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Topic: KM programming language

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  KM programming language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
KM, the Knowledge Machine, is a frame-based language used for knowledge representation work.
An Ontology editor for the KM language: KMgen.
This page was last modified 14:51, 23 April 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/KM_programming_language   (61 words)

As a library of program units begins to grow, and as new program elements are obtained from the network or from vendors, problems may arise when the same variable or function name is used in different contexts.
Languages and program development environments try to reduce the impact of a change.
More generally, a Java "program" or stand-alone application is named by the class name in which the main method resides, and it is executed by supplying that class name to the Java Interpreter.
www.yale.edu /pclt/java/class.htm   (1631 words)

 Language Design, Semantics, Types by Dr. Sophia Drossopoulou
Units and Dimensions for Programming Languages: The type system of a programming language is extended to express dimensions (eg distance, speed), and units for measuring these dimensions (eg km, cm, sec, hr), implicit conversions between units, and operators from units in some dimension to other units in other dimensions.
Higher order Module Parameterization an extension to an existing programming language with modules (eg Modula-2), to allow for parameterization of modules (eg generic lists, and generic matrices expressed in terms of generic lists), and thus a higher level of code reuse.
Smalltalk Program Designer: aims to close the gap between the very high level, language independent design methodologies (like OOA/OOD, OMT etc), and the existing Smalltalk browsers which only support entering programs that are fully designed and thought out.
www.doc.ic.ac.uk /~yg/projects/ProgrammingLanguage/sophial.html   (599 words)

 Nepali Language - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Nepali Language, official language of Nepal and of Sikkim state in northern India.
Sikkim has a population of 540,493 (2001), with a population density of 76 people per sq km (197 per sq mi).
Nepali, an Indo-Iranian language, is the official language, written in the Devanagari script and mother...
uk.encarta.msn.com /Nepali_Language.html   (98 words)

 Online Data - Language Codes
Macintosh codes sometimes have two variants, depending on the script the language is written.
Similarly, Microsoft codes are sometimes not script-specific and in cases where a language is not really properly identified without this information, the script information appears as well.
Please do not contact the Unicode Consortium if the ISO 639 language names are not what you believe they should be.
www.unicode.org /onlinedat/languages.html   (394 words)

 Index of Project Proposals
Skeletons encourage structured parallel programming, in which a parallel program is built from ready-made components for which efficient implementations are known to exist.
This is a data-parallel functional language which allows fragments of C to be included (actually I think I prefer an imperative language with expressions which can use the full power of a functional language).
Partial evaluation is the idea of a compiler which takes a program together with some of its inputs, and produces an optimised program ready to be applied to the remaining inputs.
www.doc.ic.ac.uk /~yg/projects/ProgrammingLanguage/Index.html   (3683 words)

 F.A.Q. for KM Programming
The answers are excerpts from email exchanges on KM programming within the RKF team.
A: KM unification algorithm uses a set of heuristic rules to decide if two entities are the same.
If so, then KM tries to do some pattern matching, for example if the code is (the slot of X), then KM returns the current value of (the slot of X), and breaks out of the loop.
www.cs.utexas.edu /~jfan/rkf/km-faq.html   (1482 words)

 Programming the Grid: Distributed Software Components, P2P and Grid Web Services for Scientific Applications
To build reliable and re-usable Grid applications, programmers must be equipped with a programming framework that hides the details of most Grid services and allows the developer a consistent, non-complex model in which applications can be composed from well tested, reliable sub-units.
To illustrate the connection between web services and Grid application programming we describe a simple design pattern for application factory services which can be used to simplify the task of building reliable Grid programs.
One of the common difficulties with the current Grid programming model involves the deployment of applications that are to be shared by a group of users.
www.extreme.indiana.edu /~gannon/ProgGrid/ProgGridsHTML.htm   (8454 words)

 java - definition by dict.die.net
Java language> (After the Indonesian island, a source of programming fluid) A simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture-neutral, portable, multithreaded, dynamic, buzzword-compliant, general-purpose programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995(?).
Java An object-oriented language originally developed at Sun by James Gosling (and known by the name "Oak") with the intention of being the successor to C++ (the project was however originally sold to Sun as an embedded language for use in set-top boxes).
After the great Internet explosion of 1993-1994, Java was hacked into a byte-interpreted language and became the focus of a relentless hype campaign by Sun, which touted it as the new language of choice for distributed applications.
dict.die.net /java   (544 words)

 IDL-to-Java mapping, Part 2
In the Java programming language, constants must be primitives and they are expressed with the final keyword.
This is bit trickier with the Java programming language because of the fact that everything must be an object and creating a new type means creating a class.
The Java programming language does not have the struct keyword and, as stated earlier, programmers are encouraged to put everything into an object (for example, a class).
www.ibm.com /software/developer/library/co-cjct5.html   (3475 words)

 Our Research on Declarative Meta Programming   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
For this, we require that the logic meta-programming language lives in symbiosis with the object-oriented base language, allowing base level programs to be manipulated as terms, facts or rules in the meta level.
Rather it is a general, simple logic programming language with a few peculiarities to facilitate the manipulation of Java code for the purpose of code generation.
The language can be used for, among other things, validation of architectural specifications; reasoning and proving relations between specifications and design patterns; implementation of patterns by support tools; documenting concrete architectures of class libraries and of application frameworks.
prog.vub.ac.be /research/DMP   (5182 words)

 First-Hand Look and other perceptual problems
I've followed the same pattern with several languages (French, Spanish, Danish, and now Portugese): I become newspaper literate in about a month or so, and after 3 or 4 months I can understand a good 60-99% of what goes on around me, depending on accents and all that.
Somehow my language aptitude is acute up to the point of speech, then it balances talent with sheer ineptitude and neurosis.
Caitlin was fed up with doing all the talking (she is a wizard at adapting to new languages) and left me in line at the checkout stand to complete what should have been an utterly routine transaction.
www.processedworld.com /Issues/issue25/25firsthandlook.html   (3391 words)

 Quoderat » Programming languages of distinction
Steve Yegge, in particular, argues that language success is based mainly on marketing, and that Python is doomed to obscurity because of the community’s lack of marketing savvy.
Timing: A new language might not be at the right stage of development (too raw, or too stale) at the time when elite developers decide to make a mass migration.
Most programming languages stumble over one or more of these — it’s as much luck as clever design when a language like C++ or Java makes it past the hurdles and into the workplace.
www.megginson.com /blogs/quoderat/archives/2006/03/06/programming-languages-of-distinction   (1681 words)

 KM: The Knowledge Machine
KM is a powerful, frame-based language with clear first-order logic semantics.
KM is released under the GNU Lesser General Public Licence.
You can stay up-to-date with KM, post and answer questions, be alerted to new releases of KM, etc. by joining the KM Users Group hosted by Google Groups at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/km-qa.
www.cs.utexas.edu /users/mfkb/RKF/km.html   (447 words)

 TE241 Computer Programming > Example Programming Practice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
For this we need to knowledge of the Fortran 90 programming language.
statement in line 1 is a keyword of a Fortran program and indicates the beginning of the main program.
The variables and their data types used in the program are declareted in lines 3 and 4.
www1.gantep.edu.tr /~bingul/TE241/example.php   (305 words)

 Diary for terceiro
This is indeed a characteristics of books like Concepts of Programming Languages by Robert W. Sebesta, and others used in so many places to teach Programming Language Concepts.
Several of the mainstream languages have they merits, but Programming Language Concepts books that don't go further in general concepts make several people with minds stuck to the languages that "everyone uses".
For those who want to learn in deep about Programming Languages Concepts, I would recommend a series by Professor David Watt: Programming language concepts and paradigms, Programming language syntax and semantics and Programming Language Processors.
www.advogato.org /person/terceiro/diary.html?start=7   (806 words)

 Language Log
Type "jeopardy" in the search field on the main Language Log page and you'll find several posts (most of them by Bill Poser) discussing how language and linguistics are represented on the TV quiz show Jeopardy: mostly badly, but occasionally OK.
Some innovations in language have no clear single moment of creation, but arise as natural re-workings of the material of a language, by many different hands.
At least with respect to matters of speech, language and communication, however, the scientific support for Brizendine's picture of biological determinism seems to slip through the fingers as you try to grasp it.
itre.cis.upenn.edu /~myl/languagelog   (7034 words)

 Hoover Institution Archives: Radio Liberty: 50 Years - Language Services > Ukrainian Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In 1962, Herus was made adviser (later assistant manager) of Ukrainian and Belarusian programming for RL, with responsibility for programs and policy at both language services.
In 1979, Mykola Herus was appointed program manager of the RL Belarusian and Ukrainian Services in Munich.
In 1984 he was hired by RL, first as a program specialist for the Ukrainian Service, then as a foreign policy analyst.
hoorferl.stanford.edu /rlexhibit/language-Ukrainian.php   (744 words)

 Misty Programming Language: Numbers
Surprisingly, this is not the case in most other programming languages.
When numbers are used as seconds, they can record to the year 32408 CE in increments of a 9th of a microsecond.
When numbers are used as millimeters, they can record distances of 1_024_819 km down to a 9th of a nanometer.
www.crockford.com /misty/numbers.html   (1046 words)

 C Programming: Metric conversion program
The program you are trying to write is far too difficult for your first program.
I have been programming C and Unix for 17 years and have well-used copies of "OOP with C++ in 21 days" (Perry) and "Programming In C" (Kochan) in arms reach.
Without knowing the language, it is very difficult to judge how hard a given problem is. The books and the courses will give you the excercises in a logical sequence with plenty of explanation and feedback at each step of the way.
www.experts-exchange.com /Programming/Programming_Languages/C/Q_20784650.html   (2191 words)

 Information Systems (INFS) - Courses - University Catalog 2004-2005: George Mason University
Study of the structure and application of high-level languages by stressing the design and implementation of data types, data structures, and algorithms.
Applications are investigated through program construction and case studies in varied settings, such as database systems, graphical user interfaces, knowledge-based systems, simulations, and prototyping.
The knowledge of an object-oriented programming language such as C++ is highly desirable.
www.gmu.edu /catalog/0405/courses/infs.html   (1589 words)

 sciforums.com - Which programming language is best suited for AI?
Which should be or which language is best suited for AI and why?
My gut feeling is that if you get the algorithms and approach to AI right, the language of implementation will be irrelevant.
But when we found it's philosophy of design, it such a wonderful AI language.
www.sciforums.com /showthread.php?t=5808   (379 words)

 McCullough Knowledge Explorer and the MKR language   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
MKR is a very-high-level knowledge representation language with a rigorous epistemological foundation including context, genus-differentia definitions, ECP hierarchies (knits) and a unique characterization of the changes associated with actions.
MKR is a general-purpose knowledge representation language which is applicable to any domain.
The MKR language has the same power as the CycL language, but is much more user-friendly.
www.volcano.net /~rhm   (649 words)

 Language Log: September 2006 Archives
Languages with no writing system also develop systems of this kind -- and with or without writing, no experts are needed in order to create the set of shared assumptions that foster communication.
Language defined by changing usage is what some call a "grown order" -- a judgment formed by millions of people, based on their senses of what is convenient and comfortable for them.
Elsewhere (I think), while discussing children's acquisition of their first language, he says that it's a good thing that children learn their language mainly from their mothers and other women, because women speak so much more simply than men and their speech is therefore a better model for the child's learning task.
itre.cis.upenn.edu /~myl/languagelog/archives/2006_09.html   (15354 words)

 Adventures in Linux Programming
Tclslides require no other program but a simple web browser at the client side to make your presentation dynamic and full of content.
The language is portuguese, but the pictures are in "universal language" :^) Translations are encouraged and those slides are released under a free publishing license (where may I find such license?).
Your cobol program receive events from buttons, controls the appearance of all widgets, insert items in lists, changes or receives values from text entries, comboboxes, radiobuttons, checkbuttons, and so on.
members.tripod.com /rpragana   (2332 words)

This page expands and disambiguates a two-letter combination which might be an abbreviation, an English word, a word in another language, any or all of these.
If an article link referred you here, you might want to go back and fix it to point directly to the intended page.
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 09/15 - A 24-year-old Burkinabe, Andr` David Bounkoungou, said the 2,012-km "Tour du Faso" walk he embarked upon 12 September, was aimed at instilling patriotism in youth of the country.
www.hidrotimes.com /Kei-to-Kno/km.php   (158 words)

 Amazon.com: Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots (Technology in Action): Books: Stéphane Ducasse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The goal of this book is to explain elementary programming concepts such as loops, abstractions, composition, and conditionals to novices of all ages.
It teaches the core programming concepts based on simple problems, involving the manipulation of robots or "turtles" as frequently seen in school learning environments.
And the reader does not have to be fluent in any programming language before they pick up this book.
www.amazon.com /Squeak-Programming-Robots-Technology-Action/dp/1590594916   (1431 words)

 Expressions, Declarations, Statements
Statements are constructs that perform basic actions or control the execution of the program.
Unfortunately, OO programming requires narrowing between class types occasionally.
As of Java 1.4 an has been added to the language.
www.cs.fit.edu /~ryan/java/language/eds.html   (657 words)

NOTE: A program that does screen scraping must take the data coming from the legacy program that is formatted for the screen of an older type of "green on fl" display terminal and reformat it for a Windows user or for a web browser.
SECOND GENERATION LANGUAGE (2GL) - A programming language that corresponds closely to the instruction set of a given computer, allows symbolic naming of operations and addresses, and usually results in a one-to-one translation of program instructions into machine instructions.
SILICON ON INSULATOR (SOI) - A layered structure consisting of a relatively thin stratum of silicon -- from 50 nm to 100 µm, depending on the application -- in which circuitry is fabricated, separated from a supporting semiconductor substrate (typically silicon) by an insulating layer of silicon dioxide 80 nm to 1µm thick.
www.sew-lexicon.com /gloss_s.htm   (11284 words)

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