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Topic: Kilometer

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Walter De Maria: The Broken Kilometer
The Broken Kilometer, 1979, located at 393 West Broadway in New York City, is composed of 500 highly polished, round, solid brass rods, each measuring two meters in length and five centimeters (two inches) in diameter.
All images of The Broken Kilometer are copyright Dia Art Foundation and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from Dia Art Foundation.
The Broken Kilometer is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 pm (closed 3:00-3:30).
www.brokenkilometer.org   (234 words)

  Kilometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A kilometer (Commonwealth spelling: kilometre), symbol: km is a unit of length in the metric system equal to 1,000 metres (from the Greek words χίλια (khilia) = thousand and μέτρο (metro) = count/measure).
Like the kilometer, all units of length in the metric system are based on the meter, by adding an SI prefix that stands for a power of ten, such as hecto for one hundred to form hectometer (0.1 kilometer) or mega for one million to form megameter (1,000 kilometers).
Unicode has symbols for "km" (㎞), for square kilometer (㎢) and for cubic kilometer (㎦); however, they are useful only in CJK texts, where they are equal in size to one Chinese character.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kilometer   (286 words)

 Grayscale North America Shaded Relief – 1 Kilometer Resolution
The shape of the land surface of North America, in gray and at a resolution of one kilometer.
The three-dimensional appearance of this image was achieved by determining a gray tone at each point, calculated from the steepness of the slope combined with illumination as if there were a light source in the northwest.
The Grayscale North America Shaded Relief — 1 Kilometer Resolution map layer is a shaded-relief image showing the terrain of most of North America.
www.nationalatlas.gov /mld/srgrayi.html   (425 words)

 Square kilometre : Square kilometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Search for Square kilometre : Square kilometer in other articles.
Look for Square kilometre : Square kilometer in Wiktionary, our sister dictionary project.
See candidates for speedy deletion for possible reasons it may have been deleted.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Square_kilometre_:_Square_kilometer   (174 words)

 [No title]
Hiner Saleem's Kilometer Zero, a road movie that delivers a wry comment on the tragedy that befell the Kurds of Iraq in the form of a genocide unleashed by Saddam Hussein.
Kilometer Zero - Saleem says that is a good point to begin a journey from because you can then only go forward - tells the story of a young Kurd who lives in the hills with his wife, child and a cantankerous and ailing father-in-law.
Kilometer Zero, says Saleem, is not merely a story of a religious or cultural divide.
www.imnsr.com /DisplayNewsEn.aspx?id=5475   (661 words)

 IS anti-satellite system
The pressurized body of the satellite itself was covered by the special protective armor and the spacecraft was expected to transmit data after as many as three attacks by the interceptors.
After a slow approach and a few-second-long flyby within some 8 kilometer from the Cosmos-400, the IS descended to 799 by 169-kilometer orbit, from which it reentered the atmosphere over the Pacific.
The interceptor's initial announced orbit was 1,027 by 552 kilometers, however 1 hour 16 minutes after the launch the interceptor climbed to the 1,010 by 977-kilometer orbit.
www.russianspaceweb.com /is.html   (3207 words)

 Pay-by-the-Kilometer Auto Insurance: A Proposal
It should also be noted that the total amount of driving would not be reduced by quite as much, because the lower fixed annual cost of insurance would allow for occasional drivers who are presently locked out of driving altogether.
Because of the inherent fairness of paying insurance premiums for the actual kilometers of driving risk undertaken, and the lack of arbitrary, unfair boundaries as in the use classification system, one should expect that a pay-by-the-kilometer system becomes more respected than the present pay-by-the-year system and that the tendency to cheat the system is reduced.
Attempts to cheat a pay-by-the-kilometer system could be made by buying insurance only for a small number of kilometers at the start of the year and then winding the odometer back throughout the year or disconnecting the odometer/speedometer altogether.
www.cs.sfu.ca /fas-info/cs/people/Faculty/Cameron/personal/politics/carinsur.html   (2861 words)

 Kilometer - Wikipedia
Kilometer (simbol: km) yang merupakan sebahagian sistem metrik ialah unit untuk jarak yang sama dengan 1,000 meter.
Padanan untuk unit keluasan ialah kilometer persegi, manakala padanan untuk isi padu ialah kilometer padu.
Hampir semua negara di dunia mempergunakan kilometer sebagai ukuran jarak piawai, khususnya dalam papan tanda rangkaian jalan raya untuk menunjukkan jarak ke bandar raya, bandar, kampung, subbandar, dan sebagainya.
ms.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kilometer#Padanan_dengan_unit_jarak_yang_lain   (233 words)

 Howstuffworks "What is a nautical mile, and how does it differ from a normal mile and a kilometer?"
If you are traveling at a speed of 1 nautical mile per hour, you are said to be traveling at a speed of 1 knot.
A kilometer is also defined using the planet Earth as a standard of distance.
A nautical mile is 1,852 meters, or 1.852 kilometers.
people.howstuffworks.com /question79.htm   (251 words)

 Definition of kilometer - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
usage In North American speech kilometer is most often pronounced with primary stress on the second syllable.
Those who object to second syllable stress say that the first syllable should be stressed in accord with the stress patterns of centimeter, millimeter, etc. However, the pronunciation of kilometer does not parallel that of other metric compounds.
Most scientists use second syllable stress, although first syllable stress seems to occur with a higher rate of frequency among scientists than among nonscientists.
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=kilometer   (155 words)

 An RVers Baja Kilometer Log
Just three kilometers further (KM 72), on the ocean side of the toll road, we spotted what appeared to be a very attractive new RV park, called "Baja Seasons".
The kilometer post markings which had counted up towards Guerrero Negro were now counting down, apparently indicating the distance remaining to Santa Rosalia on the Pacific Coast.
This town is about 3 kilometers south of the main highway, and though the entrance roadway to it is a bit narrow, we had no problems driving into the town square, around it, and back out.
www.rversonline.org /BajaLog.html   (5776 words)

 Cornell News: Square Kilometer Array meeting
The global astronomy community has dubbed the new telescope the Square Kilometer Array, or SKA, and it hopes that if funding and technical problems can be overcome, the massive instrument will be focusing its beams on the distant universe within a decade or so.
Although the telescope's span would be 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), its actual collecting area for radio beams would be only about a square kilometer, or about a half square mile.
The antennas would form a type of telescope called an interferometer, in which radio signals from distant objects in the universe are captured by separate antennas and brought together at a central processor.
www.news.cornell.edu /releases/March00/SKA_meeting.deb.html   (1247 words)

 nu.nl/algemeen | Bejaarde met 180 kilometer per uur over de snelweg
Zo scheurde de vrouw met ruim 180 kilometer per uur over de A6, haalde ze rechts in en negeerde ze meerdere stoptekens van de politie.
De politie Flevoland had de handen vol aan de capriolen van de vrouw, zo meldt het korps zondag.
Pas na een achtervolging van tientallen kilometers kon ze nabij Lelystad door twee motorrijders aan de kant van de weg worden gezet.
www.nu.nl /news/678246/122/Bejaarde_met_180_kilometer_per_uur_over_de_snelweg.html   (288 words)

 broadband » News » Extreme Bluetooth - File transfers completed over a distance of 1 kilometer
The test was conducted placing a laptop at the highest accessible point in the region and a cellphone located within visual line of sight.
They were able to copy three files from a Sony-Ericsson T610 during the test at the targeted range of 1 kilometer, when a bluetooth cell phone device was not thought to have enough power to travel distances greater than a few dozen feet.
Full details of the experiment, which they claim is a new world record, can be found at Wi-Fi Toys.
www.dslreports.com /shownews/50653   (596 words)

 Water_Bulletins   (Site not responding. Last check: )
RG at Riverside Canal - At river kilometer 1,991, 15.3 kilometers downstream from the Haskell R. Street Wastewater Treatment Plant and 26.8 river kilometers downstream from the American Dam at El Paso, Texas.
The canal intake is at river kilometers 875, 21.5 river kilometers above the gaging station.
Morillo Drain enters the Rio Grande at river kilometer 288, 14.2 river kilometers upstream from Anzalduas Dam.
www.ibwc.state.gov /html/water_bulletins.html   (1024 words)

 Real-Time Composite Images
The pseudo-color Antarctic composite is created by estimating a cloud/no cloud threshold with the infrared Antarctic composite satellite raw data and overlaying the results on a color background provided by the Earth Observatory Team - NASA (http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov).
The most recent low-resolution (20 kilometer) visible experimental Antarctic composite image (~325 Kb).
The most recent high-resolution (10 kilometer) visible experimental Antarctic composite image (~325 Kb).
uwamrc.ssec.wisc.edu /realcomp.html   (330 words)

 The Kilometer Zero Project
A new play for the Shortcuts 2006 new writing festival by Adrian Hornsby.
For Beijing’s 2005 Dashanzi International Art Festival, Kilometer Zero organized The Short Step.
The Short Step took place in Beijing on 1 May 2005.
www.kilometerzero.org   (104 words)

 Kilometer articles on Encyclopedia.com
Free Dictionary Toolbar Look Up Kilometer Now Define words quickly-Free download!
Kilometer Great deals on Kilometer Shop on eBay and Save!
neutron star NEUTRON STAR [neutron star] extremely small, extremely dense star, about double the sun's mass but only a few kilometers in radius, in the final stage of stellar evolution.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Kilometer   (467 words)

 kilometer exercise
Remember, kilo is the prefix meaning 1000 times as much.
There are exactly 1000 (meters) in 1 km (1 kilometer)
A trip across North America is approximately 7600 kilometers long.
www.metricamerica.com /kilometre.htm   (127 words)

 Kilometer Buildup
Building a Base - Without question, the most important area one should focus upon prior to beginning marathon training is to safely build a kilometer base.
I believe that one should be running four to five days a week with minimum totals of 40 kilometers per week before considering training for a marathon.
From that point, long run and weekly kilometers can be added in small increments.
www.marathontraining.com /marathon/metric1.html   (266 words)

 Search Results for kilometer - Encyclopædia Britannica
Resource offering simulated images of the Earth and the Moon from different locations at a distance of thousands of kilometers from their surfaces.
Outlines the technical details of providing coverage to 3 million square kilometers from a base in Alice Springs.
Features viewing highlights and a classifieds section presented as a slide show.
www.britannica.com /search?query=kilometer&submit=Find&source=MWTEXT   (380 words)

 How I measured a kilometer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To measure 1 kilometer or 1000 meters I will use a pedometer.
In this case I am trying to measure distance and looks like I just found what I was looking for.
Kaluta told me and the other students in the class about making sure our shoes were appropriate to dealing with inclement weather, hills, rocks, etc, would be a source to the destruction of our shoes.
www.mbhs.edu /~jkaluta/spring2005/shoes2.htm   (240 words)

 Wunderkind: Marathonknirps rennt 65 Kilometer - Panorama - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten
Ein indischer Junge versetzt die Läuferwelt in Staunen: Der kleine Budhia ist vier Jahre alt und lässt selbst gestandene Marathonprofis alt aussehen.
Eigentlich hatte das Kind vorgehabt, 70 Kilometer weit zu laufen.
Zwei Mal pro Woche lege er sogar 45 Kilometer zurück.
www.spiegel.de /panorama/0,1518,414163,00.html   (447 words)

 USSKA.org - The US Square Kilometer Array Consortium
Currently under development by an international consortium, the SKA will make a revolutionary break from today's radio telescopes.
Have a collecting area of one square kilometer, making it 50--100 times more sensitive than today's best radio telescopes;
Integrate computing hardware and softwre on a massive scale, in a way that best captures the benefits of these exponentially-developing technologies.
astrosun2.astro.cornell.edu /research/projects/ska/main.shtml   (301 words)

 Bluejacking threat multiplies: One kilometer BT range accomplished - PDAPhoneHome.com
Jerry Pournelle posted in Saturday's Mail section of his web log (surely one of the first web logs, IIRC, and one most useful) a link to a demonstration of long range Bluetooth.
The testers demonstrated they could read from and write to an unmodded off-the-shelf Sony Ericsson T610 cellphone, using a laptop and other off-the-shelf gear, from a kilometer away.
Yes, those are ideal conditions, but it does demonstrate that you can get much further than the design spec of 10 meters, and do so without being seen.
pdaphonehome.com /forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32956   (272 words)

 Crashing in last kilometer
the same time when a crash occurs in the last kilometer of a race (like Stage 1).
> the same time when a crash occurs in the last kilometer of a race (like Stage 1).
kilometer to remain in the race, even if he doesn't cross the line, while being given the same GC time as the first rider in the group."
www.cyclingforums.com /t35052.html   (655 words)

There are exactly 1000 meters in a kilometer.
There are 100 centimeters in a meter and 1000 meters in a kilometer,
The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is about 150 million kilometers.
www.austincc.edu /nrgtutor/Units/unpstans.htm   (419 words)

 Carrying an analog signal from one kilometer
You can mount an inexpensive voltage-to-frequency and frequency to voltage converters using a PLL devices such as the 566 IC (don't mix with the 555 IC up) the signal runs for several kilometers (through cable) or can be built on an also inexpensive FM converter (wireless).
Considering that the ISA S50 standard for 4-20 mA transmission specifies that you should be able to take a 24 VDC 4-20 mADC (isolated, into 1000 ohms) up to 5000 feet (which is about a kilometer and a third), you must be looking for some way to do it without stringing a kilometer of wire.
As long as the wire resistence does not cause the voltage limits to be execeeded, they will travel as far as you want with no hassle.
www.control.com /952006155/index_html   (996 words)

 Spaceflight Now | Destination Mars | Scientists find obstacle at heart of Beagle landing zone
The first clear view of the specific area where the British Beagle 2 lander should have touched down Christmas Day has revealed a one-kilometer crater dead center in the target landing zone, but officials are quick to say the discovery doesn't dash their optimism of finding the missing craft.
Following Beagle's deployment from the Mars Express orbiter on December 19, mission officials were able to narrow the landing zone to an ellipse-shaped swath 70 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide.
There are an awful lot of one-kilometer craters that you can put into an ellipse that size," Pillinger said.
www.spaceflightnow.com /mars/marsexpress/031229crater.html   (1495 words)

 Length Practice Quiz Metric
If you are changing from a small unit to a larger one (Example: kilometer to meter) you should
David travels 8 kilometer each day to work.
If he returns home without making any stops how many kilometers will he travel to and from work in 5 day work week?
www.mce.k12tn.net /measurement/length_practice_quiz_metric.htm   (309 words)

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