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Topic: Kafi

  Kalamazoo Animation Festival International
Welcome to the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (KAFI), a premier animation festival of the U.S. and one of the top 20 animation festivals in the world.
KAFI 2007 is over with another great festival under our belts.
KAFI takes place in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan on a biennial schedule alternating with the prestigious Irving S. Gilmore Keyboard International Keyboard Festival
kafi.kvcc.edu   (143 words)

 YouTube - KAFI 2007
Seattle has Starbuck's and Kalamazoo has KAFI, a pot full of adventures in animation that is brewed biannually in Southwest Michigan.
The dates for KAFI 2007 are May 17th-20th.
Maye nee main kinnu aakhaan:Part 2of 2 - Shah Hussain's Kafi
www.youtube.com /watch?v=19i7eSRBkIA   (302 words)

  New Role for Ali Kafi, MD, Chief of Clinical Cardiothoracic Surgery at DMC Harper University Hospital
In Kafi’s new capacity, he will oversee the management of: All residents rotating on cardiothoracic surgery; on-call schedules for the service; management of the Cardiothoracic Physician Assistants; all quality measures as they relate to the division; peer review and credentialing for the cardiothoracic surgeons; and, management and procurement of instrumentation utilized in the operating room.
As a leader in his field, Kafi was the first surgeon in Michigan to perform transmyocardial laser revascularization, a surgical procedure for coronary artery disease patients with angina.
Kafi is also one of the first physicians in metro Detroit to use minimally invasive port access during cardiac procedures.
www.dmc.org /cgi-bin/viewnews.pl?doc=1174071499   (347 words)

 [No title]
Kafi is the representative raga of the thaat of the same name.
Kafi is a sampoorna jaati Raga as it used seven notes both in the ascending and in the descending.
A late afternoon raga, Dhaani is a pleasant derivative of the Kafi scale, obtained by omitting the dhaivat (natural sixth) from Bhimpalasi.
members.tripod.com /~somd/Kafi.html   (427 words)

 Gamasutra Calendar
KAFI's four-day festival is filled with events for students, artists, educators, professional, independent and the general public.
KAFI is a project of Kalamazoo Valley Community College.
KAFI has been privileged to screen many Academy Award winning and nominated films for Best Animated Short Film such as, “Ryan” (2004) by Chris Landreth, “The Moon and the Sun” (2005) by John Canemaker, “Guard Dog” (2004) by Bill Plympton and “Das Rad” (2003) by Chris Stenner and Heidi Wittlinger.
www.gamasutra.com /php-bin/calendar.php?event_id=779   (274 words)

 WGNT CW 27 Norfolk Portsmouth: Kafi Rouse, Host of Here & Now   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kafi is now the marketing and public affairs director for the new CW 27, WGNT-TV and can be seen every Saturday at 6:30 a.m.
Kafi graduated the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African American Studies and a minor in Speech Communications.
Kafi was recently awarded by the Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast with a Women of Distinction award and has been chosen as one of Inside Business’ “Top Forty Under 40”.
paramountstations.com /wgnt/communitynew/local_story_1957231092_html   (219 words)

 The Jakarta Post - The Journal of Indonesia Today   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kafi Kurnia was talking about corruption during a radio program last week when he suddenly burst into laughter.
Kafi apologized, explaining that he had no intention to laugh at anyone.
Kafi, who was born in Jakarta, was educated in a Protestant elementary school run by the Salvation Army here, and later went to a Catholic high school.
www.thejakartapost.com /yesterdaydetail.asp?fileid=20030820.S01   (791 words)

 California Newsreel - KAFI'S STORY
In Khartoum, Kafi is initially amazed that the buildings seem "as big as mountains" yet he and other Nuba immigrants adjust to back-breaking factory work, going to Indian movies and relaxing on their days off on the banks of Nile.
Kafi and the other Nuba react to the presence of the camera with neither awe nor apprehension; they seem to welcome the camera as an extension of their open, out-going, hospitable lifestyle.
Kafi ends the story with a touching formal farewell to the future viewers who having traveled so far with him will ask "where is Kafi now?" He could not have realized how poignant that remark would become; less than a month after filming stopped, Torogi was a battle zone.
www.newsreel.org /nav/title.asp?tc=CN0112   (522 words)

 Kalamazoo Valley Community College!
KAFI’s showcase event, the unique “Cartoon Challenge,” will again have teams of animation students from colleges around the nation taking part in a week-long competition.
KAFI is gaining a reputation as an animation festival.
KAFI is now a biennial event sharing the every-other-year format with the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival that brings world-famous performers to downtown Kalamazoo for two weeks in May of even-numbered years.
www.kvcc.edu /careersource/spring05_stories/toons.html   (576 words)

 Kafi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kafi (Urdu: کافی) is a classical form of Sufi poetry originating from the Punjab, Pakistan.
In musical terms, kafi refers to the genre of Urdu light classical music which utilizes the verses of kafi poets such as Bulleh Shah and Shah Hussein.
Kafi has gained a higher profile in the West of late thanks to the Pakistani singer Abida Parveen, who is widely hailed as a successor to qawwali maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in terms of Sufi singers known to western audiences.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kafi   (192 words)

 Kafi Beckford sweeps Tastee's July semi-finals - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM
With Gyptian's Serious Times, Kafi Beckford out-performed 23 other contestants for the top prize of $60,000, and firmly established herself as one of the big favourites for the grandfinals in December.
The 11-year-old daughter of former winner Janet Denton (who herself won the contest while still in school in the 1980s), surpassed all who came before her and was out of reach for those who performed after her.
Having also made it through to the grand finals, Dallas has a second chance to better her score of 301 points, but her challenge for the grand final, is to erase the 39 point deficit between her and Beckford.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /lifestyle/html/20060801T180000-0500_110247_OBS_KAFI_BECKFORD_SWEEPS_TASTEE_S_JULY_SEMI_FINALS.asp   (617 words)

The Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (KAFI) is one of the largest animation festivals between the east and west coasts.
KAFI's four-day festival is filled with events for students, artists, educators, professional, independent and the general public.
KAFI has been privileged to screen many Academy Award winning and nominated films for Best Animated Short Film such as, “Ryan” (2004) by Chris Landreth, “The Moon and the Sun” (2005) by John Canemaker, “Guard Dog” (2004) by Bill Plympton and “Das Rad” (2003) by Chris Stenner and Heidi Wittlinger.
asifa.net /news/news.php?newsid=138   (316 words)

 NY1: Staff Profiles
Before coming to NY1, she was an anchor and general assignment reporter at News 12 The Bronx.
After graduating from Barnard College, she worked for both ABC News and MSNBC, where she worked on high-profile stories that included the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the death of JFK, Jr., the case of Elian Gonzalez, the conflict in the Middle East, and the 2000 presidential election.
Health & Fitness is not just a beat for Kafi — she brings to the field a desire to help raise awareness about key issues affecting city residents, and to help her fellow New Yorkers lead healthier lifestyles.
www.ny1.com /ny1/content/index.jsp?stid=37&aid=52817   (313 words)

 AWN Headline News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But KAFI also has the potential to be a gathering place for animators, educators, studio reps, software reps, students and the general public.”
In its off year, KAFI organizes animation workshops for K-12 students and other events designed to show the applications of this art form to business and other professions.
Information and updates about all KAFI activities and the Cartoon Challenge is available at this webpage, www.kafi.kvcc.edu or by calling Maggie Noteboom at the festival office at (269) 373-7883.
news.awn.com /index.php?ltype=top&newsitem_no=18407   (1378 words)

 The Color Of Love - Marriage
Kafi and Rudy live in a Southern California community where Latino and fl tensions are rising as the growing Latino population threatens to displace fl families and workers.
Kafi and Rudy share the home—and their vision for racial and economic reconciliation—with their friends and Harambee coworkers Derek Perkins and Karyn Farrar-Perkins.
Kafi and Rudy regularly speak to church and college groups about their intercultural relationship.
www.christianitytoday.com /mp/7m2/7m2030.html   (1315 words)

 Al-Kafi - The Shias Favourite Book - Ummah.com
That said, I wish to make it known to everyone that it is HARAM for the Shia to accept any hadith as SAHIH unless he or she has compared it with the Quran and investigated if it does not contradict the Holy Book.
The scholars consider Al Kafi and Behar un Anwar and such books favourably, because they believe the sources which narrated them were not politically opposed to the Alh ul Bayt.
With the Shia, the onus is on the listener to confirm the validity of the hadith by comparing it with the Quran before accepting it as a 'Sahih', individually.
www.ummah.net /forum/showthread.php?t=60562   (3366 words)

 Ali Kafi: ZoomInfo Business People Information
Ali Kafi, former president of the High Committee of State (HCE) which ran Algeria from July 1992 to January 1994, has launched a public attack on the army and president Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
Ali Kafi claims he made political contact with the FIS an attempt to find a peaceful solution to the crisis.
Abandoned by his friends and mujahidin comrades, criticised by Bouteflika, and with a court case pending, Ali Kafi is in a tight spot.
www.zoominfo.com /people/kafi_ali_3651544.aspx   (426 words)

 Farhoud Kafi
Babson > Academics > Faculty > Kafi, Farhoud
Professor Kafi has been a part-time lecturer at Babson since 1979 and became full time in 2001, teaching in both the graduate and undergraduate programs.
Professor Kafi served as project coordinator on a joint venture between Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Idmon, Inc., and Polytechnic University of Iran, to establish a new department of aeronautical engineering at P.U.I. (1976 to 1978).
www3.babson.edu /Academics/faculty/kafi.cfm   (153 words)

 A tribute to Pathanay Khan
Technically, the KAFI and GHAZAL are two poetically forms of the subcontinent which narrate arouse aspects of love.
KAFI is a little different from GHAZAL as it is a poem with few stanzas or couplets, composed in simple diction, using indigenous similes and metaphors, and connoting such mystic philosophies that are easily understandable to millions of illiterate and rural people.
When The tape recorders became popular, it was Pathanay Khan whose recordings were played in the trucks and other travelling vehicles on the long and tiring journey on Pakistan’s Highways, and at the village café’s of Punjab and Sindh.
members.aol.com /QADIRNAGAR/pkhan.html   (769 words)

 The DoveSong Foundation, Inc. -- Music of India: Raga Kafi
Raga Kafi is about love and passion and is used as a basis for many of the lighter songs sung in the thumri style.
A natural 'B' can be sung as an embellishment for the high C. In Dhrupad, the Eb was often omitted in the ascending scale.
Rajeev Taranath This version of Kafi is performed as a ragamala, meaning that elements from other ragas are introduced as a melodic device.
www.dovesong.com /MP3/MP3_India_kafi.asp   (234 words)

 Welcome to Kafweb.com!
La Qualité Kafi une qualité imbattable, a un prix imbattable.
La compagnie Kafi est fière de présenter sont grand choix de meubles de qualité supérieur pour enfants et adultes.
Kafi est maintenant en mesure de vous offrir des meubles jolis, élégants, utiles, luxueux et toujours à un prix très abordable.
www.kafiweb.com /index.html   (238 words)

 Short Takes: Kafi
The Kafi thAT is among the ten proposed by Pandit Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande in his taxonomic scheme.
This recurring phrase and the avarohi termination on R are characteristic of Kafi.
In fact, the musical accompaniment that Aneesh [Pradhan] suggested for this is also influenced by the use of pakhawaj and jhaanjh or kaansaa that you hear with haveli sangeet, and raas performances.
www.sawf.org /newedit/edit11212005/musicarts.asp   (2136 words)

 Baha Kafi ...Tunisian ... LBC Star Academy, Picture of the week | WALEG.COM
Baha Kafi is a 21 year old Tunisian, she is the last remaining girl at the academy.
She is very hard working and has a beautiful voice.
This picture was taken last week when the academy took the students to a horse stable on the occasion of Khalawi's birthday.
www.waleg.com /baha_kafi_star_academy.html   (68 words)

 Africa-AICN: Kafi's Story; Madam and Eve; The Piano Player; The Long Walk To Freedom; Fat Albert -- Ain't It Cool ...
Well it's a real shame that films like 'Kafi's Story' don't get to see the light of day when you consider how prophetic it is of our own world crisis in the Middle East.
Kafi's Story captures Nuba life at the moment before it was engulfed in the Sudanese civil war.
Kafi and the other Nuba react to the presence of the camera with neither awe nor apprehension; they seem to welcome the camera !
www.aintitcool.com /node/11795   (2472 words)

 [No title]
Please allow me to thank you for the rich language you use in your web site; being a non-native speaker of English, I found your phrases and words very rewarding.
So as you see dear Kafi, I am not brainwashing people.
I give them the information and encourage them to read the Quran and hadith and go through all Islamic sites so they can be sure what I say is true.
www.faithfreedom.org /debates/kafi.htm   (3037 words)

 YouTube - Mafalda - Sheila Chandra ''Kafi Noir''
YouTube - Mafalda - Sheila Chandra ''Kafi Noir''
Mafalda - Sheila Chandra ''A bone crone drone part I''
Kafy - Gare aux Poufs (V2 Censuré) Réponse Koxie
www.youtube.com /watch?v=Vg8ai2trwjg   (380 words)

 The Creed of Shi'a from their own sources
(1.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif.
(11.) Usul Kafi 1:228/ Faslul Kitaab fi Tahrif.
(19.) Furoo - Kafi in Kitaabul Raudah - 135/245.(20.) Haqqul Yaqeen 521.(21.) Ibid 2/516.
islamicweb.com /beliefs/cults/shia_creed.htm   (1764 words)

 Selections from Usul al Kafi
A sahih tradition is one which is free from any kind of defect in its unbroken chain of transmission and is narrated by transmitters of well-known veracity (thiqah).
This selection from Usul al-Kafi is based on the selection published by Muhammad Baqir Mahmudi, in Arabic under the title Sahih al-Kafi and with Persian translation with the title Guzideh-ye Kafi (vol.1, Markaze Intisharat-e `Ilmi wa -Farhangi: Tehran, 1363 H.
Sh) All the ahadith selected here fall, according to his estimation, in the category of sahih traditions from the viewpoint of asnad.
www.al-islam.org /al-tawhid/kafi/1.htm   (976 words)

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