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Topic: Kashmir (song)

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  India-Pakistan rivalry soaks Kashmir in blood | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle
The Indian government maintains that Kashmir is an integral part of a Hindu-dominated but multiethnic nation of 1 billion people that is the world's most populous democracy.
Leaving the city for a picnic, or a hike in the mountains or a swim in Dal Lake, considered one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world, means running the chance of kidnapping, injury or death.
The Kashmir war might have started as a secessionist movement, Mukherjee argues, but it has become a "proxy war" waged by Pakistan to galvanize support at home for a government riddled by failure.
www.chron.com /disp/story.mpl/special/terror/front/1144965.html   (2498 words)

 Mobiles sing Azad's tune in Kashmir
A song by Shameema Azad, Walev Badlaw Panun Taqdeer, (Let's change our destiny) that used to bombard the television screens in Kashmir after Azad took over as Chief Minister of Indian administered Kashmir is now readily available on cell phones, with experts terming it as another tool of public relations.
Airtel official denying to be named refuted that the song is free and claimed there is variety of songs to be used by customers and it is indeed the people who have selected the song.
Airtel higher ups argue that Shameema is the top singer and her songs are most sought after, but most of the people question that hadn’t their been any other singer of repute in Srinagar and Jammu till date, that airtel had to wholly re-discover her.
www.kashmirnewz.com /n000154.html   (0 words)

Kashmir is an area on the northern borders of India and Pakistan; officially known as Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmir is famous for its natural beauty and has often been referred to as the 'Switzerland of the East'.
The capitals of Indian-held Kashmir are Srinagar in the summer and Jammu in the winter; whilst the capital of Azad Kashmir is Muzaffarabad.
www.liquid-blue.com /music/themes/01KashmirTheme.htm   (419 words)

 Jammu Kashmir travel guide,jammu and Kashmir India,jammu Kashmir tour operators,travel guide jammu Kashmir,jammu ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The dense forests of Kashmir are a delight to the sport lovers and adventurers for whom there are ibex, snow leopard, musk deer, wolf, red bear, fl bear and leopard.
Tracing its roots to Kashmir is the ever-popular rogan josh, which is spiced lamb cooked in yogurt and aniseed, a spice not very commonly used in other regional cuisines.
While tabak maz is spiced ribs fried to crispiness, for the qorma, a lightly sour creamy dish, shoulder of lamb and tail are cooked in milk and dried apricots, and the yakhni uses curd as the base for its sauce.
www.tourmyindia.com /states/jammu/index.html   (2495 words)

 Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Swan Song label was formed in January of 1974.
A song that required the creative input of all band members, and provided a positive definition of what Led Zeppelin was all about.
This resulted in a song which provided a mixture of sounds that lose their individuality and become wholly unique as a form of musical expression.
reality.sgiweb.org /trb/jim/led_zep_kashmir.html   (393 words)

 Freemuse: Clerics condemn Kashmir pop song
The song has become popular with people across the disputed state, despite the protests by enraged clerics who say God would never do such a thing.
They have threatened to take to the streets in protest at the song, which is sung by Akram Rahi and Naseebo Lal.
Religious leaders in Kashmir have sought a ban on a pop song by two Pakistani singers.
www.freemuse.org /sw6750.asp   (0 words)

 tribuneindia... Jammu and Kashmir
It was his first ever visit to Kashmir, and he is fascinated by the snow, the mountains, the green woods and the clear blue skies of Kashmir.
But film lovers in Kashmir may not be "lucky enough" to watch it on the silver screen the same day since there is only one cinema hall, "Broadway", that was opened last year after a gap of about 10 years'.
This is one of the dozen cinema halls in Kashmir, most of them being in Srinagar, that were closed down with the eruption of militancy late in 1989.
www.tribuneindia.com /1999/99apr10/j&k.htm   (1615 words)

 Kashmir by Led Zeppelin Songfacts
But Kashmir is one of the songs that shows how far they were able to go without losing their way.
Kashmir without doubt is the most chilled out place in the world and belive me I have travelled a fair bit.
Kashmir is another slang word for heroine, Page's drug of choice, "all I see turns to brown" clearly stating the color of the heroine rock, the hypnotic mood of the song sounds like a heroine trip.
www.songfacts.com /detail.php?id=356   (6984 words)

 tribuneindia... Jammu and Kashmir
His proposal to make a song for the soldiers was immediately approved by the MoD and he was given the permission to shoot the song in Kashmir.
Rafi Hyder, cameraman, who captured the Bollywood actor for this song for two days in the militancy-infested border district of Kupwara, was surprised by the actor's understanding of the work, his dedication and most of all, his interaction with the jawans.
The director states that the song which has been completed and edited, is lying with the MoD and as soon as it is previewed and cleared, it would be released on all major television channels in India.
www.tribuneindia.com /1999/99oct03/j&k.htm   (2976 words)

 Clerics Condemn Kashmir Pop Song
Srinagar: Religious leaders in Indian administered Kashmir have sought a ban on a pop song by two Pakistani singers.
The song has become popular with people across the disputed state, despite the protests by enraged clerics who say God would never do such a thing.
They have threatened to take to the streets in protest at the song, which is sung by Akram Rahi and Naseebo Lal.
www.jammu-kashmir.com /archives/archives2004/kashmir20040803c.html   (196 words)

The song has qualified to the biggest, polish song festival that takes place annually in Opole.
Song was chosen to the final fourteen from over one hundred songs extended.
Kashmir is now preparing to record its first long-play.
www.myspace.com /kashmirpl   (391 words)

 The Kashmir Klub
This was evident from the moment she opened her mouth to sing Cruel Hand of Fate, her expressive face living every moment, with that heartstopping catch in her voice and the certainty with which she leaps up to the top of her range.
The wry resignation that makes Wonderful Life such a great song - and such a misunderstood song, as ironically titled as Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA - is undimmed in Colin, and he delighted the Kashmir faithful with a touching rendition of his signature tune.
Then a song called "Swallow's her home" and another in the second half which I think was called "If you see me you don't recognize", with its surreal watery backdrop and almost hypnotic unison strumming, which gave a very open-stringed, echoing feel.
www.kashmirklub.com /diary/diary-13-12-99.htm   (1701 words)

 John Paul Jones' Mellotron
John Paul Jones' skills at arranging were put to great use for the studio tracks "Stairway To Heaven" and "The Rain Song." On "Stairway To Heaven," the song begins with four overdubbed recorders (wooden flutes) that add a beautiful chamber ensemble to Jimmy Page's single guitar intro.
It is difficult for many to hear the difference between the "real" and simulated strings, which is a tribute to Jones' clever performance and arrangement.
For the live concerts, Led Zeppelin used the Mellotron for the flute intro of "Stairway To Heaven," and the string of "The Rain Song" and "Kashmir." The model used for live work was an M400, a smaller white version of the old Mk.II design.
www.geocities.com /jpjkeys/mellotron.html   (704 words)

 RADIO Kashmir: A Collection of Kashmiri Music, Devotional Songs and Prayers for Kashmiri Pandit Festivals
He has performed in almost whole of India, as he has been honored by the academic institute of music and fine arts to be the playback singer of various musical operas.
No type of song has been beyond her vocal range be it a club dance, sad song, bhajan, ghazal, pop etc.
Dalip Langoo is a prominent vocalist and cultural activist of the valley known for his songs sung in Gul-Gulshan-Gulfam and Say-e-Deodar-Ke for DD1 and DD2 respectively.
radiokashmir.org /songs.html   (524 words)

 Tags - Kashmir - Instablogs Community
Pakistan said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's vision of having a treaty of peace, security and friendship with it could be considered after the two countries resolve all outstanding issues but welcomed his willingness to address all matters with an...
Pakistan has once again reiterated its demand on Kashmir by saying that the Indian government is illegally occupying ‘disputed Kashmir’ (what Pakistan calls it) and people should be set free to form their own autonomous body.
Kashmir is no longer a 'paradise' as it used to be in the bygone decades.
www.instablogs.com /tags/kashmir   (983 words)

 New Page 4
The song also depicted every particle of dust in Kashmir as possessing the glittering characteristics of stars on a dark night.
The Kashmiri militants, who've long established their headquarters and training camps in Pakistan, are determined to win the freedom of Kashmir by Jihad or Holy war against India.
The solution to the Kashmir conflict is far from immediate, and may indeed take some time to find.
english.awr.org /realmedia/commentbody237.htm   (989 words)

 Kashmir Herald - Current Edition
Though these pages, Kashmir Herald will present profiles of various terrorist organizations and terrorists that are based in Pakistan and are creating havoc in Kashmir.
May 1999, the Supreme Court of Pakistan delivered a stinging broadside of Islamabad’s oppressive, undemocratic and colonial subjugation of the Northern Areas of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, pronouncing “it was not understandable on what basis the people of Northern Areas can be denied the fundamental rights.....
Kashmir Herald is unique in analyzing the news and events in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and has gained international recognition within the eight months of its existence.
www.kashmirherald.com /january2002/index.html   (599 words)

  Led Zeppelin - Austin Band Reviews - MusicAustin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Most of their songs sound the same to me. They set the stage for metal music but maybe metal is overrated.
The songs on Led Zeppelin III can be divided into three categories: Good+ mediocre+ and awful.
While Kashmir may recieve a lot of airplay+ it is still one of the greatest songs ever.
www.musicaustin.com /BandReviews/Led+Zeppelin   (3133 words)

 YouTube - Kashmir Immigrant song
Join YouTube for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
Lucia Micarelli with Jethro Tull - "Kashmir" (Led Zeppelin)
Naruto - Gaara vs Kimimaru - Led Zepplin - Kashmir
youtube.com /?v=n1FpRaCGvDU   (121 words)

I have tabbed all the riffs in the entire song, but you will have to listen to the album to see exactly how the riffs fit together.
Interlude 2 is two chords that are alternated in this section of the song.
The rest of the song alternates between the Main Riff and Riff 2.
members.tripod.com /ringo12340/id57.htm   (348 words)

 Her Mountain's Rude and Wild by Kashmir
Kashmir didn't appear to enjoy being scrutinized, but stood still while everyone greeted her.
Kashmir turned to her friend, who stood beside her.
While Kashmir was dark and mysterious almost, Victoria was pure white, and had an honest and open nature.
www.angelfire.com /ak2/viccy/her.html   (1278 words)

 Rare Lyrics: Over 176 000+ Free Song Lyrics!
Rare Lyrics: Over 176 000+ Free Song Lyrics!
Partners : Letras De Canciones - Mp3 Lyrics - Free Lyrics - Tabs Database - Song Lyrics - More »
All lyrics are property of their respective owners and are strictly for educational use only.
www.rare-lyrics.com   (0 words)

 The Official Website of Jammu & Kashmir Government, India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Habba Khatoon was the renowned princess of Kashmir.
But sometimes, in right earnest, they reveal some intimate incidents and spend the night in the atmosphere which is un-interrupted by menfolk in ints flow of unending gossip and the movement of frolicking feet.
This song in Dogri, set to dance reveals the anguish of a newly married girl whose husband is away in the Army.
jammukashmir.nic.in /culture/music.htm   (488 words)

 Kashmir ("Come With Me") et tu Jimmy Page?
I'm talking about the guitar lick that Puff Daddy jacked err had Jimmy Page REPRODUCE from the classic rock song "Kashmir" for his Godzilla sountrack song "Come With Me" which is now making waves on the charts.
Here's the iront: Schoolly D had a MUCH better use of the song in an Abel Ferrara movie (think "King of New York"), but he was sued for the sample by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and the retailers had to pull all copies of the movie and album from the shelves..
The only ones who can afford the bankroll for a sample like "Kashmir" are the wack motherfuckers like Puff Daddy who don't DESERVE to use it.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/hip_hop_music/8702   (286 words)

 Come With Me by P. Diddy Songfacts
You can leave comments about the song at the bottom of the page.
This is based on Led Zeppelin's 1975 song "Kashmir." It uses the same music, with P. Diddy rapping over it.
- JT, Tullahoma, TN Zeppelin's Kashmir is forever soiled by the skidmark that is P Diddy.
www.songfacts.com /detail.php?id=1390   (548 words)

 Led Zeppelin – ( KASHMIR TAB )
Kashmir Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Tuning D-1 A-2 G-3 D-4 A-5 D-6 I have tabbed all the riffs in the entire song, but you will have to listen to the album to see exactly how the riffs fit together.
D--12---12---10---10----7----7----5----5----3----3------------------------- A---0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0---0--------------------------- G--12---11---10----9----7----6----5----4----3---2-------------------------- D---0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----0----3-2-0---------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------------- D--5---------------------------7--------------------------------------------- A--5---------------------------7--------------------------------------------- G--7---------------------------9--------------------------------------------- D--5---------------------------7--------------------------------------------- A--5---------------------------7--------------------------------------------- D--5---------------------------7--------------------------------------------- The rest of the song alternates between the Main Riff and Riff 2.
First, any Led Zeppelin fans who have tabs to their songs should post them or e-mail them to me at ad336@rgfn.epcc.edu.
www.guitaretab.com /l/led-zeppelin/10229.html   (299 words)

 Kashmir / Come With Me: Puff Daddy vs. Led Zeppelin
The great Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir" is totally foozeled by this strange rap version.
Jimmy page is now the most ridiculous, sell out, fat headed crap musician cuz he's lost all the credibility he earned over 30 yrs in one swift move with that discusting diddy, coombs bastard.
I'll still take The Ordinaires cover of "Kashmir" (which is an instrumental) over the version with the sock-panted castrati.
www.cover-vs-original.com /song-23.html   (367 words)

 Kashmir Herald - Kashmir Terrorism Update
For now they are biding their time and focusing on India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, but anti-US utterances are never far from their lips, and their ultimate goal is obvious.
Or that Musharraf’s ‘freedom fighters’ continue to kill women and children in Kashmir.
The most brazen attack in Kashmir itself was the October 1 suicide bombing of the Srinagar legislature building.
www.kashmirherald.com /january2002/kashmirterrorismupdate.html   (1287 words)

 Hatim's Tales: Kashmiri Stories and Tales
It passed through Kashmir, where, people were collected to serve in the camp.
Ahead went the order of the Maharaj of Kashmir to Tibet.**** "Ye Baltis, advance ye and then hasten ye to Kashmir bringing passports with ye.
They arc represented as being despatched in droves to the rendezvous in Kashmir.
www.ikashmir.net /hatimtales/11.html   (1043 words)

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