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Topic: Kazakh SSR

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  Kazakhstan - MSN Encarta
The Kazakh hordes lost their independence in succession—the Middle Horde in 1822, the Little Horde in 1824, and the Great Horde in 1848—and Kazakh lands were absorbed into the Russian Empire.
In 1936 the Kazakh ASSR was upgraded to the status of a constituent republic, or Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), of the Soviet Union.
Kazakh culture and way of life were virtually destroyed as a result of the Soviet program to forcibly settle Kazakhs on these farms.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761566451_8/Kazakhstan.html   (2614 words)

 Kazakh SSR
The Kazakh SSR, also called Kazakhstan, was the second largest constituent republic of the Soviet Union, in central Asia.
The country is named after the Kazakh people, Turkic-speaking nomads who sustained a powerfull khanate[?] in the region before Russian and then Soviet domination.
The Soviet Union's spaceport, now known as the Baikonur Cosmodrome was located in this republic at Tyuratam, with the secret town of Leninsk[?] being constructed to accommodate the workers at the Cosmodrome.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ka/Kazakh_SSR.html   (90 words)

 Kazakhstan history: from ancient to modern times. - AboutKazakhstan.com
Feudal disunity and internecine strife hindered the economic and cultural progress and considerably weakened the defense capacity of the Kazakh states.
In the south, it was under the threat of invasion by the Central Asian khanates of Khiva, Bokhara and Kokand.
It was then that the Kazakhs appealed for help to their neighbour, Russia, with which they had long been carrying on a lively trade to meet their needs for various consumer goods.
aboutkazakhstan.com /Kazakhstan_History.shtml   (909 words)

 Kazakh SSR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Kazakh SSR, or Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, was the second largest constituent republic of the Soviet Union, in Central Asia, which is now the independent state Kazakhstan.
On December 10, 1991 Kazakh SSR was renamed into Republic of Kazakhstan and six days later became independent.
The native population consisted of Kazakhs (4,234,000 in 1970).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kazakh_SSR   (321 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for kazakh
Nazarbayev, Nursultan, 1940-, Kazakh politician, president of Kazakhstan (1991 Trained as a metallurgical engineer, he was employed at the Karaganda (Qaraghandy) iron- and steelworks.
It is bounded on the east by the Yenisei River, on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the west by the Urals, and on the south by Kazakh hill country and the Altai Mts.
The Renowned Kazakh State Kurmangazy Orchestra of Folk Instruments and the Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra 'Academy of Soloists' Present the Melodies and Songs of the Kazakh Steppes in Their First Ever Performances in the United States.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Kazakh   (655 words)

 Artists of Kazakhstan
Major works: "Kazakh Waltz", a portrait of Sh.Zhandarbekova performing the part of Aktokty, a portrait of K.Baiseitova performing the part of Kyz-Zhibek, a portrait of A.Kasteyev, "A Family Portrait", a portrait of Ballerina L.Li, settings to the film "Kyz-Zhibek", to opera "Aida" by G.Verdi, to opera "Iolanta" by P.Chaikovsky, to opera "Regal Bride" by N.Rimsky-Korsakov.
Abylkhan Kasteyev,People's Artist of Kazakhstan, winner of the Ch.Valikhanov Kazakh SSR State Prize.Born on January 1,1904 in the settlement of Chizhin (Panfilov district, Taldy-Korgan region.
Nagim-Bek Nurmukhammedov, People's Artist of Kazakhstan, winner of the Ch.Valikhanov Kazakh SSR State Prize, Candidate of Arts Sciences, was born on November 6,1924 in the locality of Saitandy (Bayan-Aul district, Pavlodar region).
expat.nursat.kz /?3645   (1532 words)

 Destination Kazakhstan. Travel and tourist information . Hotels World travel information.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Native Kazakhs, a mix of Turkic and Mongol nomadic tribes who migrated into the region in the 13th century, were rarely united as a single nation.
The area was conquered by Russia in the 18th century and Kazakhstan became a Soviet Republic in 1936.
In 1929 it was made the capital of the Kazak Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) and remained the capital until July 1998 when the capital was moved to Astana.
www.hotels-world.com /travelinfo/as/kazakhstan/country.htm   (598 words)

 kazakhstan.neweurasia.net » Kazakhstan 15 years on - Economic Progress but Problems Remain…
Kolbin had not worked in Kazakh SSR before and was appointed by Mikhail Gorbachev, allegedly in an attempt to combat corruption in the Communist Party of Kazakh SSR.
In an effort to balance the declining population on vast territory of Kazakhstan, ethnic Kazakhs from neighboring countries were called to return to their historical homeland.
He first was the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR from 1984 to 1989 and the first secretary of the Kazakh Communist Party from 1989 to 1991.
kazakhstan.neweurasia.net /?p=158   (2236 words)

 Kazakhstan History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Kazakh tribal rulers, sultans and batyrs in the Karakum.
Kazakhs in Uralsk and Turgay regions and on the Mangyshalak region uprising.
Kazakh enlighteners: Choan Valikhanov, Ibray Altynsarin and Abay Kunanbayev.
www.sabrefamily.com /kazakhstanhistory.htm   (2314 words)

 [No title]
On this basis, Russians who lived in Russia were considered a nation, as were Ukrainians in Ukraine; Kazakhs in Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan; Uzbeks in Uzbekistan etc. However, the population of all Soviet republics was more or less polyethnic and the Kazakh SSR had an especially multinational population.
During the first half of the twentieth century up until the 1959 census, the Kazakh share of the population constantly declined as a result of a vigorous influx of other ethnic populations to Kazakhstan and massive deaths among the Kazakh population during collectivization, the civil war, World War II, and other extreme moments in history.
The Kazakhs Kazakhstan's sovereignty facilitated a sharp rise in Kazakhs' "national" consciousness and, in fact, established and legitimated the stereotypes of their historic, natural right to political, cultural, and ethnic domination in the republic's territory.
www.koryosaram.freenet.kz /update1/population-people-kazakh.doc   (2112 words)

 Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Brussels
Thus, the original meaning of the word 'kazakh' is a social one: at first it had neither political nor ethnic content, but designated a free person that broke away from his people and lead a life of an adventurer.
A decisive role in countering the Oyrats/Dzungars aggression belongs to All-Kazakh congresses where - by virtue of the decisions of biis (tutor-guides) of all the three Zhuzes (Tole-bi, Kazbek-bi and Aiteke-bi) - measures to form a people's volunteer corps, a unified front of defence to counter Oirots/Dzungars raids were taken.
Indeed, All-Kazakh congresses contributed tangibly to the formation of the corps (1727 - at the river of Bulanty; an Angraqai battle in 1729) to retaliating Oirots/Dzungars aggression.
www.kazakhstanembassy.be /DisplayPage.asp?PageId=98   (1969 words)

Despite Kazakh and Kyrgyz publics’ ignorance of the Chechen and Ingush memorial day, there is little discrimination felt against Caucasus ethnic minorities in the everyday life.
The Kazakh city of Novy Uzen, located in south-west of the country, was the most populated by the North Caucasus nationalities.
However, Kazakh authorities did not provide asylum to the majority of refugees partly because the issue could spark tensions on a bilateral level with the Russian government.
www.cacianalyst.org /view_article.php?articleid=4067   (937 words)

 Kazakhstan Assessment
In 1991 it was transformed into the State Committee of the Kazakh SSR for Ecology and Environmental Management which, in turn, was reorganized in January 1992 into the Ministry of Ecology and Bioresources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Since the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Environmental Protection in the Kazakh SSR" and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" of 18 January 1992, the Republic has mapped out the problem of "environmental awareness building" as a principle of State policy in the sphere of public education.
In addition to the Law of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic "On Environmental Protection in the Kazakh SSR", which has been in force since 1 August 1991, a number of laws, edicts of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and directives of the Supreme Soviet were enacted in the years 1992-94.
enrin.grida.no /htmls/kazahst/kazakh_e.htm   (6262 words)

 Flag of the Kazakh SSR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This flag was adopted by the Kazakh SSR on January 24, 1953.
Prior to this, the flag was red with the gold hammer and sickle in the top-left corner, with the Cyrillic characters Каказ ССР (Kazak SSR) and Какахская ССР (Kazachskaja SSR) in gold to the right of the hammer and sickle.
Between 1937 and the adoption of the above flag in the 1940s, the flag was red with a gold hammer and sickle in the top-left corner, with the Latin characters QAZAQ SSR and the Cyrillic characters КАЗАХСКАЯ ССР (KAZACHSKAJA SSR) in gold in a sans-serif font beneath the hammer and sickle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Flag_of_Kazakh_SSR   (171 words)

 Soviet Period - History - Uzbekistan - Asia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In 1924 the borders of political units in Central Asia were changed, and the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) was formed from territories of the Turkistan ASSR, the Bukharan People’s Soviet Republic, and the Khorezmian People’s Soviet Republic.
The Uzbek SSR included the Tajik ASSR until 1929, when the Tajik ASSR was upgraded to the status of an SSR.
In 1936 the Uzbek SSR was enlarged with the addition of the Karakalpak ASSR (present-day Qoraqalpogh Autonomous Republic), taken from the Kazakh SSR.
www.countriesquest.com /asia/uzbekistan/history/soviet_period.htm   (867 words)

 Nazarbayev, Nursultan - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
He later became an economist and in 1969 began serving in Communist party posts at the local level, becoming first secretary of the Kazakh Communist party by 1989.
Chairman of the Kazakh Supreme Soviet (1989-90), a member of the Soviet politburo (1990), and president of the Kazakh SSR (1990-91), he became independent Kazakhstan's first president in 1991.
Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (R) shakes hands with Ukranian...
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-nazarbyv.html   (389 words)

 EurasiaNet Civil Society - Kazakhstan: Zheltoqsan Protest Marked 20 Years Later
In December 1986, the leader of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), Dinmuhammaet Kunaev, was removed from office as part of Mikhail Gorbachev’s anticorruption campaign.
Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev, for example, was the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR in December 1986, one of the republic’s top posts.
Nazarbaev attended a ceremony in September unveiling a monument to the victims of Zheltoqsan, but there is no mention of his participation in any of the events planned to mark the anniversary this year, and he leaves for a visit to China on December 19.
www.eurasianet.org /departments/civilsociety/articles/pp121606.shtml   (1455 words)

 LLRX -- A Legal Research Guide to Kazakhstan
The official record of these main ideas was embedded in a political document -- Declaration of the State Sovereignty of Kazakh SSR, adopted on October 25, 1990.
Two Kazakh Law institutions can be noted for their high quality of the education.
They are the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University and the Academy of Law — Higher Law School “Adilet“.
www.llrx.com /features/kazakhstan.htm   (1960 words)

 Institute of Nuclear Physics NNC RK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of Kazakh SSR SA was founded on the base of Physical-technical institute of Kazakh SSR SA on the 25 of July 1957.
The aim of organization of this institute was the neccesity of development of physical and applied scientific investigations in the field of nuclear phyiscs and useof atomic energy in different spheres of national economy, preparation of highly qualified staff.
Directors of Kazakh SSR SA INP since1958 up to 1965 was member of the Academy of Kazakh SSR SA G.D.Latyshev, since 1965 up to 1970 member of the Academy Zh.S.Takibaev, since 1970 up to 1987 member of the Academy Sh.Sh.Ibragimov, since 1987 up to 1997 Corresponding Member A.K.Zhetbaev.
www.inp.kz /other/other.php?part=2   (233 words)

 Article 14 * Perestroika: A Marxist Critique [Sam Marcy]
The native population in 1970 was composed of 4,234,000 Kazakhs.
However, Kolbin is not a Russian who settled in the Kazakh SSR, not one of those youths who came years ago to join one of the state farms.
There were about six million Kazakhs in the USSR as of 1986, of whom 5.7 million lived in the Kazakh SSR.
www.workers.org /marcy/perestroika/14.html   (4463 words)

 [No title]
Instead of making the executioners and their patrons responsible, the authorities today are accusing the Kazakh people and their patriotically inclined part for all the losses, but of their own chauvinism, not a word.
The Kazakhs in Suzak Raion demanded from Kolbin that the bodies of their children be found and turned over.
It is good that the Supreme Soviet, in the second point of its decree, decided to turn to the Central Committee of the CPSU with a request for the removal of the formulation ``manifestation of Kazakh nationalism'' in the evaluation of the events.
www.angelfire.com /on/paksoy/almaata.html   (1936 words)

 Soviet Period - History - Kazakhstan - Asia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The leader of the Whites, Admiral Alexander Kolchak, refused the request and ordered the suppression of Alash Orda.
In the late 1930s, during Stalin’s purges of Soviet society, the Kazakh national elite was brutally and systematically eliminated.
The program was supervised in the Kazakh republic by Khrushchev’s protege, Leonid Brezhnev, who in the 1960s succeeded Khrushchev as Soviet leader.
www.countriesquest.com /asia/kazakhstan/history/soviet_period.htm   (764 words)

 Leninshil Zhas History | ema_03_package.xml
The principal newspaper of the Kazakh SSR Communist Youth Union, or Komsomol, the Leninshil zhas was published five times a week.
The roots of the Leninshil zhas are found in the prerevolutionary Kazakh youth organization Birlik (Unity) and its newspaper, Sary arka (often translated as "The Wide Steppe").
Birlik followed the editorial line of the Kazakh political party Alash Orda (The Horde of Alash [mythical founder of the Kazakh people]), which advocated greater political and cultural autonomy for Kazakhs.
www.bookrags.com /history/leninshil-zhas-ema-03   (226 words)

 Anthems of 15 Union republics
The music of the anthem of Kazakh SSR was used, with a new lyrics, as the anthem of Kazakhstan until January 2006.
The current anthem of Azerbaijan and the anthem of Azerbaijan SSR are by the same composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov.
All of the former SSRs (Soviet Socialist Republics) are represented, along with the famous USSR anthem which was banished for a time under Boris Yeltsin but now (with new lyrics) lives again as the anthem of the Russian Federation.
www.hymn.ru /15-union-republics/index-en.html   (1449 words)

1975-79 --departmental head, deputy administrator for the affairs of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR
1986-87 -- head of science and educational affairs in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Kazakh SSR
June 1988-September 1989 -- deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of Kazakh SSR
www.rferl.org /specials/kazakhelections/bios/asanbaev.asp   (295 words)

 The Tajikistan Update - Maps of Kazakhstan
Kazakh Map Collection at Perry-Castañeda Library at the University of Texas
Flag of the Kazakh Chief of the Armed Forces General Staff (FOTW)
Flag of the Kazakh Chief of Naval Staff (FOTW)
www.angelfire.com /sd/tajikistanupdate/kazakhmaps.htm   (284 words)

 Timeline Kazakhstan
1936 Dec 5, Armenian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR, Georgian SSR, Kazakh SSR and Kirghiz SSR became constituent republics of Soviet Union.
1996 Jan 2, President, Nusultan Nazarbayev was building a new Kazakh capital 600 miles north of Almaty in swampy Akmola with transfer due to begin in 1998.
2004 Sep 19, Kazakhs chose a new parliament expected to be dominated by Otan, the party of Pres.
timelines.ws /countries/KAZAKHSTAN.HTML   (2942 words)

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