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Topic: Khmer Boxing

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

Khmer kick boxing, or ‘Khmer free boxing’ as some people refer to it, has become a popular televised spectator sport recently, and national station TVK is now getting into the act with a Sunday fight round to be
Khmer boxers have in the past refused to attend bouts in Thailand called Muay Thai tournaments, suggesting instead it be called Sovanna Phum (Golden Village) Boxing and objecting to what they see as a Thai attempt to appropriate the sport.
Each bout is accompanied by the haunting music of the skor yaul (a type of drum), the sralai (a flute-like instrument) and the stringed chhing and as the boxers come out and bow solemnly in their traditional headgear, the roar of the crowd calls them to battle.
www.leisurecambodia.com /Leisure_Cambodia/No.07/boxing.htm   (718 words)

  Pradal Serey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Much of the writing on the ancient khmer art has either been destroyed or adopted by the invading Thai armies and governing institutions during the rise of the Thai people in the 13th century.
The Khmer Rogue's plan was to destroy the modern Cambodia and restart it anew as an agriculture utopia {1}.
Sovanna Phum means "golden land" in both the Khmer and Thai which came from the language of Pali and refers to mainland Southeast Asia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pradal_Serey   (1177 words)

 Khmer Boxing on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
As I was changing in the back, I noticed three students taking a siesta on hammocks tied to a pillar at one end and what looked like a broken down military truck at the other.
Given the muscle-sapping heat of Cambodia, Khmer boxers practice early in the morning and late in the afternoon, sleeping the humid midday hours away.
Khmer fighters start with their hands high and their elbows out to create a cage around their head.
www.flickr.com /photos/lecercle/974065938   (624 words)

 Tales of Asia - Martial Arts Cambodia
Khmer boxing is a kind of kick boxing, which utilizes kicks, punches, and elbow and knee strikes.
The Khmers claim, and are most likely right, that they invented Khmer boxing, and the art was later stolen by the Thais.
Although the Khmers claim that their Kung Fu developed independently of Chinese Kung Fu, the two arts look very similar, and are both based on animal styles, such as monkey, dragon, horse, and others.
www.talesofasia.com /rs-39-martial.htm   (1527 words)

 Lethwei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lethwei or Lethawae also known as Burmese Boxing and Myanma Traditional Boxing is a form of kickboxing originated from Myanmar (Burma).
If Thai Boxing is the science of 8 limbs, then Lethwei can be called the science of 9 limbs, due to the allowance of head butts.
It should be noted that the modern style of Myanma Traditional boxing greatly resembles Muay Thai in its sporting outlook, and not quite the more rough and tumble fighting of its rural roots.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lethwei   (716 words)

 Kamikaze | News | Hobbies and Sports -> Martial Arts -> Khmer Boxing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Khmer boxing is a type of kick boxing that uses jumps, punches, kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes to battle an opponent.
Khmer boxing is taught in many martial arts schools in America and throughout Europe.
Khmer boxing is a wonderful form of martial art to learn because it will help keep you fit and teaches you how to easily defend yourself.
www.kamikaze-portal.com /News/article/khmer-boxing.html   (776 words)

 Combat Academy - Muay Thai Boxing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Upon his return to Siam he was hailed as a hero and Siamese-style boxing, as it was called then, was soon recognised as a national sport.
Boxing in this style reached its zenith of popularity about two hundred years ago, i.e., in the reign of Prachao Sua (King Tiger), when it was indulged in by all classes of the population.
During the reign of King Rama V, Thai boxing matches were widely popular, boxing matches were held for the King's pleasure, ad skilled boxers received titles from the King, for example Muen Muay Mee Chue from Chaiya, Muen Muay Man Mudh from Lopburi, Muen Cha-ngad Cherng Chok from Korat.
www.thajuka.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk /ca/history.htm   (1167 words)

 Hiya To Martial Arts | Say Hi To Martial Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Kickboxing can be described as a generic term for a sporting martial art that, while similar to boxing, uses feet as well as hands for fighting.
Pradal Serey - Khmer kickboxing (predecessor of Muay Thai)
The term itself was created by the Japanese boxing promoter Osamu Noguchi for a variant of Muay Thai and Karate that he created in the 1950s; this term was later used by the American variant.
www.freewebs.com /hiyamatialarts/kickboxing.htm   (924 words)

 GenerAsian Forum: One WORLD, One Connection... - KickBoxing, An Ancient Khmer Sport (SouthEast Asia)
Khmers feel that they should get credit for the art that they invented and the name muay thai should be removed.
When the khmers went through the killing fields, many lives were lost and when they recovered they spend money fixing the country and not on commercialize Pradal Serei.
The khmers were great warriors who fought off the mongolians who then pleaded a treaty when they failed to go around to the south to get the chinese in the Jin dynasty.
www.aznforum.com /community/showthread.php?t=368   (4170 words)

 Khmer Boxing | TheSweetScience.com Boxing
During the reign of the Khmer Rouge, traditional Khmer boxing was banned from being practiced and slowly began sliding into oblivion.
Cambodian fighters favor the use of elbows which often makes for exciting, bloody bouts, but while their level of skill is rising, they still have a long way to go to match the refined technique of the Thais.
The longtime champion of traditional Khmer boxing is 25 year old E Pho Thoung.
www.thesweetscience.com /boxing-article.php?article=4977   (936 words)

 Khmer kick boxing - Asia Finest Discussion Forum
Khmer kick boxing, or ‘Khmer free boxing’ as some people refer to it, has become a popular televised spectator sport recently, and national station TVK is now getting into the act with a Sunday fight round to be beamed around the country live from Parkway in Phnom Penh.
Kbach Kun Pradal Khmer the official Khmer name for kickboxing _ thought to have originated as a sort of hand-to-hand combat technique for soldiers during war, and in ancient times there were no weight divisions.
Kick boxing was born in the Angkor regime when it was broadly used among the military to protect the country from being invaded by her neighbors.
www.asiafinest.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=3573   (1943 words)

 Thailand Arts, Culture and Lifestyle - Majestic cultural heritage
Beginning by nibbling away at the perimeter of the Khmer empire at Sukhothai and in Lanna some 700 years ago, the Thai race later established the glorious court at Ayutthaya, and eventually Bangkok.
It was strictly rectangular in plan, as were all Khmer settlements, and it was made doubtly secure by placing it on an artificial island.
Other outstanding Khmer treasures in Thailand include the powerfully evocative sanctuary at Muang Singh in Kanchanaburi, and the imposing triple-spired shrines at Lop Buri.
www.thailand-guide.org /arts   (923 words)

 Khmer.org | Khmer Kick boxing is most popular sport in Cambodia
Khmer Kick boxing is most popular sport in Cambodia
Khmer kick boxing is one of most brutal sport in Southeast Asia.
They can use their elbows, knee, punch, etc. They can use anything with their fists to knock out their opponent.
www.khmer.org /us/doc/doc338.htm   (126 words)

 The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Sport of kickboxing felled by Khmer Rouge returns
BATTAMBANG, Cambodia — Four pairs of boxing gloves and a punching bag that leaks sawdust are in the yard of a Cambodian slum shanty.
They are Sao Thin's humble weapons in the struggle to resurrect kickboxing, a beloved sport that died in the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge.
"This is a Khmer kickboxing family — from father to son to grandchildren," Sao Thin said.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/nationworld/2002000159_kickbox09.html   (738 words)

 KhmerConnection > Community > SportsCenter
The 12 Mae of Kbach Kun Khmer Boran was the original.
The latest one is Pradal Serey and I am not it has the Mae anymore because it is more of a sport and notice the word serey means “free style”, meaning you use whatever work for you in the ring, except kicking someone in the nut and biting.
Khmer martial is on the come back, soon we will host a fight in Lowell Massachusetts in February, pending location.
khmer.cc /community/t.c?b=11&t=2367   (874 words)

 Clever Magazine, Winter '06  " Road to Siem Reap  "  (www.clevermag.com)
Khmer culture has very intricate rules of politeness, which the Khmers themselves seem to be unaware of.
That is to say, they always know and complete their cultural duty, but they couldn’t always explain to you why they did this or that.
The Khmers in these small villages are not as jaded as residents of Phnom Penh or Siem Reap and still make a big deal when they see a foreigner.
www.clevermag.com /travel2/khmersiem.htm   (1421 words)

 Cambodian Information Center >> Editorials - Articles About Cambodia: Fighting from the Walls of Angkor Wat
Regardless of the outcome of the boxing argument, the Ancient Khmer martial art of Bokator is something which belongs only to Cambodia.
Unlike kick boxing, which is a sport fighting art, Bokator was a soldier¡¯s art, designed to be used on the battlefield, against Thailand, and practiced by King Jaya Varman VII.
Khmer Bokator is a very complete martial art, which uses strikes, throws, drags, trapping, and locking, and ground fighting.
www.cambodia.org /blogs/editorials/2006/09/fighting-from-walls-of-angkor-wat.html   (1449 words)

 Press-Telegram - The Kickboxer's Tale
Oumry Ban, a former Khmer kickboxing champion poses next to a projected photograph of himself taken soon after being severely beaten outside a Anaheim Street restaurant in 2006.
Oumry Ban, 63, a former Khmer kickboxing champion and Cambodian genocide survivor, moved to Long Beach to start a new life in 1986 and then had to start again in November of last year, when a street attack nearly took his life.
Ban's last fights before the Khmer Rouge conquest were in late March 1975, in Pailin, on the Thai border.
www.presstelegram.com /news/ci_6273151   (3551 words)

 Training With The Khmers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Given the fact that the Khmers, unlike my friends in China and Taiwan, had lives outside of their martial arts, however, their skills were impressive.
The fact that a Khmer would go to a foreigner to learn his national sport is also an unprecedented first.
Now that my Khmer language is nearly fluent, I am looking forward to living in a boxing camp in the provinces, to see what that experience would be like.
www.fighttimes.com /magazine/magazine.asp?article=271   (2818 words)

 Haramarn - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick
There is a difference between boxing professionally and working out alongside your fellow classmates in the safety of a health club.
Although professionals are at greater risk for head and neck injuries, most health and fitness experts urge newcomers to confine their fisticuffs to the gyms, where boxing classes will help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and coordination.
For those of you who are thinking about boxing for better health, here's a little primer to see if you're up to the challenge.
www.soundclick.com /bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=438268   (865 words)

 Asia Finest Discussion Forum > Khmer kick boxing
I remeber when I was small and we had relation with Thailand, there were monthly scheduled fighting matches between khmer and thai kick/free boxers, which were performed with an ancient khmer funeral music in the background, and a spanking new coffin by the ringside in the arena near Wat Phnom.
It is rare for us khmer to be fortunate and be able to preserve such treasor, I wonder how many more of these precious artifacts got lost and burried under the cow manure, mud and ponds all around the country.
Base on facts khmer was the oldest people and strongest in south eat asia, thus khmer was very powerful back during 9th and 14th centuries, which the khmer empire dominated and controlled both Thailand and Loa.
www.asiafinest.com /forum/lofiversion/index.php/t3573.html   (4230 words)

 Bangkok's Independent Newspaper
I heard that Khmer use to fight in Thailand but Thai's were so ashammed after the lost that they would hire someone to hurt the khmer fighters so they will not be able to fight any more or even worst.
the khmers were busy with wars..and wherelse the thais were an independent country..so they were able to claim and make it known to the world as theirs..but really it was originated in cambodia..
Stone reliefs of Khmer kickboxing at the Bayon and the Preah Lean Chol Damrei [court of the fighting elephants] in the Angkor temple complex have been dated to the 12th century.
www.nationmultimedia.com /board/entsport/view.php?id=128&offset=0   (2558 words)

 Bokator Khmer: The Ancient Form of Cambodian Martial Arts
Khmer Bokator is a very complete martial art, which uses strikes, drags, trapping, and locking for both offense and defense.
While the name may have been stolen, the art of Khmer Boxing is very much alive, and thriving as a professional sport, enjoyed all around the world.
Although everyone suffered, and anyone, including Khmer Rouge soldiers and cadre were potential victims of execution, certain groups were singled out for extreme persecution and extermination.
www.usadojo.com /articles/bokator-khmer.htm   (2282 words)

 - Home Serey Boxing
Pradal Boran Khmer or Pradal Serey belongs to Kbach kun boran khmer.
This boxing art (fought with fist, forearm, elbow, feet, shin, and knee in the ring, with wrestling techniques together with mental cum spiritual exercises as in Khun Khru) is practised also in the neighbouring countries.
In Cambodia, it is known as Khmer Boxing or Serey Boxing, in Thailand as Thai Boxing or Muay Thai.
www.serey-boxing.de /index.html   (573 words)

 Bokator Khmer
In 1979, The Khmer Rouge regime fell to an invasion by the Vietcong.
On a vacation to the Khmer community in Long Beach, California, he was amazed at the Khmerness of the place.
After being repressed under both the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese regime, the men were afraid to start teaching.
www.fighttimes.com /magazine/magazine.asp?article=312   (2265 words)

 Khmer Martial Arts: The Current Situation of Cambodia's Ancient Fighting Arts
The one Khmer art that has survived intact is Khmer boxing, the national sport of Cambodia.
Khmer boxing is a kind of kick boxing, utilizing kicks, punches, and elbow and knee strikes.
The reality is that although the art of Khmer boxing is more widely practiced in Cambodia, almost every single Khmer male can kick though the real professional circuit is in Thailand.
www.jadedragon.com /articles/khmer0401.html   (603 words)

 Cambodian Cultural Village
Phnorng people are leaded by Water andFire Master, he is only the person that can keep and take care Preah Khan (sword) and Rompoat (whip) which granted by ancient Khmer king.From the earlier, water andfire master was full of power and had own servants, but after that become less and less till no more servants.
The activities of Khmer people when they make their living by making rice, carpentry, carving, pottery, construction worker, processing palm sugar, weaving..
After they collect their production, they always prepare a small party in their village, they sing and dance together or play the popular game after they were very tired with their works......
www.cambodianculturalvillage.com /traditionals/default_03.htm   (263 words)

 hackwriters.com -Bokato Khmer - The Ancient Form of the Cambodian Martial Art by Antonio Graceffo,
San Kim Sean asked one of his young students to attack him in a boxing stance, when the student threw a punch, San Kim Sean countered with an elbow strike to the student’s throat.
But some Khmer person who was jealous of me, turned me into the Vietnamese authorities”, the Vietnamese said that San Kim Sean was trying to build an army or had some other subversive goal in mind.
The Khmers could win because our soldiers were trained in Bokator” San Kim Sean explained why the martial art, which was once so proud and strong, had already faded into near extinction before the Pol Pot regime.
www.hackwriters.com /khmer.htm   (2187 words)

 Cambodian Cultural Village
Cambodia is an oldest country of sourest Asia that have old traditional and there are a lot of cultural the leaved it on the wall of manyle temps and some document, all these evident are express about Khmer style of living, working, playing, dancing and more.
There are a groom as a visitor, a bride, groom's parents as visitors, bride's parents, best men, master of ceremony, participants,....We perform two time a day at 11h00-11h30 and 14h30-15h00 at the Millionaire house.
It is traditional style of Khmer Boxing since Angkor time as you can see on the wall of the Bayon temple...
www.cambodianculturalvillage.com /traditionals/default.htm   (275 words)

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