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In the News (Fri 21 Jun 19)

  Kilt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For Scotsmen, the kilt is usually worn with a Prince Charles or an Argyll jacket.
The kilt is also used for parades by groups such as the Scouts, and in many places the kilt is seen in force at Highland games and pipe band championships as well as being worn at Scottish country dances and ceilidhs.
The kilt has become normal wear for formal occasions, for example being hired for weddings in much the same way as top hat and tails are in England or dinner jackets in America, and the kilt is being worn by anyone regardless of nationality or descent.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kilt   (3325 words)

 S & H History of the Kilt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It has been claimed that 'a man in a kilt is a man and a half' their really is something about the wearing of the kilt that confers extra stature on its owner.
The kilt itself in its original form was a very basic garment which required neither the trouble of tailoring nor the frequent replacement which a pair of breeches needed.
For ordinary wear the kilt may be made of tartan or tweed and may be box-pleated or knife-pleated (as are most); for dress wear it should be of the dress tartan of the Clan.
members.aol.com /sconemac/kilt.html   (2701 words)

 It's Kilt Day!
Kilts, as we know them, were adapted from 16th century Highland garments that are believed to have been heavily influenced by the clothing worn by the Vikings and Normans that conquered the British Isles in the 8th Century.
The kilt and clan/tartan fashions became all the rage in the United Kingdom in the 19th century and many of the long held beliefs we have about these various "traditions" and the myths surrounding the wearing of the kilt and tartans were actually developed and concocted by non-Scots at that time.
Kilted warriors defending their rights against trouser tyrants or a fierce Scottish Regiment in WW I? The fact is, it is not cross-dressing, nor should it be disruptive in a professional work environment.
www.kiltday.com   (4108 words)

 Kilt - Scottish Kilts - Irish Kilts
The most popular kilt is made with 8 yards of the finest tartan wool and has three leather straps with buckle closures.
Most kilts are made so that the sett (repeating pattern) of the tartan is reproduced in the pleats.
Mercifully, the hemline of the kilt is not subject to the whims of French fashion.
www.lindaclifford.com /Kilts.html   (552 words)

 Luxury Scotland - Gateway to luxury hotels and activities in Scotland
These original kilts were large long pieces of cloth, probably 28" wide which was the width of the looms in those days, and probably 7 or 8 yards long.
A man's kilt today still uses normally about 8 yards of cloth and up to as much as 11 yards for a really big man. If the kilt is properly made, fits well and hangs well, the wearer is not aware of the weight of the cloth.
The origin of the hoops was to allow the kilts of army officers to be hung from tent poles to reduce the creases.
www.luxuryscotland.co.uk /about/about_tartantradition2.html   (1187 words)

 Making a kilt
The back half of the kilt is pleated, the front half (apron) is the made of two overlapping panels.
A kilt for a child with a waist measurement of 26 inches, using tartan with a 6-inch sett could be made with 2 to 2 ½ yards of tartan.
The length of the kilt is measured from waist to mid-knee, adding 2 inches for a higher rise (waist) if a wide kilt belt is to be worn.
www.scottishdance.net /highland/MakingKilt.html   (1826 words)

 A guide to wearing Kilts
A kilt is an item of clothing worn strictly by men, whereas a tartan skirt is solely worn by women.
A kilt differs from a tartan pleated skirt by a larger number of pleats, the amount of cloth used (approximately 8 yards), and the weight of the cloth.
A kilt is simply a large piece of tartan material organised into an arrangement with 2 flat aprons at the front, and pleats to the rear.
www.geocities.com /simonbuch/kilt/index.html   (1058 words)

 Kiltmen.com - Bravehearts in Kilts
Women complain that skirts are cold in the winter, whereas a typical kilt worn with woolen kilt sox is relatively warm.
Consequently, it is perfectly sensible for men to adopt kilts (or variations such as the Utilikilt) as their customary attire and let women wear the trousers.
Any man interested in wearing a kilt or other MUG as regular attire (that is, outside of Scottish events or other special occasions) may feel intimidated by the fact that all the other men he sees are wearing trousers.
www.kiltmen.com   (5026 words)

 Suppliers of Kilts and Other MUGs
USA Kilts - A maker of a casual kilts in a variety of tartans and fabrics (as well as some more traditional kilts), located in Audubon, Pennsylvania.
Stillwater Kilts - A maker of inexpensive acrylic kilts in economy, standard, and heavy weights, in limited tartans and sizes, located in Minnesota.
Kilt - A unisex hiking "kilt" (actually, a nylon wrap skirt with pockets and no pleats, fastening on the left) from Mountain Hardware.
www.kiltmen.com /suppliers.htm   (1292 words)

 Kilt Page
Each kilt we sell is entirely hand pleated, hand stitched, and tailor made to your measurements by some of the finest and most experienced Scottish kilt makers.
To order your kilt, it is best to phone us at (828)524-7472 between the hours of 10am and 5pm Monday through Saturday, or email us at tartans@scottishtartans.org for more information.
The original tailored kilt of the late eighteenth century, up through the middle of the nineteenth century, was made from four yards of cloth and box pleated, rather than knife pleated.
giftshop.scottishtartans.org /kiltpage.html   (983 words)

 The Early History of the Kilt
People overly willing to sacrifice fact for their desire to date the kilt to antiquity jump at the fact that these men went barelegged and make the assumption that if they were not wearing trousers then they must have been wearing a kilt.
This kilt is in possession of the Scottish Tartans Society and is currently on display at the Scottish Tartans Museum of Franklin, NC.
The tailoring and style are different from a modern kilt, but it is a kilt nonetheless, with its origins in the belted plaid of the late 16th century.
albanach.org /kilt.html   (4918 words)

 Kilt Pleating 101   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Kilt Pleating 101 A: A series of photos for the "short pleat" method, in which the kilt is folded in half the long way, leaving a much shorter width of wool to pleat across.
Kilt Pleating 101 B: A photo series and textual instructions for the most common, straight forward "full pleat".
Kilt Pleating 101 C: A series of photos showing alternate ways of finishing off the pleat, including over the shoulder pleats.
www.kalani.net /KiltPleating101.htm   (566 words)

 [No title]
Lay the kilt material over the belt with the belt towards the "bottom" of the material.
Pleat the kilt from the middle outwards to both sides by gathering the material into folds.
The bottom of the kilt should bisect the kneecap.
www.brotherguido.com /Greatkilt/Default.htm   (181 words)

 Kilt and Scottish Clothing for Gents - Kilt and Scottish Clothing Maker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The wearing of the kilt is a statement of pride and individuality.
The uniqueness and comfort afforded you with either the traditional Great Kilt, or the Formal Dress or Casual Dress Kilt, is unmatched by any other style of garment.
This kilt is worn by both gents and ladies.
www.highlandsecrets.com - !http: //www.highlandsecrets.com/gents/index.html   (732 words)

 Scottish Kilt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Following the Jacobite defeat at Culloden in 1746, the kilt and and other aspects of Highland dress were outlawed and its continued survival during these years was largely due to its adoption by Highland regiments serving with the British army.
And although the kilt is typically regarded as being Highland dress, more kilts are now worn in the Lowland cities than in the Highlands.
Modern kilts have up to eight metres of material which is thickly pleated at the back and sides, with the pleats stitched together only at the waistband.
www.visitscotland.com /aboutscotland/UniquelyScottish/kilt?view=links   (413 words)

 Braveheart Great Kilts
Normally, you pleat the kilt each time you wear it, and the only thing that holds it together is your belt.
There will be a row of stitches visible on the outside of the kilt, but these will be covered by your belt (a belt will still be necessary to hold your kilt on).
NOTE – We will only use as much tartan as the kilt requires, so if your waist size is less than 50, and you select box pleats, your kilt will most likely be constructed of less than 4 yards of fabric.
www.kilts-n-stuff.com /Kilts/braveheart_great_kilt.html   (868 words)

For instance, the kilt was at one time used as a metaphor for the political state of the nation.
For instance, the Highland regiments in the late-eighteenth, through the nineteenth and in to the twentieth century, wore kilts and much was written of their participation in the Empire's expansion.
The "kilt, the pipes, and the romantic version of Highland history", he writes, "came together in the image of the modern soldier as the direct descendant of the old clan warriors, steeped in martial glory."
www.chass.utoronto.ca /history/material_culture/rmclean/html/kilt.htm   (662 words)

 Sport Kilt
Sport Kilt is a modernized and distilled version of the centuries old Scottish kilt.
Each of our kilts features the look of the ancient and traditional kilts of the Scottish Highlands, but made with a lighter, more comfortable, no itch, machine washable, easy-care fabric.
An American innovation, Sport Kilt was created in 1995 by athletes seeking to relax in style after competing, and at the same time celebrate their ancestry.
www.sportkilt.com   (226 words)

 Reconstructing History — Scottish Historical Clothing Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
After the Rising of 1745, both the belted plaid and the kilt were worn by the Highland regiments.
Originally, the kilt was worn in undress order only, but soon the belted plaid was deemed too cumbersome for combat and abandoned altogether.
After pinching the sergeant’s skin, “thinking I wore something under my kilt,” Campbell lifted his kilt “so that he might not be deceived.” Ah, the wit of the Scots.
www.reconstructinghistory.com /scottish/18thckilt.html   (840 words)

 History of the Scottish Kilt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Although the kilt is the most recognisable of the tartans, it also manifests itself in the form of trews (trousers), shawls, and skirts.
During the eighteen hundreds, the wearing of the belted plaid began to be exchanged for that of the kilt.
A "new", little kilt design became popular, and it consisted of a plaid which had the traditional pleats permanently sewn in place, and separated the lower from the upper half, allowing the upper section to be removed when it became convenient.
www.majestictech.com /the-celtic-net/kilthistory.html   (1096 words)

 Scottish Kilt Maker Tartan Highland Dress
The Royal Stewart kilt I am wearing in the photograph to the left is the most popular tartan offered by rental companies for formal Scottish weddings.
The kilts are tailored with three belt loops and three adjustable 1- 1/2” wide leather straps and chromed buckles.
You will probably need a kilt belt and buckle for your kilt and we can supply these only if they are ordered at the same time as your kilt.
www.canadakilt.com   (411 words)

 Scottish Kilt Maker Tartan Highland Dress   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Most first time kilt buyers want a whole outfit and to help out we have put together a number of different kilt packages with everything you need for the complete Highland dress outfit, from the all important kilt to the jacket, sporran, ghillie brogues and even a sgian dubh.
We have a wide selection of kilt styles available to suit every occasion, be it full formal occasions or simply hillwalking.
Whether it be shoes, socks, kilt pins, sgian dubhs, brooches, belts or buckles you have come to the right place.
www.hector-russell.com   (302 words)

 Scottish Culture and Heritage: The Kilt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Today's kilt can be worn, particularly by pipers, with a plaid - a long piece of tartan wrapped round the upper body which, along with the kilt, are a modern version of the full feileadh mor of past times.
However Highland regiments were being formed in the Government army and most of these adopted the kilt and a tartan as part of their uniform.
The kilt became quite definitely the distinctive national dress of Scotland.
www.scotsmart.com /info/culture/kilt.html   (353 words)

 Scottish National 8 Yard Machine Stitched Kilt from Scottish kilts
This kilt is made from a full 8 yards of heavy weight (16oz.) worsted wool and is machine stitched.
As with all our kilts, the garment is Made in Scotland by our own trained kilt makers, fully canvas lined and has 3 buckles to ensure an excellent fit.
On average our kilts take between 3 and 6 weeks to make up, however, we can improve on this if required, so if you need your kilt in a hurry please e-mail us and we will do all we can to accommodate you.
scottishkilts.net /products/standard_8_yard_kilts/scottish_national_8_yard_machine_stitched_kilt.html   (376 words)

 KILT-FM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
100.3 KILT is a Houston, Texas-based radio station with a country music format.
Its transmitter is located in Missouri City, Texas.
But both KILT AM and FM changed to country in 1981.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/KILT-FM   (140 words)

 Scottish Early Kilt - MWArt.com
Scottish kilt colors and designs of the plaids used for kilts conveyed no specific meaning until the 18th Century.
At one point in time the higher classes showed off their means with the number of extra colors their kilts displayed.
Kilts were originally pleated on the floor before being tied around the waist.
www.mwart.com /product.asp?pid=2443&cat=176&subcat=Y&AFID=20803&PRDID=2050   (103 words)

 Order Form
Our kilts are adjustable 1 1/2" either way with leather straps on both sides.
To compensate for lost business, rental merchandise not received within 4 business days shall be subject to a late fee of $50.00/day, to be charged to your credit card account.
Rental merchandise not returned within 10 days shall be charged the full retail price of the rented item; KILT $595.00.
www.kiltrental.com /Kilt-Brigade.htm   (270 words)

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