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Topic: Kenny Dalglish

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  Kenny Dalglish | Top Class Football Player Manager | Biograghy
Dalglish would have played in the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, at the ripe old age of 35, but injured himself in the 1986 FA Cup final against Everton, so his place in the squad was taken by Steve Archibald of Barcelona F.C. Managerial career
Dalglish was also in charge of the club at the time of the Hillsborough disaster, in the 1989 FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest.
Dalglish departed with his side still ranked as Champions, and as the dominating force of the English game for the past two decades- time Dalglish was very much at the fore of all that the club was achieving right.
sport.y2u.co.uk /Football_England/FAp_Kenny_Dalglish.htm   (1734 words)

  Kenny Dalglish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dalglish was also in charge of the club at the time of the Hillsborough disaster, in the 1989 FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest.
Dalglish departed with his side still ranked as Champions, and as the dominating force of the English game for the past two decades- time Dalglish was very much at the fore of all that the club was achieving right.
During the trial the court heard that Dalglish invited notorious London gangster Tommy Adams to a meeting that was intended to resolve the dispute between Paul Stretford and Peter McIntosh.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kenny_Dalglish   (1620 words)

 Kenny Dalglish
Kenny could hold the ball up magnificently and buy enough time for the rest of the players to catch up play, or he could open the defence in an instant with a defence splitting ball.
Dalglish also scored the goal which won the league championship in 1985-86, which was to prove the first half of the double in his first year as a player manager at the club, following the resignation of Joe Fagan.
Kenny's management had declined since the fateful day in April '89 and saw him buy a few players of non-LFC calibre like Jimmy Carter, and when he left the club in 1991, it was in need of a return to the top.
family.maltanet.net /hawk/html/Dalglish.html   (475 words)

 Roy of the Rovers.com - The Official Roy of the Rovers Website
Between 21st November 1987 and 27th February 1988, Kenny was the subject of a 15 week profile story called "Story of the Star" in the Roy of the Rovers comic (including a superb piece of artwork showing Kenny with the European Cup on the front cover of the 19th December 1987 edition).
Kenny is picked by Roy in the Liverpool "Team of the Decade" from the 1980's as part of competition promoted by Candy, Liverpool's sponsors - 16th February 1991.
'King Kenny' Dalglish was born in Glasgow in March of 1951, and as a young boy was a football fan, rooting for the Rangers.
www.royoftherovers.com /halloffame/dalglish.htm   (1359 words)

 Kenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish (born March 4, 1951) is a Scottish football player and manager
Formerly an international football player, most noted for his playing career with Liverpool F.C. and also as a manager who is spectacularly dour in his outlook and does not come across well in television interviews.
He followed Joe Fagin as manager of the club in the months after the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985, and was in charge of the club at the time of the Hillsborough disaster in the 1989 FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest F.C. His dignity and bearing during these tragedies was exemplary.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ke/Kenny_Dalglish.html   (181 words)

 King Kenny
First and foremost, though, Kenny Dalglish is the greatest footballer in the history of the game (at least according to this completely unbiased Liverpool fanatic!!), and, for mine, the footballer who set the standards by which all others are judged.
Kenny's team-mates were, and are, great, but only because they've been made to look so by the greatest player ever to tread the turf of any soccer pitch anywhere in the world.
Kenny Dalglish, MBE, you are truly the greatest, and long may your reign of terror continue throughout world soccer.
www.ultimatenzsoccer.com /id745.htm   (830 words)

 ++ / LFChistory.net -- Past Present Future
Kenny scored the winner in the European cup final in his first season.
He was voted player of the year by the Football Writers' association in 1978/79 and after three more championship titles, King Kenny was crowned by both the PFA and the FWA at the end of the 1982/83 season.
Kenny brought three more championships to Anfield as manager and was voted manager of the year as many times.
www.lfchistory.net /player_profile.asp?player_id=287   (213 words)

 Kenny Dalglish - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Kenny refused to talk to the media and immersed himself in the world of pressups and fingerlocks.
Kenny was still the same old loner, still a sulky Scotsman, but this time he was using elbow drops instead of Kleenex.
Kenny was beaten extremely quickly in this bout and let out a couple of regrettable yelps but a psychotic glare after the match was finished promised there was more to come from Kenny.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Kenny_Dalglish   (835 words)

 KENNY DALGLISH - International Football Hall of Fame
Dalglish was at the heart of it all and became Footballer of the Year for the second time in 1983.
Dalglish was walking out on a club that were top of the league, chasing a cup and league double and in the middle of unfinished business with rivals Everton.
Dalglish described himself as "a person pushed to the limit." He said: "I was putting myself under enormous pressure to be successful." His health was suffering and he told Liverpool chairman Noel White that on match days he felt "as if my head was exploding.
www.ifhof.com /hof/dalglish.asp   (3006 words)

 Celtic Online - Kenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish played for Drumchapel Amateurs and Glasgow United before Vic Davidson's mother recommended him to Sean Fallon, caretaker manager of Celtic, in 1967.
However, Dalglish was a Rangers fan and it took Fallon two hours to secure the signature of the skilled striker.
Dalglish won 102 caps for Scotland and was awarded the MBE for his services to football in 1984.
www.cfconline.co.uk /old/club_info/team_pics/biographies/dalglish.htm   (179 words)

 Biography of Kenny Dalglish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Dalglish built his reputation with Celtic, winning the Scottish Championship in five conxsecutive seasons in the early 1970s.
Dalglish returned to management after a short break, with Blackburn Rovers, whom he led into the English Premiership in his first season.
Despite an initially strong performance, Dalglish's dismantling of one of the most exciting footballing sides in the Premiership lost him the support of the fans, and he was sacked by Newcastle early in the 1997/98 season.
biography-1.qardinalinfo.com /d/Dalglish_Kenny.html   (557 words)

 Kenny Dalglish
Dalglish was born in Glasgow in March of 1951, and as a young boy was a football fan, rooting for the football team Rangers.
Dalglish attended as many of the funerals of victims of the Hillsborough tragedy as he could, and he and his wife worked to do what they could to console the victims' families.
Dalglish was appointed Director of Football Operations at Celtic in June of '99, bringing his career back to his hometown of Glasgow.
www.webscot.co.uk /greatscots/kennydalglish.htm   (359 words)

 Manager: Kenny Dalglish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Kenny Dalglish was already a legend as a Liverpool player when he was offered the job of player-manager at the age of 34.
Kenny had the difficult task of trying to keep Liverpool challenging for the top honours in the game and attracting new players to the club knowing that he would not be able to offer them the incentive of European club competition for the foreseeable future.
Kenny looked a broken man and it was impossible not to feel for him and wonder how much of a part Hillsborough and its aftermath had played in his decision to quit.
www.thisisanfield.com /content.php?page_id=95   (1833 words)

 Glasgow Celtic at eleven-a-side.com, the home of Irish soccer
Dalglish was a lord to the manor born when signing up for the then reigning European Cup holders.
Kenny Dalglish had arrived at Parkhead before the triumph over Inter Milan in the European Cup final but he yearned to taste such an experience.
Dalglish took over the running of the team 'till the end of the season, finishing as runners-up to Rangers but winning the League Cup with a 2-0 win over Aberdeen.
www.eleven-a-side.com /celtic/kennydalglish.asp   (1479 words)

 Kenny Dalglish | Liverpool FC | AnfieldRed
Kenny Dalglish took over from Joe Fagan, having already established himself as a Liverpool Legend as a player.
In the 87/88 season, Dalglish lead Liverpool to another League win, and in 88/89 won the FA Cup, beating Everton in the final.
Dalglish was the last manager to win a league title with Liverpool, claiming the last in 89/90 season, before stepping down in 1991 as manager.
www.anfieldred.co.uk /players/kenny-dalglish   (90 words)

 Kenny Dalglish's old home to be torn down - Evening Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
MARY RARITY lives in Kenny Dalglish's old home but she won't be sorry when the tower block is demolished
KENNY Dalglish's boyhood home overlooking Ibrox Stadium in Govan is to be pulled down.
And Dalglish's old neighbours - including the woman who moved into his family home after they left - will not be sorry to see the flats go.
www.eveningtimes.co.uk /print/news/5038770.shtml   (550 words)

 Liverpoolfc.tv: Past Player Profile
With Kevin Keegan having departed to Hamburg for £500,000 earlier that summer the capture of Dalglish as his replacement must rank as one of football's shrewdest pieces of business as the Glaswegian who amassed a record 102 caps and joint record 30 Scotland goals inspired the club to new heights.
Dalglish's majestic play was blessed with a creative vision and icy coolness only the true legends of the game possess.
Dalglish and his squad spent countless hours trying to find ways to bring comfort to the bereaved and traumatised, but eventually if proved too much for this sensitive man. He suddenly resigned in 1991, after admitting that the strain and emotional distress of the Hillsborough tragedy had made him feel like his 'head would explode'.
www.liverpoolfc.tv /team/past_players/players/dalglish   (674 words)

 Kenny Dalglish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Kenny Dalglish played for Drumchapel Amateurs and Glasgow United before Vic Davidson's mother recommended him to Sean Fallon, caretaker manager of Celtic, in 1967.
Was also the year that Dalglish witnessed the first of three tragedies which, ultimately, were to leave such a mark that he quit the game.
Such was Dalglish's skill at holding on to the ball that, years later, the former Arsenal and Republic of Ireland defender David O'Leary would describe trying to rob him of possession as "impossible.""He crouches over the ball, legs spread and elbows poking out," said O'Leary.
www.glesga.ukpals.com /Pals/kingkenny.htm   (2025 words)

 NUFC News: NUFC & Graeme Souness: 74 Years In the Making - Kenny Dalglish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Dalglish had the proven track record and the credentials to bring home a trophy not seen on Tyneside since 1927 and that was his task.
Already going well in the League Dalglish soon settled into the job but if he was going to stamp his personality on the team it was going to take time as Newcastle still played in that cavalier fashion.
Dalglish and his men didn't deserve the reception they got on their return to Tyneside where over 250,000 men, women and bairns turned up to greet their beaten idols.
www.newcastle-online.com /articles/scotsincharge4.shtml   (1397 words)

 CNN/SI - English Premier League - Dalglish fired by Newcastle United - Thursday August 27, 1998 05:27 PM
Dalglish, who has been in charge at St. James Park for 19 months, left one of English soccer's highest-profile jobs just two games into the new Premier League season.
Dalglish told the club he would stay on until a replacement was found, the statement said.
Dalglish, a former Liverpool star who managed the Reds and Blackburn, has never been popular in Newcastle since taking over after the shock resignation of the popular Kevin Keegan in January 1997.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /soccer/world/news/1998/08/27/dalglish_newcastle   (883 words)

Dalglish: "As you guys described earlier on about Scots people coming to Australia for surfing and tinnies and all the rest of it, I think that's why he came to the UK.
Dalglish: "The current team don't have to play against teams from previous eras, they've only got to play against the opposition that they are up against at the moment.
Kenny is presently the Director of Football Operations for the highly respected Proactive Sports Group PLC, a London stock market listed company.
www.fourdiegos.com /kdalglish.htm   (1731 words)

 Kenny Dalglish, Manager, Football   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
As a manager, Kenny sought the same levels of perfection as he did as a player that he had achieved on the pitch.
Many people doubted Dalglish's ability to juggle playing and managing, but he confounded them by guiding the club to the League/Cup double in 1986, and to two further titles before he resigned, citing `pressure'.
Dalglish returned to the soccer scene in 1991, taking charge at Blackburn and leading them to the League Championship, then he retired again briefly, but came back once more to join Newcastle in January 1997.
www.sportz4u.com /isport/football/MANAGER/kenny.htm   (110 words)

 DALGLISH   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
KENNY DALGLISH succeeded Joe Fagan as the Anfield boss when he combined the roles of player and manager, in May 1985.
It was an appointment which caused some, raised eyebrows at the time but by the end of his first season any misgivings had been firmly dismissed as Liverpool walked off with the League and FA Cup double.
Dalglish was born in Glasgow and started his career with Cumbernauld United before signing for Celtic in 1969.
freespace.virgin.net /carl.beddows/managers/dalglish.htm   (211 words)

 Kenneth Mathieson Kenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish was a man of more expensive tastes and the balance shifted towards buying talent at the expense of the youth set-up.
With Dalglish's knowledge and Walker's wallet, they were promoted and three years later they were crowned Premiership champions, fittingly after a defeat at Anfield, becoming only the third manager to win the championship with 2 different clubs.
Many have questioned Dalglish's ability to handle pressure, and it remains to be seen whether Dalglish can fashion a championship winning side out of Keegan's array of flamboyant forwards (Kenny's more pragmatic approach will certainly boost their chances).
www.lfc4ever.de /id50.htm   (2982 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet Column by Patrick Collins: Smiles a little thin as Kenny cashes in
When Kenny Dalglish accepted compensation of £612,522, plus interest, from Celtic last week, there was a good deal of indignation in the east end of Glasgow.
The departure of Dalglish was delayed until the end of June and was equally inevitable.
Dalglish claimed compensation, as we knew he would, and the lucrative results of his efforts were revealed last week.
www.soccernet.com /columns/2000/1217/20001217featcollins.html   (860 words)

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