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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

The General Dynamics “Keres” (Hebrew for hook) missile is a land based Target Anti-Radiation weapon system which was developed by the United States, according to Israeli Air Force requirements, as part of the Yom-Kippur war's lessons.
Keres uses the same air frame as the Egrof Segoal (Purple Punch), which in turn is the same as the US operated AGM-78 Standard missile but is optimized for land based operations.
The Keres was the replacement for the Kilshon (trident), which in effect was an AGM-45 Shrike missile with a second stage booster added.
www.israeli-weapons.com /weapons/vehicles/self_propelled_artillery/keres/Keres.htm   (635 words)

 Välisministeerium : PAUL KERES - Chess player
Paul Keres was one of the most important figures in the history of chess; he is loved and respected by his fellow countrymen not only because of his great talent but also because he shared the fate of his fatherland in reaching the world arena.
Paul Keres was born in Narva on 7 January 1916.
Paul Keres was one of the greatest players in chess history, a leading contender for the World Championship for a third of a century, and perhaps the strongest player to have never played a match for the World Championship.
www.vm.ee /est/kat_29/3921.html   (1030 words)

 Paul Keres - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Keres won the strong USSR Chess Championship three times (1947, 1950 and 1951), and finished as first runner-up in the Candidates Tournament four times (Zurich 1953, Amsterdam 1956, Yugoslavia 1959 and Curaçao 1962), never qualifying for a world championship match.
Paul Keres was ranked among the top 10 players in the world for close to 30 years, between approximately 1936 and 1965, and overall he had one of the highest winning percentages of all grandmasters in history.
In 2000, Keres was elected the Estonian Sportsman of the Century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paul_Keres   (1627 words)

 KERES : Greek goddesses or spirits of violent death & plague ; mythology : KER, CER, TENEBRAE
THE KERES were the female spirits (daimones) of violent or cruel death, including death in battle, by accident, murder or ravaging disease.
The Keres were cravers of blood and feasted upon it after ripping a soul free from the mortally wounded bodies and sending it on their way to Haides.
The Keres had no absolute power over the life of men, but in their hunger for blood would seek accomplish death beyond the bounds of fate.
www.theoi.com /Daimon/Keres.html   (3952 words)

 [No title]
Keres' failure in 1948 gave rise to speculation that he was forced by Soviet authorities to throw games to Botvinnik, who as a native Russian and loyal Communist, was a more desirable world champion by Party standards than the non-Russian, politically tainted Keres.
Yet Evans insists that Keres "left a trail in his first four losses [in 1948] for those who are knowledgeable enough to follow it to an inescapable conclusion." Apparently British GM John Nunn, generally considered a stronger player than Evans, is not "knowledgeable enough".
Keres vs. Alekhine 1935-39 +1 -2 =5 1942-43 +0 -3 =3 Keres vs. Botvinnik 1938 +0 -0 =2 1940-41 +0 -1 =4 1947-48 +1 -5 =0 1951-56 +2 -1 =2 During Estonian independence Keres' results against Botvinnik are equal, and nearly so against Alekhine.
www.chesscafe.com /text/kb1.txt   (2867 words)

 IRMI - Frank Keres
Keres was risk manager for Safway Services, one of the nation's largest subcontractors with more than 70 locations.
Keres is well recognized as a leader in the area of construction risk.
Keres holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. from John Marshall Law School.
www.irmi.com /Conferences/Crc/Speakers/Keres.aspx   (249 words)

 Boyhood love of Christmas
The year he turned 6, Keres said he became so upset when his folks tossed out the family tree after the holidays, that they were forced, in near desperation, to travel to an aunt's house to pick up her discarded tree and bring it home.
Keres, 51, recalls that his family kept the tree around until summer, despite the fact that the needles had long since fallen off.
Keres creations can be found all over the Greater Cleveland area, from the ultra modern Noshok Inc. headquarters on West Bagley Road in Berea, to the Cleveland Playhouse, Bianca's Restaurant in Brunswick, Portofino's Italian Bistro in Strongsville and Barrington Estates, the private residence of Bob and Robin Breman in Aurora.
www.sunnews.com /news/2001/part2/1213/SKERES.htm   (579 words)

The Keres is generally thought of as a group of Goddesses hovering over scenes of mass destruction of human life such as battlefields.
It was the Keres who executed the will of the Fates, delivering to individuals the fatal death blow and carrying them away.
The Keres was speaking but somehow I couldn't hear, but then she shouted in the most ferocious voice: "You will pay for your sins!" 'I don't know who they were nor what they had done but I was terrified and it made me jump a lot.
www.olympian-foundation.org /keres.htm   (1259 words)

 [No title]
The Keres-Botvinnik Case: A Survey of the Evidence by Taylor Kingston Part II The case of Paul Keres and Mikhail Botvinnik is a chess equivalent of the John F. Kennedy assassination: an unsolved historical mystery full of dark implications, about which conflicting opinions and theories abound.
Perhaps Keres had the forgiving nature of a saint, or Botvinnik was a very artful liar, a disinformation artist on a par with Felix Derzhinsky or Josef Goebbels.
He believes that Keres made inferior moves without Botvinnik's knowledge, and that possibly Botvinnik was fed advance information about Keres' planned opening repertoire from duplicitous seconds (a tactic Vukcevic says was once used against himself, in a Russian tournament, and which has been alleged in some recent world title matches).
www.chesscafe.com /text/kb2.txt   (3302 words)

 The chess games of Paul Keres
Paul Keres was born in 1916 in Estonia, where he would reside his entire life.
Keres with white against the Sicilian is like a monster throwing furniture around the house.
Paul Keres of Estonia shot into the world's chess firmament in the mid-1930s, to be followed by a uniquely long top chess player's career.
www.chessgames.com /perl/chessplayer?pid=21922   (1101 words)

 Chess Archaeology
The main attraction for the audience at the event would be the presence of Paul Keres, the Estonian grandmaster, a player generally recognized since AVRO 1938 as a candidate for the world chess championship.
The war’s destiny for Keres (1916-1975) and his small homeland was one of bitter restraint and difficult circumstance.
Keres’ post-war chess activities are well known; it is not necessary to recount them here.
www.chessarch.com /excavations/0020_keres/keres.shtml   (2379 words)

 ChessBase.com - Chess News - Remembering Paul Keres
Paul Keres was a top-class grandmaster, the strongest player never to have played for the world championship title.
Keres won a fl game in round 21, the other two encounters in Curacao were drawn.
Keres had participated in German tournaments during the war, and when the Red Army liberated the country, Soviet authorities planned initially to execute him.
www.chessbase.com /newsdetail.asp?newsid=983   (706 words)

 A game of great delight, (Euwe-Keres; 1939.) {text}
Keres said he liked this move, which was simple and gave Black's somewhat cramped position, a little relief (through exchanges).
Keres responds by reinforcing his overall control of the key light squares.
Keres only gives this move one exclam here, but that is far too stingy, at least in my own {humble?} opinion.
www.lifemasteraj.com /great_chs-gms/gcg_keres-g01_euwe-k1939.html   (2155 words)

 Famous Fixed Games of Chess - Keres vs. Botvinnik - World Championship 1948
One of the Soviets was Keres of Estonia.
Keres had tied for first with Fine in AVRO 1938, which was the strongest chess tournament ever played.
Since Keres had thrown the first four games to Botvinnik, Botvinnik was obliged to throw one back to make the final result of 4-1 in favor of Botvinnik look more reasonable and to give Keres a share of third-place prize money.
www.ishipress.com /keres-bo.htm   (1245 words)

 Latin 1 - Mythology - Underworld - Keres
The Keres had red robes, wings, and long, white teeth.
They were sent from the Underworld by the Furies to track down mortals who had broken oaths or plotted murders.
Keres (don't confuse with the Roman name 'Ceres' for Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and the harvest).
www.dl.ket.org /latin1/mythology/1deities/underworld/keres.htm   (110 words)

 Mikhail Botvinnik vs Paul Keres (1948)
It's interesting that Keres was almost out of time at the end of this game, according to Botvinnik - not obvious why he should bother if the game was fixed as has been suggested.
All these moves are entirely comprehensible if Keres believed - in 1948 - that the set up with pawns on c5, d6 and e5 could be refuted by the exchange of pawns opening the d file, as Botvinnik's games had suggested.
Keres had a poor results with Botvinnik due to a clash of styles, in this database Keres vs Botvinnik: +3 -9.
www.chessgames.com /perl/chessgame?gid=1032173   (2649 words)

 The 25th Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament
Keres had been retained by John Prentice, chess lover and Canada's FIDE representative, to give seminars to Canada's top players.
Keres even made duplicate copies of his scoresheets, perhaps fearing for the permanence of the new-fangled no-carbon-required copies.
The 2000 Paul Keres Memorial took place at Totem Park, UBC, site of original event (though the precise room where the Open took place has now been turned into a weight room), from May 13th to 22nd, at a rate of one game per day.
keresmemorial.chessbc.ca /icekeres.html   (2523 words)

The idea of documentation to this day remains for some a far stretch of the imagination (not that they are short-sighted) and an unnessesary effort for an older already fluent gereration who may have no need or want to have to re-learn something they are already proficient at.
The thought of writing/documenting Keres may in their opinions be completely culturally out of context with what it means to be “Cochiti” in the first place.
It simply draws the line in the sand about whether you are able to speak Keres fluently or not…and maybe that in itself is one of the problems.
www.ling.hawaii.edu /~uhdoc/keres/keres.html   (1673 words)

 Cemetery Culture: Ghosts and Spirits   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A fugitive from the large funerary jars used by the Greeks to bury the dead.
The keres afflicted the living with pestilence and other infirmities.
The living guarded against them by applying sticky tar to the door frames of their houses: the keres got stuck in these traps and could not enter the house.
www.alsirat.com /deathlore/revenants/keres.html   (79 words)

 DAOC Trophy Mobs: Keres   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In Greek mythology, the keres were spirits of violent death.
Thousands of them haunted the battlefields, squabbling among themselves like vultures as they ripped the souls from dying soldiers.
Keres were portrayed in art as pale ugly hags with wings, fangs, and talons.*
daoc-trophy-mobs.com /mob/keres.html   (91 words)

 Keres Consulting, Inc. ~ Homepage
Keres Consulting, Inc. is a Native American-owned, privately-held, small disadvantaged business certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration 8(a) Program.
Keres Consulting, Inc. is committed to the protection, wise use and restoration of real estate, environmental, and other resources through the diligent application of the technical skills and expertise of our talented professionals.
Keres is certified as a Small Disadvantaged Business participant in the Federal Government's 8(a) Business Development Program of the U.S. Small Business Administration.
www.keresnm.com   (166 words)

 Keres Language (Acoma, Cochiti, Laguna, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Zia)
This Keresan language is not related at all to the Kiowa-Tanoan languages spoken by most of the other Pueblo people of New Mexico, however.
As with Tiwa, Tewa and Towa, there is some disagreement among the Keres people as to whether Keres should be a written language or not.
However, many Keres speakers have decided that literacy is important for passing the language on to the children.
www.native-languages.org /keres.htm   (330 words)

 Amazon.com: Paul Keres: The Road to the Top: Books: Paul Keres   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The games are all Keres' wins but at no point one feels even the slightest hint of personal bias in his annotations.
But Keres doesn't talk much about his life in general or shares any interesting chessic stories or incidents that might have happened in his life(unlike Tal in his autobiography).
Keres' deep notes will help players from Class C on up to improve their games and get more enjoyment out of chess.
www.amazon.com /Paul-Keres-Road-Top/dp/1879479354   (1475 words)

The Keres (singular: Ker) are horrible, fl winged, female spirits of death and doom who also act as avenging spirits.
In the festival of the Anthesteria, the Keres were ritually driven from the house.
Article "Keres" created on 03 March 1997; last modified on 22 April 1997 (Revision 2).
www.pantheon.org /mythica/articles/k/keres.html   (70 words)

 Chessville - Annotated Games - Keres - Benko, Curacao 1962 (20) - by Prof Nagesh Havanur
Keres was a participant in the same tournament and knew this variation.
Keres recaptures this way, preserving c2 for the queen.
Keres, short of time himself, replies with a blunder.
www.chessville.com /instruction/Annotated_Games/KeresBenkoCuracao1962_rd20.htm   (535 words)

 The Paul Keres Memorial Chess Tournament - History and Coming Events
Jack Yoos won the Open Section of the 2005 Keres Memorial with 6.0-1.0.
Georgi Orlov won the Open Section of the 2004 Keres Memorial with 6.5-0.5.
Jonathan Berry provided daily coverage of the 25th Paul Keres Memorial, and he also wrote an article for Inside Chess.
keresmemorial.chessbc.ca   (629 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Paul Keres: The Road to the Top (Algebraic classics series): Books: Paul Keres   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Paul Keres was a great player in chess history and a contender for the world championship for a third of a century.
Keres wrote an excellent series of books containing wonderfully annotated games from his career.
I think they were "The Early Years of Paul Keres", "The Middle Years of Paul Keres", "The Later Years of Paul Keres" (Ed.
www.amazon.co.uk /Paul-Keres-Road-Algebraic-classics/dp/0713480548   (431 words)

 Keresőoptimalizálás ۞ Mi a keresőoptimalizálás (Keresőmarketing)? (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Az optimalizálás azon alapul, hogy a Szabadszavas keresők csak közvetítők az interneten kereső felhasználók és a weboldalak üzemeltetői között: úgy is felfogható ez a viszony, hogy a keresők ingyenes hirdetési felületet biztosítanak a webmesterek számára, cserébe pedig a webmesterek által szolgáltatott információk választ adnak a felhasználók kérdéseire.
Kevés olyan felhasználó van, aki nem lép tovább a keresőoldalakról: a kereső rendszerek ezért az általuk generált látogatottság döntő hányadát egyenesen továbbadják a Találati rangsorban megjelenő webmestereknek, akik aztán szintén profitálhatnak a látogatottságból.
Szerintem az történt, hogy a mind a co.hu-n, mind a.com-on keresve minden nyelvű oldalak között keres a Google, viszont a co.hu-n alapból a magyar oldalak jó nagy előnyt élveznek a rangsorolásnál, ami a.com-on keresve már nem áll fenn.
webni.innen.hu.cob-web.org:8888 /Keres_c5_91optimaliz_c3_a1l_c3_a1s   (2464 words)

 Keres Words
If you need to know a Keres word that is not currently on our page, you can visit our main Keres language site for more free resources.
Not all Pueblo people agree on whether Keres should be a written language or not.
On our page, we have only included vocabulary words from Keres-speaking pueblos who are teaching their language as a written language in tribal schools today.
www.native-languages.org /keres_words.htm   (183 words)

 Art Show Entries - Classic Mythology - "Keres" by Loretta Calvert   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In ancient Greece, Keres were the female spirits of death and destruction.
I used a palette knife to create a textured piece using shades of violet mixed with fl and white over a wash of blue and violet.
I selected violet and fl because of the feminine identity of Keres and for the dark, deep color.
www.ebsqart.com /ArtShows/cmd_77_Exhibition_Entries_4_2_G.htm   (152 words)

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