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  Star Wars: Databank | K'Kruhk
Disillusioned, and feeling that the war betrayed the very ideals of the Jedi, K'Kruhk joined a small dissident Jedi schism that was growing in the early months of the war.
This became apparent to K'Kruhk when Asajj Ventress attacked the dissident camp in an attempt to sew confusion and distrust among the Jedi.
The Jedi unit was decimated by the Separatist leader General Grievous, and K'Kruhk was gravely wounded in battle with the General.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/kkruhk/index.html   (283 words)

  Luminara Unduli   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
K'Kruhk fought in many battles during the Clone Wars, and was assigned to protect Senator Viento on Coruscant.
Unfortunately, K'Kruhk was forced to battle rogue Jedi Quinlan Vos, and suffered injuries after falling from an airspeeder.
During the ensuing Jedi Purge, K'kruhk was one of the few survivors.
luminara.unduli.es.ogarnij.com   (6631 words)

 Jedi - K'Kruhk
When Twoseas died by the hand of the Yinchorri it was hard for K'Kruhk to accept her return to the force.
K'Kruhk was joined by Ki-Adi-mundi, Tarr Seirr, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti and a army of Clonetroopers.
K'Kruhk was defeated by Grievous and was badly killed.
stego.bravehost.com /Database/Jedi/Kkruhk.html   (506 words)

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A hulking Whiphid Jedi, K'Kruhk was once the Padawan of Lilit Twoseas.
His master died in the mission, and K'Kruhk brought her body back to the Jedi Temple.
Passing the trials and achieving the rank of Jedi Knight, K'Kruhk matured into a introspective Jedi.
www.jedicombat.com /databank/character/kkruhk   (682 words)

 K'kruhk is a vaapad master?
K'Kruhk was a Whiphid Jedi during the waning days of the Old Republic.
He matured into an introspective Jedi Knight and soon became a Jedi Master.He was one of the 4 people ever to master the lightsaber art of Vaapad.
K'Kruhk would look kinda funny with a small saber--he could probably use Yoda's saber as a toothpick...
www.comicscommunity.com /boards/janduursema/?frames=n;read=6015&expand=1   (322 words)

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