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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Keel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The keel runs in the middle of the ship, from the bow to the stern, and serves as the foundation or spine of the structure, providing the major source of structural strength of the hull.
Keels are different from centerboards and other types of foils in that keels are made of heavy materials to provide ballast to stabilize the boat.
Retracting keels may pivot (a swing keel) or slide upwards to retract, and are usually retracted with a winch due to the ballast.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keel   (493 words)

 Keel - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
KEEL, the bottom timber or combination of plates of a ship or boat, extending longitudinally from bow to stern, and supporting the framework (see SHIP-BUILDING).
The word kiel is represented in old English by ceol, a word applied to the long war galleys of the Vikings, in which sense "keel" or "keele" is still used by archaeologists.
On the Tyne "keel" is the name given to a flat-bottomed vessel used to carry coals to the colliers.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Keel   (187 words)

 Enterprise Java Community: Keel - The Next Generation Meta Framework
Every role defined in Keel has to be entered in a configuration file, and all of the core roles are entered in a file named "roles.xconf." Roles in Keel can be thought of as the main building blocks, as they layout the blueprint of the system.
Keel comes with a good amount of documentation for newbies and more is being added regularly by the Keel users themselves.
Keel was developed over a span of 15 months and it is the result of rigorous brainstorming as well as serious, hands-down coding.
www.theserverside.com /articles/article.tss?l=Keel   (2533 words)

 Larry Keel - Biography
Keel’s distinct style of flatpicking the guitar is the tool with which he creates his original brand of songwriting and his peers have taken notice.
Like Keel, Mark was exposed at an early age to the music of the Southern Appalachian Mountains and by listening to Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers and Flatt & Scruggs on the radio and in family members’ record collections, Mark became familiar with the songs and stylings of Bluegrass.
Larry Keel is a true heir to the Bluegrass legacy, and his talents as a guitar genius, as an innovative and expressive singer-songwriter and as a bandleader place him amongst the best of the purveyors of American Mountain Music.
www.larrykeel.com /biography.html   (1222 words)

 Keel: Rugludallur
A keel is a dual purpose hydrofoil, firstly it counteracts any heeling movement, secondly it minimizes any sideways drift.
Like aerobatic planes a keel is a symetrial wing, only by altering the angle of attack can lift (force) be generated.**** When the angle at which the waterflow hits the wing is altered both deflection and the Bernoulli effect create a huge force.
Some people will swear by full keels*****, they might limit the drift but this is offset by a huge wetted area and by the increased pointing ability****** the drift can be counteracted.
www.rugludallur.com /index.php?id=28   (889 words)

 Welcome to Keel Capital: Home
Keel Capital is a 100% employee-owned, multi-disciplined team of seasoned investment professionals who have generated a successful track record.
Keel Capital’s origins date back to January 1998, when Richard McAloney began his tenure as CEO of the NSAHO Pension Plan.
Keel continues to serve the entire investment needs of the NSAHO Pension Plan via a long-term contract, but is now in a position to offer the services of their multi-disciplined team to other select institutional investors through efficient scaling of existing expertise.
www.keelcapital.ca   (191 words)

 About the Wing Keel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
For the boat traveling through the water, the smaller vertical part of the keel develops less capsizing force because part of the side force is developed with the wing, which has the downward (anticapsizing) force.
water flow over the keel is accentuated, and, at the bottom of the keel, the flow is almost vertical, and that is where vortex drag is created.
All this is saying is that since the wing keel has the same weight for less total length as a fin keel, there is less sideways force exerted on the surface of the keel.
home.earthlink.net /~oday302/about_keel.html   (1000 words)

 Halfbakery: Fish Keel
The keel hangs deep in the water, from two lines on port and starboard that are connected to winches on deck.
In addition, the back of the keel has a vertical fin, similar to the tail fin of a fish, that can be tilted to the left or to the right by control cable to move the fish keel to port or starboard while the boat is moving and provide the lift needed to reduce drift.
In the case of this and all sailboat keels, the lift is a horizontal force that counters drift.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Fish_20Keel   (886 words)

 Distributed Web-Applications using the Keel Meta-Framework
Keel is a project that aims to not re-invent any wheels, but instead to provide the backbone to connect many different kinds of wheels together.
Keel provides a deployment option whereby the application server/container runs in the same virtual machine as the web application itself (although with an isolated classpath by means of a custom classloader), allowing the entire application to be deployed as a single.war file.
The Keel server is called by Struts to perform the application logic as needed, and the application logic uses the same container to get access to the services it requires to operate, such as database persistence, scheduling, email, event handling, workflow, reporting, and authentication and authorization, all via a single simple container interface.
www.developer.com /java/ent/article.php/3286461   (1514 words)

 Keel - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Keel, timber or other material running the length of a boat to provide longitudinal strength.
The keel is a timber or other element running the length of the bottom of...
bunkum, nonsense, rubbish, trash, twaddle, claptrap, drivel, balderdash, hull, keel, base, bottom, hold, tank, interior, recesses, bowels, bottom,...
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=Keel   (141 words)

 Enterprise Architect - Integrate Software with a Steady Keel
Keel technology is an open source metaframework specification and implementation (see Resources)—a framework designed specifically for components and services of any type to work together.
Keel is an extension of Avalon, providing structure, code, example applications, installation tools, deployment tools, documentation, and services so that it can serve the purpose of tying multiple application frameworks together while leveraging the software design patterns that Avalon provides.
Keel is also an open source project, which means its source base is shared and open for extensibility and improvement.
www.ftponline.com /ea/magazine/spring/online/dsilva_04_01_04/default_pf.aspx   (961 words)

 [No title]
The keel is an engineering solution for supporting a large structure off the floor on just two supports, like a boat in dry dock.
Keel, 85, was the broad-shouldered baritone who sang and romanced in a series of glittery MGM musicals such as Show Boat, Kiss Me Kate, Annie Get Your Gun and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, He later played Clayton Farlow in television's Dallas.
The board made the decision to not allow the boat to compete in the Nationals with that keel and conferred with Catalina Yachts on the possibility of changing the keel to a legal keel.
www.lycos.com /info/keel--keel-boat.html   (352 words)

 Keel (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Keel was a heavy-metal music band in the 1980s.
They were formed by vocalist Ron Keel, who'd been in the band Steeler in 1983.
Steve would be replaced in KEEL by drummer Dwain Miller, this would be the last band member change for almost 4 years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keel_(band)   (790 words)

 Keel: The Meta-Framework
Keel also provides a a common means of communication among different frameworks, which remains unchanged when frameworks are plugged or unplugged.
Keel achieves this by treating all application components, where each one may be based on a different framework, as independent units.
Keel allows a user to plug and unplug desired frameworks into an application at any point in time, thus giving developers freedom to pick and use the best frameworks available to fulfill changing application development needs.
www.developer.com /java/ejb/print.php/3093651   (1149 words)

 The MKII Fin Keel, Yes or No
Even though he already owned a fin keel and a swing keel Catalina 22, he was not a member of the association and wanted to know the procedure for joining and racing.
It was the new MKII fin keel, and it was super fast and he was beating all the bigger boats he was racing against, scratch.
The results from the regatta of 45 swing keels and 12 fin keels were compared and it was decided from those results that the fin keel did not have an advantage in performance.
www.catalina22.org /nsa/racing/MKII-fin.htm   (1982 words)

 About KEEL
KEEL technology can be considered an "expert" system that uses the decision-making skills of a human as the basis of judgmental decisions.
KEEL technology attempts to mimic the way that humans balance input information to make decisions.
The output of the KEEL Toolkit is two or three small subroutines and a series of tables that define values and relationships between information.
www.compsim.com /AboutKEEL.htm   (975 words)

 Pacific Seacraft Scheel Keel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
His deliberate response to this accidental observation was to redesign the keel of the modern sailing yacht.
The flared shape of the Scheel Keel (illustration B) greatly reduces the leeward-to-windward water flow, thus reducing residual resistance.
Water flow along the sides of a conventional keel tends to be turbulent (illustration D) which further contributes to the negative effects of residual resistance.
www.ventureyachts.com /ph40shoalkeel.html   (351 words)

 Keep the Boat Cut the Keel
That way, the keel could drop away from the boat as it was cut, avoiding the potential of binding the saw if the boat were held in jackstands.
The epoxy filled the small gaps between the bulb halves and the keel and provided additional strength by bonding the two surfaces together; rounded scrapers created a smooth fillet between the keel and the bulb halves.
Encapsulated keels present several problems, not the least of which is finding out what kind of ballast is really inside the keel.
www.marsmetal.com /newpages/tek/articlecutkeel.html   (1947 words)

 John Keel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Keel also subscribed to several newspaper-clipping services, which often generated up to 150 clippings for a single day during the 1966 and 1967 UFO "wave".
Keel takes no position on the ultimate purpose of the phenomenon other than the UFO intelligence seems to have a long-standing interest in interacting with the human race.
Keel then was moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center on October 26, 2006, according to his associate Doug Skinner who remains in contact with him.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/John_Keel   (626 words)

 Keel Systems
Keel Systems is solely owned and operated by Thornton Keel who works exclusively as an independent contractor.
Keel Systems participated in and currently supports the project that converted the OS/2 application to Windows NT with a Visual Basic GUI.
For the last 8 years Keel Systems has been retained as the software consultant for the campaign and is responsible for all aspects of their Access database.
www.keel.com   (743 words)

 Digital Norseman: BCVSP Keel Building Pictures
The keel of a boat, any boat in general and our Viking Ship in particular, is the backbone, the central core holding everything together.
The purpose of the keelson is to reinforce the keel and to provide a beveled surface for the garboard or first strake (i.e., length of hull planking) to lay against for maximum support.
The shape of the keel pieces were determined by picking up the lines from the lofted plans on the boat shed floor onto plywood pieces.
www.digitalnorseman.com /bcvsp/keelbld.html   (2572 words)

a part corresponding to a ship's keel in some other structure, as in a dirigible balloon.
The affairs of state are seldom on an even keel for long.
Several cadets keeled over from the heat during the parade.
www.infoplease.com /dictionary/keel   (179 words)

 Keel Barrett Terms of Use   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
Keel Barrett makes no representations that the content of this site is appropriate for use in all locations, or that products or services discussed at this site are available or appropriate for sale or use in all jurisdictions.
Keel Barrett does not under any circumstances accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any ad, nor is any kind of warranty expressed or implied by such publication.
Keel Barrett specifically disclaims all and any liability to advertisers, readers and users of any kind for loss or damage of any nature whatsoever and however arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause, and whether on the part of Keel Barrett, their servants or agents or any other person.
www.keel-barrett.co.uk /kbtou.html   (504 words)

 Keel Framework
As a keel to a ship, Keel Framework stabilizes the waters of open source development.
Keel incorporates multiple open source projects to provide you with a best of breed framework that works right out of the box.
What differentiates Keel is its component design, allowing new implementations to be added and old implementations replaced - without requiring extensive rewrites of your application code.
keelframework.org   (258 words)

 On Stage: The Richard Rodgers Gala: The Performers - Howard Keel | PBS
Keel won second prize in the Chicago Music Festival and was soon introduced to Oscar Hammerstein II.
Keel toured for years as a concert star, appeared in and directed touring musicals and frequented television specials both in the United States and in England.
He was about to retire when the producers of Dallas asked Keel to portray the role of Clayton Farlow, which he did for more than 10 years.
www.pbs.org /weta/onstage/rodgers/performers_keel.html   (246 words)

There may be other keel protectors on the market but yours will always be on my current boat.
Keel damage can mean increased friction between your hull and the water, diminishing your boat or Personal Watercraft's performance.
Those cracks and/or chips in your Keel allow water to seep into the fiberglass, adding weight and loss of performance as well as potentially causing what is known as de-lamination of your hull!
www.keel-shield.com   (537 words)

 The Emergence Conference -- About John Keel
John A. Keel, arguably the world’s foremost researcher into the paranormal, has traveled extensively to over 40 countries investigating the unknown for almost fifty years.
Keel has written articles that have appeared in many leading periodicals including Playboy, Saga and Fate magazines.
An engaging humorist with a razor-sharp wit, John A. Keel’s thought provoking, often radical insights have sometimes placed him outside the mainstream of ufology.
www.emergenceconference.com /keel.html   (342 words)

 Computer Keels® J/24® Website
The accuracy of the keel improved on later boats, but for optimum performance the keel still needs to be faired to accurate templates.
Keel refairing on pre '82 boats with the CKD model is significantly quicker and easier because less lead and fiberglass must be removed.
Fairing rudders has less impact on performance than the keel, because they are much smaller than the keel, and are made more accurately and consistently.
computerkeels.com /j24ca.htm   (971 words)

 Integrate software development frameworks - Java World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-18)
Keel only tests for whether a service's property exists, so if I wanted to omit the component in a future build, I must remove the property or comment it out.
As I mentioned earlier, Keel performs this check so that I can easily choose to include or omit the component in the Keel build, which is effective in narrowing down problems to specific components.
Just as a strong keel is vital to a ship's stability, so is Keel technology vital to keeping your software systems agile and adaptable to the future's technological challenges.
www.javaworld.com /javaworld/jw-03-2004/jw-0329-keel.html?page=4   (1000 words)

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