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Topic: Ken Patera

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
Studd and Patera had cut off Andre's hair on national television, and Studd's claims of being "unslammable" had led to the Bodyslam match between the two at Mania, in which Andre's career would be on the line against $15,000 of Studd's money.
Patera went to be consoled by Bobby Heenan to the boos of the crowd, then reentered by his corner so he could tag out.
Ken Patera had his WWF career cut short when he was found guilty of two counts of battery on a peace officer and one count of criminal damage to property for a 1984 incident where he threw a boulder through the window of a McDonald's in Wisconsin and later brawled with police.
www.pwinsider.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=2773&p=1   (1322 words)

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - Straight Shootin' With Ken Patera Now Available!!!
Patera also lived with a young Ric Flair when Flair was training to be a wrestler and he tells all about the wild, partying lifestyle of Flair as well as the time Flair almost quit the business.
Patera covers his entire career from how he broke into wrestling to training under harsh conditions at Vern Gagne's camp to learning his trade in territories to being a top heel in WWF and AWA.
Patera is an open book in talking about it all from wrestling Dusty Rhodes in a rainstorm at the Orange Bowl to winning the Intercontinental Title from Pat Patterson to selling out Madison Square Garden in a feud against Bruno Sammartino.
www.rohwrestling.com /MessageBoard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6824   (1095 words)

 Remember when ...
Patera then threw a 30-pound rock through the restaurant’s window, causing $430 in damage, according to police.
Patera was found guilty of two felony counts of battery to police officers and criminal damage to property.
Patera blamed the rock-throwing incident on a mystery vandal in a blue sweatsuit.
www.gmtoday.com /news/local_stories/2003/October_03/10182003_02.asp   (1733 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Ken Patera began a feud with the Heenan Family and occasionally teamed with Billy Jack Haynes..
Ken suffered an arm injury and was out of action for five months, and returned to little success..
Ken Patera will be remembered as one of the most effective heels in the history of wrestling..
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /profiles/k/ken-patera.html   (572 words)

 The Best Of Ken Patera: The Olympic Powerhouse
Ken Patera in a "Battle Royal" with Chris Taylor, Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Valiant, Baron Von Raschke, Red Bastein, Mad Dog Vachon, Mitsuharu Arakawa, Luis Martinez and Billy Robinson.
Ken Patera and Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat and Tony Atlas.
Ken Patera vs. Ronnie P. Ken Patera's amateur athletics biography.
www.wrestletapes.net /bestofkenpatera.html   (388 words)

 Ken Patera Weightlifting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Ken Patera vs Vader - In the 70s, Patera was an awesome heel just like...
Ken Patera is available for personal appearances and motivation speeches about his Olympic, Pan Am Games and World's Strongest Man contest...
...ken patera weightlifting routine ken patera weightlifting routine ken...
www.strengthmag.com /ken-patera-weightlifting.html   (172 words)

Patera calls Jesse “a freakin nerd, that piece of sh** showed up in a pair of Zubas, a tank top, an old stinky jacket, and a pair of tennis shoes that looked ten years old.
Just disgraceful they should have thrown the bum out.” Ken goes on to say that Jesse “Disgraced the profession of wrestling, I was happy for him at first, but he kept putting his foot in his mouth as Governor”.
Phantom hopes Patera gets money for each rerun of the competition, to which Ken Patera replies “I haven’t got a damn dime from anybody for doing anything..And I’m not even upset!” Patera resides in a split-level house.
www.1wrestling.com /news/newsline.asp?news=12851   (976 words)

 WWF Classics Report 9-26-01
Harley Race is sent in by Heenan to interfere, and double-teams with Hercules against the olympian, Ken Patera.
Patera yet again looks at Heenan, who really has no reason to be afraid judging by this performance.
Patera delivers a suplex followed by a jerkslam, followed with a match winning bearhug.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/articles/100152207322186.html   (1883 words)

 Pro Wrestling Insider - Pro Wrestling News Inside & Out
Patera dropped an elbow on S.D., but Jones came back with a headbutt and made the tag to Andre.  As The Giant entered the ring, Patera backdropped Jones of the ring.  S.D. flew over the top rope and landed hard on the floor, hitting his head on the guardrail and knocking him out. 
Andre tossed Patera in a corner and rammed back first into the corner twice, crushing him.  However, as he went for a third, Patera got his knees up, stunning the Giant.  Patera scurried to the top rope and landed a forearm as Big John Studd came in.
Patera and Studd pounded Andre with simultaneous forearms, over and over, and then scooped up Andre together and slammed him to the mat.
www.pwinsider.com /ViewArticle.asp?id=5432&p=1   (562 words)

 WWF Classics Report 10-15-01
Also in action will be Ken Patera, The Islanders, Koko B. Ware and Demolition.
Monsoon, meanwhile, is saying that Patera is probably the strongest man in the world.
He goes to work on him in the corner, until Patera reverses him and begins to unload with the heavy artillery.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/articles/100318020955931.html   (1863 words)

 411mania.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Patera responds by shoving Pat to the corner and flexing.
Patera goes for the cover, and Patera’s thick head of hair blocks the ref from seeing Patterson’s foot on the rope and he gets the three.
People tend to forget that Pat Patterson and Ken Patera were very solid performers back in the day, and this match was a good example of that.
www.411mania.com /wrestling/video_reviews/33164   (3123 words)

 James Raschke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Throughout the 1970's and early 1980's he held numeorous singles and tag team titles throughout several NWA and AWA territories.
In May 1984, Raschke and the Crusher defeated Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera for the AWA World Tag Team titles.
They would lose the belts in August of that same year to the Road Warriors.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/James_Raschke   (507 words)

 Badd Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Their first feud was against The Midnight Rockers whom they defeated for the AWA World Tag Team Championship.
They held the titles for a year and feuded heavily with Chavo and Mando Guerrero before finally losing their titles in 1989 to Brad Rheingans and Ken Patera.
Shortly after losing their titles, they split from Page and wrestled in singles competition until early 1990.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Badd_Company   (336 words)

 WWE: Inside WWE > Title History > Intercontinental > 19800421 - Ken Patera
WWE: Inside WWE > Title History > Intercontinental > 19800421 - Ken Patera
Ken Patera's first-and-only Intercontinental Championship reign started on April 21, 1980 when he defeated the first champion Pat Patterson in New York City.
The strong man went on to hold the belt for close to eight months before losing it to Pedro Morales.
www.wwe.com /inside/titlehistory/intercontinental/322364   (164 words)

 WWF Classics Report 11-12-01
Navarro puts Patera in a headlock, but it is reversed as Ken sends him flying over the top rope.
Patera then rolls out and pulls his opponent back in, before delivering a highly impressive jerkslam.
Patera locks on a swinging neckbreaker, which has allegedly caused multiple neck injuries over the years.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/articles/100560879263921.html   (1806 words)

 Dream Match Tournament: Week 1 - Talk Wrestling Online
Patera was an American Weight Lifter who represent the US in the 1972 Olympic Games (I think).
In the WWWF in the 70's he was one of the most hated heels of his day, he also spent some time in the WWF in the 80's as a member of the Heenan family.
Patera's WWF run was abysmal as instead of putting him against guys he could have worked solid matches with and maybe showed off some of his techincal ability he was stuck with useless workers.
www.talkwrestlingonline.com /forum/showthread.php?threadid=27513   (728 words)

 Best Of
Ken Patera is at ringside and attacks Crusher after the bout.
Ken Patera, Bobby Duncam; Bobby Duncam, Ken Patera, Bobby Heenan int.; Shiek Adnon Al Kassie vs. Nick Bockwinkle; Baron Von Rashke vs. Dick the Bruiser; Baron Von Rashke, Buck Zumhoff, Hogan v.
Ken Patera, Dory Funk Jr.; Jerry Blackwell vs. Butch Reed; Dick the Bruiser vs. Adbullah; Baron Von Rashke vs. BlackJack Lanza; Bobby Orton vs. Dick the Bruiser; Baron Von Raschke v.
tystates.0catch.com /bestof.htm   (10079 words)

 Ken Patera stories
Patera and Saito supposedly beat up several cops (men and women), a coulple of the K-9's too.
Ken Patera was one of the best presses of all times (for his bwt, Bill March was probably the best) and a former top Oylmpic lifter.
He new Ken very well he says ken used to sit with his back against a building and he would take his car and let it Idell and Ken would make the car spin wheels with with his feet on the bumper.
www.getbig.com /boards/index.php?topic=44672.0   (1434 words)

 [No title]
Ken Patera & Big John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated SD Jones & Rick McGraw when Studd pinned McGraw at 2:07 with a backbreaker; prior to the bout, Andre the Giant came ringside but was eventually sent backstage by the referee
Ken Patera & Big John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan) defeated Rick McGraw & SD Jones at 2:38 when Patera pinned McGraw with a shoulderbreaker; prior to the bout, Andre the Giant came ringide but was ordered backstage by the referee
Ken Patera defeated Ronnie D via submission with the swinging full nelson at 2:05; after the bout, Patera again put his opponent in the hold and further attacked him until referees intervened (The Ken Patera Story)
www.angelfire.com /wrestling/cawthon777/85.htm   (15418 words)

 Crossfit.com discussion board: Ken Patera
I saw a nice article in Powerlifting USA on Ken Patera who is probably best known as a professional wrestler but was also a gold medal olympic weightlifter.
An incredible athlete who demonstrates the athletic ability, speed and strength of O lifters.
Patera's feats awere nothing short of incredible...if he had received the state backing and prestige that Alexieve (sp?) history would be quite different.
www.crossfit.com /cgi-bin/discus/discus.cgi?pg=next&topic=20&page=964   (122 words)

 Marathon Kettlebell Challenge
I obtained the first idea from Ken Patera, the 1972 USA Olympic Bronze Medalist.
It was at this time that Ken let his weight drift up, and with the added weight, came pressing power.
I would do multiple low sets with adequate rest, but an attempt should be made to compress the sets to increase workout density before backing off with less total volume and more ballistic work.
www.dragondoor.com /tfurman.html   (894 words)

Before Mark Henry, there was Ken Patera whose legendary feats of strength remain unmatched.
This includes admission in to convention, QandA session/comedy show with "Luscious" Johnny Valiant, and Autographs for: Stan Hansen, Ken Patera, Ivan Putski, Nikita Koloff, Ivan Koloff, B. Brian Blair, Jumping Jim Brunzell, and Referee Dick Woehrle.
Polaroids of : Stan Hansen and Ken Patera, Ivan Putski, Nikita Koloff, Ivan Koloff, B.
www.1wrestling.com /news/newsline.asp?news=18607   (642 words)

 Mid-South Coliseum 1983 (Jarrett)
Ken Patera beat Jerry Lawler to win the CWA International Title.
Ken Patera & The Assassins beat Jimmy Valiant, Austin Idol, & Jerry Lawler.
Plowboy Frazier beat Robert Reed & Ken Raper in a "handicap" match.
www.prowrestlinghistory.com /memphis/jarrett/1983.html   (2324 words)

 Intercontinental Championship - Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Ken Patera-April 21, 1980-New York, NY-Beat Pat Patterson.
Rocky Maivia (2)-December 8, 1997-Portland, ME-RAW is WAR Titan Sports owner, Vince McMahon orders Steve Austin to fight Rocky Miavia or be stripped of the title.
Note: Ken Shamrock won the belt on March 29, 1998 at WrestleMania XIV in Boston, MA, but the decision is reversed when Shamrock refused to let go of his hold.
maxpages.com /astonecoldpage/Intercontinental_Championship - !http://www.maxpages.com/astonecoldpage/Intercontinental_Championship   (803 words)

 Ken Patera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
In 1971, Ken won four gold medals at the Pan American games.
Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Ken Patera
Find where Ken Patera is credited alongside another name
www.imdb.com /name/nm1054047   (87 words)

 1988 WWF House Show Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Jim Duggan, Billy Jack Haynes and Ken Patera defeated Demolition and Mr.
Ted DiBiase defeated George "the Animal" Steele by DQ Jim Duggan and Ken Patera defeated Demolition and Mr.
Jim Duggan and Ken Patera defeated Demolition and Mr.
www.wrestlinginformer.net /1988_wwf_house_show_results.htm   (3891 words)

 eBay - ken patera wrestling, DVD HD DVD, VHS items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Wrestling 1978 Annual Spr Ken Patera vs Jay Strongbow
Grand Masters of Wrestling - Iron Sheik - Ken Patera
Ken Patera Story WWF Coliseum Video Wrestling VHS 1987
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=ken+patera+wrestling&...   (352 words)

 Ring of Honor Discussion Forum - Merchandise Update 1/21- Apparel Sale, New DVD's
For a complete list of items on sale check out the "Weekly Specials" section of the site which is on the left side of your screen.
If we all took that attitude Homicide and Dragon would be having friendly debates these days.
All I remember from Patera is the battle royal from Wrestlemania IV.
www.rohwrestling.com /messageboard/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6825   (1880 words)

 A1 Wrestling Videos: Tapes 192 - 214 Printable
Interviews: Lawler, Hart, Idol, Le Duc, Savage and Poffo, Mantel, Fabs, Hart, Ken Patera and Crusher Blackwell, Rock n’ Roll Express, Hart and Karl Von Krupp
Ken Patera and Crusher Blackwell vs. Rock 'n’ Roll Express
Jerry LawlerandAustin Idol vs. Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell
www.a1wrestlingvideos.com /tapes_memphis_print.htm   (3029 words)

 (9/11/05) - Mr. America, Hart/Hennig, Cheryl Roberts, Ken Patera, Sabu
But wasn't Ken Patera also a Gold Medal winner and a former WWE tag team champion?
Yes, Ken Patera won more than one Gold Medal, but it wasn't in the Olympics, it was in the Pan American Games.
Last I saw him, he wrestled for UWA (Universal Wrestling Alliance) here in Ontario.
www.wrestleview.com /news2005/1126453287.shtml   (502 words)

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