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Topic: Kalevala town

  Kalevala - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kalevala is an epic poem which Elias Lönnrot compiled from Finnish folk lore in the 19th century.
Louhi the Hag of the North, is a shamanistic matriarch of a people rivalling those of Kalevala who at one stage pulls the sun and the moon from the sky and steals the fire away from the people of Kalevala.
Proponents of a Southern Kalevala argue that the name Kaleva probably was first recorded in an atlas of al Idrisi in the year 1154, where a town of qlwny (or tlwny) is recorded.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kalevala   (2865 words)

 alpha1's Home Page/Project Alphistia
The preferred location is undeveloped and thinly populated land without climate extremes, suitable for farming and the development of several dozen small towns and cities.
There are local councils at the provincial and town level.The legal system is based on the national constitution and a legal code.
A national language other than English greatly aids the development of a unique cultural life, like small countries such as Iceland or Israel.English is important for Alphistians to know as a second language, since it is the international language of the world's educated population.
www.geocities.com /CapitolHill/2418/alpha1.html   (805 words)

 New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock KA-KH
Kalevala was founded in 1969 by bassist Juha "Lido" Salonen; they ended up with the name of the Finnish national epic almost by accident, when a concert organiser objected to their then-topical original name Vietnam and they needed a quick replacement.
Vocalist Harri Saksala is the least impressive part of Kalevala's sound, sounding a bit like a more guttural and Fennophonic version of Ian Anderson (the song lyrics were originally written in Finnish, but pressures of the market place necessitated a translation into English).
Kalevala Anthology concludes with five demo-quality songs Salonen and Leppänen recorded in 1995 with a new line-up (including Pekka Pohjola on bass).
www.gepr.net /ka.html   (13662 words)

 Traditional Storytelling
The traditions of Finland are concentrated around the Kalevala, the national epic which is sung in its strict trochaic tetrameter, accompanied by the kantele.
In the Kalevala saga, Väinämoinen, the mythical hero, subdues his foes by playing on his kantele, made from the jawbone of a giant fish strung with a maiden's hair.
The Kalevala metre goes into great depth about the ancient rhythm of the epic.
www.timsheppard.co.uk /story/dir/traditions   (15433 words)

 Zacharias Topelius
It paints a vivid portrait of a small, rapidly developing but idyllic town, where everybody still knew each other: "The young men went marching off into that glorious June evening.
They made their way out on to Unionsgatan street through the Botanic Gardens with their clipped avenues, where acacias had just opened their tender leaves, while oaks and maples were unfolding their first yellow leaf buds and the first narcissi beginning to waft their fragrance along the pathways.
Among his plays are REGINA VON EMMERITZ (1853), set in the times of the Thirty Years' War and PRINSESSAN AF CYPERN (1869), a fairy-tale play partly based on Kalevala's characters.
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /topelius.htm   (1388 words)

 Michael Swanwick Online: The Squalid Answers
You have no idea how jealous every fantasy writer in existence was of Diana Wynne Jones when he not only made a movie of Howl’s Moving Castle, but came to her home town and rented a theater so he could give her a private showing before it was released.
After which they talked for hours, through a translator, and she decided that they were “soul mates.” It’s a damn good thing for her that she’s a good writer and apparently quite a decent human being, because otherwise we’d all have to kill her.
Back in the less frequented stacks is where you'll find Percival Lowell's books on Mars, the Ocean of Story, Icelandic sagas and Eddas, the Kalevala, any number of eccentric visions that will serve as ornaments to the well-educated mind.
www.michaelswanwick.com /auth/squalidansw.html   (13494 words)

 Tolkien Society Links Page
Point and click access to thousands of fan, collector, dealer, store, publisher, club and convention email addresses and web sites.
Virtual Tour of Tolkien's Oxford http://www.chem.ox.ac.uk/oxfordtour/tolkientour/index.html: Using Apple's free QuickTime VR technology we have built a series of interactive panoramic photographs of the places in our home town of Oxford that were well known to JRR Tolkien, such as his former homes, colleges and pubs.
Put the cursor on the image, hold and drag to pan and tilt for full 360 degree view.
www.tolkiensociety.com /links.html   (4256 words)

 New Books
Trade, Politics and Plunder: The Marathas at Cambay c.
Use and Abuse of Sacred Places in Late Medieval Towns
Becoming Jinja: The Production of Space and Making of Place in an African Industrial Town
www.coronetbooks.com /new.html   (5236 words)

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