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Topic: Kafir

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  Hindukush Kafir people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kafir religion was a blend of Zoroastrianism rituals, Hindu beliefs, Buddhist tenets and diverse ceremonies as well as paganism reminiscent of the mythology of Greece.
Though in his raids into hostile territories, whether of Kafirs or Musulmans, the Kafir spares neither men, nor women, nor even children and though, he holds human life as of very little account, and though in hunting, he appears to employ brutal methods of getting his game, yet he is not cruel by nature.
Kafir society is essentially democratic and the Kafirs are theoretically all equal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kafirs_of_Hindukush   (4825 words)

 rocky's bru: THREE TIMES A KAFIR
Kafir, in case the morons have not got it, means you better support Umno, i.e.
The aim of this thread is to question the PM's wisdom in using the word "kafir" to describe non-Muslim Malaysians in view of the negative meaning of the fact that it could inspire others to add the word to their vocab, which is not what the PM wants, I'm sure.
kafir also means ppl who professed to practice the religion and wishes not to follow its tenets.
rockybru.blogspot.com /2006/11/three-times-kafir.html   (5877 words)

 Part 2: Non-Muslims and co-existence
In point of fact, even if someone can be described as kafir in Islamic terminology, he or she would be as worthy of God's compassion as any one else.
In Egypt, the word kafir is used to describe the farmers as they conceal seeds in the ground and cover it up.
The kafirs, in the terms of the Koran, are the conscious evildoers of any race or creed or community.
www.islamawareness.net /Hinduism/is2.html   (2531 words)

 MPF: How to know if you act like a kafir
Those who allow themselves to engage in unjust acts may name themselves strugglers against unbelief, but one who has let go his hold on the foundation of faith is in no position to attack others for their lack of it.
The kafir is arrogant and feels contempt for those unlike himself, whom he holds to be inferior.
The kafir recognizes God’s blessings but refuses to attribute them to their source: he is an ingrate (16:22; 16:72; and definitional).
www.mpfweb.org /91101_kafir.html   (729 words)

 Ummah.com - Who is a kafir
Answer: A person becomes a Kafir when he denies the truth in spite of being convinced that it is the truth.
Kafir = Is someone that does not accept the religion of Islam or the Quran as the truth; and believes in God's Holy Words from the Bible as the Only Truth.
For one Kafir implies you are lower class, subhuman etc. The Church has never used such a term.
www.ummah.net /forum/printthread.php?t=20915   (2232 words)

 'Kafir ’ - meaning and implications of a Qur’anic term, The Milli Gazette, Vol. 2 No. 9
The issue of Kafir in the light of Islam, and whether or why Hindus are called ‘kafir,’has been raised again and again in the Indian press, particularly in the media controlled or influenced by the Hindutva movement.
Kafir is a descriptive term used for someone who rejects something.
Kafir in Urdu is one of the attributes of the beloved, e.g., Ghalib’s verse: main hua kafir to woh kafir musalman hogaya..
www.milligazette.com /Archives/01052001/Art28.htm   (1359 words)

 Faith Freedom International :: View topic - The word "Kafir"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A Muslim cannot be labeled a disbeliever or kafir unless he totally denies the obligation of prayer or any of the Islamic obligations.
A Muslim cannot be labeled a disbeliever or kafir unless he totally denies the obligation of prayer.
Kafir simply means that a person has disbelieved in God, His prophet (s), the Divine Books, the Day of Judgment, the Angels, etc....
faithfreedom.org /forum/viewtopic.php?p=3321&...   (2867 words)

 Calling Muslims as kafir
But when at last it became manifest that the opponents quite unjustly persisted in calling him a kafir, the Promised Messiah wrote that after that he was entitled to treat those opponents as kafir who declared him to be a kafir or imposter, in accordance with the saying of the Holy Prophet.
Thus a person who called a Muslim brother a kafir did not deserve to be called a member of the brotherhood and hence the words of the Holy Prophet that kufr reverted to him who called his brother Muslim a kafir.
But the gravest of all the consequences of the teaching of M. Mahmud is that in recognising the truth of these doctrines, the Promised Messiah is to be accepted as the teacher of a new religion altogether, not of Islam as it was taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad.
www.muslim.org /qadis/93-6.htm   (2323 words)

 Islamic Voice
Kafir is a subject based on the verb Kufr.
Whether the Non-Muslims are technically Kafir or not in the eyes of Islam, those who have not asked them to accept it after explaining and presenting it in a decent and convincing manner, have no moral right in letter and spirit to call them Kafir.
The relationship of Muslims with the Kafirs (of Islam) is a human relationship based on human brotherhood as mankind has descended from one man and woman.
www.islamicvoice.com /october.99/dialogue.htm   (3498 words)

 Glossary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Jihad literally means 'to strive' or 'to exert to the utmost.' In Islamic parlance it signifies all forms of striving, including armed struggle.
Kafir signifies one who denies or rejects the truth, i.e.
A Munafiq is more dangerous and worse than a Kafir.
www.eathalal.org /glossary.htm   (3064 words)

 Asia Times Online - The best news coverage from South Asia
The doctrine of kafir and rejection of co-existence with the so-called kafir being spread by some obscurantist elements is thus patently un-Islamic.
Usi ko dekh kar Jeete hain jis kafir pe dam nikle.
Kahin aisa na ho yan bhi wohi kafir sanam nikle.
www.atimes.com /atimes/South_Asia/EL13Df03.html   (2869 words)

 Be Careful who you call a Kafir
Be careful who you call Kafir because only Allah knows who is truly a rejector and who is merely a misguided person.
If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an Unbeliever).
Therefore, if you call other Muslims "kafir" or "mushrik" without discrimination, you could find that you have left Islam, according to the words of the Prophet (s.a.w.), in less than a second.
www.themodernreligion.com /ugly/kafr.html   (625 words)

 Welcome to the fullhyd.com discussion boards! :: View topic - Kufr-Kafir
It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when thou threwest (a handful of dust), it was not thy act, but Allah's: in order that He might test the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself: for Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things).
Kafir is not bad when the other person understand, and when it is not said as an insult; in most cases it is said as an insult...
MM your query about call Muslims Muslims, Hindu Hindus etc, for heavens sake "Kafir" is not a word used to describe religions, its a general term used for non believers.
www.fullhyderabad.com /discussions/viewtopic.php?t=41128   (3160 words)

 The General and the Kafir
The twentieth century, in its middle years, saw the emergence of an ethos where these words, infidels, kafirs, mlechchhas and others of that kind, were dropped out of polite speech.
Kafirs are Kafirs and if some find it offensive to hear it, it is their problem.
The General became pedestrian for a day, he descended on the street in the hope that those who are shouting in the streets against him will join him if he made this concession.
www.kashmirherald.com /featuredarticle/generalandthekafir-prn.html   (1109 words)

 Talk:Kafir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The move from kafir to kafir (Islam) was necessary precisely to allow kafir to point to the disamb page.
The word "kafir" seems to be a common variant (not misspelling!) of "kaffir", which has many important senses not related to kafir (Islam).
by assuming that the Kafir of Kafiristan was a sub-sense of kafir=infidel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Kafir   (10983 words)

 What Makes A Person Kafir?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The general Muslim has to defer that grave judgement to those who know precisely what makes a person kafir without doubt, lest he make a mistake and commit irreparable damage to his soul.
The answer is, because they were fearful of the huge punishment in case they did not have a right to call kafir those who pray the 5 prayers towards the same Qibla as we do.
None of them called them kafir to our knowledge, yet they were and are far more knowledgeable of their position and its consequences in the Religion than us.
members.chello.se /onesr/fiqhi/fiqha_e49.html   (501 words)

 Kafir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some distinguish between Kafir and non-Muslims, as Kafir is used by the Qur'an for people, who were guilty of rejection or non-acceptance of the truth, even after it has become fully apparent to them, while non-Muslim is primarily a term implying a person, who does not ascribe to the Islamic faith.
In Islamic parlance, kafir is a word used to describe a person who rejects Islamic faith.
The word kafir (and related words, such as the abstract noun kufr "disbelief") is mentioned in the Qur’an in five different senses:
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kafir   (1971 words)

 Ch. 17 - Butler County, Kansas
The kafir corn carnival held in El Dorado during the fall is taking the place of the fair to some extent.
The next five years it made a remarkable increase in acreage, being over 35,000 acres in 1905, but since then the acreage has remained about stationary on the average, there being a few less acres in 1912 than there were in 1905.
In that year assessors' returns in the county gave kafir an acreage value of $14 per acre and white corn was rated at $12.65.
skyways.lib.ks.us /genweb/archives/butler/history/1916/17.html   (1913 words)

 Ask-Imam.com [9939] what is kafir? Is it forbidden to call non-Muslims as “kafirs”? Is this statement correct or ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Is this statement correct or the usage of the word “kafir” correct: “Saint Paul is a kafir name, and Ahmed is a Muslim name.”
Is this statement correct or the usage of the word “kafir” correct: “He has many kafir friends in US high schools, and he is being influenced by kafir ideologies.”
The word Kafir is derived from the root word ‘Kufr’ which means to deny.
islam.tc /ask-imam/view.php?q=9939   (299 words)

 Kafir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The entire body of a Kafir, including his hair and nails, and all liquid substances of his body, are najis.
If the parents, paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather of a minor child are all kafir, that child is najis, except when he is intelligent enough, and professes Islam.
When, even one person from his parents or grandparents is a Muslim, the child is Pak (The details will be explained in rule 217).
www.sistani.org /html/eng/menu/3/inside/18.htm   (286 words)

 Declaring Muslims as kafir
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s] Bai’at formally, wherever they may be, are Kafirs and outside the pale of Islam, even though they may not have heard the name of the Promised Messiah.
This statement expresses the Qadiani belief that all Muslims who do not belong to the Ahmadiyya Movement are non-Muslims because they do not believe in Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, just as Jews and Christians are non-Muslims for not believing in the Holy Prophet Muhammad as a prophet.
Again the description used is pukka kafir, meaning kafir in the real, true, and fullest sense.
www.ahmadiyya.org /qadis/takfir1.htm   (1025 words)

 A Comment on “Declaring Someone a non-Muslim”…
While a “Kafir” is a “rejecter of the truth”.
Thus, “Kafir” actually is one who, knowingly, rejects the truth.
On the contrary, “Kafir” is a person who knowingly turns his back on the truth.
www.understanding-islam.com /rsi/si-001.htm   (915 words)

 Regarding "Kafir" and "Kufr"
Since no human can know in an absolute sense whether or not such rejection is truly deliberate and made in full knowledge of it being the truth, we cannot brand anyone as being a Kafir.
This concept is then extrapolated to infer that non-muslims also have an equally good chance of gaining Allah's Pleasure in life to come.
It is safe to say that the Islamic scholars of that age, living chronologically closer to the Prophet's time and living in a less complicated world would also have come to this conclusion in their understanding of Islam.
www.understanding-islam.com /related/text.asp?type=question&qid=2577   (604 words)

 Search for products to control Kafir Ant based upon pesticides registered in various states to control Kafir Ant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Kafir Ant is a 'pest' (an unwanted organism) that can be controlled through the use of pesticides.
Pesticides, such as products to control Kafir Ant, are regulated by State Departments of Agriculture.
To find all products ever registered at EPA to control Kafir Ant: www.kellysolutions.com/epadata (login as username: 'Guest' and password: 'Guest' - your results will be limited to 5 items).
www.kellysolutions.com /searchpests/Kafir_Ant.htm   (421 words)

 Be careful who you call a kafir - Ummah.com
Abdullah Yusuf Ali's commentary: Kufr, Kafara, Kafir, and derivative forms of the word, imply a deliberate rejection of Faith as opposed to a mistaken idea of Allah or faith, which is not consistent with an ernest desire to see the truth.
While I don't think we should use the word kafir lightly, IA that some of the "progressives" or "liberals" really need to stop doing cut and paste Islam.
Kafara, kufr, kafir, and derivative forms of the word, imply a deliberate rejection of Faith as opposed to a mistaken idea of Allah or faith, which is not inconsistent with an earnest desire to see the truth.
www.ummah.net /forum/showthread.php?t=60857   (4118 words)

 Kufar, Kafir, what? - Ummah.com
I could not declare a xian who lives in ignorance of the koran/ islamic beliefs and are practising xians worship God, do good deeds help others etc a kafir.
kafir!" and that "kafir don't understand" and when I asked for it to be explained all they say is "kafir!
Plus when I googled the word kafir I found a different meaning that I didn't like.
www.ummah.com /forum/showthread.php?t=55857   (845 words)

 HELP! my kafir lime tree - Citrus Forum - GardenWeb
Watering is another way to tell..If you find yourself watering the Kafir every other day then the plant is rootbound.
Since you're in z9, checking and repotting shouldn't be a problem, since your plant is more likely to grow faster than someone living in a lesser zone.
The first two pics were shown when my kafir was in indoor.
forums.gardenweb.com /forums/load/citrus/msg101403143935.html   (1221 words)

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