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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Kaiso - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kaiso songs are generally narrative in form and often have a cleverly concealed political subtext.
The term kaiso is said to derive from a Hausa word used as an exclamation of approval, such as "Bravo!" [1] The word is often used synonymously with calypso today, but often with the connotation that the former is more authentic, showing approval consistent with its original meaning.
Kaiso is a genome-wide repressor of transcription that is essential for amphibian development.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kaiso   (352 words)

 Carnival '96: The Kaiso House   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Kaiso House is produced each by the government’s National Carnival Commission (NCC), in conjunction with Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO), the umbrella body for calypsonians.
One of the most entertaining items at Kaiso House is the Mighty Terror’s performance of “Sell Dem, in which he is urging the government to begin selling criminals to country’s at war, for duty on the front line.
Veteran entertainer Bill Trotman is the emcee at Kaiso House and this former Original Young Brigade tent star brings his vast experience into play to ensure that patrons enjoy every minute of their stay at the tent on the waterfront.
www.tidco.co.tt /local/carnival/Kaiso-House.htm   (398 words)

 Shintaikido   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Kaiso was able to mix the various root arts into his techniques.
It is taught as a traditional martial art, allowing a person under attack to make a choice as to whether to be a street fighter, a martial artist, or step aside and move on.
In his years of study, Kaiso Dave Bendigkeit has found that all true martial arts are essentially the same and that there is no superior art since all martial arts utilize the same sound principles of movement.
www.shintaikido.com /Shintaikido.html   (398 words)

Obata is a descendant of Obata Masamori, who served as a general and strategist (one of the famous 24 strategists) for the Takeda family during the cival war, Sengoku era.
Obata Kaiso was welcomed by the Tate dojo to be a Bujutsu Shihan, and as such became a member of the Tokyo Wakakoma (an elite group of martial artists, who serve as fight scene choreographers and stuntmen for Japanese television and movies) for which he was a trainer for several years.
In 1980, Obata Kaiso came to the USA after being entrusted with the title of Chief Instructor for North America of Toyama-ryu and Nakamura-ryu battodo by Master Nakamura Taizaburo, as well as Chief Instructor and Founder of the USA Battodo Federation by the All Japan Battodo Federation.
www.kikentai.com /kaiso.htm   (965 words)

 The Catenin p120ctn Interacts with Kaiso, a Novel BTB/POZ Domain Zinc Finger Transcription Factor -- Daniel and ...
Kaiso has all 37 highly conserved residues found in the majority of POZ proteins as well as the 6 invariant residues (underlined).
Endogenous Kaiso was primarily concentrated in the nucleus (A and C) as detected by immunofluorescence with Kaiso polyclonal antibodies.
A Kaiso mRNA of approximately 5 to 6 kb was ubiquitously expressed, and the lowest levels were found in the brain and testis.
mcb.asm.org /cgi/content/full/19/5/3614   (7139 words)

 Expression and Nuclear Location of the Transcriptional Repressor Kaiso Is Regulated by the Tumor Microenvironment -- ...
Kaiso and p120ctn colocalized in the cytoplasm of the primary tumor of a papillary serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary (D and E,
Kaiso was largely nuclear in subconfluent cultures (A and C), whereas high confluency resulted in nuclear loss of Kaiso irrespective of oxygen pressure (E and F).
Kaiso is generally described as a transcription repressor (19, 20, 22–24)
cancerres.aacrjournals.org /cgi/content/full/65/6/2224   (6353 words)

 Nuclear import of the BTB/POZ transcriptional regulator Kaiso -- Kelly et al. 117 (25): 6143 -- Journal of Cell Science
None of the Kaiso deletion mutants were sensitive to leptomycin B, indicating that none of these constructs encoded a dominant CRM-I-dependent NES that masked a weaker NLS.
(A) To validate the relevance of the identified Kaiso NLS in the context of full-length Kaiso, wild-type and NLS-defective Kaiso were fused N-terminally to eGFP.
Consistent with the localization of endogenous Kaiso, eGFP/Kaiso was targeted predominantly to HeLa-cell and Va-2-cell nuclei, as determined by confocal microscopy.
jcs.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/117/25/6143   (4731 words)

 Kaiso-Deficient Mice Show Resistance to Intestinal Cancer -- Prokhortchouk et al. 26 (1): 199 -- Molecular and Cellular ...
Kaiso is a BTB domain protein that associates with the signaling
Kaiso expression is elevated in murine intestinal tumors.
The p120(ctn)-binding partner Kaiso is a bi-modal DNA-binding protein that recognizes both a sequence-specific consensus and methylated CpG dinucleotides.
mcb.asm.org /cgi/content/full/26/1/199   (5735 words)

 The Human Enhancer Blocker CTC-binding Factor Interacts with the Transcription Factor Kaiso -- Defossez et al. 280 ...
A, to determine whether Kaiso and CTCF interact in vivo, nuclear extracts prepared from HeLa cells were subjected to immunoprecipitation (IP) with Kaiso- and CTCF-specific antibodies as indicated.
A, various domains of CTCF were fused to GAL4, and their interaction with the POZ domain of Kaiso was assessed in a strain in which LacZ is the reporter.
Kaiso was immunoprecipitated by using the 6F monoclonal antibody.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/280/52/43017   (4297 words)

 Daniel research
The specific focus of my laboratory is the transcription factor Kaiso that was first identified as a binding partner for the catenin p120ctn, which is aberrantly expressed or absent in human breast, colon and skin carcinomas.
Kaiso is a novel member of the POZ-zinc finger family of transcription factors implicated as oncoproteins or tumor suppressors.
In addition, we recently mapped the Kaiso and p120ctn nuclear localization signals and determined that nuclear localization of p120ctn was required for its inhibitory effect on Kaiso-mediated transcriptional repression (Kelly et al.
www.science.mcmaster.ca /biology/faculty/daniel/danielj_research.htm   (861 words)

 E-Budo.com - Why Kaiso has failed
As long as there is someone pushing on Kaiso's philosophy, and someone is listening, a net good will be done.
If Sensei were to stop teaching the philosophy and ideals of SK or even tried to deny their Kenshi access to such materials, then I might consider Kaisos legacy to be a failure.
Kaiso's legacy is not just reserved for the members that can maintain their training presence throughout their lives.
www.e-budo.com /forum/showthread.php?t=30260&highlight=kaiso+failed   (3731 words)

 Doshin So “Kaiso” of Shorinji presented in Martial Arts section
Kaiso spent a number of years during and preceding the Second World War in China.
In June 1946, Kaiso returned to Japan and found the country demoralised and dispirited.
Kaiso resolved to help and do all he could to rectify the situation.
www.newsfinder.org /site/comments/doshin_so_kaiso_of_shorinji   (1526 words)

 The p120 catenin partner Kaiso is a DNA methylation-dependent transcriptional repressor -- Prokhortchouk et al. 15 ...
The p120 catenin partner Kaiso is a DNA methylation-dependent transcriptional repressor -- Prokhortchouk et al.
Kaiso represses transcription in vivo in a methyl-CpG-dependent manner, and is a component of the MeCP1 doublet complex.
(E) Kaiso comigrates with a 700-kD protein complex on a Superose 6 column as assayed by EMSA in an agarose gel.
www.genesdev.org /cgi/content/full/15/13/1613   (4938 words)

 Fruit Pie Music Website
KAISO is a fully professional Caribbean show band.
Consequently a typical KAISO set might include three Soca tunes, a traditional Calypso, a Merengue, a Zouk number and two Reggae selections.
To conclude KAISO are guaranteed crowd pleasers and I hope this introduction has been informative and has further excited your interest in booking them for future engagements.
www.fruitpiemusic.com /Jazz-Salsa-Classical/Kaiso/kaiso.htm   (266 words)

 Expression and Nuclear Location of the Transcriptional Repressor Kaiso Is Regulated by the Tumor Microenvironment -- ...
Expression and Nuclear Location of the Transcriptional Repressor Kaiso Is Regulated by the Tumor Microenvironment -- Soubry et al.
Kaiso is a BTB/POZ zinc finger protein originally described
Kaiso is found almost exclusively in the nucleus, where it generally
cancerres.aacrjournals.org /cgi/content/abstract/65/6/2224   (399 words)

 Kaiso 25 Sets New Standard in Local Production
Friday, February 13, 2004 - Kaiso 25, one of the premiere activities on the calendar of events for the 25th anniversary celebration of St. Lucia’s independence has established what it is hoped will be an irreversible standard in artistic expression in St. Lucia
“Kaiso 25 has surpassed expectations and has gone on to set a new standard for locally produced shows”, he said.
The turn-out, which was said to be in the thousands, was unrivalled by any activity staged at the prestigious side lawn location at the Pigeon Island National Landmark thus far.
www.stlucia.gov.lc /pr2004/february/kaiso_25_sets_new_standard_in_local_production.htm   (175 words)

 The p120ctn-binding partner Kaiso is a bi-modal DNA-binding protein that recognizes both a sequence-specific consensus ...
The p120ctn-binding partner Kaiso is a bi-modal DNA-binding protein that recognizes both a sequence-specific consensus and methylated CpG dinucleotides -- Daniel et al.
CTGCNA was identified as sufficient for Kaiso binding.
Kaiso also formed a complex with the mts-5 probe (TMT) in which only the second CpG site was methylated (lane 13).
nar.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/30/13/2911   (5073 words)

 Carnival 2001: Pan Kaiso Preliminaries
That was the question on everyone's mind as thirty-eight of the forty contestants carded to appear at the third annual Pan Kaiso competition vied for a place among the eleven finalists who would challenge reigning champion, Colin Lucas, come Wednesday 21st 2001 at the Queen's Park Savannah.
A relatively new addition to Trinidad and Tobago's carnival calendar of events, the Pan Trinbago sponsored 2001 Pan Kaiso competition, "Sweet Songs for Steel" attracted a moderate but enthusiastic crowd on the greens of the King George V Park, St. Clair.
Their expectations for a good show were not to be disappointed.
www.visittnt.com /todo/events/Carnival2001/Calypso/pan_kaiso.html   (418 words)

 Biography of Obata Toshishiro, founder of Shinkendo Japanese Swordsmanship
Taihojutsu (control & arresting techniques) is also part of the curriculum, and is an area tailored for use in the law enforcement and security fields.
Obata Kaiso has also worked in the film industry writing screenplays, action coordinating and acting (appearing in movies such as Black Rain, Rage & Honor, Rising Sun, Demolition man, the Shadow, Showdown in Little Tokyo and the Hunted).
For 7 consecutive years Obata Kaiso was the All Japan Battodo Champion, Ioriken Battojutsu Champion for 5 years and Toyama-ryu All Japan Champion for 2 years.
www.shinkendo.com /bio.html   (1017 words)

 Kaiso is a genome-wide repressor of transcription that is essential for amphibian development -- Ruzov et al. 131 (24): ...
Kaiso is a genome-wide repressor of transcription that is essential for amphibian development -- Ruzov et al.
Articles by Ruzov, A. Articles by Meehan, R. Kaiso is a genome-wide repressor of transcription that is essential for amphibian development
Kaiso is a transcription repressor with a distinct methyl-CpG
dev.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/131/24/6185   (6394 words)

 Laminar Shear Stress Differentially Modulates Gene Expression of p120 Catenin, Kaiso Transcription Factor, and Vascular ...
Laminar Shear Stress Differentially Modulates Gene Expression of p120 Catenin, Kaiso Transcription Factor, and Vascular Endothelial Cadherin in Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells -- Kondapalli et al.
Kaiso protein expression was enhanced at the wound edge (D,
Kaiso protein expression was enhanced at the wound border (D) compared with cells away from the wound edge (C), but there were no changes in its localization.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/279/12/11417   (5134 words)

 Dance Kaiso
Dance Kaiso, founded in 1987, first appeared in Carnaval San Francisco in 1988--a small group of percussionists and dancers wearing raffia and leopard.
The idea of having Mardi Gras came to Dance Kaiso's directors--Robbin Frey and Wilfred Mark--a couple of years ago at carnaval time, when a participant asked if they could throw beads to the crowd.
Alas, one familar character not be parading with Dance Kaiso was Claude, the Fire-Breathing Dragon, a popular fixture for the last two years, is taking time off.
www.carnaval.com /dancekaiso/2004/dance_kaiso.htm   (443 words)

 Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : newsday.co.tt :   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Luta had worked steadily through the kaiso season to win the Unattached Monarch Competition, and both the social and political commentary winning titles at the Categories Calypso Finals.
He sang two upbeat and inspiring songs "Check the Foundation" and "Kaiso, Kaiso." While his songs chided, they didn’t moan and whine, but offered constructive solutions.
In ‘Kaiso kaiso" he lamented: "Men end up winning, yet next day you can’t remember a word they sang." Explaining what made a good kaiso, he slammed those artistes who lazily modelled their songs on nursery rhymes, Baptist and Orisha chant, and recycled melodies from the late Grandmaster, Lord Kitchener.
www.newsday.co.tt /stories.php?article_id=33702   (577 words)

Dance Kaiso, co-founded in 1987 by Wilfred Mark, Robbin Frey, and Val Serrant, gave its first performance for an audience of 13,000 on the River Stage of the 1988 World's Fair in Brisbane, Australia.
Company members were California Arts Council Artists-in-Residence in Bay Area schools from 1995 until the defunding of the program in 2003.
All artists performing or teaching in California schools under the auspices of Dance Kaiso have been fingerprinted in accordance with California State law.
home.earthlink.net /~dkaiso   (141 words)

 NLS-dependent nuclear localization of p120ctn is necessary to relieve Kaiso-mediated transcriptional repression -- ...
Kaiso transcriptional activity and the observation that p120
in the nucleus and is not due to sequestration of Kaiso in the
Kaiso is a nuclear phosphoprotein belonging to the family of
jcs.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/117/13/2675   (5184 words)

 About the Artists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
He was a principal dancer with Repertory Dance Theater of Trinidad and Tobago for eleven years and a dancer/actor with The Derek Walcott Theatre Company for four years.
She has a Master's degree in Dance Ethnology, specializing in African-derived dances of the Caribbean, and has also trained in ballet, jazz, and Martha Graham technique.
She is interested in the intersection of dance, theatre, and the healing arts and has been teaching since 1983.
home.earthlink.net /~dkaiso/id1.html   (285 words)

 E-Budo.com - Quotations from Kaiso
Thought this would be a good subject to share and write about different quotations from Kaiso, what they mean and what we could learn from them today.
I have found out, with the little Japanese that I read, that they have a daily quotation from Kaiso on the Hombu homepage.
Anyway it says; ?¡“ú‚ÌŠJ‘cŒê˜^ "Kyou no Kaiso goroku", which should be; Today's saying from Kaiso (or something similar).
www.e-budo.com /forum/showthread.php?t=1297   (398 words)

 ISF/AB/KTRR DISCUSSION FORUMS - Obata Kaiso International Seminar in France and Hungary - 2005
Sensei Adrien Six of France and Roland Lajos of Hungary have arranged to invite Kaiso to Europe for seminars in Paris and Budapest.
Members from all over Europe will be convening to train under Obata Kaiso’s guidance and to visit and network with colleagues from around Europe and beyond.
If you are not able to attend this seminar or if you just can’t get enough, don’t forget that Kaiso will be visiting Europe again in October for an International Seminar in Switzerland.
www.shinkendo.com /bbs/showthread.php?threadid=305   (392 words)

 EvilSponge: Hitori and Kaiso 1998 - 2001 by Casino vs. Japan
The oddly named electronica act Casino vs. Japan is actually the brainchild of one Erik Kowalski of Milwaukee, WI.
So i ordered a copy of Hitori & Kaiso 1998-2001, and since then i have repeatedly been blown away by this compilation.
Kowalski has a good ear for melody, and many of the tunes are toe-tappingly catchy.
www.evilsponge.org /ALBUMS/CasinoVJapan__HitoriAndKaiso.htm   (577 words)

 Carnival 2001: Pan Kaiso Finals
Held in the Queen’s Park Savannah, Wednesday February 22, 2001 saw 13 contestants battle for the title of Pan Kaiso Monarch.
The competition, whose preliminary round was opened to all Calypsonians – local, regional and international, required competitors to perform a Calypso about any aspect of the steelband or a song written specifically for steelbands, allowing the winner to receive the grand prize of a Suzuki Wagon.
The show brought a newfound appreciation for musical arrangement for Steel Pan and the caliber of performances made a night well spent.
www.visittnt.com /ToDo/Events/Carnival2001/Calypso/pan_kaiso_final.html   (606 words)

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