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Topic: Kieserite

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  Method of granulating water soluble fertilizer with high kieserite content - Patent 4792350
The bursting strength of the kieserite granules dried to 2% residual moisture in accordance with this method reaches a maximum after five days storage with 20 N/grain and falls after three-four weeks to 7 N/grain, while the wear in the test increases from 4 to 38%.
It was found in a surprising manner that the substances from the class of sugar and their hydrofilic derivatives delay the undesirable processes in moisturized kieserite mixtures and suppress the structure loosening in granules during long storage.
The mixture is to 225 weight parts of calcium sulfate, 400 weight parts of freshly prepared kieserite with an average grain size approximately 0.4 mm, and 365 weight parts of a milled kieserite in which at least 80% goes through a sieve of 0.09 mm mesh value.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4792350.html   (2975 words)

 K+S KALI GmbH - Products
ESTA® Kieserite ‘gran.’ can be used as straight fertiliser as well as a component in bulk blending (compound fertiliser) due to its excellent granule quality properties.
ESTA® Kieserite ‘gran.’ can be applied at a rate of 0.3-0.5 t/ha to the crops as top dressing in spring to overcome acute magnesium and sulphur deficiency.
ESTA® Kieserite ‘gran.’ is applied to counteract magnesium deficient sites as well as to maintain the regular magnesium and sulphur requirements of the specific crop.
www.kali-gmbh.com /duengemittel_en/Products/ESTA_gran.cfm?Print=True   (557 words)

  The use of dolomite as a substitute for kieserite for oil palm seedlings of Dumpy dura X pisifera.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The use of dolomite as a substitute for kieserite for oil palm seedlings of Dumpy dura X pisifera.
Kieserite increased the uptake of P and K, whereas dolomite increased the uptake of P only.
It is suggested that dolomite could replace kieserite as a fertilizer and source of Mg for 10-month-old seedlings.
trophort.com /information/data/B02/S40/KOS86THE1950498.html   (119 words)

 Process for the treatment of langbeinite and anhydrite containing kieserite concentrates - Patent 5562755
The major part of the kieserite so obtained has fertilizer quality and is sold as such on the market, but considerable quantities are also processed further to potassium sulfate.
According to the state of the art, a kieserite fraction is obtained from crude salt in a multi-stage electrostatic process.
This fraction is chemically conditioned with 35 to 100 g/ton of parahalogen-benzoic acid or hydroxy-benzoic acid, and charged triboelectrically in a fluidized-bed heater at 55.degree.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5562755.html   (1602 words)

It was observed that kieserite fertilisation did not have a significant effect on the straw and seed yields.
A fertilisation with ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate significantly increased, as compared with the control and the object fertilised with N in its ammonium form, the yields of straw and of digestible protein, however it did not influence the seed yield considerably.
kieserite fertilisation slightly increased the contents of total nitrogen and its content of protein nitrogen in the seeds of the cultivars, ‘Emir’ and ‘Mirela’ as well as slightly decreased the concentration of the other elements.
www.ejpau.media.pl /volume3/issue1/agronomy/art-02.html   (2394 words)

 Extracting Water from a Stone - Space - RedOrbit
AM: The transformation of mineral types into kieserite particularly was often referred to among the Mars' mission geologists as a crystal type that would be compelling evidence for surface water history, yet kieserite stores about 5 times less water than the alternative sulfates (epsomite and hexahydrite).
The existence of kieserite thus may suggest that the more hydrated forms of Mg sulfate have not existed in the past and kieserite formed directly.
We believe that our data on hydrous minerals, including zeolites, smectites, and at least kieserite, show firmly that "mineral storage" is a viable mechanism for binding water indefinitely in a form that will not evaporate or sublimate under current martian surface conditions.
www.redorbit.com /news/display?id=103032   (1631 words)

 Extraction, beneficiation and grinding of kieserite
Potash minerals are water-soluble and are therefore not found as an outcropping because of the effects of the weather and consequently surface indications of potash are rare or non-existent.
The fertiliser industry in Sweden imports kieserite from Germany and this dataset is one step in the line of production of fertilisers containing kieserite produced in Sweden.
The dataset is applicable for extraction, beneficiation and grinding of kieserite in Germany.
publicdb.imi.chalmers.se /commdb/scripts/sheet.asp?actid=SIKjdx-1999-03-25-849   (3279 words)

 Sell Kieserite Fertilizer, Magnesium Sulphate (Dandong Xinyang Mining Industry Co., Ltd.,China)
Kieserite fertilizer or magnesium sulphate fertilizer as a compound fertilizer which is used at the agricultural extensively.
Kieserite fertilizer can especially be wanted by the acid soil like the earth in the Southeast Asia.
See more kieserite fertilizer, magnesium sulphate, fertilizer selling leads from this supplier.
cnxinyang.en.alibaba.com /offerdetail/56231271/Sell_Kieserite_Fertilizer_Magnesium_Sulphate.html?src=rss   (271 words)

 IngentaConnect DOWNWARD MOVEMENT OF DOLOMITE, KIESERITE OR A MIXTURE OF CaCO_3 A...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The downward movement of dolomite, kieserite and a mixture of CaCO_3 and kieserite was investigated by monitoring the leachates and exchangeable cation composition from single and combined horizon columns, reconstructed from an acid brown forest soil profile (0–15 cm).
Compared to the single kieserite treatment, the joint application of CaCO_3 greatly increased the proportion of Ca in the leachates from all horizons.
In the CaCO_3 + kieserite and dolomite treatments, the migration of alkalinity and base cations with time was associated with a decrease in exchangeable acidity and an increase in ECEC in the two upper soil layers.
www.ingentaconnect.com /content/klu/wate/1997/00000095/F0040001/00111580;jsessionid=7k8hu48bjdfdp.alice   (466 words)

 Sopping salts could reveal history of water on Mars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In contrast, "kieserite doesn't let go of its water very easily, even at very low pressure and humidity or at elevated temperatures," Bish said.
Bish and his Los Alamos colleagues believe that the proportion and distribution of hexahydrite, kieserite and other magnesium sulfate salts on Mars may hold a record of past changes in climate and whether or not water once flowed there.
However, kieserite might not be preserved through cycles of wetting and drying because of its ability to rehydrate to hexahydrite and epsomite, which can then become amorphous through drying.
newsinfo.iu.edu /news/page/normal/1673.html   (606 words)

 EC21 - Tianjin Agrosafe Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. - Sell Kieserite
We are manufactory of Kieserite, inculuding Natural and Synthetic Kieserite.
It has been proved that natural kieserite can increase yield 10¢¦30% to palm tree, rubber tree, pineapple tree, banana tree, sugar-cane, peanut, soybean, sweet potato, potato, rice, tobacco and so on.
Now natural kieserite is produced from high-temperature salts(a by product in the production of potassium chloride) by our company.
agrosafe.en.ec21.com /offer_detail.jsp?offer_id=OF0002032495&offer_nm=Sell_Kieserite   (225 words)

 Magnesium deficiency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mg deficiency can be rectified in the short term by applying a foliar feed fortnightly, with epsom salts diluted at a rate of 200g per 10 litres of water (8oz per 2½ gal) after flowering.
In the longer term add dolomitic limestone if soil pH allows, or other Mg containing rocks such as Kieserite.
Reduce usage of potash fertilsers if this may be contributing to the problem.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magnesium_deficiency   (204 words)

 IngentaConnect Effects of different Mg fertilizer sources on the magnesium avail...
Due to the fact that these dissolution properties may distinctly affect Mg availability in soils, Kieserite as a standard magnesium source was tested against a slow release Mg-oxide in the fine and the coarse form.
Therefore, in a second experiment, the behaviour of surface applied magnesium fertilizers, Kieserite versus a quickly dissolving synthetic magnesium sulphate (SMS) was studied, using an Ultisol (Serdang Series soil from Malaysia).
The lowest amount with 8.7% of the applied Mg was lost in the Kieserite treatment at the low application rate and the highest with 22.3% in the SMS treatment at the high application rate.
www.ingentaconnect.com /content/klu/fres/2005/00000070/00000003/00000408   (472 words)

 Amazon.com: Kieserite   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Kieserite MgSO‚„·H‚‚O, Epsom salts MgSO‚„·7H‚‚O, magnesium sulphate anhydrous MgSO‚„: Magnesium and sulphur for better crops, sustained high yield and profit by H Hobt (Unknown Binding - 1981)
magnesium sulfate (epsom salts or kieserite) are not recommended.
association with halite, sylvite, and kieserite It is known, e.g.
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Kieserite&tag=lexico&index=blended&link_code=qs&page=1   (1038 words)

 kaartaanvullendeinfo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Kieserite has been found in marine deposits of the former Zechstein Sea, as a component of the Hartsalz (hard salt), a mineral mixture consisting of NaCl, KCl and MgSO4 H2O.
The properties of Kieserite are defined by crystal design, hardness, density and solubility.
These characteristics have been formed under natural conditions prevailing during the formation of German potash and kieserite deposits and are not lost by the purely physical separation process turning kieserite into ESTA Kieserite.
home.wanadoo.nl /renederooij/02/kieserit_aanvullendeinfo.htm   (127 words)

 K+S KALI GmbH - Home
This website of K+S KALI GmbH (www.kali-gmbh.com) has been created to give an insight to the mineral compound kieserite, its features and uses as a fertilizer in agriculture.
For many years the two macro-nutrients magnesium (Mg) and sulphur (S) never received the same attention as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) though their significance for plants, animals and humans is undisputed.
Therefore, great emphasis is put on practical aspects such as the recognition of deficiency symptoms, the determination of application rates and the effect of Kieserite on crops.
www.kieserite.com   (384 words)

 KIESERITE (Hydrated Magnesium Sulfate)
Kieserite, which is named after D. Kieserr, forms in marine evaporite deposits where sea water has been concentrated and exposed to prolonged evaporation.
Specimens of kieserite must be stored in a closed container as they will absorb water from the air and convert to the mineral epsomite,
Kieserite lends its name to a group of sulfates called the Kieserite Group.
mineral.galleries.com /minerals/sulfates/kieserit/kieserit.htm   (230 words)

Kieserite is a mono-hydrated magnesium sulfate salt that is believed to occur in abundance at the OPPORTUNITY rover landing site and is also thought to contribute to the elevated sulfur concentrations in sediments at other martian exploration sites.
In this project we have evaluated the radiation dose response and the signal stability, two fundamental optical dating properties, of Kieserite and Magnesium hexahydrate.
Additional research with Kieserite and other naturally occurring salts anticipated to occur on Mars could elucidate ways in which their OSL signal contributions could be capitalized upon.
gsa.confex.com /gsa/2005AM/finalprogram/abstract_95205.htm   (421 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
From table 2 it becomes clear that the obtained product is sufficiently stable in composition and characteristics and the process is stable in time and easily be reproduced.
Example 3 In another test in which a fertilizer composition was made in the same way as described is example 2, the use of mineral kieserite and chemical composition no. 3 have been compared.
Example 5 In this example two urea products have been made by using synthetic kieserite no. 18 and 22 and the characteristics thereof are compared with urea products using mineral kieserite and the standard urea products.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=01/38258.010531&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (4663 words)

 Kieserite Mineral Data
Comments: Translucent crystalline mass of kieserite with white alteration products.
Warning: this large pop-up is very compute intensive and may not work well with some computers.
Uneven - Flat surfaces (not cleavage) fractured in an uneven pattern.
webmineral.com /data/Kieserite.shtml   (291 words)

 Water From A Stone
He and his Los Alamos colleagues have proposed that the proportion and distribution of related mineral types - called hexahydrite, kieserite and other magnesium sulfate salts - on Mars may hold a record of past changes in climate and whether or not water once flowed there.
The results also showed that because of the ease with which water transformations take place in the magnesium sulfate salts, the mineralogy might be more accurately characterized in situ before samples are removed from the Mars surface.
Is your impression that mineral storage might reveal a mechanism for chemically binding enough water to hinder its sublimation from ice?
www.spacedaily.com /news/mars-water-science-04n.html   (1716 words)

This website offers not only details about the origin, properties and production of Kieserite, but also a wide range of information concerning its importance and possibilities of use in agriculture.
Kieserite - Magnesium/sulphur deficiency symptoms are widespread due to inappropriate nutrient management.
You can access every time you want Magnesium/sulphur deficiency symptoms are widespread due to inappropriate nutrient management.
www.wolist.com /wo/science/agriculture/soils/soil-fertility-and-fertilizers/17085.html   (185 words)

 Boat Bottom Paint Removal
Kieserite blasting safely and quickly removes paint from boat bottoms.
Blasting with kieserite will remove anti-fouling paint and marine growth without damaging the boat's gel coat – a common problem with the more traditional boat paint removal methods such as sandblasting, scraping and use of chemicals.
Also, kieserite has many advantages over standard soda blast media (see below for examples).
www.universalminerals.com /library/boat-bottom-paint-removal.shtml   (222 words)

 HAINAN ZHIXIN TRADING CO., LTD. - Natural kieserite - EC Plaza   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In comparison with synthetic MgSo4 made from Magnesite and Sulphuric acid,Natural Kieserite of our company is not processed chemically.
Without chemical additives and pollution to land, pants and environment, it is high in water-solubility and easy to be absorbed by crops.
Natural Kieserite is widely use for cash crops, such as palm trees, rubber trees and sisal hemps in tropical countries.
hztcl.en.ecplaza.net /7.asp   (96 words)

 Effect of Sources and Doses of Magnesium on Two Varieties of Potato in Highland Soils of Colombia.
Field experiments were conducted with nine treatments for soil application, having three magnesium sources: ESTA® Kieserite (kieserita), magnesium sulfate of agricultural use and magnesium oxide, with three doses each, 30, 60 and 90 kg ha
of kieserite, the yield of the check treatment was of 31.5 t ha
In relation to the tuber quality, the kieserite treatments both 30 and 60 kg ha
crops.confex.com /crops/wc2006/techprogram/P16076.HTM   (607 words)

 New Ag International - Latest News
) in order to provide an insight to the mineral compound kieserite, its features and uses as a fertilizer in agriculture.
The nutrients magnesium and sulphur have been increasingly recognised as major plant nutrients, which are essential for sustaining a high level of productivity and quality.
The website describes on one hand the development of kieserite from its formation to being the product ESTA
www.newaginternational.com /news/news043/news043.html   (121 words)

 kieserite Manufacturer, Buyer, Supplier, Importer, Exporter, Manufacturers, Buyers, Suppliers, Importers & Exporters - ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Kieserite(powder form): Mgo:26%min, S: 21%min, Moisture:2.5%maxGranular form kieserite: Mgo:26%min, S: 21%min, Moisture:2.5%maxSize: 0-4mm.
See All Leads, Catalogs from HAINAN ZHIXIN TRADING CO., LTD.
Tianjin Kingshine International Trade Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading chemical exporters from China, we can supply chemical both raw materials and finished goods: Now we are in the position to provide esteemed clients with Magnesium Sulphate (Kieserite) Our specification is as below
www.ecplaza.net /eccatalog/list.asp?cmd=search&keywords=kieserite   (457 words)

 PUNJAB - Online Information article about PUNJAB
The extensive and valuable deposits of salt, from which the range takes its name, occur near the base of the Cambrian beds.
Gypsum, kieserite and other salts are also found.
Between the Cambrian and the Carboniferous beds there is an unconformity, which, however, is not very strongly marked, in spite of the See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /PRE_PYR/PUNJAB.html   (5807 words)

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