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Topic: Kilohertz

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  AM transmitter principles
The frequency of 95 kilohertz, for example, is heterodyned with the frequency of 100 kilohertz and the sum and difference frequencies are again produced.
This frequency, which is identical to the original 5 kilohertz audio applied at the transmitter, is retained and amplified.
Carrier assignments start at 540 kilohertz and continue in a succession of 10-kilohertz increments until the upper limit of the broadcast band is reached.
www.tpub.com /neets/book12/48k.htm   (1417 words)

 Kilohertz to Meters Conversion Charts
NOTE: In the charts below, "khz" refers to the frequency in kilohertz, while "meters" is the corresponding wavelength in meters.
So nowadays KFI is assigned to "640 kilohertz", or if you prefer abbreviations, "640 khz"--which should cover all the various ways of saying, for the past 80-plus years, that KFI is located at "640 on your radio dial".
Thus, in the above charts, 560 kilohertz was said by the 300,000 people to be equal to a wavelength of 536 meters, while the more precise 299,820 crowd came up with 535.4 meters.
earlyradiohistory.us /khzmeter.htm   (737 words)

 Re: Tuned Loop For AM Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Well, the tuning range of a variable capacitor is expressed as a ratio where the square root of the variable's maximum capacitance divided by its minimum capacity is equal to the upper frequency of the tuning range divided by its lower frequency.
Moreover, you decide that 1600 kilohertz is the upper frequency you wish to tune.
When using that equation set the value of F to 375 kilohertz and C to the maximum capacitance(365 pf).
www.midnightscience.com /_xtal/000001cf.htm   (358 words)

 [24.01] Changing Frequency Separation of Kilohertz Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in the Sonic-Point Beat-Frequency Model   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Previous work on the sonic-point beat-frequency (SPBF) model of the kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) observed in the X-ray flux from neutron stars in low-mass binary systems has shown that it naturally explains many properties of these QPOs.
In the SPBF model, the kilohertz QPOs are effects of strong-field gravity.
Thus, if the model is validated, the kilohertz QPOs can be used not only to determine the properties of neutron stars but also to explore quantitatively general relativistic effects in the strong-field regime.
www.aas.org /publications/baas/v32n3/head2000/290.htm   (262 words)

 Powell's Books - 2182 Kilohertz by David Masiel
Desperate for real human contact, he tunes the sideband radio to 2182 kHz (twenty-one eighty-two kilohertz), the international distress channel, in the vague hope of finding someone he can save.
Taking its name from the marine distress channel, 2182 Kilohertz tells the story of Henry Seine, a pot-smoking merchant sailor stationed in the Alaskan arctic who is slowly losing his grip on reality.
David Masiel was born in Oakland, California, and grew up in Richmond, where he used to sit at an old Formica table and listen to his grandfather‛s stories of rogues, riverboats, sailors, and the sea.
powells.com /cgi-bin/partner?partner_id=719&cgi=product&isbn=0812968123   (558 words)

 [10.05] Origins of the Kilohertz and Horizontal Branch QPOs in the Z\\Sources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The frequency relationships observed between the upper and lower kilohertz QPOs and the ~10--60~Hz horizontal branch oscillations (HBOs) in the Z sources are important indicators of the mechanisms that produce them.
Moreover, the correlation observed between the frequencies of the HBO and the upper kilohertz QPO cannot be accounted for in the Lense-Thirring precession model, even when the effects of classical precession are taken into account.
In contrast, the magnetospheric beat-frequency model of the HBOs predicts a power-law relation between HBO frequency and upper kilohertz QPO frequency that is consistent with the relation observed, if the frequency of the upper kilohertz QPO is an orbital frequency in the inner disk.
www.aas.org /publications/baas/v31n2/head99/277.htm   (234 words)

In upsampling the filter frequency is raised to a higher frequency that is not a multiple of 44.1 kilohertz, but an arbitrary frequency that may be divided by 44.1, 48, or 96 kilohertz.
Because 44.1 kilohertz is not an integer of 96 kilohertz, you do have to lose some information by upsampling.
It is down about one decibel at 10 kilohertz and approximately another decibel and a half at 20 kilohertz.
www.positive-feedback.com /ambackissues/Taddeointerview.htm   (1417 words)

 RWonline - IBOC DAB
The digital information must be carried on additional digital sidebands that extend out to approximately +/- 15 kilohertz in the case of the hybrid mode and approximately +/- 10 kilohertz in the all-digital mode.
Much attention was focused on the receiver bandwidth issue more than a decade ago and a compromise was reached to allow reception of bandwidth approaching 10 kilohertz with receivers having sufficient bandwidth, even though there were none commonly available on the market at that time.
A modulator bandwidth of 50 kilohertz or more is needed to provide acceptable IBOC performance and minimize out of band emissions.
www.rwonline.com /reference-room/iboc/rackley.shtml   (1977 words)

 RSGB - News - GB2RS
On the 8th of March, G3LDO’s 73 kilohertz transmissions were received by HB9ASB, significantly increasing the 73 kilohertz one-way distance record to over 700 kilometres.
And we have a report from Johan Bodin, SM6LKM, that Swedish radio amateurs are to be allocated the 136 kilohertz band, with effect from the 1st of April.
Last week we reported that the tests were being organised by American radio amateurs in Northern Virginia on 136.75 kilohertz using the callsign WA2XTF.
www.alg.demon.co.uk /radio/136/gb2rs_990321.htm   (1809 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In this model the X-ray source is a neutron star with a surface magnetic field $\sim 10^7 \dash 10^{10}$~G and a spin frequency of a few hundred Hertz, accreting gas via a Keplerian disk.
This model is consistent with the magnetic fields, accretion rates, and scattering optical depths inferred from previous modeling of the X-ray spectra and rapid X-ray variability of the atoll and Z sources.
It explains naturally the frequencies of the kilohertz QPOs and the fact that the frequencies of these QPOs are similar in sources with different accretion rates and magnetic fields.
www.astro.umd.edu /~miller/paper15.html   (394 words)

 Ultrasonic Selection Tips   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ultrasonic welders are available in several different frequencies, such as 15, 20 and 40 kilohertz, and a variety of power supplies, such as 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 watts.
Most applications can be processed by 20 kilohertz, which can be achieved by a variety of power supplies.
"Horns are typically about 50 percent smaller than at 20 kilohertz and have lower amplitude, which causes less stress on the parts being welded.
www.assemblymag.com /CDA/ArticleInformation/features/BNP__Features__Item/0,6493,99500,00.html   (563 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations
We report the discovery of kilohertz fluctuations, including quasiperiodic oscillations (QPO) at{approx}330 Hz (260-407 Hz) and{approx}760 Hz (671-849 Hz) and a broadband kilohertz continuum in the power-density spectrum of the high-mass X-ray binary pulsar Centaurus X-3.
These results, which required the co-adding three days of observations of Cen X-3, are at least as fast as the fastest known variations in X-ray emission from an accreting compact object (kilohertz QPO in LMXB sources) and probably faster since extension to{approx}1800 Hz is indicated by the most likely parameterization of the data.
This analysis of GX 17+2 clearly indicates the presence of a kilohertz QPO and the absence of any significant simultaneous kilohertz continuum.
www.osti.gov /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=20216739   (655 words)

 RXTE Discovers Kilohertz Quasiperiodic Oscillations
In February 1996, two groups analyzing data at Goddard Space Flight Center began to see evidence for these ultrafast variations in the X-ray light curves of 4U 1728-34 (led by Tod Strohmayer of Goddard) and Sco X-1 (led by Michiel van der Klis of the University of Amsterdam).
The oscillations they observed are nearly periodic and have frequencies of about 1000 hertz - hence the name "kilohertz (kHz) quasi-periodic oscillations (QPO)".
Figure 2: A detailed view of the kilohertz QPO in Sco X-1.
heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov /docs/xte/Greatest_Hits/khz.qpo.html   (1185 words)

 Mutant X   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Speaking in a distorted digital voice, he introduces himself as Kilohertz and proclaims that he is sick of the way new mutants are being treated, stating that they're not going to take it anymore.
After collecting every image they have from Kilohertz's television appearance, Brennan and the gang upload them and begin looking for clues to his identity.
Meanwhile, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) takes a crack at identifying Kilohertz using computerized image analysis, and discovers that he is new mutant Barry Sterling.
www.mutantx.net /episodes/season1/ep105.html   (754 words)

 #1.5 Kilohertz | Episode guide | Mutant-X | Series | Drakh.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Kilohertz is a mysterious terrorist who has the ability to intercept TV broadcasts.
Kilohertz believes that Mutant-X are a danger, and when Mutant-X recaptures him Kilohertz takes over the Sanctuary systems.
Next Kilohertz heads to GSA and is freezed by Renfield; they put him into tanks for further experimentation.
www.drakh.net /main.php?do=articles&action=guide&series=19&id=958   (85 words)

 Perfect Sound from Thin Air   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Two ultrasonic waves at frequencies too high to be audible, such as 200 kilohertz and 201 kilohertz, would produce an audible sound of 1 kilohertz.
One crystal emits a 100-kilohertz fixed signal, while the second varies between 100 kilohertz and 120 kilohertz.
This generates difference tones of between 0 hertz and 20 kilohertz, which covers the full range of human hearing.
www.datafilter.com /mc/newScientistAcousticalHeterodyning.html   (531 words)

appear at 90 and 110 kilohertz and the signal will have a bandwidth of 20 kilohertz.
This signal extends from 392 to 408 kilohertz and has a bandwidth of 16 kilohertz,
bandwidth of at least 30 kilohertz to prevent attenuation of higher-order harmonic frequencies.
www.tpub.com /content/neets/14184/css/14184_56.htm   (347 words)

 AM DX PRIMER by steve mahlberg - qsl - what is dx - dxing
The exception being some South and central American stations which may be heard in between the typical 10 kilohertz spread, typically at 5 kilohertz intervals, 1005 kilohertz, etc. I will further discuss locations outside of North America later in this article.
The AM/Broadcast Band or Medium Wave Band in locations outside of North, South, and Central America is typically from around 500 kilohertz to 1710 kilohertz with intervals of 9 kilohertz.
Even though KXEL is commonly heard in my area under normal conditions, and it's not an exciting or rare DX catch, it is still "DX" as the signal is travelling a long distance (DX) to reach Duluth, MN from Waterloo, Iowa.
members.fortunecity.com /hadjis/dxing.html   (1513 words)

 AM/FM DXing
Stations which are currently experiencing high levels of interference have begun appearing on the 1610-1700 kilohertz frequencies.
Channels are assigned at 200 kilohertz increments; i.e.: 88.1, 88.3, 88.5,...
These frequencies are 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450, and 1490 kilohertz, and are sometimes referred to as the 'graveyard' channels by DXers.
www.ehiggins.com /amfmfaq   (4206 words)

 Search Results for kilohertz -¬†Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
In many telecommunications systems, it is necessary to represent an information-bearing signal with a waveform that can pass accurately through a transmission medium.
The very low frequency to medium frequency (VLF-MF) bands extend from three kilohertz to three megahertz, or wavelengths of 100 kilometres to 100 metres.
The compact disc, or digital disc, uses digital technology to avoid or mitigate some of the technical problems and requirements inherent in phonograph and audiotape recording.
www.britannica.com /search?query=kilohertz&submit=Find&source=MWTEXT   (376 words)

A kHz or Kilohertz is a measurement of frequency equal to 1,000 hertz.
Kilohertz is unit of measurement for alternating current, audio signals, and a measurement of wireless signals
Were you able to locate the answer to your questions?
www.computerhope.com /jargon/k/kilohert.htm   (49 words)

 PetSafe Electronic Dog Fence - 7 Kilohertz System
A PetSafe electronic dog fence in the 7 Kilohertz range is needed ONLY if your next door neighbor has any kind of electronic dog fence and your wires will be running parallel and will be closer than 15 feet.
In these situations, the receiver picks up the signal from both electronic dog fence systems and the microprocessor becomes confused and the receiver will not respond on that side of the yard.
The 7 Kilohertz PetSafe electronic dog fence is identical to the PetSafe Deluxe System in every way except for the frequency.
www.petsafe-warehouse.com /outdoor/7k.htm   (1273 words)

 HiddenMysteries ThE-Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Transmits continuously on frequencies of 5000 kilohertz, 10000 kilohertz, 15000 kilohertz and maybe 20000 kilohertz.
So 2500 kilohertz is another way of saying 2.5 megahertz..
It used to be referred to as cycles rather than hertz because that is what we are talking about.
www.hiddenmysteries.org /themagazine/vol12/articles/karl-waffen-ss.shtml   (2395 words)

 Billboard: Is 96 Kilohertz Worth The Investment?(audio recording resolution)(Statistical Data Included)@ HighBeam ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Is 96 Kilohertz Worth The Investment?(audio recording resolution)(Statistical Data Included)
The professional audio industry has hitched its wagon ever tighter to the computer industry, and in doing so it has set itself on a path toward higher resolutions and operating values.
But while the Holy Grail plateau of 96 kilohertz (kHz) and 24 bits has been attained, the reality appears that the vast majority of music made today and for the foreseeable future remains in the 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz domains.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:62711528&refid=holomed_1   (189 words)

 Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Because of their varying characteristics, radio waves of different lengths are employed for different purposes but are usually identified by their frequency (cycles per second).
In honor of the German radio pioneer Heinrich Hertz, his name has been given to the cycle per second (hertz, Hz); 1 kilohertz (kHz) is 1000 cycles per sec, 1 megahertz (MHz) is 1 million cycles per sec, and 1 gigahertz (GHz) is 1 billion cycles per sec.
The higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength, since all the waves travel at the speed of light (about 186,000 mi / 300,000 km per second).
kosmoi.com /Technology/Radio   (1629 words)

 7 Kilohertz Dog Fence - electric dog fence - electronic dog fence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
All manufacturer's make their main pet containment systems in the 10 Kilohertz
A 7 Kilohertz Dog Fence is needed ONLY if your next door neighbor
Kilohertz Dog Fences and the same guidelines apply.
www.my-dog-supplies.com /7-Kilohertz-Dog-Fence.html   (490 words)

 Learn more about Radio in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Government, police, fire and commercial voice services use narrowband FM on special frequencies.
Fidelity is sacrificed to use a smaller range of radio frequencies, usually five kilohertz of deviation (5 thousand cycles per second) for maximum pressure, rather than the 16 used by FM broadcasts and TV sound.
Civil and military HF (high frequency) voice services use shortwave radio to contact ships at sea, aircraft and isolated settlements.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /r/ra/radio.html   (2589 words)

 PetSafe Pet Fence 7 KHz - Lowest Price On-Line!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Almost every pet containment system is in the 10 Kilohertz frequency range.
A Deluxe 7 Kilohertz System is needed ONLY if your next door neighbor has any kind of underground containment system and your wires will be running parallel and will be closer than 15 feet.
This is the ONLY PetSafe replacement transmitter available, it will work with ALL 7 Kilohertz PetSafe collars (7 Kilohertz is NOT the standard frequency, make sure your existing collars and old transmitter say 7K).
www.americas-pet-store.com /details/prodid/186.html   (340 words)

 Arnie Coro's Dxers Unlimited, shortwave radio, science and technology news
The very popular ladder type filter, using crystals which are almost all on the same frequency, can be assembled and tested using homebrew instruments, and on-the-air results are really excellent.
This is a very useful accessory when you are using an analog dial receiver, as it allows you to check your dial calibration every one hundred kilohertz...
QSL on the air to Saudi Arabia, listener S.M. Bandara also picked up -- and this is unusual -- the 6000 kiloHertz program to North America between 0100 and 0200 UTC with an SIP report of 433, which is remarkably good, considering that the antenna is not beamed in that direction....
www.radiohc.org /Distributions/Dxers/scripts/01-0317.html   (1888 words)

 Kilohertz - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
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A kilohertz (kHz) is a unit of frequency equal to 1,000 hertz (1,000 cycles per second).
20 kilohertz space station power system (SuDoc NAS 1.15:88801)
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /kilohertz.htm   (59 words)

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