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Topic: Kellogg, Brown and Root

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Kellogg, Brown and Root - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown and Root) is an American engineering and construction company, a private military contractor and a subsidiary of Halliburton.
KBR is the largest non-union construction company in the United States.
Brown and Root had a well-documented relationship with U.S. President Lyndon Johnson which began when he used his position as a Texas congressman to assist them in landing a lucrative dam contract.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kellogg,_Brown_and_Root   (1434 words)

 Why War? Keywords: Kellogg, Brown and Root   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Kellogg, Brown and Root is an American company, a private military contractor and a subsidiary of Halliburton.
Brown and Root was founded in Texas in 1919 by two brothers, George Brown and Herman Brown with money from their brother-in-law, Dan Root.
Brown and Root had a well-documented relationship with Lyndon Johnson which began when he used his position as a Texas congressman to assist them in landing a lucrative dam contract.
www.why-war.com /encyclopedia/organizations/Kellogg_Brown_and_Root   (627 words)

 Halliburton's Kellogg Brown and Root Defense Contracts
Brown and Root Services Corporation, Houston, Texas, is being awarded a $14,624,275 modification to a cost plus award fee contract for a level of effort negotiated and definitized for continuation of support to US Forces in Haiti during the time period October 1, 1995 through April 30, 1996.
Brown and Root Services Corp., Houston, Texas, is being awarded a $48,174,833 increment as part of a $270,450,167 indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity with cost plus award fee task orders issued against basic contract for sustainment of logistical support services for the U.S. Forces in the countries of Hungary, Bosnia and Croatia.
Brown and Root Services, Houston, Texas, is being awarded $500,000 as part of a not-to-exceed $70,000,000 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the establishment of temporary expansion facilities to augment existing Immigration and Naturalization Service facilities in the event of a significant influx of undocumented aliens into the United States.
cryptome.sabotage.org /dod-kbr.htm   (4050 words)

 Kellogg Brown and Root - SourceWatch
Kellogg Brown and Root, also known as KBR Engineering and Construction, is a unit of the Halliburton Company which provides military support services.
Formerly known as Brown and Root Services, KBR was scrutinized in 2000 by the GAO for overcharging and providing unnecessary services in the Balkans.
Brown and Root's open-ended logistics contracts from the Army and Navy --indeed much of the military privatization campaign -- are grounded in a 1992 study the company did for the Defense Department that several analysts said formed the template for privatization of logistics for a downsized U.S. military.
www.sourcewatch.org /wiki.phtml?title=Brown_and_Root   (799 words)

 Another Execution ~ Kellogg Brown & Root unit of Halliburton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Kellogg Brown and Root, also known as KBR Engineering and Construction, is a unit of the Halliburton Company which provides military support services.
Brown and Root's open-ended logistics contracts from the Army and Navy --indeed much of the military privatization campaign -- are grounded in a 1992 study the company did for the Defense Department that several analysts said formed the template for privatization of logistics for a downsized U.S. military.
Brown and Root won the first five-year LOGCAP contract in 1992, but lost the second to rival DynCorp in 1997 after the GAO criticized the Army for not adequately controlling contracting costs in Bosnia.
hondos.org /forum/Posting.asp?FId=277&Id=58132   (745 words)

Currently, Brown and Root estimates it has $740 million in existing U.S. government contracts (approximately 37 percent of its global business), most of which are in addition to the LOGCAP deal.
Brown and Root's work in the Balkans has been the most profitable for the company – the General Accounting Office (GAO) estimates the company made $2.2 billion in revenue during the military operations there, building sewage systems, kitchens, and showers and even washing underwear for the 20,000 soldiers stationed there.
A subsequent GAO report, issued September 2000, showed that Brown and Root was still taking advantage of the contract in the Balkans, noting that army commanders were unable to keep track of the contract, as they were typically rotated out of camps after a six-month duration, erasing institutional memory.
www.sfbg.com /36/31/cover_soldiersoffortune.html   (2462 words)

 Windfalls of War - The Center for Public Integrity
In 1992, Brown & Root was awarded the U.S. Army's first Logistics Civil Augmentation Program contract, an omnibus contract that allows the Army to call on KBR for support in all of its field operations, including combat, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.
KBR lost a second five-year LOGCAP contract—awarded to DynCorp in 1997— after the General Accounting Office reported in February 1997 that KBR had overrun its estimated costs in the Balkans by 32 percent (some of which was attributed to an increase in the Army's demands).
KBR was awarded a State Department contract in August 2002 to design and construct office buildings and diplomatic staff apartments among other tasks for the U.S. embassy in Kabul.
www.publicintegrity.org /wow/bio.aspx?act=pro&ddlC=31   (2669 words)

 Vice president's old firm gets Iraqi oil well contract - War on Iraq - smh.com.au
Kellogg, Brown and Root, a unit of Houston, Texas-based Halliburton, was handed the contract by the Army Corps of Engineers, which has been placed in charge of fighting the blazes.
"KBR was selected for this award based on the fact that KBR is the only contractor that could commence implementing the complex contingency plan on extremely short notice," the company said in a statement.
Kellogg, Brown and Root was the prime contractor for the initial phase, the Pentagon said.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2003/03/26/1048354622914.html   (586 words)

 brown and root construction company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Kellogg, Brown and Root is the engineering and construction arm of the Halliburton Company, which calls...
Brown and Root) has been awarded a contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers to put into action a contingency plan the company...
Kellogg Brown and Root, also known as KBR Engineering and Construction, is a unit of the Halliburton Company which...
www.prestigeimmo.ca /brown-and-root-construction.html   (411 words)

 Kellogg Brown & Root Gains Corps Contract to Extinguish Iraq Oil Fires - Construction Industry, News Articles, ...
KBR, a unit of Halliburton Co., announced the award on March 24, but declined to disclose the contract's value.
KBR wouldn't specify how much or what type of equipment it is using for the work, but did say nine cargo plane loads of equipment have been "mobilized to the region" so far for the task.
KBR says that new contract "will be used for an interim period" until the Corps issues "additional contracts to provide a broad range of services required to support full execution of the contingency plan."
enr.ecnext.com /coms2/summary_0271-10107_ITM   (280 words)

 HCJNW | Brown & Root / Kellogg Festival of Resistance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Brown and Root / Kellogg Festival of Resistance
Kellogg, Brown and Root is a subsidiary of Halliburton, a huge recipient of government contracts for military purposes and a mainstay of the military-industrial complex driving us to war against Iraq.
Let's tell Brown and Root what we think of them and condemn their profits from blood.
www.houstonjusticenotwar.org /actions/brown_root.asp   (114 words)

 Brown and root - thesaurusweb.com Info About Brown and root   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Halliburton, Brown and Root's parent company, is a Fortune 500 This included a $2.2 billion bill for a Brown and Root contract to support US soldiers in
We want to grow the Brown and Root AOC business by two and a half times over the next five years; We also want to establish ourselves as the accepted
Brown and Root shall pay Officer a lump sum early retirement payment in the gross Brown and Root shall also pay Officer an additional lump early retirement
thesaurusweb.com /?q=brown-and-root   (274 words)

 Taxpayers for CommonSense: Katrina Contracts-Kellogg, Brown, & Root
Contract 8: awarded on Sept. 8, 2005 by the Army Corp to Brown and Root Svc., the contract is valued at $7,070,000 and is for a DHS Support Facility in New Orleans, LA.
Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) is a 100 year old global engineering, technology, and construction services company working in the hydrocarbon and chemical industries and employing 60,000 people.
KBR has a 60 year history of working for the military and governments around the world on a plethora of projects.
www.taxpayer.net /budget/katrinaspending/contracts/kbr.htm   (1098 words)

 To Kellogg Brown And Root, My Apologies
In a recent article, I inadvertently wrote they were Kelly Brown Root.
Kellogg Brown & Root is the correct name.
KB&R has acquired the services of some very fine chefs from around the world to supervise the preparation of the meals.
www.useless-knowledge.com /1234/may/article029.html   (433 words)

 Business Wire: SNC-Lavalin/Kellogg Brown & Root Joint Venture Awarded Major Petro-Canada Project
SNC-Lavalin (TSE:SNC.) and Houston-based Kellogg Brown & Root today announced that their joint venture, named "Wild Rose", has been awarded the Managing Contractor's role for the gasoline Sulphur reduction project and the evaluation of a proposed bitumen feedstock conversion at Petro-Canada's Edmonton area refinery.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Kellogg Brown & Root is an international, technology-based engineering and construction company providing a full spectrum of industry-leading services to the hydrocarbon, chemical, energy, forest products, and mining and minerals industries.
Kellogg Brown & Root is a business unit of Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL), the world's leading diversified energy services, engineering, construction, maintenance and energy equipment company.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2000_Dec_21/ai_68318685   (410 words)

 CorpWatch : Cheney, Halliburton and the Spoils of War
KBR currently has thousands of military support personnel on the ground in Kuwait and Turkey as part of a multi-year contract worth close to a billion dollars.
Then Brown and Root won a five-year contract to provide logistics for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers all over the globe.
In 1995, Cheney became CEO and Halliburton jumped from 73rd to 18th on the Pentagon's list of top contractors, benefiting from at least $3.8 billion in federal contracts and taxpayer-insured loans, according to the Center for Public Integrity.
www.corpwatch.org /article.php?id=6288   (1489 words)

 2004 - 03/10/2004 - OSHA Welcomes Kellogg, Brown and Root to Voluntary Protection Program
KBR provides facilities support and management services at the Fort Huachuca Army Base.
KBR's cumulative rate of injuries and illnesses for the last three years is less than half the national average for the industry and its record of lost work time due to health and safety issues is well below national averages.
OSHA representatives will present KBR with a certificate and a flag recognizing their appointment as a Star Demonstration Site within OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program at a ceremony Thursday, March 11, at 11:00 a.m.
www.osha.gov /pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=NEWS_RELEASES&p_id=10729   (429 words)

 Johnson's Hidden Loyalties
Brown and Root continued to grow as the primary contractor for building military bases.
Brown’s attention was already focused on the Navy because Lyndon Johnson was a member of the Naval Affairs Committee.
In Houston, where Brown and Root’s headquarters were located, Herman Brown’s political influence was growing, and the city’s Congressman, Albert Thomas, a junior Representative with negligible clout in Washington, was known to take Herman’s orders unquestionably.
www.jfkmontreal.com /johnson%27s_hidden_loyalties.htm   (4717 words)

 The Guardian
Everywhere there is war or insurrection there is Kellogg, Brown, and Root.
Since KBR supplies the US military with provisions, it is reasonable to assume that wherever the company sets up huge warehouse capability war will soon erupt.
KBR has links to the Australian military as well big infrastructure jobs in Australia.
www.cpa.org.au /garchve03/1137halliburton.html   (1062 words)

 CorpWatch : US: Katrina work goes to officials who led Iraq effort
Some lawmakers and watchdog groups complain that contractors like Shaw Group Inc., Bechtel National Inc., and Halliburton Co. subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root are using inside connections to win lucrative deals.
Another former head of the Projects and Contracting Office, David Nash, is now president of BEandK Government Group, which was recently hired by Kellogg Brown and Root and Bechtel National Inc., a unit of San Francisco-based Bechtel Corp., as a subcontractor for projects in Louisiana and Mississippi funded by the Defense Department and FEMA.
Kellogg Brown and Root and Bechtel won some of the biggest -- and most controversial -- postwar reconstruction contracts in Iraq.
www.corpwatch.org /article.php?id=12681   (969 words)

 ANTI_WAR RALLY AT BROWN AND ROOT, THIS WEDNESDAY : Houston Indymedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
On MARCH 19th at 5 PM In front of the Kellogg, Brown and Root Tower
"Kellogg, Brown and Root Government Operations, a subsidiary of Halliburton, provides a diverse range of services to all branches of the United States military and other Department of Defense and government agencies.
On Wednesday, March 19th at 5 pm a festival of resistance will gather together against local war profiteering outside the Kellog, Brown and Root Tower at 601 Jefferson.
houston.indymedia.org /mail.php?id=9108   (188 words)

 Technorati Tag: kellogg, brown and root
Kellogg Brown and Root, Inc: Company Info Go to Hoover’s for in-depth, first-hand, free coverage on Kellogg Brown and Root, Inc. provided by business experts.
Allbaugh: DHS merger hurt FEMA October 1st, 2005 Tags: halliburton, kellogg brown and root, shaw group, joe allbaugh, fema, dhs Read full post (0) »...
Posts tagged Kellogg, Brown And Root per day for the last 30 days.
technorati.com /tag/kellogg,+brown+and+root   (353 words)

 TimesDispatch.com | Kaine blasts Kilgore on debates, ADA, lobbying   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Kellogg, Brown and Root won the job under a state law encouraging increased private-sector participation in highway development.
Kilgore was a lobbyist for the company from 1997 to 2001, when he was elected attorney general.
His gubernatorial campaign has received $25,000 from Kellogg, Brown and Root, an arm of defense contractor Halliburton.
www.timesdispatch.com /servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD/MGArticle/RTD_BasicArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031783554333   (636 words)

 Baghdad journal: Fantasies, castles and Kellogg, Brown & Root
These include the DFAC or Dining Facility, which I have mentioned before, the laundry and assorted other capabilities without which life would be truly miserable.
Kellogg, Brown and Root has decided that the season of good will to all men (and by extension, women) is upon us.
I arrived immediately after Thanksgiving and the DFAC (Dining Facility for those of you who have not been paying attention) was still bedecked with the many artifices that give visual substance to this non-event in the European calendar.
www.canadafreepress.com /2005/wajsman121005.htm   (3298 words)

 War Inc. - Salon
All of these firms are American, and many have close ties to present and former government officials.
One of the companies is Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of the Halliburton Co., the firm that Vice President Dick Cheney ran during the 1990s.
(KBR also developed the Pentagon's firefighting plan.) USAID declined to discuss the sort of work it had asked the companies to do, and several of the firms would neither confirm nor deny that they had been contacted by the government regarding Iraqi reconstruction.
dir.salon.com /story/tech/feature/2003/03/17/war_profiteering/index.html   (934 words)

 Business & Human Rights : Kellogg Brown & Root (part of Halliburton)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
In relying on [this] workforce..., the U.S. has embraced a system of labor migration rife with abuse, corruption and exploitation, according to dozens of contractors, migrant workers, labor officials and advocates interviewed in four countries...
Local populations suffer the effects of the "resource curse," including the destruction of their immediate environment and the social and economic devastation that follows: arbitrary eviction and dispossession, unlawful arrest or harassment, and neglect of health care, housing, and education.
Violence erupted in the capital of Indonesia's troubled province of West Papua on Wednesday...The general security situation in West Papua and Indonesia as a whole is a key factor in winning long-term gas-supply contracts...
www.business-humanrights.org /Categories/Individualcompanies/K/KelloggBrownRootpartofHalliburton   (1211 words)

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