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Topic: Kentucky

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  Homepage | www.kentucky.com
Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks finally had a season opener he could smile about.
After losing to archrival Louisville the first four years of the Brooks regime, the Wildcats pounded on another in-state foe, Eastern Kentucky, 50-10 at Commonwealth Stadium last night.
Kentucky American customers used 48.266 million gallons between midnight Wednesday night and midnight Thursday night.
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  Kentucky Maps - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Kentucky (reference map) JPEG format (240K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways.
Kentucky (reference map) PDF format (242K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways.
Kentucky (reference map) JPEG format (196K) Shaded relief map with state boundaries, forest cover, place names, major highways.
www.lib.utexas.edu /maps/kentucky.html   (443 words)

  Kentucky Legislature Home Page
The Kentucky legislature convenes in regular session on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January for 60 days of even-numbered years and for 30 days in odd-numbered years.
It convenes in special sessions at the call of the governor.
The Kentucky Constitution mandates that a regular session be completed no later than April 15 in even-numbered years and March 30 in odd-numbered years.
www.lrc.state.ky.us /home.htm   (100 words)

  Kentucky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kentucky is known as the "Bluegrass State", a nickname based on the fact that bluegrass is present in many of the lawns and pastures throughout the state.
Kentucky was a battleground during the war; the Battle of Blue Licks, one of the last major battles of the Revolution, was fought in Kentucky.
Kentucky's largest cities and most of the fast growing counties are concentrated in what is referred to as the Golden Triangle, which is almost entirely in the Bluegrass region, with the exception of Hardin, Meade and LaRue counties which are in the Pennyroyal region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kentucky   (4180 words)

Kentucky produces nearly all the hemp grown in the United States; but the demand for this product has so far decreased that in 1900 only 14,107 acres were planted in the state.
The Kentucky Confederate Home, for the benefit of Kentucky's indigent and infirm veterans of the Confederacy, is in Jefferson County, and is maintained by the state.
The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of Kentucky guarantees to all citizens the right to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience, and it also provides that no public funds raised for educational purposes shall be used in the aid of any church, or any sectarian or denominational school.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08620b.htm   (5893 words)

 Frankfort, Kentucky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky, a state of the United States of America.
After Kentucky became a state, five commissioners were appointed on June 20, 1792, to choose a location for the state capital.
It is in the Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Frankfort,_Kentucky   (891 words)

 DEA Briefs & Background, Drugs and Drug Abuse, State Factsheets, Kentucky
Though Kentucky is the site of large-scale marijuana cultivation, most of the marijuana produced in the state is exported to markets in other states, including Illinois, Ohio, New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Methamphetamine is a dramatically increasing threat throughout Kentucky.
Though methamphetamine manufacturing activity in Kentucky consists mostly of small, unsophisticated clandestine laboratories producing limited amounts of methamphetamine, this activity is expected to expand rapidly in the near future in terms of both the number of labs and their size/sophistication.
Kentucky methamphetamine production is a simple process taught among violators and dominated by Caucasians in the lower social and economic classes, including former marijuana cultivators, who are beginning to realize the greater profit margin and diminished threat from law enforcement posed by methamphetamine production versus marijuana cultivation.
www.dea.gov /pubs/states/kentucky.html   (1594 words)

 Kentucky State Police: Concealed Deadly Weapons
The Kentucky State Police was authorized by KRS 237.110 to issue and renew licenses to carry concealed firearms or other deadly weapons, or a combination thereof, to qualified persons.
Once a LEOSA application for an honorably retired Kentucky peace officer has been processed and approved, both a CCDW license, valid for 5 years, and a Kentucky LEOSA license, valid for 12 months from the date of the most recent range qualification, will be issued to the applicant at no charge.
Persons with a valid Kentucky carry concealed license may apply individually to the United States Virgin Islands Police Department for temporary reciprocal recognition of a CCDW license while in the Virgin Islands.
www.kentuckystatepolice.org /conceal.htm   (3673 words)

Kentucky, state, United States - Kentucky, one of the so-called border states of the S central United States.
The Kentucky tragedy and the transformation of politics in the early American Republic.
Determination of the level of variation in polyploidy among Kentucky bluegrass cultivars by means of flow cytometry.(Turfgrass Science)...
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0108217.html   (364 words)

 Kentucky Apartments
Kentucky is famous for many things, from Daniel Boone to world-class horses, tobacco farms to fine bourbon, and, of course, for the place where those world-class horses race, the Kentucky Derby.
Kentucky's economy and reputation are spread out over a handful of interesting industries.
Kentucky is second to North Carolina in the production of tobacco, which has long been the state's chief crop.
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 The Kentucky - The United States Mint
The Kentucky quarter, the fifth and last quarter in the 2001 series, shows the stately mansion, Federal Hill, with an inscription that reads, "My Old Kentucky Home." A thoroughbred racehorse is positioned behind a fence in the foreground of the quarter.
Kentucky was the first state on the western frontier to join the Union and is one of four states to call itself a "commonwealth." Kentucky is home of the longest running annual horse race in the country, the Kentucky Derby.
The famous Kentucky Bluegrass country is also grazing ground for some of the world's finest racehorses.
www.usmint.gov /mint_programs/50sq_program/states/index.cfm?state=KY   (274 words)

 Kentucky.gov: - Home
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Enjoy a relaxing visit to one of Kentucky’s beautiful state parks.
Kentucky has more than 700 festivals and countless events around the Commonwealth.
kentucky.gov   (139 words)

 Kentucky Department of Tourism - Home
Governor Ernie Fletcher invites you to experience Kentucky’s "Unbridled Spirit".
There's still plenty of good weather to enjoy Kentucky's lakes.
There are so many wonderful attractions throughout Kentucky that we're sure it is a place you will want to visit again and again.
www.kytourism.com   (0 words)

 Kentucky State Symbols Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song
Placed on a navy blue field is the seal and words "Commonwealth of Kentucky".
They are acting out the meaning of Kentucky's motto: "United We Stand; Divided We Fall".
Topography: Image Mountainous in east; rounded hills of the Knobs in the north; Bluegrass, heart of the state; wooded rocky hillsides of the Pennroyal; western coal fields; the fertile Purchase in the southwest.
www.50states.com /kentucky.htm   (265 words)

 Kentucky News
Landscaping blossoms with different tree, shrub varieties Michele Carlton Kentucky New Era Christian County Horticulture Extension Agent Kelly R. Jackson holds a bagworm that was found on the Leyland Cypress...
Kentucky would join other states in an effort to bypass the Electoral College and instead pick the president by popular vote under a plan pending in the Kentucky House.
A Western Kentucky man was found guilty of misdemeanor animal cruelty after hog-tying a puppy and leaving it on a deserted road.
www.topix.net /state/ky   (692 words)

 University Press of Kentucky
Biographical sketches portray all of Kentucky’s governors and U.S. senators, as well as note congressmen and state and local politicians.
Kentucky’s impact on the national scene is registered in the lives of such figures as Carry Nation, Henry Clay, Louis Brandeis, and Alben Barkley.
Frequently misunderstood aspects of Kentucky’s history and culture are clarified and popular misconceptions corrected.
www.kentuckypress.com /viewbook.cfm?Category_ID=1&Group=48&ID=902   (470 words)

 State of Kentucky Travel Guide, Lodging, Attractions, Kentucky Travel - SeeAmerica.org
The southern hospitality and charm of Kentucky are found from the heights of the Highlands to the subterranean depths of Cave Country.
The natural wonders of Kentucky are punctuated with two metropolitan cities.
Louisville hosts the Kentucky Derby with two weeks of festivals and entertainment.
www.seeamerica.org /visit_kentucky.jsp   (172 words)

 Kentucky: Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure
Check your local radio or television stations for up-to-date information, or you may visit the National Homeland Security website or the Kentucky Homeland Security website for more information.
The mission of the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure is to protect the public by ensuring that licensure qualifications and standards of medical and osteopathic physicians are met and that appropriate disciplinary action is taken in a timely manner when violations of the Medical Practice Act occur.
The Board is also responsible for the regulating of qualified physician assistants, athletic trainers and surgical assistants practicing in the Commonwealth.
www.state.ky.us /agencies/kbml   (309 words)

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