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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

 KRS One - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
KRS One and La Rock appeared on the cover of the album holding firearms, a controversial precedent that would be followed by many rap artists in the years to follow.
KRS One is a significant figure in the hip hop community and is often referenced in works by other hip hop artists.
KRS One was the primary motivation behind the HEAL compilation and the Stop the Violence Movement. /wiki/KRS_One   (1845 words)

 KRS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
KRS One (born 1965), one of several pseudonyms for Lawrence Krisna Parker, an American hip-hop musician
Kristiansand (Norway) (IATA airport code "KRS"), capital of the county of Vest-Agder
This page expands a three-character combination which might be any or all of: an abbreviation, an acronym, an initialism, a word in English, or a word in another language. /wiki/KRS   (176 words)

 Flashback: KRS-One - Tempo
KRS-One and Scott LaRock used their victory to launch their careers nationwide, creating Criminal Minded, which created huge controversy when, aside from the music itself, the duo posed for the cover with guns - something unheard of at the time.
Boogie Down Productions (BDP), the combination of KRS-One and DJ Scott LaRock, released Criminal Minded in 1987, the 11-track debut that made a legend out of Kris "KRS-One" Parker and resurrected the birthplace of hip-hop.
KRS made headlines in 2001, when he criticizied rap star Nelly for being a product of marketing and promotion to a mainstream, MTV-fed generation that ignored the history and basis on which hip-hop was founded. /news/2005/05/12/Tempo/Flashback.KrsOne-951172.shtml   (501 words)

 KRS One
KRS One waxes lyrical with Rascalz and Shades of Culture on Saturday, May 17 at Spectrum.
He's become known to most rap partisans as simply "The Teacher." And while KRS One (an acronym for Knowledge Rules Supreme Over Nearly Everyone; he was Bronx-born as Krisna Parker) has an obvious penchant for shock tactics, he also has a affection for verbose lecturing quite fitting his title.
The Mirror seized 20 minutes out of Jive Records's crammed KRS interview schedule to talk to the man who says he's "the greatest MC in the world." And talk he did, right up until the record label cut the phone line after the interview surpassed the allotted time. /ARCHIVES/1997/051597/music3.html   (596 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Spiritual Minded - KRS-One & The Temple Of Hiphop at
It’s easy to tell KRS is behind the boards here; he puts together one of those BDP beats that’s nothing but a hard kick drum, a little snare and high hat, and meager synth horn accompaniment.
One of the concerns I had when I first heard about this project was that KRS was going to sacrifice his usual onslaught of social and political messages blazing over a hardcore beat for this spiritual release, but luckily this didn’t happen.
While the majority of Gospel rap has traditionally been just a very diluted Christian version of Hip Hop music, KRS, being the proponent of Hip Hop culture and awareness that he is, made sure that the spirit of the hardcore rap music he helped to spawn remained intact on this project. /content_53860077188   (1590 words)

He also realized that in the position of being Vice President of AandR, such a position attracted people that were only interested in money and what KRS could do for them.
In 1995, KRS-ONE recorded and published his seventh album "KRS-ONE," which established KRS as a Hip-Hop spiritual leader with the song "Ah-Yeah." "KRS-ONE," the album, sold over 300,000 copies.
"By All Means Necessary" sold over 500,000 copies and put KRS-ONE on the mainstream map. /offices/comm/news/krs-one_bio.shtml   (2406 words)

 The South End Newspaper - Hip-hop forum a success - A&E - News
KRS-ONE told the audience that it was important to know the history so one can see how an impoverished community scene transformed itself into a multi-billion dollar a year industry.
According to KRS-ONE and his organization, The Temple of Hiphop, there are nine elements of hip-hop culture: Emceeing, Djing, B-Boys and B-Girls, Graffiti, street knowledge, street language, street fashion, beat boxing and street “entrepreneurialism”.
KRS-ONE plans to publish a series of books entitled, “The Gospel of Hip-Hop,” and continues to build his organization, The Temple of Hiphop. /modules/news/article.php?storyid=390   (899 words)

 The very unofficial KRS1 and BDP web page
KRS-One is the first artist to rap in a off beat style, influencing hundreds of rappers to do the same since.
When dealing with KRS-One you must clear your mind as to what you think a rapper is and get into what Hip-Hop is. KRS-One is a force in rap so powerful that his songs are sampled by many artists, giving rise to other hit records for these artists.
KRS-One is beyond rap, he is a manifestation of Hip-Hop culture. /sunscreem/570/krsbdp.htm   (457 words)

 krs one
KRS One is a rapper from the Bronx, New York City.
Your one stop KRS One resource, including pictures, ringtones, biography, discography, news and more.
Get more information on krs one at one of the best sites on the Internet.   (310 words) KRS-One: Music: KRS-One
KRS is one of hip-hop's elder statesmen, having made his mark as frontman for Boogie Down Productions ("The Bridge Is Over"), with this album he registers two solo albums as well.
Spiritual Minded ~ KRS-One and the Temple of Hiphop
KRS-One has managed to bring his idea of edutainment to fruition. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00000052Y?v=glance   (1102 words)

 Krs One
Besides Braide, I probably big up KRS as much as anyone.
KRS fans are true hip hop fans, and I think he likes it that way.
KRS is in my top 3 all time. /forum/showthread.php?t=42732   (569 words)

 KRS-ONE to perform with flier warning
The KRS ONE concert was put together at the last minute through the same personal connections used to get Ice-T, Reiff said.
Craig Springer, associate dean of Student Affairs, said the decision to allow KRS ONE to perform was simply a result of discussions over the university's philosophy of quality programming.
"KRS ONE is one of the most legendary far as music is concerned," he said. /student-affairs/dt/V135/N54/03-krs.54c.html   (764 words) - KRS-One vs. Melle Mel
Now I understood when it was said the KRS-One took on THE WHOLE JUICE CREW especially in 'My Philosophy' when he goes:
and of course Melle Mel vs KRS One
KRS-One at times has said that Melle Mel was major influence on him, and has even called Melle Mel his 'teacha', as he grew up on Melle Mel. /showthread.php?pagenumber=1&threadid=639963   (1782 words) : Features
KRS is doing a lot more than making records these days though (though he still has dropped at least one a year for five years).
KRS-One: It’s called “Ruminations.” Because, to ruminate means to turn an idea over and over again in your head, to look at something from a variety of perspectives.
KRS-One: I think it’s the sixteenth to the twenty-third [this year]. /features?ID=714   (1200 words) Feature for April 24, 2001 - KRS-One's "The Sneak Attack"
When KRS-One first came on the rap scene, he was a breath of fresh air in a world made stagnant by too much materialism and negativity.
If KRS-One had rapped for the entire two minutes and thirty seconds and left out the Choir, this beat and his rap combined would be a hip-hop classic.
There are plenty of worthy songs for any KRS-One fan to listen to, and this album is clearly meant for those who know him and his track record best. /archive/2001_04F_sneak.html   (705 words)

 KRS-One MP3 Downloads - KRS-One Music Downloads - KRS-One Music Videos
KRS-One (born Kris Parker) was the leader of Boogie Down Productions, one of the most influential hardcore hip-hop outfits of the '80s.
At the height of his career -- roughly 1987-1990 -- KRS-One was known for his furiously political and socially conscious raps, which is the source of his nickname, "The Teacher." Around the time of 1990's Edutainment, BDP's audience began to slip as many fans...
Without question, KRS-One is one of the greatest... /krs-one/artists/73941/summary.html   (327 words)

 Gossiping Bitches : News - "KRS-One Seeks to Consolidate Hip-Hop", November 24, 2004, hip hop gossip, news, sarcasm
Gossiping Bitches : News - "KRS-One Seeks to Consolidate Hip-Hop", November 24, 2004, hip hop gossip, news, sarcasm
KRS was a leading member of the revolutionary rap group Boogie Down Productions in the mid 1980s.
KRS' trademark assault spilled into the online marketplace, where the Teacher claims over 89 websites operate under domain names which infringe on his newly-registered trademarks, such as "," "," and "" /news/archives/000145.shtml   (197 words)

 Metroactive Music KRS-One
KRS-One flips multiple styles--fluttering his voice and tempo, stressing certain words, especially verbs, and launching another classic KRS line that will probably be sampled in 2010: "I'm not saying I'm number one," he boasts.
KRS-One: teacher; ambassador of revolutionary rap music; co-creator of the hip-hop classics Criminal Minded and By All Means Necessary; Boogie Down Productions' voice of power on "Stop the Violence," "South Bronx," "I'm Still #1" and "My Philosophy"; a guiding light in a hip-hop world plagued by violence and greed.
Then, a most shocking development closes out side one: KRS-One goes RandB. /papers/metro/03.13.97/krs-one-9711.html   (763 words)

 KRS-One Weighs In on Katrina Situation -
KRS- This clearly proves that rap is something that is done, while Hip Hop is something that is lived.
With these questions and many more on my mind I met up with the Teacha KRS-ONE on the road.
KRS- Right now everyone is thinking about getting the displaced into a safe place. /fpoliticalpalacefrm57.showMessage?topicID=456.topic   (5234 words) : Daily Hip-Hop News
KRS-One has hit back at the New York Daily News, after the newspaper ran an article that labeled him a “Hip-Hop Anarchist.”
KRS said that he never intended to disrespect the memories of those who lost their lives and said that he was making a statement.
KRS called the piece irresponsible journalism and pointed out that the magazine never attempted to follow up or even interview him to clarify his statements. /hiphopnews?ID=3618   (723 words)

 disinformation krs-one: the lyrical superhighway
A RealVideo interview with KRS-One, shot whilst he was preparing for his New Year's Eve show at the end of 1997.
With stripped-down production, tight beats and lyrical gymnastics, KRS-One and his hired hands (the best underground DJs in the industry: Kid Capri, Pal Joey, Primo, Kris himself and others) have kept the core of Hip-hop music alive.
Here's the introduction to the manuscript to KRS-One's jettisoned 'HEAL' (Human Education Against Lies) project that was supposed to be distributed on his tours. /archive/pages/dossier/id308/pg1   (657 words)

 June '98 Hip Hop News
Plus KRS has proven himself to be the ultimate representation of hip hop when it comes to battling and wrecking microphones.
After all, the subsequent publicity would be great..However, he would after understand that KRS-One would bring it to him and most likely end his career.
Again KRS came back to his original point which was that if Canibus feels that battling KRS-One would somehow help his career he would do so. /krsonenews.html   (1504 words)

 Gospel Music -- KRS-One -- Entertain Your Belief
KRS-ONE: We are establishing a ministry that speaks to the saved and the unsaved.
KRS-ONE: The Temple of Hip-Hop was started in 1996; it is a hip-hop preservation society and ministry.
Well, it’s nearly twenty years later, since KRS-ONE first appeared on the scene with his conscious hip-hop message of “Black Empowerment”, “Afrocentricity” and “Economic Power”. /dynamic/artist-articles/interviews/61   (3524 words)

 Ramblings' Journal: KRS-One -- not one of the smartest folks in the world
All of you that dis respected Krs-one are so stupidly blind and lost because you are not deep enough to understand what he is expressing.
Rapper KRS-One has come out with a statement at the New Yorker Festival at the beginning of October that has many folks up in arms.
If KRS One was denied entrance because of his clothes and talk, it was deserved. /archives/050358.php   (2450 words)

 KRS-ONE - Keep Right - Album Reviews - The Elements - Your One Stop For Hip Hop and Rap Music
KRS-ONE Drops Nelly Diss Song With Warren G. Hip Hop News
KRS-ONE - Keep Right- Album Reviews - The Elements - Your One Stop For Hip Hop and Rap Music
HIPHOP APPRECIATION WEEK: KRS-ONE Steps Out On 'Faith' May 16-23 /article/read/2/6136/1   (815 words)

KRS-ONE says at his shows, "you are not doing, or listening to HipHop, you are HipHop." When he says this, what he is saying is that you are a God.
KRS-ONE does not drink alcohol, or do any other drugs, he speaks very proper English, and only uses some slang in his songs.
KRS-ONE, if you can believe it, has a Gospel album that is sold in many Christian book stores. /krsone.htm   (857 words)

 KRS-One vs Nelly Battle...Who wins? Vote & Post! -
But what KRS-One needs to understand is that hip-hop has hit SO many different elements.
KRS ONE ain't got no attention so he brings NELLY out for some publicity duh.
Screw KRS ONE, By The Way Who Is KRS ONE, Droppin Floppin Albums /fplanethiphopfrm11.showMessage?topicID=195.topic   (1168 words)

 hip online: artists: krs-one
KRS-One remains one of the philosophically more enlightened rappers: in particular fighting against the use of the terms "ho" and "bitch" when discussing women.
In retaliation, KRS-One and his posse invaded the stage during the following night's P.M. Dawn gig at the Sound Factory Club in New York, throwing Prince Be offstage and commandeering the microphone for his own set.
Though he later apologised publicly, in private KRS-One was telling the world that he was tired of MCs and hip-hop crews disrespecting him. /artist/music/k/krs-one   (507 words)

 DeadPrez, KRS-One & Rass Kass Benefit Concert Shut Down by LAPD
Krs one is an activist, dead prez speak the truth with politics and stereotypes, and ras kass has several run ins with the law, so i guess it was bound to happen...
DeadPrez, KRS-One & Rass Kass Benefit Concert Shut Down by LAPD
The charity concert featured KRS-One, Dead Prez, and Ras Kass and was hosted by Fidel. /hiphop/news/85096.php   (651 words)

KRS-One and numerous hiphop community members and pioneers will donate time and resources that support creative expression and development.
Legendary rapper KRS-ONE is to present the UNITED NATIONS in NEW YORK with a 'HIPHOP DECLARATION OF PEACE'.
KRS-One's mission for Hiphop Appreciation Week is to declare hiphop as a legitimate international culture for peace and to decriminalise hiphop's public image. /news/29004.htm   (224 words)

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