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Topic: Kent Pitman

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Kent Pitman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kent M. Pitman is the President of HyperMeta, Inc. and has been involved for many years in the design, implementation and use of Lisp and Scheme systems.
Kent champions a new paradigm for standards called Substandards; as a background task, he's working on a prototype, but because of his busy work schedule he has not yet deployed it.
Kent Pitman is also the author of Another Way Out a parody of the CBS Daytime series The Young and the Restless.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kent_Pitman   (201 words)

 [No title]
This is where Kent Pitman drags in Richard Gabriel.
Pitman wanted to get reader's attention, that Richard Gabriel and me has exchange some messages, because Richard Gabriel is a well-known and well-respected figure in Lisp community.
Note that Pitman said "I thought perhaps it was worth engaging you in discussion".
xahlee.org /Writ_dir/comp_lang_lisp/142.txt   (942 words)

 [No title]
No conflict with anything Kent said here -- i just wanted to add some thoughts to underscore some of his remarks for those few who are clouded by the lure of the imperatives but are still capable of critical thinking.
Kent begs: > Personally, I would say it's because things in the world DO have state and > because people develop brain hardware that directly mirrors those things > about which they reason most often.
Here Kent Pitman is fucking fuck all fucked up about using jargons to impinge those lesser educated.
xahlee.org /Writ_dir/comp_lang_lisp/42.txt   (620 words)

 myelin: Programming language checklist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Kent M. Pitman, creator of the Common Lisp HyperSpec and key technical contributor to the Lisp language, wrote the following on Slashdot a while back in response to a question on why you should learn languages that might not necessarily be useful in your career as a programmer:
I think the thing to explain to a student is that the world is ever changing and that one cannot put ones eggs all in one basket.
But further, I would hope that the people who come to the Lisp community bring with them the ideas of other communities so that we can incorporate, rather than hide from, the good ideas that we need in order to continually be moving forward.
www.myelin.co.nz /notes/kent-pitman-languages.html   (1279 words)

 Instant Social Conversion: SBCL: Harming the Software Industry Since 1999   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Kent seems to think that Sun giving Java away for free is a vastly different situation than when I give away my contributions to SBCL for free.
Kent seems to be offering an alternate form of the paranoid style in software development and economics.
Kent's views seem to be pretty much the same, except he believes that all software should be proprietary instead of free.
www.iscblog.info /blog/display/79   (2386 words)

 Acknowledgments SECOND EDITION
Kent Pitman, chairman of the X3J13 Error Handling Subcommittee, plugged the biggest outstanding hole in Common Lisp as described by the first edition.
The author of the chapter on Conditions (Kent M. Pitman) notes that there is a paper [38] containing background information about the design of the condition system, which is based on the condition system of the Symbolics Lisp Machines [49].
Kent Pitman, David Moon, and Sandra Loosemore have also been notably prolific, as well as Jon L White, Dan Pierson, Walter van Roggen, Skona Brittain, Scott Fahlman, and myself.
www.music.mcgill.ca /~ferguson/cltl/clm/node3.html   (1686 words)

 [No title]
Three tallies are given: tally by member organization, tally by all present, and a tally of those who would be willing to invest work in the particular area.
J13 will primarily concern itself with the standardization of that functionality necessary to support the development and deployment of programs that are efficient, modular, portable, and collaborative.
The most easily implemented solution will not necessarily dominate, but technical and economic issues of implementation are important in determining which options will be given the most serious consideration.
www.franz.com /~smh/J13/99-010.txt   (1464 words)

 Welcome to Kent Online
Pitman Training, Maidstone, has today announced the launch of its new corporate training division to complement its existing training facilities.
We recognise that there is a real need for businesses in Kent who wish to facilitate staff training provision but cannot do so as they do not have in-house training facilities.
One of her first responsibilities will be working with clients to develop progressive training schedules and implementing the evolution from reactive training to continuous life-long learning.
www.kentonline.co.uk /business/pr_view_pr.asp?id=416   (311 words)

 Kent Pitman -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Kent M. Pitman is the President of and has been involved for many years in the design, implementation and use of (A flexible procedure-oriented programing language that manipulates symbols in the form of lists) Lisp and (An elaborate and systematic plan of action) Scheme systems.
Kent Pitman is also the author of a (Humorous or satirical mimicry) parody of the CBS Daytime series The Young and the Restless.
Many people value his contributions there because of his authoritative perspective on Common Lisp standardization, others decry his attitude towards (Click link for more info and facts about open source) open source Lisp implementations and (An elaborate and systematic plan of action) Scheme.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/k/ke/kent_pitman.htm   (295 words)

 Chris Double's Radio Weblog
It works in the presence of continuations in that whenever the code block is 're-entered' by a continuation the 'entry' block is executed again, and the 'exit' block executed on leaving the code block (whether leaving naturally or via escaping through a continuation).
Kent Pitman has an article on 'UNWIND-PROTECT vs Continuations'.
In that article Kent points out that dynamic-wind really solves a different problem than UNWIND-PROTECT and explains why you cannot implement the latter in the prescence of continuations easily.
radio.weblogs.com /0102385/2004/05/06.html   (192 words)

 [No title]
I hope the enclosed report will be seen to be in proper format and will be accepted.
Kent Pitman X3J13 Technical Editor and International Representative ======================================== 0.
The date and location are left to the discretion of the Chair, yet to be appointed, and will be announced by mail.
www.ncits.org /minutes/9807ncits/x3960527.htm   (1071 words)

 Diary for chalst
While good scientific work is done under the ACM umbrella, the typical price of ACM conferences is an outrage, and academically exclusionary, and I think academics should as far as possible see if they can do their work outside the ACM.
Kent Pitman wrote an amusing polemic against the Communications of the ACM, but I can't find the link now.
Postscript: I found the Kent Pitman article, it was a comp.lang.lisp post.
advogato.org /person/chalst/diary.html?start=85   (2211 words)

 Enoch Kent
Following on the heels of I'm A Workin' Chap and Love, Lust & Loathing, Enoch Kent's new and 3rd solo recording, For The Women, is sure to delight Scottish/Celtic music lovers and folks with a passion for politics (both outside and inside the home!).
After a lengthy recording hiatus, legendary Scottish-Canadian folk songsmith Enoch Kent is making up for lost time with a 2nd release in just 1 year.
Following on the heels of the much heralded "I'm A Workin' Chap", Enoch's new collection of songs, "Love, Lust and Loathing", is a welcome addition to traditional Scottish music enthusiasts with a passion for love songs and politics.
www.enochkent.ca /discography.htm   (325 words)

 T Project
Kent Pitman - recruited to work on language design, prototype, and propaganda
The virtual machine level continued to be called the "microcode" for much of the lifetime of the MIT Scheme project, which is what his project became.
Forest Baskett invited the team out not because he knew me - he had no idea who I was - but because of an existing relationship with John O'Donnell, I believe.
mumble.net /~jar/tproject   (1941 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
David B. Koretz '78; Associate News Editors: Kent Pitman '80, Bob Wasserman '80.
1977 To the Editor: I have to disagree with a number of points raised by Kent Pitman in your news analysis of the New House dedication.
Pitman seems to be under the impression that the four new names Ballard, Coolidge, Desmofnd and Lawrence are go- ing to replace the dormwide name, "New West Campus Houses." This is incorrect.
www-tech.mit.edu /archives/VOL_097/TECH_V097_S0389_P004.txt   (1783 words)

 LtU Classic Archives
Part deuce of a Q&A of Kent Pitman over at slashdot.
Regarding the type analysis assertion there was an interesting post on this topic a while ago on Slashdot (believe it or not).
The reason, as I understand it, is that MrSpidey's type system is more expressive than ML (it includes union and recursive types) and consequentially the type definitions it infers are more complex.
lambda-the-ultimate.org /classic/message2003.html   (649 words)

 xml-editor@w3.org from April to June 1998: by date
XML 1.0 - clarification - deciphering [51] Mixed Kent M Pitman
XML 1.0 notation simplification - ExternalID Kent M Pitman
XML 1.0 - Ill-defined notational devices Kent M Pitman
lists.w3.org /Archives/Public/xml-editor/1998AprJun   (437 words)

 Kent Pitman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
He was a technical contributor to X3J13, the ANSI subcommittee that standardized Common Lisp and contributed to the design of the programming language.
He is currently setting up a new organization for developing standards called Substandards.
Further information and a list of publications can be found at his personal home page:
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/kent_pitman   (197 words)

 Slashdot | Ask Kent M. Pitman About Lisp, Scheme And More
Kent M. Pitman has been programming in Scheme and Lisp, and contributing to the design of those languages, for a long time -- 24 years.
Scheme may be better known as a teaching language, but both Scheme and Lisp have applications (as any Emacs user knows) that go far beyond this.
Now's your chance to ask him about the pros and cons of those two languages, circa 2001 A.D. Kent also has an interesting, ambivalent take on Free software that's worth noting in an atmosphere where complex issues are often oversimplified and radicalized.
slashdot.org /interviews/01/10/12/1234218.shtml   (5217 words)

 SHRDLU project extracts
I'm going to try pitman's macro for defun-fexpr, but I guess there will still be a problem because they've got to be DECLAIMED as something (other than *fexpr) too.
But As I went through the file and was working on show (which I hope nobody else is), there are some functions that either we dont know how to fix, or the fix location was not documented.
pitman's readtable fix stuff I guess would work, but perhaps so would just renaming ont: to something else..
www.semaphorecorp.com /misc/extracts.html   (11178 words)

 FAQ: Lisp Implementations and Mailing Lists 4/7 [Monthly posting] - [4-10] Where can I get a copy of the ANSI Common ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This version is not a definitive reference, but is much more practical for most casual browsing.
Kent Pitman (kmp@harlequin.com) is the International Representative of X3J13 to WG16 and is also Project Editor for WG16.
WG16 is working on the design of a dialect of Lisp called ISLISP (which is neither a subset nor a superset of Common Lisp).
unlser1.unl.csi.cuny.edu /faqs/lisp-faq/part4/faq-doc-10.html   (484 words)

 The Risks Digest Volume 11: Issue 13
He had "deleted and added files, put on messages and changed passwords of existing users enabling himself to use the system." [Thanks to Darren Dalcher at King's College, London, for a clipping received this morning from the 6 Feb 91 Enfield Independent, apparently mailed on 6 Feb, although unpostmarked, with a stamp that was uncancelled.]
Kent M Pitman Mon, 18 Feb 1991 16:24-0500
In last night's ``Murder, She Wrote'' one of the key characters was a pesky little IRS agent that went around always getting his way by making veiled threats which bordered on extortion.
catless.ncl.ac.uk /Risks/11.13.html   (2963 words)

 Genealogy Data Page 5 (Family Pages)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Marriage: 6 MAR 1735 Warwick, Kent, RI Spouse:
Marriage: 29 OCT 1747 Greenwich, Kent, RI Spouse:
ABT 1775 East Greenwich, Kent, RI Greene, Sarah Fry
racingstation.com /genealogy/green/f_4.htm   (1269 words)

 www.islisp info: Legalese   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This site is maintained by Kent M. Pitman as a public service.
It should go without saying, but let's say it anyway: Kent's opinions are not necessarily those of Harlequin, Xanalys, ISO, JTC1, SC22, WG16, ANSI, X3J13, ITI, NCITS, or the United States of America.
The textual material that makes up this document, excluding the cover and any running headers that establish the identity of the document itself as ISLISP Working Draft 20.3, is expressly dedicated to the Public Domain, from which individual, copyrighted works (including any resulting ISO standard) may be non-exclusively derived without fee or other restriction.
islisp.info /legalese.html   (201 words)

 Common Lisp HyperSpec (TM)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
However, Kent Pitman of Harlequin, Inc. has written an HTML document that is derived (with permission from ANSI and X3) from the ANSI Common Lisp standard (X3.226) and related design documents.
As Project Editor of X3J13 Kent Pitman managed the completion of the document which became the ANSI Common Lisp Standard.
The Common Lisp HyperSpec (TM) is not a definitive reference, but is much more practical for most casual browsing.
www.cs.cmu.edu /Groups/AI/html/hyperspec/clspec.html   (228 words)

 Lemonodor: Kent Pitman in Boston
Kent Pitman is going to be at the next Boston area Lisp Users' Group meeting [content-free link].
A meeting of Common Lisp users will be held at MaK Technologies location in Cambridge.
A short talk is planned Kent Pitman, who will speak on “The State of Lisp” followed by a round table discussion.
lemonodor.com /archives/001212.html   (100 words)

 lisp info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Then there is of course the Common Lisp HyperSpec an HTML document derived from the ANSI Common Lisp Standard.
Answers On Lisp and Much More by Kent M. Pitman: a series of questions and answers on lisp.
Other articles by Kent Pitman, the Parenthetically speaking articles are particularly good.
www.ruf.rice.edu /~mwjack/lispstuff.html   (200 words)

 Revised(3) Scheme - Bibliography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In Conference Record of the 1984 ACM Symposium on Lisp and Functional Programming, pages 356--364.
Kent Dybvig, Daniel P. Friedman, and Christopher T. Haynes.
In Proceedings of the 1986 ACM Conference on Lisp and Functional Programming, pages 143--150.
www-swiss.ai.mit.edu /users/jaffer/r3rs_12.html   (781 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Parenthetically Speaking, a series of articles that appeared in Lisp Pointers, by Kent Pitman.
In Retrospective on Paradigms of AI Programming(_(PAIP)) _(Peter Norvig) explains the changes of _(CL)'s role in the programming community between 1991 and 2002.
Slides for the ``Tutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style'' by Peter Norvig and Kent Pitman at the Lisp Users and Vendors Conference, August 10, 1993
www.cliki.net /Document?source   (306 words)

 allegro-cl mail archive - km: CALL FOR REGISTRATION: LUV '94, Aug 15-19, Berkeley (Lisp Users and Vendors)
For further information, or to volunteer to help out, please contact: Meetings Unlimited, Kent Pitman, Thomas Pole, LUV '94 Committee Conference Organizers Co-Chairman Co-Chairman (215) 651-0797 (617) 374-2516 (703) 902-7100 CompuServe 76470.3334 * * * * * It's coming very soon.
Instructor: Kent Pitman (Harlequin) Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of programming concepts.
Instructor: Kent Pitman (Harlequin) and probably another party yet to be named.
www.xach.com /lisp/allegro-cl/1994-6/9.html   (1605 words)

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